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  1. PHP: Need help in meta title input
  2. perl to php change please
  3. Webform to fax
  4. Problem passing values in URL
  5. echo $Greetings
  6. [Twitter OAuth] "Call to a member function post() on a non-object"
  7. Php New Learner
  8. Filter
  9. While loop ++ sql statement
  10. Display previous & Next image dynamicllay
  11. How do i figure out timedifference?
  12. Pass variable through href to a div (same page)
  13. if else from rss feed?
  14. Uploading File + Path
  15. Implementing Radius Search
  16. php page to update multiple entries
  17. PHP CREATE TABLE not actually Creating Table
  18. php sort() in alphabetical from a file
  19. Randomize image order and limit loaded images
  20. php and htaccess
  21. Need advice, question
  22. .CSV to XML using PHP
  23. If --- Ifelse problem
  24. How may I develop a cross-platform desktop app from PHP?
  25. Wordpress page loop as templates
  26. Printing key names with foreach
  27. Register system error
  28. Simple frawemork to use
  29. revise security for an old send e-mail order form
  30. Flat file won't load
  31. Why is table centring working differently with html contained in php
  32. Email Attachment Issue
  33. isset/empty/numeric checking
  34. Testing a form
  35. Problem with my preg_replace()
  36. Show data with link
  37. Multiple Ajax Live Search
  38. Client/Server Mismatch...
  39. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() error help please?
  40. Blank line appearing at top of page ??
  41. Undefined Index
  42. Zend Framework Uppercase
  43. Loyalty Program / SM Integration
  44. Facebook PHP SDK example in github return fatal error
  45. redirect setting flag?
  46. Track Multi-tab navigation using Flag in PHP
  47. Mystery with dir read items into array
  48. trouble with sessions
  49. upload to mysql database
  50. variable stops after one iteration
  51. Sort directories by date of folder
  52. No database selected
  53. Retrieve $_SESSION value in Input value
  54. mail to function issues
  55. dynamic header php help
  56. File Manager Interface
  57. Resolved I need some help about code
  58. Mysql_fetch_array problem
  59. PHPStorm - Selecting entire variable with dbl-click
  60. Username in session determines file to access.
  61. select user to send email
  62. php upload file
  63. prepared statement in if conditional not working as expected
  64. PHP prevent SQLi injection help
  65. Use login cookies to determine file names.
  66. POST not working with image
  67. view a list of uploaded pdf files
  68. Image in div
  69. Reading a form to create a text file
  70. How to Open & Edit file in List Content of Directory.
  71. File Uploading and Send to Email Account
  72. How do I convert a csv file to xml in php?
  73. Roll many records into one entry
  74. mt_rand and encryption keys?
  75. Building My Own CMS/Platform
  76. How to "Re-direct" back to the page i came from?
  77. Find highest score from multiple classes in one query
  78. Unable to pass variable (rand)
  79. Regex help please?
  80. Please help with radio buttons and script
  81. PHP connect to database every x minute
  82. Session fixation
  83. Multidimensional Array & array_count_values
  84. Format result page like google
  85. Resolved Filtering Queries & Updating Tables Error
  86. From splash page to iframe
  87. Why does the image file name come through as 0
  88. Arrays finding a row
  89. Send reminder alert on given time of the date?
  90. How to ping a website link in PHP??
  91. PHPUnit - Testing Switch/Default cases
  92. Resolved If Query Statement Filtering Queries
  93. Upload pdf files then display them in a table
  94. explode() creating Empty Entry in Array
  95. I know this sounds impossible... duplication issue
  96. Site setup advice
  97. Need help passing an array to a processor
  98. trying to hyperlink... and send a variable
  99. Organizing dropdown menu by alphabetical order
  100. Convert Regular Array to Associative Array
  101. PHP and MySQL - working with dates
  102. register_globals
  103. form field calculations and mysql
  104. detect ipad and set meta name="viewport" properties
  105. Help with a form
  106. This php script is not working how to fix
  107. Dumb noob struggling with syntax
  108. Auto Complete w/ Php MySQL & Jquery
  109. help get me head around form submission
  110. Need some small help.
  111. Regex to find content not containing something
  112. Easiest way to check for Dups
  113. php oop form class
  114. What is an efficient way to deal with thumbnails?
  115. Resolved Needing some help with reading query results from Array
  116. Update Table while staying on page
  117. Updating Multiple Rows at Once
  118. php framework with the best scaffolding / user managment?
