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  1. High traffic website: Log & Hitcounter
  2. How to replace a charater from end a multiline text using php ?
  3. Contact Form Doesn't Work
  4. Parse Error: Unexpected $End
  5. Help..........
  6. uploading.com login page (i'll give one free account for help)
  7. Setting default transparency color for read png
  8. How to make a php robot that can log in?
  9. Random number in html/php link
  10. Php Include Files for Subdirectory
  11. Captcha validation not working
  12. file acess problem
  13. Help me on display user profile image and information
  14. Contact form security + data in form disappear + error message display
  15. A very very weird PHP problem
  16. image upload & resize: how to make the it centered and square?
  17. Close a session and keep some of the session variables
  18. Turn a div into an image
  19. Finding images w/ preg_match_all Problem
  20. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in
  21. How to use cookie data in a <img> link...
  22. Can fwrite() write into, rather over?
  23. Redirecting user based on zip code entered
  24. Writing to specific line
  25. Check date validity, while allowing different date formats
  26. class def error
  27. Multiple Image Uploads to Database
  28. Paginate images scanned from directory
  29. Displaying Excel Data in a Webpage
  30. ternary error for SQL
  31. Voting/ Unvote help!
  32. Newbie: while loop question
  33. Large Project for a novice?
  34. PHP return JSON
  35. storing user's score
  36. Is this contact form secure?
  37. Cannot delete a field in MySQL using PHP!
  38. Preventing submission refresh
  39. hide contact details
  40. redirection problem with "frameset" where login page exists
  41. Problem in Update with select
  42. Ignited Datatables Edit Column Help, Please
  43. checking if an array value is set
  44. Connect to AXIS camera through SOAP (ONVIF standart)
  45. put Excel (macro) application on web with php
  46. Need PHP Script
  47. Wanting to eliminate the e-mail field from form
  48. strip out only certain inline styles using preg_replace
  49. Maths questions
  50. How to match two fields for PAYPAL IPN Script please help
  51. Execute a url from a php file (server side)
  52. Using $_GET with HTML form
  53. Problem
  54. PHP Mail Problem!
  55. submit button in form
  56. How do you wrap up a piece of code to insert?
  57. Why will paypal not redirect while in iframe PAYING 2$ to get this fixed
  58. Is there something wrong with this query
  59. Replace with Dynamic variable in preg_replace
  60. Help me to fix undefined index on my php code
  61. Security
  62. Preserve parentheses in Array?
  63. How to search multiple field please help me
  64. Resolved html post into php array
  65. Trying to display top purchases in list [simple help]
  66. Embedded Wordpress's comment still go to wordpress theme instead of using HTML???
  67. Check if field contains, not equals, search word
  68. Help randomizing image array
  69. Resrict access to site
  70. time in database to return certian value
  71. Resolved Query failed ?
  72. Need help with a function for redirecting
  73. how to Create a cookie in drupal to store GET params from referer
  74. Help Logout destroy_session not working for me.
  75. Simple admin/user login declaration
  76. Parsing Data
  77. breaking apart an array for math
  78. Input not being read and stopping the php listing
  79. Driving a xml flash player with php
  80. Get MAC adress using PHP
  81. Cannot use semi-colon in php?
  82. Having braking problems
  83. Select statement not displaying results
  84. PHP Mail Form Issue
  85. PhP Slide show...
  86. Determine partial file size during download using PHP's copy() function
  87. I cannot escape the strings!!
  88. Resolved PHP Level system with user XP
  89. str_replace with array parameter not working
  90. Using PHP to check the browser and possibly redirect?
  91. need help setting up loop instead of 25 statements
  92. put number of data files on server into javascript variable
  93. Word Press PhP edit help
  94. file_put_contents() not working in IE9 only
  95. incorporating array to add up
  96. Login is not working...
  97. Displaying Images from a Database
  98. Email script not functioning properly?
  99. concatenate a long sms before sending to API
  100. HTML emails with CSS.
  101. How do I set default value of function parameter as today's date?
  102. PVP Style.
  103. working with checkboxes
  104. I Need Script PHP and SQL
  105. submit and output within a container
  106. Total php noob here
  107. PHP to give Unique area only accessible by that member
  108. php not reading html code
  109. static keyword
  110. cookie problem !
  111. [HELP] New way to write Variables
  112. PHP echo alternative for html
  113. Troubles with Message Board
  114. Non repeating random Image from a folder
  115. Use Server Path?
  116. Where do I start this project
  117. Problem with bar chart (Need Help)
  118. Notice: Undefined variable: e from function
  119. Help with Regular expressions
  120. Hypertext preprocessor
  121. PHP5 - Mail function problem ("?" stopping message text)
  122. Resolved Problems Uploading Files
  123. Help with my Reg log in and log out code.
  124. Resolved What's wrong with this code?
  125. How to add timestamp in php (to prevent caching)?
  126. Resolved Problem with PHP/MySQL DB Selection
  127. Forgotten Password Recovery Page
  128. PHP/HTML/CSS Design Code Needed
  129. While Loop with images for some in loop
  130. abstract classes and interfaces.
