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  1. Array Substring Search
  2. form field not copyable
  3. image verification issue
  4. Javascript Calculator and PHP Emailing Form Problem
  5. Why utf-8 is not working on my site (reading from mysql)??
  6. inline IF statement in PHP
  7. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ';'
  8. Create Family Tree from MySQL
  9. How to!
  10. is this to much sanitising?
  11. PHP Undefined Index
  12. barcode reading with php
  13. I'm confused
  14. How can i develop?
  15. Need help on php mail
  16. Resolved Promotional Codes from database problem
  17. Setting the value of a combobox when editing a record
  18. do not diplay form upon submission
  19. Cannot create directory and upload an image
  20. submit button
  21. PHP sessions and ajax
  22. function
  23. Has anyone here used PHP since version 1.0.0?
  24. get the link as argument in sql
  25. Fetching array from result set
  26. getimagesize error
  27. Help with IF /ELSE
  28. Validation Gone Wrong
  29. Register System
  30. change text with image
  31. Reloading php-scripts on Ajax-requests?
  32. Regex Question
  33. Magazine style frontpage with multiple categories/loops and no duplicate posts
  34. Some help with inserting and updating to Mysql at the same time
  35. Percentage sums, and how to track users online that are in a crew
  36. Help Needed - Playing A Sound File Upon an Action
  37. Help with == clause
  38. Any ideas as to what's going on??
  39. PHP code is getting displayed upon clicking Submit form
  40. [Need Help] with setting $_SESSION(s) in PHP
  41. Need help with validating lottery results
  42. remote printing.
  43. Wordpress Template page php
  44. need help with paypal and php
  45. Updating Array from POST vars (my logic fails)
  46. What does session_set_save_handler do that makes using it better?
  47. Chunking Returned MySQL Dataset Into Multiple Arrays
  48. Preventing a site to reopen in a new tab
  49. How to extract data based on xml node value using simplexmlelement()
  50. Will this batter server?
  51. Random number generator with mysql insert
  52. Help with database query string please =)
  53. Resolved using document.write and php/html
  54. checking for empty values
  55. View pdf inline with google docs viewer
  56. Help
  57. Date Diff Errors
  58. "Select list" in PHP to MySQL
  59. Help Request: PHP Syntax Error
  60. Passing selected option from form to php variable
  61. Please help with a little loop problem
  62. textfield in php to get seperate data
  63. Problem uploading a file
  64. How to split the text using php wordwrap function or other php function?
  65. session is not initialize after redirecting
  66. Checking for Home Page
  67. Resolved Converting Letters To Specific Numbers
  68. Nested while loop in PHP email
  69. Resolved How To Repeatedly Sum Up A Number
  70. Resolved removing pre values (unlike my prev post)
  71. php and odbc data
  72. Help with a loop for a magazine theme's front page.
  73. please help me with paging code
  74. Pulling pdf info to BIT and then relaying it
  75. I need HELP with my PHP
  76. Resolved storing pre value
  77. Possible To Insert Multiple Rows With Same Values ?
  78. php tutorial where am I going wrong?
  79. Question About Building Content Management System
  80. I need help with php script.
  81. php instrev
  82. if elseif else statements
  83. How to get non-fatal errors written to a stream or file handle?
  84. Combinations
  85. Rotating banner code from one server source
  86. gathering form data/variables for a single form clicked multiple times
  87. Insert to database when submit button is clicked
  88. Resolved datetime
  89. calendar
  90. Php problem[help]
  91. Web based queuing system ..! Help
  92. Resolved Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
  93. Resolved Using a variable in a loop
  94. insert id manually
  95. Trying to work on my own PHP chat app but having trouble
  96. I need help on this contact form and the pHp, any input would be very appreciated.
  97. Resolved need a definition for "%"
  98. Problem with emails and certain domains
  99. All sub directories with file time stamp
  100. checkbox in form
  101. input elements hidden from js dom events by php when loaded via function
  102. XML Send/Response with PHP
  103. Problem in importing files of xml files to mysql
  104. unable to access images outside public folder
  105. Wordpress Theme Installation Error. Whay is this happening?
  106. HTML PHP Email form with Checkboxes
  107. Else statement did not work
  108. checkbox problem [help] ?
