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  1. PHP won't accept/jQuery won't send massive variable
  2. Incorrect integer value - PHP/MySQL
  3. php errors
  4. Need help with a bit of php and mysql code
  5. Authenticating with cURL
  6. Help with cURL and MySQL string
  7. Php include problem
  8. DOMDocument createTextNode non breaking space
  9. PHP Script Error
  10. php query/echo
  11. Passing array into xmlrpc request (or splitting array into variables) Drupal
  12. random number to dollar value
  13. Change Display Time Format
  14. Load Data infile
  15. Php Virtual Include File
  16. Can anyone recommend super nice jquery navbar that supports child pages?
  17. if-else statement
  18. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a vali
  19. echo image
  20. Is It Necessary to Use stripslashes and htmlspecialchars?
  21. speed... sql admin vs.php page vs. other option
  22. Resolved AJAX Undefined Error problem
  23. Making XML request using PHP and SOAP
  24. Create a table with connection MySQL BD
  25. Replacing one word for entire site depending on the URL.
  26. Populate a calendar
  27. Textboxes value from database(php+mysql+Ajax)
  28. meta tags problem
  29. Add and Count Query (php & mysql)
  30. Resolved simple form....would like fresh eyes
  31. Resolved If Not 'IMG' or 'A', Str_Replace Function
  32. mysql connect function and using php variables in forms?
  33. If 4 four letters arent
  34. generic registration
  35. using PHP to auto populate form field
  36. How to make phpmyadmin sql to support hebrew
  37. Creating a smarter internal "search engine". HELP :)
  38. Parseing text into catagories
  39. echo(); Output unordered
  40. Get first 3 letters
  41. accessing $_FILE in image multi upload script
  42. Format DateTime
  43. Compute attendance hours
  44. Retrieving Facebook User Info without any Redirects
  45. User not found in the Database
  46. DATETIME Format in 12 Hours
  47. Function to use in place of ereg()?
  48. Visiting links in a database for a certain set time for each site
  49. Getting a certain percentage of a integer returned
  50. 500 Error
  51. How to add sha1 hash password to LOGIN page
  52. ip address based session fall back
  53. Undefined index: id When i load page
  54. Resolved Ckfinder
  55. Change PHP pagination to just PHP prev/next links?
  56. Need help designing Ticket
  57. Script only works on main page. How to format script to work on ANY url on a domain?
  58. Need help on creating If-statement in Wordpress?
  59. Poll: What PHP framework are you using?
  60. PHP email script is triple sending. No clue why???
  61. URL to file outside root
  62. PHP form validation
  63. Moving a <div> outside the <a>
  64. Script to export a database in SQL format
  65. PHP/JS problem on form submission
  66. Variable not updating always getting a NULL VALUE
  67. Find and Replace CSS
  68. how to get values of radio buttons with different name in php
  69. PHP Notice: Undefined index
  70. I want to create image dynamically
  71. Email form issue, please help!
  72. how to solve the conflict of 2 submit buttons in one form
  73. Check cookies enabled using php
  74. Problems with user reporting system
  75. Get 301 redirect URL
  76. How to check older browser versions
  77. cannot send session cache limiter
  78. Possible to use foreach() without "as"?
  79. RegEx and html dom to find a links name
  80. PHP cookies help
  81. Arithmetic code not working
  82. Am i biting off more than i can chew?
  83. Why Do Coders Still Do This?
  84. Resolved Session passed via url, if Cookies off
  85. Problem in uploading .xml file
  86. Cant work this one out!
  87. php url
  88. Resolved PHP - File upload size error
  89. #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax
  90. PHP error - Use of undefined constant name - assumed 'name' calling a class
  91. Stuck about some code
  92. need to create a directory with other monthly directorys inside
  93. Please ajax post problem help :(((( please
  94. Pagination Help
  95. while i converting my video to FLV using ffmpeg-php,i am getting these errors,Help!!
  96. mysql_fetch_array() Error
  97. Basic question?
  98. Test Submission
  99. Class Coding Error
  100. Email suffix verification with wordpress
  101. News automaticly on homepage
  102. How to change extension of page?
  103. store finder help
  104. Dynamic websites / work environment
  105. optgroup array help
  106. Resolved Help needed with SQL error - many thanks.
  107. Replace character on submit
  108. Targeting Exact Line in WebPage and Echoing
  109. Conflict in Time Format from uploading data .xml to mysql database
  110. Block IP range
  111. Call to undefined function
  112. Verify a select menu option is chosen - please help
  113. echoing out array values?