  131. What is the best way to? ......
  132. my $_REQUEST[] is always NULL
  133. Making a field required or optional based on another field in the same form!
  134. mysql_query issues
  135. Want to make limit of query loop
  136. Problem with defining strings
  137. Problem with getImageSize()
  138. Help grabbing information using preg_match
  139. Store SQL Data in PHP Array (and convert to javascript)
  140. Help me on retrieving 3 table datas from mysql using php
  141. Storing into nested associative array?
  142. Having trouble getting PHP and Perl script to work together
  143. Display folder content on site
  144. OOP cloning objects
  145. Need Help With Php In Wordpress Blog
  146. Changing an include daily
  147. Question on how to use OR in a Select statement with where clause
  148. Help how to make a registration
  149. regular expression to find one or more specific words in a string
  150. Help with download script for audio files
  151. Creating an admin panel.
  152. Need help understanding PHP code
  153. encrypt and decrypt a number
  154. problems with GD transparency
  155. simplexml_load_string() producing error.
  156. HTML Meta tags in PHP
  157. [Basic] Move a content, from database, to a php file
  158. Mysql Group
  159. distributing form elements among different webpages,looks simple but not able to fix
  160. Remove special characters from Multilined TEXTAREA
  161. PHP Syntax Errors
  162. regexp not working!
  163. Need to create a list based on the month it was published in SQL
  164. mail() not working, any ideas why?
  165. regular expression not working
  166. HTML and PHP Separator CLASS
  167. Arithmetic failure
  168. MySQL (all rows) to marquee
  169. magic functions
  170. Blocking proxy servers
  171. Having trouble finalizing a PHP email capture form.
  172. Latest headlines....
  173. please help with pagination...
  174. file gets contents from database by id
  175. File path problem
  176. file_get_contents and passwords
  177. Text Splitting
  178. Help me on displaying user details to the page from mysql using php
  179. Resolved Inserting PHP Session Variables into Div tags.
  180. Searching for strings
  181. php process won't stop running
  182. How could I replace file_get_contents ?
  183. I want to create a "Report a broken link" for my site
  184. FFMPEG conversion is inconsistent
  185. Script doesn't write to database
  186. Display Dates between from date to date
  187. jQuery help: Multiple forms per page need to submit each uniquely
  188. Issue in Script
  189. Resolved Multi-dimensional array and sessions
  190. Display a text at different time intervals
  191. Webcam Script Anyone?
  192. Fetching and displaying posts by date
  193. Regex: parse multiple URLS as links
  194. Error "Cannot use string offset as an array"
  195. I can not find the error in my search engine
  196. Resolved SQL Database normalization track list
  197. table join fails if one of the feilds is empty
  198. generate html page from db
  199. Getting data, mathing, echo-ing
  200. Date and Time Format
  201. Uploading Files to User Profiles
  202. Registration script blank page, no error.
  203. Mathing time interval
  204. Submenu not working in worpress
  205. SQL query help
  206. technical interview, compression?
  207. create a web app for twitter
  208. auto formatting user input
  209. Load a page based on cookie
  210. Refactoring 4 lines of code
  211. Help! -Adding rows and values, then sorting
  212. Can I get peoples views on this language matter
  213. Not being able to access information?
  214. Resolved Something I'm not understanding about XPath, or a PHP problem?
  215. Rss2html error redirecting to custom error page.
  216. Write php code that users can see to teach them
  217. double mysql_fetch_assoc
  218. Reading XML problem
  219. Contact Us / Request Information Form php code not working - Please assist
  220. Using foreach and while loop, for an array of a mysql query
  221. echo row from mysql table to replace login and register
  222. A custom lat and long map
  223. PHP GD Lib Class
  224. Stop PHP parsing midway during parsing
  225. Updating MYSql database with PHP
  226. PHP bug?
  227. Directly display a file within a PHP file.
  228. What code to use?
  229. Some sort of ecommerce system help needed
  230. How to fetch data from 2 different tables
  231. Display Image field from SQL Server
  232. Need help editing/understanding "array" index.php
  233. Embeding Wordpress in a simple PHP template site
  234. Re-direction problems
  235. How to eliminate empty $_post in sql
  236. retreiving images from database
  237. file upload
  238. how to resolve error/warning header already sent
  239. code help for attaching uploaded file to email
  240. Resolved OOP vs Standart
  241. How to convert textarea post to html
  242. Resolved BB coding
  243. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
  244. Sticky form with option values PHP
  245. unsetting a session through zend view?
  246. conditional $_GET
  247. Storing styles in database and writing out PHP?
  248. php code to add and subtrack values
  249. Sorting categories via URL
  250. php - save the referring site's url

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