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  1. Is there a way to allow PHP within a .html file without having to touch .htaccess?
  2. Paginating Files in a Directory
  3. Function eregi() is deprecated
  4. my project help
  5. automatically update xml playlist
  6. Help with activating another set of PHP
  7. root menu
  8. Using mail() to send SMS text message
  9. Streamlining and autocomplete?
  10. Problematic PG Result Resource
  11. creating search of textfile content.
  12. PHP DOM, getting element position in document
  13. coverting a date from 03/06/2011 to 3rd June 2011
  14. FFMPEG help
  15. Prevent HTML character codes from being rendered
  16. PHP Online Users
  17. Dat file download adding trailing spaces
  18. mysql_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be resource
  19. please analyse this PHP code (base64 encoded)
  20. query logic question
  21. PriceWatch with php
  22. Special character encode
  23. Unlimited / Infinite Levels (depths) of Categories with PHP and MySQL
  24. Free Groupon clone script?
  25. Get car rating (response) from another site against request with car make, model in..
  26. Trouble with PHP inserting into MySQL database
  27. Looking for expert's
  28. Inability to stop preg_match at "&"
  29. date format +year -1 day
  30. feedback / comments / suggestions on general purpose MySQL Classes
  31. Md5 password for pw change script
  32. beginners exception handling
  33. How to fix Duplication URLS problem?
  34. Add code that allows me to delete the images shown...
  35. Get total number of results for a keyword in google
  36. View and edit display order in MySQL results
  37. Domain issues??
  38. Allow all preg-match
  39. 3-D array loop, Loop based on 3rd key
  40. Anyone familiar with vb4?
  41. SQL Server 2005 + PHP
  42. dealing with commas within csv elements
  43. PHP Search Mysql no results found
  44. Layering Two Images
  45. Passing PHP variables between pages through a link
  46. Resolved Help: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' on line 32"
  47. making buttons
  48. Php header content
  49. PHP email headers a little screwed up??? HELP!
  50. PHP Real Time Data Processing
  51. php email form checks required fields but still emails if they are empty
  52. URGENT{no php code working at all}
  53. External Scripts Adding data to my DB
  54. GD Thumbnail Crop not original images size...
  55. Plz help me!!!
  56. Login script error
  57. information regarding THIS
  58. Less than or Equal to
  59. file_exists() path problem
  60. Duplicates in an Array
  61. Internal Server Error
  62. I need help Bad...going crazy
  63. Bold topic name in a forum
  64. Parsing a webpage, regex issue
  65. Throwing and Catching Exceptions in PHP
  66. Login redirect problem
  67. Syntax in preg_replace problem
  68. can someone please help me convert the Javascript to PHP
  69. preg_match problem.
  70. Temporarily set relevent line terminators for fputscsv and fgetcsv?
  71. Message is not working in form
  72. Help! Mysql results based on combo box.
  73. PHP receive email help
  74. Resolved Quick Syntax Question
  75. Pathfinding - A simple solution needed!
  76. file_get_contents question
  77. php video type checker?
  78. Redirect to "header 'Location: URL' ...but include in the code this: rel="lightbox"
  79. Outputting metacharacters from regex array
  80. if condition in php for a date in form input?
  81. PHP Recursive Fibonacci Sequence
  82. import excell in php
  83. Help wiht Mysql_insert_ID. its nots not work
  84. Cannot get my query
  85. building a form with multiple entries
  86. Need help with item display
  87. Search Form
  88. PHP include code not working
  89. How To Change Image On Hover
  90. same code - index.php and index1.php look different
  91. 'header "Location: URL"' ...load once but never again. Need a bit of help.
  92. Add new form field into complex website template... Any ideas?
  93. I am new, and i want to clarify if my idea can work so easily?
  94. SHA1 for an ad server on a vBulletin forum
  95. Event Registration Form Issue
  96. Help with Undefined Index
  97. Sessions and PHP Include Statement
  98. Need help, login just redirects to host homepage
  99. Need help with returning fields from form
  100. Getting Invalid Request Warning While Using Fsockopen
  101. Integration session question
  102. Countdown frm last submission
  103. PHP array error
  104. pass the value and show article title list?
  105. PHP solution
  106. Require Issue
  107. Create random password every 48 hours, email it automatically
  108. Should I block this IP? If so how do I do that?
  109. PHP image
  110. how to customise how the date is shown?
  111. Retrieving Data from array
  112. login problems
  113. read data from a text file and insert into db
  114. Getting Warning while using file_get_contents() and get_meta_tags() from wampserver
  115. Concept of Holding a reservation.
  116. Question regarding cookies please.
  117. why isn't my dropdown being selected?!
