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  1. rss to html: retrieving namespace node values from wordpress feed
  2. Parsing Html Table with Simple_html_dom
  3. If date is newer than 5 days is NEW (php script)
  4. How can i explain this to my freelancer better
  5. php help calling upon values using return and if else
  6. PHP cache help
  7. building ecommerce site
  8. what can i do to make the email input echo, why won't this work?
  9. Reading Json - If number of attributes is above 1
  10. Search within an Array and add more content
  11. Dynamically insert ckeditor field in a form through js when add new button is clicked
  12. comparing values of results
  13. Variable Scope Question
  14. Authentication Script
  15. Search 2 tables in 1 query?
  16. (Likely) simple request- Form not working!
  17. My database setup does not work in any sqlserver
  18. Sending mail with attachment
  19. Changing int keys in an array to names
  20. Converting site to OOP
  21. Php / MySql help not sure which one sorry.
  22. echo to a different web page.
  23. PHP For not working properly
  24. php date: send out an email every month from day x-1
  25. php alternative to hidden post form
  26. Save web page to PDF then email
  27. How to display name when message was sent ?
  28. Another dumb question, maybe..
  29. finding value within array that contains a certain word
  30. Encoding problem - not showing utf-8
  31. Regex remove whiteSpace (in combination with non alphanumeric)
  32. PHP SESSION related problem
  33. Releated games instead of (How to Play)
  34. Json attributes to Array
  35. Multidimen Array ... printing elements
  36. socket_recv doesn't get full length
  37. How do I call this function or create a similar function?
  38. Undefined index: op in C:\Users\Xampp\htdocs\APP\login\login2.php o
  39. Website form Html/PHP help
  40. PHP file upload - upload not working but inserts FileName into database
  41. Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object - After php update
  42. basic php form
  43. mysqlfetch array problem and myarray_num_rows problem
  44. Help with secure login script
  45. Problem with locating database on following php script
  46. Bunch of random errors.
  47. Question about Query String & Design
  48. Timezone ID Error
  49. Weird behavior when creating a PDO Object
  50. PHP XML json_encode help
  51. Testing PHP security
  52. Thoughts on old scripts and OOP training
  53. Forcing to use the base class instead of a parent class directly
  54. Bizarre Intermittent error with class method
  55. Payout #5 Firstlegend Not Updating
  56. Payout #4 Top 2nd & 3rd Ranked Not Updating
  57. Payout #3 Faction Not Updating
  58. Payout #2 Newspaper Not Updating Properly
  59. Help me reverse the behavior of this current php code
  60. Login code not redirecting ? please help
  61. W3 Total Cache is making my "add to cart" button disappear
  62. Opposite of is_null() ?
  63. Resolved Eliminating spaces in a dynamic list
  64. Header not working
  65. Delete items in list 1 from list 2?
  66. header location not redirecting
  67. using PHP to receive uploaded image
  68. Question about Booleans
  69. Problems with upload
  70. Help with tiny bit of code, to prevent caching of a page
  71. Help for PHP regular expression
  72. Xpath or SAX for this specific project
  73. New script to Reply?
  74. Php Permutations Without Repeats
  75. What can I improve about my PHP code?
  76. Delete A File With PHP
  77. posting sql query command as text problem
  78. GET and POST in same page
  79. session id content
  80. issues while coding a login
  81. Do PDO prepared statements protect against XSS
  82. Replace Two Lines In File In The Same Script
  83. Get Epoch datetime, I have different textfields for date and time
  84. Calling a method of a Test Class from another Test class
  85. Markup not replaced in reload?
  86. Loop Problem But Code Works
  87. HTTP Error (404) when uploading ANY files!!
  88. I am uable to see you my code isn't succesfully logging in a user
  89. Retrieve image from DB with Next/Prev buttons
  90. Showing monthly instead of specific data. Small tweak needed
  91. Adding Subscription Licensing To My Software
  92. User submits data, server processes it, redirects user to new page
  93. Need help in wordpress, setting function to specefic pages
  94. Script still runs even if error occurs
  95. 2 pathway questions
  96. Changing the format of Date fails, comes out as Epoch
  97. Problem with highlighting search results
  98. Forum New/Read
  99. Problem With number_format
  100. Problem with bindparam
  101. Calculating totals from XML
  102. PHP Multiple File Upload
  103. Resolved $_FILES data not passing to included file
  104. Undefined index while condition is false
  105. php ini problems
  106. Special Chars in database not showing properly in JSON?!
  107. Display procedures from schedules
  108. Need help with trying to create thumbnails with php
  109. programming question
  110. mysql_query error() and mysql_fetch_array()