  114. Resolved imagecopy() doesn't work?
  115. Passwords don't match
  116. database split string search problem
  117. List all online players - please help
  118. Removing last two lines of code
  119. get variable contains period
  120. please advise: want to display rows from database
  121. Form, Checkbox, Mailto:
  122. query syntax error
  123. Logging script not fully logging in a user first time
  124. When to use OOP?
  125. Merge associative arrays
  126. Sum of Time Attendance
  127. Need some Help, generating a select list from a DB
  128. Help with making a message inbox...
  129. escape error doc question
  130. preg_match Help Please
  131. Design Pattern question
  132. Resolved protecting PDF's
  133. Browser History
  134. Finding Redundant Functions in large codebase
  135. Preg_replace to append url to image src
  136. two columns
  137. Why my script isn't working on phpbb ?
  138. Java Functions to PHP
  139. file_get_contents cache
  140. would a similar site to http://9gag.com/ be hard to code?
  141. Javascript and php code for autocalculation
  142. Number Format
  143. Resolved Is there a PHP command similar to mySQL LIKE 'search%'
  144. Stop form clearing if errors?
  145. Switch to new directory?
  146. .htaccess / URL Re-Write / PHP
  147. need help randomizer
  148. PHP Error, plz help?
  149. Looking for Link Checking Script
  150. Looking for tutorial
  151. I need help to resolve a syntax error
  152. @POST information
  153. RSS for my website
  154. Redirecting to example.com... WHY?
  155. How do I 'explode' $_SESSION variables?
  156. echo value attribute of an input element
  157. Resolved AutoChange date "Every 2nd Saturday"
  158. php form help!
  159. File Lock Help?
  160. php + array help please
  161. Validation help please.
  162. problem of validation in form
  163. Trying to view the rows and columns in a table.
  164. Form validation in php problem here
  165. split array up in two parts and swap part A and part B around.
  166. Drop down form to create a report in a table
  167. php form (Undefinded index:)
  168. Help me with php
  169. A mySQL database utility. Simple help needed.
  170. Problems Creating a Sidebar: Php, Javascript, CSS, HTML
  171. Set a minimum wait time to repeat an action?
  172. Script Ideas
  173. Not getting php pages results
  174. My PHP Project Has Lag
  175. handle single quotes in select statement
  176. Easier way to do this?
  177. Login using specific ID and then only display certain data (IF statement issue)
  178. DB Connection and Insert PHP
  179. Link with existing PHP code
  180. php sessions - overview
  181. Testing with some simple encode script
  182. PHP and HTACCESS ?
  183. I need help creating a user from within the control panel
  184. $_SESSION not registering
  185. php.ini blocks PDO
  186. Not getting the end zero echoing after equation
  187. Error in SQL syntax
  188. Curl session cookie question
  189. PHP template not opening images in Lightbox
  190. Resolved Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.' in home/public_html/x.php line22
  191. HELP: Direct PHP/MySQL Link Flaw
  192. if ($something > X) {foreach (> X) {$something += Z}}
  193. Difference between protected and private variables in OOP
  194. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  195. Resolved Is this ok to do or should i not do it?
  196. table Loop inside Joomla
  197. Help Translating Small Cold Fusion Script into PHP
  198. get specific value from array
  199. PHP webservice problem
  200. $_SESSION issue in redircting
  201. My php form
  202. FFMPEG how to install it.
  203. Resolved Dynamic userfiles in CKFinder
  204. Php include my best option for logging?
  205. convert path with directories
  206. CAPTCHA issue setting session variable
  207. Checking for a unique line match
  208. Version Related Issue
  209. PHP, MSSQL and $GLOBALS
  210. How to Check what url a user came from?
  211. Removing a $_SESSION entity if values = X
  212. Adding date format to this snippet of code ...
  213. Getting undefined variable.. why?
  214. how to generate random alphanumeric string and send using php(mail)
  215. LDAP support added for PHP on the new WAMPServer2.2a for Windows?
  216. Implementing PHP into JavaScript
  217. Yahoo Messenger Invisible Checker PHP Script
  218. Resolved not reading files above 2mb
  219. Basic Problem
  220. Troubles making a ranking system
  221. Resolved Error in SQL syntax
  222. check $_GET isset then write it to variable? Please help
  223. save url before redirecting the website
  224. Validation allow question
  225. is doing a database query within a loop bad practice
  226. Resolved Best Way To Create Search Results
  227. Simple form validation
  228. Dynamically make a variable name
  229. image slideshow - modifying the image title
  230. Need Concept for chat application
  231. Images uploading too large to move
  232. Tracking Links With ID
  233. How to disallow HTML in comments with php.
  234. To send mail based on check box
  235. Php search from mysql
  236. PHP variables not being forwarded into email
  237. Resolved regexp failing to match optional group
  238. load different css based on http referer
  239. php date format to get --> "Mon Oct 10, 2011"
  240. Simple Login Mask (if that's what you call it)
  241. Wait 20 seconds before php gets download link.
  242. PHP Mail - Multiple Attachments. Help Please
  243. Resolved selecting usernames from database
  244. I need help, PHP noob
  245. cant get array_unique working
  246. Scriptcase vs Codeigniter
  247. Capturing IP on form submission
  248. to prevent weak passwords
  249. echo notation
  250. $_GET data limit and checking

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