  118. Best way to do a countdown?
  119. array_sum and average from a foreach
  120. Include Files
  121. syntax error, unexpected ';'
  122. Book Recommendations
  123. Put - between values in an array
  124. how to decode the email subject ?
  125. Adding to shopping cart
  126. News script echoing array
  127. How to change url structure?
  128. Giving users the option of changing profile
  129. loop through 3-D array based on key conditions
  130. A little array help please (getting the right key value)
  131. Regex, get part of string
  132. Date saving problem
  133. File Get Contents
  134. ckeditor get textarea value
  135. PHP button shows form
  136. divs and PHP problem :(
  137. Update google Calendar events using gData?
  138. LIKE and AND?
  139. pagination of an associative arary
  140. marquee problem
  141. echo out an array?
  142. Urgnt Help
  143. adding extra name to a domain
  144. what's LAMP stack
  145. PHP mail not working
  146. Error :The requested url /users/view is not found on this server
  147. Pagination and CSS Help
  148. Nav links for forum sections
  149. print paper size
  150. mysql like function help please
  151. Help with PHP needed (file reading, manipulation)
  152. Css and PHP
  153. Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in
  154. my contact form is getting spammed and javascript is being by passed :(
  155. check my login system
  156. Help with syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  157. PHP Includes with Variables?
  158. Resolved Creating duplicate pages
  159. trigger timed actions via PHP (do x at a specific time every monday)
  160. Saving the contents of URL and searching the file
  161. Blur
  162. syntax error, unexpected ','
  163. Generating Words PHP
  164. VIA PHP: Calculating the Duration of User Inputted Dates
  165. php + c# + DES3 + PKCS Padding = nightmare guru's needed
  166. Resolved function/url help
  167. adding 2 hours to now()??
  168. forum issue
  169. how to insert multiple rows into mysql
  170. Insert session data into mysql
  171. Contact form
  172. pg_fetch_object and while prints "Resource id#3"... ??
  173. Getting my head around OOP
  174. insert data from one table to another
  175. insert data from cart to mysql
  176. Beginner's php questions please
  177. show days(dates) on screen
  178. Help with code error
  179. Need Critics On This OOP Code For MySQL Transactional
  180. Need Urgent Help
  181. Functions vs handlers
  182. Login Script Goof Up
  183. How can I insert a snippet into a link?
  184. Help with form
  185. Check if Server is online or offline?
  186. Image in PHP?
  187. Limit Form Submission P2
  188. Need help With required fields
  189. Storing non-static object in a singleton question
  190. PHP converting units code (advise)
  191. Adding PHP page?
  192. Class memory
  193. Check if hotlink is allowed
  194. Help with stopping preg_match
  195. Session and Post Page Problem
  196. How can I move this ad to an iFrame next to the logo in phpBB?
  197. Displaying a skin if the page url matches
  198. Copy rows from one table to another
  199. Pay for the decoding of file - eval (base64_decode
  200. Login Permalink/URL Slug WP
  201. php id code
  202. Possible to update data in my website's DB (mysql)
  203. Form issue with IE7 and below
  204. How do I make input fields required?
  205. Parameter into Variable
  206. display code based on url segments
  207. PHP Notice: Undefined property:
  208. PHP Sessions / Login Script
  209. Line break (newline) in MS-Word
  210. Wordpress PodPress Problem
  211. str_replace lowercase problem
  212. Menu Navigation based on DTMF Input Digits
  213. Who's online
  214. Php ?
  215. SELECT data from multiple tables
  216. Problems with my php coding
  217. Have a problem in AJAX, PHP and MySQL
  218. strippping text
  219. Pulling an ID from your database.
  220. How to be secure? How much should SSL cost?
  221. Login Script
  222. I am having a problem
  223. Linking Users
  224. PHP code request
  225. Form and if statement help please
  226. how to set an event color in gData Google Calendar API?
  227. Very quick PHP help
  228. Read more... if text more than 600 charcters
  229. Multiple table insertion
  230. Data extraction and auto forum posts
  231. website structure
  232. Passing multiple values with window.location.href
  233. pagination
  234. pagination
  235. Selecting from 3 tables inc. search
  236. Using /'s in PHP code
  237. Passing An Array to Another PHP File
  238. Help with stopping preg_match
  239. MySQL results order by " " how ??
  240. Staggering XML data requests.
  241. PHP Login Security
  242. Dynamic Link
  243. creating static pages with php - why?
  244. How do I change a fixed item count on a checkcart page to a user adjustable one?
  245. Comparing numbers differently
  246. How to pass slash / in an URL?
  247. retreive the color in gData google calendar API
  248. Simple gallery + e-commerce script
  249. Resolved Can someone tell me why this isn't working please ?
  250. basket

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