  111. Replace
  112. mysql select between two dates
  113. Getting a white blank page
  114. Need help in php settings configuration to display all data
  115. Return String minus Last Character
  116. include relaitve path to root directory
  117. escaping mysql query
  118. Separating each line in a textarea then exploding the text to separate it all
  119. How Do I Shorten The Month Name?
  120. Resolved for loop playing with variables
  121. retrieving second value from array
  122. Affiliationally Error
  123. need help in input type name array
  124. showing download progress while downloading a file using PHP and jquery
  125. PHP Script Works on One Domain but Not the Other
  126. Graphical Bin Packing using PHP, Is It Possible?
  127. Error after server move
  128. Type Hinting and Custom Errors
  129. php script error 3 tables per row the first only shows 2
  130. Php contact form help
  131. PHP xpath help
  132. inserting into database php/mysql
  133. php/mysql help with search feature
  134. Add additional menu to Wordpress
  135. Suggestion for error reporting
  136. If else statement
  137. Code is not working. fr transferring a value from javascript to php.
  138. Resource id #4 When Printing Query
  139. Updating Table without refreshing URL
  140. AJAX - Not passing parameters within localhost
  141. unset and reset not working for me
  142. modify cURL timing
  143. print r or var dump not showing text element
  144. DB security exploit: no garbage from user input
  145. Zend2 vs Symfony2
  146. need menu to be generated dynamically
  147. two comparisons in_array if statement
  148. clearing POST vars?
  149. Removing Breadcrumbs from Wordpress using Functions.php
  150. Table Not Storing Radio Button Value
  151. quick theme question
  152. I am getting an error saying No database selected
  153. OOP function array help
  154. Incremental PHP Value?
  155. if elseif comparison options
  156. Using GeoIP?
  157. Function connect & function DBConnect Issue
  158. Help with using exec to run a .bat file showing console windows
  159. php mysql match against string format
  160. array in an array php/mysql
  161. Time Problem
  162. Need help with multiplication
  163. Menber online help
  164. Prepared Statements: Run Query on Results-Set
  165. Phone Number Formatting PHP echo
  166. Private-Message Security...
  167. Form Not Picking Up Line Breaks
  168. Unexpected Casting Results
  169. echo N/A for a empty variable
  170. Get db field value, increment by a certain number and then update the db field value
  171. Composer, why?
  172. Error Inserting Data Into A Table
  173. @var string
  174. $data not returning
  175. PHP form email display issue - puts <br> in email body
  176. Summary of 'other' websites!?
  177. Server Side Validation
  178. Filling a php form text field
  179. validation error
  180. Problem with my RSS feed
  181. Resolved Remote login via cURL
  182. Ping with php ?
  183. how to query mysql from two different search bar and form validation
  184. REST Webservice: PUT & Delete methods
  185. How to Add PK As Foreign Key To Existing Table
  186. Updating Table w/o refreshing URL
  187. Which is better protection against code injection?
  188. Search Input through MySQL table
  189. How connect two or more database
  190. Simple Question
  191. Warning: number_format() expects parameter 2 to be long
  192. html validation and php
  193. Appending XML Document Question
  194. A PHP Problem
  195. Help with dynamic form input/update problems
  196. What is PHP?
  197. Progress Bar Algorithm
  198. Need help with my site please
  199. The mcrypt extension is missing.
  200. PHP fgetcsv() help, find text in row
  201. div class problem
  202. PHP: Need help in meta title input
  203. perl to php change please
  204. Webform to fax
  205. Problem passing values in URL
  206. echo $Greetings
  207. [Twitter OAuth] "Call to a member function post() on a non-object"
  208. Php New Learner
  209. Filter
  210. While loop ++ sql statement
  211. Display previous & Next image dynamicllay
  212. How do i figure out timedifference?
  213. Pass variable through href to a div (same page)
  214. if else from rss feed?
  215. Uploading File + Path
  216. Implementing Radius Search
  217. php page to update multiple entries
  218. PHP CREATE TABLE not actually Creating Table
  219. php sort() in alphabetical from a file
  220. Randomize image order and limit loaded images
  221. php and htaccess
  222. Need advice, question
  223. .CSV to XML using PHP
  224. If --- Ifelse problem
  225. How may I develop a cross-platform desktop app from PHP?
  226. Wordpress page loop as templates
  227. Printing key names with foreach
  228. Register system error
  229. Simple frawemork to use
  230. revise security for an old send e-mail order form
  231. Flat file won't load
  232. Why is table centring working differently with html contained in php
  233. Email Attachment Issue
  234. isset/empty/numeric checking
  235. Testing a form
  236. Problem with my preg_replace()
  237. Show data with link
  238. Multiple Ajax Live Search
  239. Client/Server Mismatch...
  240. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() error help please?
  241. Blank line appearing at top of page ??
  242. Undefined Index
  243. Zend Framework Uppercase
  244. Loyalty Program / SM Integration
  245. Facebook PHP SDK example in github return fatal error
  246. redirect setting flag?
  247. Track Multi-tab navigation using Flag in PHP
  248. Mystery with dir read items into array
  249. trouble with sessions
  250. upload to mysql database

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