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  1. LIKE and AND?
  2. pagination of an associative arary
  3. marquee problem
  4. echo out an array?
  5. Urgnt Help
  6. adding extra name to a domain
  7. what's LAMP stack
  8. PHP mail not working
  9. Error :The requested url /users/view is not found on this server
  10. Pagination and CSS Help
  11. Nav links for forum sections
  12. print paper size
  13. mysql like function help please
  14. Help with PHP needed (file reading, manipulation)
  15. Css and PHP
  16. Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in
  17. my contact form is getting spammed and javascript is being by passed :(
  18. check my login system
  19. Help with syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  20. PHP Includes with Variables?
  21. Resolved Creating duplicate pages
  22. trigger timed actions via PHP (do x at a specific time every monday)
  23. Saving the contents of URL and searching the file
  24. Blur
  25. syntax error, unexpected ','
  26. Generating Words PHP
  27. VIA PHP: Calculating the Duration of User Inputted Dates
  28. php + c# + DES3 + PKCS Padding = nightmare guru's needed
  29. Resolved function/url help
  30. adding 2 hours to now()??
  31. forum issue
  32. how to insert multiple rows into mysql
  33. Insert session data into mysql
  34. Contact form
  35. pg_fetch_object and while prints "Resource id#3"... ??
  36. Getting my head around OOP
  37. insert data from one table to another
  38. insert data from cart to mysql
  39. Beginner's php questions please
  40. show days(dates) on screen
  41. Help with code error
  42. Need Critics On This OOP Code For MySQL Transactional
  43. Need Urgent Help
  44. Functions vs handlers
  45. Login Script Goof Up
  46. How can I insert a snippet into a link?
  47. Help with form
  48. Check if Server is online or offline?
  49. Image in PHP?
  50. Limit Form Submission P2
  51. Need help With required fields
  52. Storing non-static object in a singleton question
  53. PHP converting units code (advise)
  54. Adding PHP page?
  55. Class memory
  56. Check if hotlink is allowed
  57. Help with stopping preg_match
  58. Session and Post Page Problem
  59. How can I move this ad to an iFrame next to the logo in phpBB?
  60. Displaying a skin if the page url matches
  61. Copy rows from one table to another
  62. Pay for the decoding of file - eval (base64_decode
  63. Login Permalink/URL Slug WP
  64. php id code
  65. Possible to update data in my website's DB (mysql)
  66. Form issue with IE7 and below
  67. How do I make input fields required?
  68. Parameter into Variable
  69. display code based on url segments
  70. PHP Notice: Undefined property:
  71. PHP Sessions / Login Script
  72. Line break (newline) in MS-Word
  73. Wordpress PodPress Problem
  74. str_replace lowercase problem
  75. Menu Navigation based on DTMF Input Digits
  76. Who's online
  77. Php ?
  78. SELECT data from multiple tables
  79. Problems with my php coding
  80. Have a problem in AJAX, PHP and MySQL
  81. strippping text
  82. Pulling an ID from your database.
  83. How to be secure? How much should SSL cost?
  84. Login Script
  85. I am having a problem
  86. Linking Users
  87. PHP code request
  88. Form and if statement help please
  89. how to set an event color in gData Google Calendar API?
  90. Very quick PHP help
  91. Read more... if text more than 600 charcters
  92. Multiple table insertion
  93. Data extraction and auto forum posts
  94. website structure
  95. Passing multiple values with window.location.href
  96. pagination
  97. pagination
  98. Selecting from 3 tables inc. search
  99. Using /'s in PHP code
  100. Passing An Array to Another PHP File
  101. Help with stopping preg_match
  102. MySQL results order by " " how ??
  103. Staggering XML data requests.
  104. PHP Login Security
  105. Dynamic Link
  106. creating static pages with php - why?
  107. How do I change a fixed item count on a checkcart page to a user adjustable one?
  108. Comparing numbers differently
  109. How to pass slash / in an URL?
  110. retreive the color in gData google calendar API
  111. Simple gallery + e-commerce script
  112. Resolved Can someone tell me why this isn't working please ?
  113. basket
  114. PEAR Mail - need help!
  115. login page
  116. PHP MySQL result into Array
  117. PHP Help- receiving email with no form results
  118. php help i get this error(function.get-headers)
  119. What could be wrong with my SSL encrypt call?
  120. shopping cart
  122. PHP Login System
  123. PHP and Oracle OCI8 stored procedures
  124. Trying to lay php login into html page
  125. Scrapping multiple pages at once?
  126. How to write on un uploaded image
  127. php object oriented programming
  128. Help with cart script
  129. Multiplying in an associative multidimensional array
  130. Outputting summary of totals in PHP
  131. Limit Form Submission
  132. help with preg_replace...
