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  1. I can not find the error in my search engine
  2. Resolved SQL Database normalization track list
  3. table join fails if one of the feilds is empty
  4. generate html page from db
  5. Getting data, mathing, echo-ing
  6. Date and Time Format
  7. Uploading Files to User Profiles
  8. Registration script blank page, no error.
  9. Mathing time interval
  10. Submenu not working in worpress
  11. SQL query help
  12. technical interview, compression?
  13. create a web app for twitter
  14. auto formatting user input
  15. Load a page based on cookie
  16. Refactoring 4 lines of code
  17. Help! -Adding rows and values, then sorting
  18. Can I get peoples views on this language matter
  19. Not being able to access information?
  20. Resolved Something I'm not understanding about XPath, or a PHP problem?
  21. Rss2html error redirecting to custom error page.
  22. Write php code that users can see to teach them
  23. double mysql_fetch_assoc
  24. Reading XML problem
  25. Contact Us / Request Information Form php code not working - Please assist
  26. Using foreach and while loop, for an array of a mysql query
  27. echo row from mysql table to replace login and register
  28. A custom lat and long map
  29. PHP GD Lib Class
  30. Stop PHP parsing midway during parsing
  31. Updating MYSql database with PHP
  32. PHP bug?
  33. Directly display a file within a PHP file.
  34. What code to use?
  35. Some sort of ecommerce system help needed
  36. How to fetch data from 2 different tables
  37. Display Image field from SQL Server
  38. Need help editing/understanding "array" index.php
  39. Embeding Wordpress in a simple PHP template site
  40. Re-direction problems
  41. How to eliminate empty $_post in sql
  42. retreiving images from database
  43. file upload
  44. how to resolve error/warning header already sent
  45. code help for attaching uploaded file to email
  46. Resolved OOP vs Standart
  47. How to convert textarea post to html
  48. Resolved BB coding
  49. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
  50. Sticky form with option values PHP
  51. unsetting a session through zend view?
  52. conditional $_GET
  53. Storing styles in database and writing out PHP?
  54. php code to add and subtrack values
  55. Sorting categories via URL
  56. php - save the referring site's url
  57. Help me on php force ddownload code
  58. Spliting two numbers
  59. video chat script for php
  60. regex to get html head contents
  61. Print message based off stored Expiry Date - Help needed
  62. CReate Multiple PDF Documents With Mysql Table And PHP
  63. Fatal error: Call to undefined method DateTime::diff()
  64. Preg_replace excluding strings inside tags
  65. sort an array
  66. Learning PHP?
  67. Please Help - should be an easy fix
  68. double value in a form for php
  69. questions on query string,service call
  70. js to php except superglobal
  71. Changing query keywords to reading xml
  72. Resolved better way to keep track of users online
  73. Resolved Warning: mysql_fetch_array()
  74. Questions on PHP Bulk/Mass Email Script
  75. ACL (Access Control List)
  76. $_POST & Insert INTO help
  77. Folder ownership for PHP shell_exec
  78. how to make input filed generated when form is submit?
  79. Hiding an empty category in Wordpress
  80. Access files outside public_html folder ?
  81. duplicate entry problem
  82. How to fix Deprecated session_registration ()
  83. Scanning script.
  84. Issue with doing an include from inside an include
  85. PhP auction site recovery help
  86. C# and .Net or PHP or for a niche social network?
  87. Table with Row Span
  88. Trying to get a point two decimal outcome
  89. Calculation inconsistency
  90. validate form erros before going to action page
  91. Calendar Erro
  92. Fatal Error on one server but not the other
  93. accessing array in view zend
  94. concatenate field names into one and return
  95. Trying to link on a php variable ...?
  96. Help with PHP&Mysql
  97. getting csv rows except first row
  98. phpbb login across subdomain
  99. How do I add ı hour to the time ?
  100. was wondering
  101. Using COOKIES with mysql
  102. some thing missing,please help
  103. Making PHP abort a instruction after X amount of time
  104. Trying to make a Team Roster - problems
  105. Can't get third value out of database
  106. Annoying error while Appending?
  107. Bug in PHP? Pretty certain it is.
  108. PHP script does not return filenames in order
  109. Mail list with checkbox
  110. What the easiest way to collect the date & time ?
  111. Advance programming
  112. Function to initiate a text to email on a Mobile html page ?
  113. PHP suddenly not working
  114. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  115. How to send sms via php ?
  116. Organizing output data? Help!
  117. Need Help for Coding
  118. how to make every other td a different background colour?
