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  1. PHP script which allows others to upload to my site.. help
  2. data not being stored in phpadmin??
  3. PHP password salted hash login
  4. Redirecting certain groups of users to specific pages
  5. Easier way to re-HTML-ize text after sanitizing?
  6. php for to add description as chinese
  7. Help, Forgot Password?
  8. Resolved OOP help, returning values in methods
  9. need help with categories
  10. Resolved Returning data from a function?
  11. drop down box
  12. Function not working
  13. help me decode php lockit
  14. Extra subdirectory folder automatically appears in link
  15. TIP: Quotes / Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in..
  16. ffmpeg create screenshot
  17. What does T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING mean?
  18. function.move-uploaded-file ERROR
  19. SESSION variables disappearing.
  20. Resolved $_SESSION variables keep resetting
  21. form, arrays and redux problems
  22. Resolved how apply a mask at a var on php?
  23. regex filename
  24. Need assistance w/web page player/recorder and Amazon S3
  25. PHP mysql error
  26. Help with outputting an array using foreach?
  27. how to upload two different uploaded array values in mysql using php
  28. function help - updating a varible to use in rest of script
  29. Naming keys in an array?
  30. Problem
  31. News box script - searched for hours
  32. where to place the downloadable .zip files
  33. Hiding and protecting PDF files
  34. a question re site compromise
  35. Resolved PHP form - sends email, but won't redirect
  36. PHP list/menu simple problem
  37. Facebook like timestamp
  38. long article pagination?
  39. Resolved [SOLVED] PHP mail() sends html body as plaintext despite html headers
  40. orkut Oauth php client: Empty server response Exception... need help!!
  41. check if people are online?
  42. PHP file_exists() not working properly... can't figure out why!!!
  43. Get current url in array
  44. more ffmpeg conversion questions
  45. Help with search terms (replacing spaces in url)
  46. TIP: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  47. Problem please help
  48. trouble understanding complex Sum
  49. likes system
  50. Write new log file daily
  51. Weird Headers Error Message
  52. how to count all the values in a session
  53. how to store data in sessions like an array
  54. Display Column Wise
  55. Help with outputting data on another page from array please?
  56. please help on how to create nested links in php using <li>
  57. Passing the value to next page
  58. PHP how to get the current page URL including GET variables???
  59. Validating user responses
  60. Resolved [SOLVED] PHP won't send me an e-mail.
  61. Trouble posting with text
  62. kind of a difficult question about login redirection
  63. How to active links and images in emails
  64. list of pictures
  65. PHP login help
  66. what does this php do
  67. Help putting while loop data returned in an array?
  68. PHP - Dynamic increment counter
  69. Problem quote marks......need help
  70. returning a variable
  71. Escaping Mulitple Checkbox Values
  72. Resolved What the different between $_GET and $_REQUEST
  73. php date formatting issues
  74. login redirect error
  75. search for similar names in db?
  76. session_start()
  77. probleme selected php
  78. require 'file.php' vs. require('file.php')
  79. Switch between two includes.
  80. Resolved exclude 2 ip array
  81. Resolved MySQL error, i can't work out
  82. Resolved Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  83. Frame work
  84. Reading a CSV file in PHP
  85. Learning PHP, MySQL and JS - problem
  86. How can i convert a multidimensional array to string and vice versa using php?
  87. Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource
  88. Php5.ini to using phpmailer
  89. PHP Help! loads as code!
  90. Japanese Kanji in forms and passing via POST
  91. Need a help for login validation
  92. PHP variable issue with database
  93. php gdimage upload to server
  94. Timezones
  95. BetaCode
  96. Appending to a function or removing part of a function
  97. Nested if Statement
  98. add 2 scripts together newbie
  99. Technical Questions help
  100. Uploading Folder
  101. Authorization issue in PHP / MySQL
  102. Cropping proportional text to same length, or working out pixel length?
  103. is this codes are ok?
  104. PHP/Mysql Percentage help for a number that is always changing
  105. Zend Framework installation
  106. How do i select entries from a mySQL database to use as options in a form?
  107. How to fetch data from array?
  108. Dynamic meta
  109. using mail function to send emails
  110. I need help (urgent)
  111. CURDATE() vs time() matter?
  112. Alias folder
  113. Lat/Lng to Easting/Northing Conversion
  114. Returning an array into a table row
  115. MySQL client ran out of memory, please help me resolve
  116. Converting electronic form to Doc format
  117. marquee prob. in IE
  118. Access denied for user 'a5178717_root'@'' (using password: YES)
  119. variable interpolation for class constant
  120. Resolved update last login time upon sign in
  121. Email Piping
  122. Include path issues
  123. make preg_match ignore <!-- this -->
  124. Want to build a PHP classified script (help)
  125. Help for a Newbie
  126. SALT hashing help
  127. Creating a rotating banner with PHP
  128. converting video extensions to flv extension
  129. ffmpeg
  130. Get difference b/w server and client time
  131. Facebook Like Button On MySQL Entries
  132. Loading a PHP file into the Webpage to edit and save.
  133. Turn on error reporting?
  134. How can display the image preview before saving an image to folder using cakephp?
  135. HEEELP...Dreaded Upload Permissions
  136. Nested Session Array
  137. Regex =((
  138. stuck on creating this php form, error with one of the feilds
  139. How to limit number of pages open at once
  140. pull value from specific row in a table (MySQL query)???