  119. Re Sam Broadcaster and Joosam Positioning
  120. Please Help me combining this script?
  121. How to Initialize this...
  122. Ddos prevention
  123. Adding variable to the header() redirect ?
  124. Problem in displaying data in a table format
  125. PHPUnit - Testing for cases that are not handled by the base function
  126. Problem with search code
  127. Array of years, months and weeks working but week 01 of year showing incorrecltly
  128. Resolved Need help figuring out this regex expression
  129. How can I do a foreach loop on a specific key in a multidimensional array?
  130. Help. How to make this file SQLi vulnerable?
  131. Php pagination experts needed
  132. Recoding code from ImageMagick to PHP GD image library
  133. Handling Multiple Recipients
  134. pagination working in mysl_deprecated but not working on PDO
  135. Twitter Feed controlling
  136. I need help with Prochatrooms.com script
  137. Php to Ajax
  138. If Query Statement
  139. Error in Syntax Message
  140. create a redirect of file extension in htaccess
  141. unique job page
  142. How to find from which page it was redirected
  143. dynamic query showing differing results
  144. Paypal Adaptive Payment- Can't update database
  145. Arrary error - Pulling my hair out!
  146. Best way to refactor script?
  147. Ad Rotator Problem
  148. Fetching data onto a JavaScript "designMode" iframe?
  149. How to get customized HTML/PHP Form to work?
  150. Update mysql database when logging out
  151. fetch() error from book
  152. users to save items, registered and non registered
  153. php mysql have unique page
  154. Simple Variable syntax Please
  155. Which php functions can I use to quickly get the mysql table structures ?
  156. PHP Change User Password Script using MD5 hasing
  157. Conditional Box
  158. Php pagination
  159. struggling with php edit/update form
  160. Restrict next page
  161. Editing Full table at once
  162. Calculate and display last week's date
  163. Getting "Fatal error:" when access a class property outside class
  164. php active/deactive mysql table record
  165. Export mysql table into csv file in PHP
  166. Incrementing Page-Block?!
  167. 5 % 16
  168. trying to count number of items selected
  169. Can somebody help with my form and radio buttons?
  170. how to store Image/Url in mysql using php?
  171. php function call to string.
  172. Sorting and Pagination
  173. Contact Form Issue
  174. Looking for an IDE with certain features
  175. Php inserting form data to mysql issue
  176. For Loop problems
  177. Realistically...what would you check for?
  178. php.ini vs config.php
  179. Conversion to php
  180. ?=$id in HTML submit
  181. ssh2_tunnel problem?
  182. New to PHP and need help with web page accessing a server
  183. Function Returning Two Values
  184. How can I do this find and replace ?
  185. Emailing files
  186. php How do I bullet a list generated by a while statement
  187. Filtering Query Results
  188. Help to a simple code change
  189. How to "Post" a XML content to an URL
  190. retrieving values of post values + a number
  191. how to search string for phrase using array
  192. Notice: Undefined index
  193. PHP and PDF file
  194. Echoing Query Results into Dropdowns
  195. How do you randomise large chunks of code?
  196. Remove all instances of a string but keep only one in php also sum amounts
  197. Help with Non-OOP Transaction
  198. How Do I Retrieve Month and Date Separately From A Date
  199. PHP Date Conversion
  200. PHP Data Conversion
  201. Suggestion required
  202. which script this site uses?
  203. PHP $_GET[] not getting the information from URL
  204. please, help with contact form
  205. php code to track affiliate redirections from my site.
  206. Search Data
  207. Issues with PHP & mySQL
  208. Filtering Query Results through URL
  209. CMS vs purely Custom, for complex website
  210. custom CMS advice
  211. snippet for getting traffic source?
  212. what is wrong with this?
  213. including email in plaintext email?
  214. want text emails from phpmailer
  215. Product recommendation page produced using PHP script
  216. Help with Saving a File to a Folder
  217. Random Fact Generator with SQL intergration.
  218. Mysql Connection
  219. Search engine
  220. how would i go about populating some form elements depending on a select option?
  221. integrating a payment gateway
  222. php drop down lists
  223. Image upload - renaming to prevent overwrite
  224. My nested if's are not working ???
  225. help me insert to one row this record
  226. Show table data in div
  227. How to use rich text box using php
  228. Scoring
  229. Google Flight RPC
  230. PHP/SQL show 'all' in specific columns
  231. Worth binding paramaters if using $_GET?
  232. phpmailer script
  233. Find Problem
  234. Toggle Sort Order on Hyperlink Click
  235. insert into mysql on page load
  236. Inserting array values into database
  237. array, getting a certain key value
  238. Sorting with Prepared Statement?
  239. couple of questions
  240. Error with connecting mysql
  241. MysqlI gotcha..
  242. please help me brother.
  243. Script output in a form input value
  244. MySql Connection
  245. Newbie: Error with PHP_SELF.
  246. Using a variable as column selector
  247. php mail script smtp
  248. Problem with php code.
  249. How do I systematiccally walk through all combinations of these sets of data ?
  250. php text/htmll mail script to 2 emails

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