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  1. preg_match validation on url - help please
  2. Retreiving the result from the database when the radiobutton selected by the user
  3. Could not connect to http://ip:port/xxx
  4. PHP with SDL in XAMPP
  5. is it possible to hide $_GET['']; from URL
  6. Can anyone explain the following PHP code?
  7. parse url based on forward slashes
  8. Display different images for different devices?
  9. If Certain User Type, then Replace Image/Link Help
  10. store music - need hint where to get started
  11. Log in Page Help needed please
  12. Help Needed Displaying a image in table format
  13. Help with image resize script
  14. Editing the string that is passed to two different xml files
  15. Is there any way to store resources in $_SESSION?
  16. difference between value and reference in function calls with object arguments?
  17. Textarea POST PHP error if text contains "CD/"
  18. Need your help badly
  19. SOLVED: authenticate proxy server with file_get_contents()
  20. Adding a sub sub category
  21. if statement to change content div size
  22. Link hit counter
  23. Load Data - CSV
  24. Math from Data
  25. Issues with classes: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given
  26. Resolved Stacking an amount of damage in variable
  27. add line break after ever '*'
  28. Unset Cookie Button
  29. Problems with session
  30. php api for webmaster tools
  31. Making a forum - need help with submit button (PhP)
  32. 12h format to 24h format in XML
  33. Resolved Adding a tagging feature to blog
  34. Skip Flash content with php session or cookies
  35. convert base 64 encoded string to ASN.1 DER format
  36. Update SSL certificate with new data
  37. How to you prep for new projects
  38. Musical instruments crawling suggestion?
  39. Odd characters being sent in e-mail submission.
  40. vBulletin: Weird Line Between Posts?
  41. FOpen Problem
  42. Resolved lock plz
  43. Poll that client can edit.....
  44. Resolved Why does script create 2 records?
  46. Form field error message Session Variable issues
  47. login issue
  48. Session Variable help
  49. Member Creation
  50. Nested menu limit depth
  51. Resolved Please Help With Twitter Api
  52. how to check links in my database if they are valid or 404
  53. Quicker method to initialize vars ??
  54. add '/' between number between digits
  55. PHP MVC Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::
  56. vBulletin Help
  57. Save form data when check box is checked
  58. datetime function updating after 24 hours
  59. Page who picks data from MySQL database?
  60. trouble with if statement and issets
  61. Resolved Managing sessions and user detection
  62. PHP string to nested / multidimensional array
  63. Resolved Deprecated: Function eregi_replace()
  64. how to add a level image
  65. Design Question: File Uploading With Uploadify
  66. noob question: php include breaks links in html...
  67. PHP XSLT for styling, but picture url in XML file gives a challenge
  68. Regex Math Operations with Replacement Variables
  69. regular expression
  70. PHP Uploading images issue
  71. PDO mysql count the number of rows selected.
  72. Navigation/menu don't work.
  73. Auto increment doesn't work in while loop
  74. Disable User Account in php
  75. run script in php page called by ajax
  76. Help with free PHP online resources
  77. Need Ur Help to Modify
  78. For Loop... Should be easy!
  79. attribute with NChar(2048) gets truncated in output.
  80. Fastest way to learn PHP?
  81. Assistant, very very very important please helllp me :)
  82. PHP | MYSQL | Edit links with ID from MYSQL Table
  83. Passing a variable to a private function?
  84. Passing the whole shopping cart to paypal
  85. mysql_fetch_array error
  86. How to use date/time in your PHP/MySQl application without relying on system clock?
  87. using a add_action in wordpress to add php to sidebar or comments or below the Post
  88. PHP referral system
  89. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}'
  90. Deleting rows with check boxes
  91. Using PHP to generate news page
  92. Php generate one time code
  93. PHP and forms, is it safe to...
  94. php setting to recognize filename in Chinese?
  95. Resolved for each problem?
  96. Resolved How to turn error report on for a single php file
  97. Resolved htaccess does not work correctly?
  98. Please check this code
  99. Profile image Script
  100. WINDOW BUG: How to pass php.exe output to browser in .BAT file
  101. Video Picture Linking!
  102. Need help with WP_Rewrite function
  103. trying to learn - what am I doing wrong
  104. PHP MYSQL Sorting
  105. A few questions?
  106. Radius from Lats Langs.
  107. how to integrate facebook chat in my websitet in php?
  108. Per day stock report
  109. Pull data from another website.
  110. please help!-php
  111. Resolved Fatal error: Call to undefined function hex2str
  112. How can I list certain records from my database?
  113. Date transforms 0000-00-00 to 01-01-1970 please help to fix it
  114. using the same php index in all sub directories...