  133. PHP / SQL forking
  134. Mail Subject become SPAM
  135. use PHP to display image on ebay?
  136. add code for today date in my php class/function
  137. PHP query problem?
  138. Quick Code Help
  139. Hello, question!?
  140. php search database
  141. Space in the middle of a PHP Link
  142. Use session variables in recordset
  143. PHP-Nuke Help Needed - Disappearing Right Blocks
  144. Please Help, Multi List Selection PHP problem
  145. Upload file and send file via email attachment
  146. Kohona **** up! Please help - urgent assistance required by very stressed lady!
  147. why this code is not giving out any result?
  148. Bibtex/Latex and PHP
  149. Increasing counters
  150. Help me to create a serach engine for my site
  151. Phpmyadmin error
  152. page blank if I use variables in my call function?!
  153. Help me to create a serach engine for my site
  154. how to enable sockets on PHP module (RHEL 5 & PHP5)
  155. Help with understanding preg_match boundaries
  156. Resolved php syntax error in my user class
  157. integrated event calendar
  158. Help with preg_match_all screen scraping
  159. zend gData get calendar events between dates
  160. Scanning a webpage with PHP
  161. Parsing (braking down) a text file for online quiz questions
  162. Read a remote file
  163. Ajax and PHP problem
  164. hide Drop down list if no need
  165. use info in multiple pages
  166. Please Help
  167. Previewing a post
  168. Confused?
  169. SESS ID wont work!
  170. Help integrating cookies on font chooser
  171. I m new in PHP..PLease HELP
  172. Check User and Pass
  173. Mysqli_result
  174. Help Coding sms API for Phpfox v2
  175. Landing page for capturing emails
  176. Resolved Please help with MySQL\PHP
  177. Smarty framework and combination with wordpress?
  178. Submitting email entry form redirects to .php file
  179. DB connection troubles
  180. PHP MD5Checker via Database
  181. produce youtube thumbnail from youtube link
  182. Login Verification
  183. Execute PHP
  184. PHP login script no longer shows
  185. Problem with Include...
  186. PHP Multiple Rating System with an Overall Rate
  187. how do i avoid using: forum.php?show=page1
  188. Session Start
  189. attaching file, download link in email script
  190. IFs inside IF
  191. Suggestions on how to allow end users to enter special codes
  192. Tick to URL?
  193. Any one use gentlesource comment script?
  194. carry data into a text box
  195. using curl syntax append or combine datas from different url
  196. XML to Array
  197. I need help with the following PHP code in determining why no results are returning
  198. How to Track Conversions from Organic Traffic When using a Form and no designated URL
  199. PHP header resulting in redirect loop?
  200. PHP cookbook app
  201. json return response
  202. Email with attachment
  203. Confusing Loop, need help
  204. i want to set a url to $url2 easy way please?
  205. conditional error
  206. IF AND statements
  207. Face Recognition And Editing Script Needed
  208. How to retrieve data from 4+ tables in mysql?
  209. Resolved Hello I am new here :) I need help with this PHP script please?
  210. Blog tutorial
  211. echo <a href>
  212. I need help in figuring out the problem with the following PHP code
  213. htmlentities( ENT_QUOTES)
  214. mysql php code does not display what I'd like
  215. How to remove all chars after "-" symbol
  216. Disabling Html Tag's On Sign Ups!
  217. Resolved Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING
  218. Looking for some simple php help
  219. Password Recovery System.
  220. How do you store multiple array values in a php $_SESSION and then display them?
  221. Help with php feedback form
  222. errors not being shown - page blank
  223. Problem in a href location from php code to html code
  224. I would like to know how to make possible the following PHP Session.
  225. PHP Login Script user logged in
  226. Isset with || and &&
  227. Zend Gdata shows calendar events - need to show selected date
  228. Form not posting correctly.
  229. mysql_fetch_assos result one
  230. Problem in SQL Statement
  231. Login if condition problem
  232. Facebook Like Button
  233. Wordpress plugin modify: post attachment photos to Twitter
  234. Adding An ID For Each Answer
  235. 500 Internal Server Error
  236. php resize image then crop image problem
  237. How to Get Distinct Query
  238. Checkout
  239. PHP Email change "From:" field
  240. Resolved MS SQL and PHP Trouble...
  241. Simple database search
  242. Resolved if or question, will it run once or twice and what will be picked
  243. Undefined index error and and my database data not displaying
  244. warning in mysql_real_escape_string
  245. TIP: Coding styles and $end errors
  246. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  247. regexp error in php
  248. how to mail attachment in php unsure
  249. Is there a way to prevent someone from DIRECTLY accessing a certain POST/GET page
  250. $_SESSION problem with html page

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