  119. Array won't allow use of integers as keys, forcing string keys only
  120. Trying to make a better/more secure password protected page
  121. How do I allow users to create there own password
  122. Xcelgaming template help?
  123. posting
  124. File permissions error
  125. PHP Concatenation Problem
  126. Opencart template coding
  127. QUESTION: PHP related image galleries
  128. Getting a syntax error I have never encounted before
  129. How to randomize IDs, except those you already seen.
  130. i cannot send value to php file
  131. Deny Acess To a Page Until Terms of Use "Agree" Box is Checked"
  132. Updating database with NOW()
  133. Problem with cURL.
  134. join query slowing down the server
  135. Resolved Opencart template php
  136. PDO Statement - Parsed query
  137. PHP MYSQL select
  138. php function instead of file in autocomplete
  139. Calculating form fields not inserting correctly.
  140. passing data thru URL POST
  141. echo image path if variable is not empty
  142. Merging images and text
  143. where does a server-side redirect actually happen?
  144. Resolved DateTime function in PHP 5.2.17
  145. How should I deal with this Warning: "magic method __call() ..."
  146. mail function will not send $body
  147. Help with naming specific files
  148. Uploading pdf files is it it with "multipart" ?
  149. custom directory listing script in apache/php in shared hosting
  150. Drupal or Custom CMS for Niche Social Network?
  151. multi php include inside one php file
  152. Facing some problems while printing the page..
  153. My Prepared Statements are a drag...
  154. UPDATE sql error: Please point me in right direction
  155. help with this logic
  156. Something other than json in cURL
  157. mysql date help
  158. Feedforall rss2html fix hide error function
  159. Part of my SQL is getting echo'ed out
  160. php image profile help
  161. save session in database
  162. fetching data from mysql in WAN
  163. Session won't unset
  164. Combining a set of products with the same product number
  165. Passing PHP variables
  166. generate url for the image
  167. Problem ( FATAL Error ) with Swiftmailer class ?
  168. Word filter that allows HTML tags
  169. More then 1 custom field in paypal IPN?
  170. Problem in Time
  171. Resolved Magento product page review section / tab not showing up
  172. WordPress dynamic menu with custom post types
  173. OOP Usage
  174. Fatal error: Class 'finfo' not found in
  175. Quick Button Help Please
  176. form action using a GET
  177. C#-like properties in PHP
  178. GMT date, with AM/PM
  179. Is this possible with PHP? List .avi files and open them in WMP
  180. Updating One Code, Updates two pages.
  181. Resolved is there a better way to write this:
  182. Forgot Password page
  183. How to translate a php variables to English
  184. Array help
  185. Please Help
  186. Help Needed! Accesscontrol.php not working?!
  187. isset to display variable
  188. remote image upload
  189. id problem
  190. Roomlist help
  191. Looping problem
  192. dompdf how to pass url name
  193. a problem about two salsh in post id "//"
  194. dompdf css not working properly
  195. PHP MySQL Stored Procedure Getting Number of Rows Returned
  196. using seesion to separate infomation
  197. Need a way to organized my project.
  198. Using Post
  199. privacy setting
  200. search code help
  201. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in
  202. how to insert sql data in an html table
  203. PHP $_GET function
  204. Resolved problem with file_get_contents/images
  205. tag links
  206. Resolved stuck on an array
  207. PHP update
  208. Small Issue with a field
  209. Accessing an int from array
  210. PHp Date Dropdown
  211. How to get a word out of a variable
  212. I need your help even if you
  213. Mysql update gold=gold-2 problem
  214. Sharing Sessions b/w 2 different apps?
  215. change order
  216. Resolved add up numbers from a field using php
  217. Resolved Need help debugging a file upload script
  218. percentage out of 100 with chances
  219. Ned Help Please with code
  220. advertising page
  221. PHP Error in mail()
  222. php ordering
  223. nead help Please
  224. [Need Help] Show Database Value in a Box
  225. How to convert javascript to php coding
  226. Trouble with two foreach loops combined
  227. data-types from COM Dll
  228. Get Display Name From Active Directory
  229. Suggestion for a new way to engineer my shopping cart
  230. Assistance Parsing Multiple links using DOM
  231. [QUESTION] How would I do this?
  232. Find difference in current time and time in db
  233. Hiding/Showing an input field based on a variable loop
  234. Changing the upload destination?
  235. Problem with input item
  236. Security and "Rainbow Tables"
  237. Curl & Json - Help Needed Please :)
  238. Basic Members Page
  239. Customer 2 Customer using PHP
  240. Spoof HTTP_Referrer and redirect?
  241. function - IP plan
  242. Form submission not sending correct response?
  243. Resolved How do I make is display ASC
  244. Session Variable variable
  245. htaccess redirect
  246. Resolved PHP empty and 0 values
  247. i got an issue with php script
  248. Dynamic table with bullets question
  249. help with that php/mysql issue
  250. Need help on looping through function code

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