  115. $Message = 'Merry Christmas PHP Coders';
  116. multiple 'or' statements with the same 'and' statement
  117. website script
  118. Problem with fetching data using remote database and file
  119. I NEED WORDPRESS. Newest post needs to bigger than the oldest post.
  120. Starting a form on one page, and finishing it on another
  121. Textbox Check
  122. Formatting using CSS a php echo..
  123. need help in putting style in if condition
  124. Page not functioning under root
  125. Read JS file & linebreaks
  126. Loops not working
  127. Me and concatenation are bad friends...
  128. Mail function and styling problem
  129. How can i download the redirected direct link?
  130. How to get the redirect link?
  131. Running PHP script without reloading entire page?
  132. Array Libraries
  133. Problem in NULL value
  134. Undefined index, and custom error handler help
  135. PHP coding..
  136. Resolved COUNT(*) then deny
  137. Resolved I'm missing something
  138. Including Javascript on a Register Form (and other things)?
  139. Twitter API Problem - Follow User
  140. Displaying SQL rows as a table
  141. Search function using static pages
  142. looking for advice how to create a calender
  143. Using magic __get
  144. "Can't use function return value in write context" --- why?
  145. problem in changing data using onclick
  146. RSS reader-simple as possible
  147. first plugin for mybb forum :)
  148. Date of Birth field form
  149. Resolved Fresh Eyes Please
  150. How can I 'pre-load' a script but have it display elsewhere?
  151. What IDE should I use(php)
  152. Using substr on a string which could contain a link
  153. break items separated by comas into checkboxes
  154. Populating a combox box on from MySQL table based on the value of previous combo.
  155. Redirect back to page before login required
  156. Wordpress - inserting image thumbnails as links?
  157. extra eyes, my login script isnt working
  158. Trying to convert my contact form script into a Tell-A-Friend script
  159. Populating textboxes after a select list selection
  160. redirecting user to page viewed last after sign up... trouble passing variable
  161. Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new
  162. Please help, SQL INSERT fails :(
  163. Show Only One Category and its Subcategories on Sidebar
  164. Proper Form Insert
  165. index.php?page= help
  166. cookies
  167. Query Failed error
  168. Drawing a table for moderation
  169. SimpleXML ... how do I get "@atrribute" values ??
  170. Resolved Poor me :( mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource
  171. Echo a database field based on the value of another field?
  172. Remove leading Zero and add code
  173. Cant match dates :/
  174. php.ini settings
  175. Problem in mysql_query Insert with On Duplicate key
  176. Pagination wont show results past the first page
  177. Resolved A couple basic questions from a PHP newb.
  178. Auto Index Script [Help]
  179. Where to go after Form Submission?!
  180. limit packet size for curl
  181. __PHP_Incomplete_Class Object
  182. Advice on making buzz sound when order is placed
  183. Php code to show a picture from xml file
  184. Calling a PHP function from an HTML button
  185. Why this isnt working?
  186. PHP / MySQL Count In Selected Row
  187. Need Moded Version
  188. Resolved Adding dates from current date
  189. opendir and images
  190. How do I exclude directories from a recursive list directory?
  191. Host php files on a web server and run off a computer
  192. Splitting and rebuilding a string
  193. how to re write this into a table join?
  194. curl linkback
  195. Add one hour to a database query
  196. Need Help With PHP Application
  197. Custom ListDirectory for images -- can you help!?
  198. advice on encrypting api
  199. Resolved Php OOP while loop
  200. Reversing the digits of a number
  201. Bulk Random Number Generation
  202. bb coding not working
  203. send big file through php
  204. Uneditable database file?
  205. Add attachment in Form submission page
  206. Using PHP to "unbundle" xml data in a field
  207. Log-In Advice
  208. Confirm script actions!
  209. echo from array
  210. how to do this?
  211. [Help] Stopping People From Registering With Character Map Names
  212. Problem fetching data from database.
  213. Search PDF files and tagging
  214. Theatre Booking System
  215. Subtracting Date/Time
  216. Update query is not running as expected
  217. PHP Search Results display image
  218. Captcha Code - Validating & Processing contact form
  219. Help!!!
  220. Am I using while() correctly?
  221. Set php direction
  222. Seperate Array And Send Each Item To DB Table
  223. Remove the first TR from a table
  224. Active links and PHP include
  225. Form Validation Question
  226. Load RSS feed data into add/remove listbox with simplexmlelement
  227. MYSQL Timestamp Echo
  228. 15 seconds of thought and I don't know what to call the subject. Sorry
  229. I'm not laughing!
  230. :: Problem :: Assigning Row Colors
  231. Search Function in Dreamweaver
  232. Resolved Problem dispaying WordPress meta box data
  233. Resolved include file, but from a different folder in webroot
  234. Resolved You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  235. Old Problem, but forgot
  236. Add INT value to field
  237. Page crashes when browser is refreshed
  238. Prepared statement problem
  239. Performance question for storing uploaded files
  240. GD watermarking
  241. Assign class to navigation in Wordpress
  242. generating a page that will output info based on the sql query string in the url?
  243. php application to modify salary of an employee
  244. Header problem *Help Please*
  245. Need help with this search script
  246. How to implement Script?
  247. Creating a query that generates its own page?
  248. Check datetime into hour minute
  249. How to submit form automatically?
  250. take browser to the message

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