  141. Special characters problem (flat file cms)
  142. Referral Script?
  143. execute my php code before every php call
  144. outputting data in XML with PHP
  145. need help to determine part of a url to remove?
  146. Trouble with SELECT/UPDATE from multiple tables
  147. deny any url with special content
  148. Picture uploading problems
  149. PHP Rollovers ???
  150. Generate Tab Delimited file for download
  151. Very very strange error ...
  152. outputting wrong image
  153. Display latest mp3s
  154. Need help with uploading file script
  155. Php Error(s)
  156. Looking to get latitude longitude with php
  157. Wordpress: Homepage on template displaying same post multiple times
  158. Need help again
  159. How to make dinamic Bradcrumb with smarty framework?
  160. Parse mulitple XML feeds, sort and insert into mysql database.
  161. no changes appears...
  162. PHP & mysql record user download history
  163. Dreaded "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" error
  164. Php for storing image path
  165. SESSION Problems - Dropping Variable Values
  166. mysql_fetch_array
  167. object -- invoke a function
  168. Splitting date format
  169. recursive remove the id
  170. Checkbox Array --> Multiple Textboxes with Loop
  171. preg_replace
  172. Better way of doing multiple if's?
  173. subdirectory links not displaying correctly
  174. splitting a string on "/" with preg_split in php does not seem to work?
  175. Resolved cant get if, else, elseif statement to work in this particular case
  176. PHP Classes and MySQLqueries
  177. Create multiple copies of an image vs loading the one image at different sizes
  178. syntax error unexpect T_IF
  179. CRUD Application Problem
  180. How to password protect the script
  181. trying to show error messages - debug php??
  182. Resolved Proper Year option value function syntax?
  183. array with value of times returned
  184. Notice: Use of undefined constant month - assumed 'month'
  185. [Resolve]preg_match() Unknown modifier 'c'
  186. calculate distance between postcodes?[php]
  187. Resolved Posting form results on another page whilst also seding them to a MySQL database.
  188. I think this is PHP... I need to make an image rotator
  189. need help with undefined variable
  190. trouble with php error
  191. sessions being cleared when adding more items
  192. I am getting this error message "Notice: Undefined index:"
  193. calling a php function from javascript
  194. Help with Mod for Hesk
  195. function to get top level domain name
  196. Form loading on new page byt itself when submitted
  197. Resolved Showing and Paginating Files in a Directory
  198. PHP: Form Field Requirement, need some info
  199. Php exercises help please
  200. Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object?
  201. Php watermark, need help fixing working code
  202. php form returning blank fields
  203. Resolved read and parse url fed to php file
  204. Keeping track of php scripts
  205. php mailer with html
  206. php code error
  207. User needs valid "account number" to get past page
  208. PHP Login dies after incorrect submission
  209. mailto:......attachment not working?
  210. Smarty Foreach Question
  211. Validating Key Value Pairs in Array
  212. Please a help in regular expression
  213. find out what page my ad is serving onto
  214. Any online server or other option to practice php?
  215. Resolved Finding all values between two numbers in 0.01 increments.
  216. Lengthy Query Issue
  217. php mailer: Mailer Error: Message body empty
  218. Help needed in setting date format in PHP/SQL query
  219. Help with preg_match, defining and arrays?
  220. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  221. Help required with using FB.ui() for Share functionality
  222. Bit of help with preg_match?
  223. Website GUESTBOOK
  224. Php upload process thoughts
  225. Creating Transparent PNG
  226. webmaster control panel
  227. Need help with drop down menu
  228. PHP form to email help
  229. Help with Mail Processing Script
  230. PHP session killed by Google Chrome
  231. Need help creating a "used items" Advert website
  232. What value does <input type="file"> send in POST if no file is selected?
  233. How to implement a Most Read feature?
  234. Dynamic Image Background Changing
  235. preg_replace
  236. Include html files on specific pages, exclude on others
  237. how i view the pdf file on local host.
  238. Link Generator Script
  239. paginating SQL query results - newbie needs help
  240. My MySQL Class
  241. Paginaging SQL Queries on PHP pages
  242. ffmpeg php conversion help
  243. PHP redirect from variable/mysql with 2sec wait problems.
  244. running CMD (exec) - receives an error
  245. Column count doesn't match value count at row!
  246. XSS Vuln. Check
  247. Bug in my code. Help appreciated!
  248. How to kill this process?
  249. Whats wrong with me script?
  250. Help/Advice needed for modifying VWar PHP to include additional roster items

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