  109. basic php question
  110. Matching Image To ID
  111. Batch & Php [Combined]
  112. Auto save data everytime click/choose the employee name
  113. Stuck with an IF(this) (do this) Please help
  114. Changing one value of settings for a chat
  115. Resolved How do I get Cyrillic (Russian) chars to echo ??
  116. Help with code
  117. Unable upload image to directory(folder) Pls help me
  118. Warning: POST Content-Length of bytes exceeds the limit of bytes
  119. display results of query by clicking a hyperlink
  120. Using colorbox with dynamic url in array
  121. Problem with mysql query after parsing an xml file
  122. var to array
  123. My Image uploading system allows gif,jpg etc but not .png
  124. login process [please help]
  125. PHP page not fetching variable from previous page
  126. FLAC to MP3 conversion
  127. parent child loop help needed
  128. MySQL Statistics Table
  129. Number formatting
  130. Using the OR operator in php
  131. Date Handling
  132. Php comfirmation window
  133. get rid off special character when post data
  134. Array Order
  135. Problem sending automated email
  136. Math Problem, Dividing in PHP
  137. chowning with PHP
  138. PHP Arrays
  139. PHP Cookies on Same page
  140. image_copy
  141. What do you think?
  142. php forms :(
  143. Do you License and or Encrypt your Client Mod Work?
  144. Help with Programming for a Trendnet Camera
  145. checked box in php code
  146. Generate list of all possible combinations of something?
  147. Wordpress Plugin Pagination Help
  148. Help with $_GET unicode characters
  149. Struggling with form
  150. php tag color
  151. Help coding a script bot
  152. Needing some help with my php
  153. Sagepay gateway
  154. Apparantly theres something wrong with my variable. I disagree
  155. Sessions & Cookies
  156. Array organization..
  157. Got My Answer,Solved..
  158. browser error PHP
  159. Building a redirect function
  160. basic shopping cart with $_SESSION
  161. Is this possible?
  162. retrive php varialbes from php mail function
  163. Resolved wildcard a domain string
  164. PHP/MySQL query question..
  165. Display Images Help
  166. Resolved DELETE query not working
  167. checking value from database against precondition
  168. Unable to upload image?
  169. Include Question For Duplicating Site
  170. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL
  171. Sending Radio Button Results Through Email
  172. Coupon Authentication Hack
  173. event calendar
  174. PHP calculator using classes - help
  175. How to scan my sites for weaknesses ?
  176. Using wget with phps exec()
  177. Dynamic CSS with Php
  178. Setting Sessions
  179. PHP and MySQL chat
  180. cURL: trying to submit a form
  181. why counter increases by 2 not 1?
  182. how to scrolling php report top to bottom
  183. Passing three textbox values to a javascript function
  184. Problem in if and elseif condition when the data from database
  185. Auto logout when the user close the browser
  186. update query not working
  187. Dropdown box question......
  188. Undefined index in php/isset draw a syntax error
  189. Help Changing to PHP from ColdFusion
  190. Split PHP MYSQL Query Result
  191. Mysql PHP Help!!! PLEASE
  192. renaming files
  193. Dynamic Drop Down Menu
  194. Resolved Registration works but no referrals
  195. Need help how to Edit a TXT File through PHP File
  196. help with function
  197. Save generated thumbnail Directory/Filename.jpg
  198. Biggest value in database
  199. Timezone PHP and the DB
  200. Im A Little Lost
  201. required fields PHP form
  202. php mysql if data exist update else insert data from one table to another table
  203. MySQL queries in PHP outputting values to Flash.
  204. Open the result of a script in a new window?
  205. What's wrong with this query?
  206. PHP Help - Fetching information from database from a Variable
  207. PHP code for results not working correctly
  208. print results in one row separated by semicolon
  209. Simple PHP exec question
  210. executing the query once
  211. rounding not working
  212. Help with php shuffle ...
  213. PHP - Showing information from tables
  214. Resolved Zend Framework Newbie and a Form ... why isn't it echoing ??
  215. Log Form Data
  216. Posting when time is up
  217. event calendar
  218. PHP music Upload Script
  219. Open a page in a master page using PHP
  220. Warning: date() [function.date]:
  221. multidimensional array question
  222. upload file
  223. "else" isn't working
  224. get words exact from string
  225. Social Site Security
  226. array problem
  227. PHP Classes (OO Programming) & SSH Questions
  228. Grabing Image code
  229. Select Problem
  230. Resolved Database values into HTML table
  231. retrieving information from url..
  232. replace cdn
  233. Multiple File Upload and Email
  234. Wildcard character in WHERE clause
  235. Changing an image depending on the page.
  236. Im so stuck on Decimals not calculating
  237. Hide all files with same extension in PHP index file directory?
  238. Interface Vs abstract class
  239. Profile sessions not working
  240. How would i do this?
  241. Where to store scripts in MVC structure
  242. Flow chart for PHP
  243. Problem with drawing multiple rectangles as png
  244. exec() not working
  245. PHP printing queries results for submits not asked
  246. Clean URL that uses multiple variables?
  247. PHP Parsing Challenge - A real sample project- Please help
  248. Is this "files downloaded" counter legit? or does it really track how many downloaded
  249. How to blank referers on my free blogspot blog?
  250. Switch to return a name instead of number

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