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  1. Re-installing Updated Script
  2. How to display all data from a database table?
  3. PHP 5.3.9 mssql.
  4. Wanting to display the date in capital letters
  5. How solve "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in..."?
  6. Cannot connect mysql
  7. Can I edit php in Notepad++ ?
  8. add css code inside while loop <tr>
  9. phpinfo comparison
  10. Echo As 00:00:00
  11. Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in
  12. Problem in SELECT option with condition
  13. What exactly does trim() do?
  14. How to reload new data after submit
  15. Command Line Curl in PHP
  16. Server side validation
  17. Insert Current Date & Time In Field?
  18. Proper output from a MySQL query
  19. Creating A Flat File Click Counter
  20. Foreach jumping position
  21. Can't work out this T_VARIABLE error
  22. Contact form secure?
  23. PHP Contact Form Problem
  24. HTTPD authentication
  25. Dynamically calculate number of apps on iTunes
  26. SQL and PHP help urgent
  27. variable that exists after break;?
  28. Writing from a form to a CSV with column headings
  29. form submit
  30. How would you go about doing this cURL request?
  31. Help with example
  32. Wordpress : Rss feed issue
  33. PHP DIV Maze
  34. How do I create new mysql db from a dump ?
  35. Help with capatcha php
  36. calculation ih php
  37. imagecreatefrompng() - imagettftext() not appear correctly after hosted
  38. Is it possible to copy/paste an image tag's URL using PHP?
  39. header function returns object not found error
  40. Drupal 7 - implementing views with custom rotation
  41. Subtraction??
  42. spot the difference game
  43. Resolved Referencing SimpleXMLElement Object ( [0]
  44. An alternative to 'goto'?
  45. How to pass variable from page to page?
  46. PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined
  47. custom search query
  48. Want free Online storage script
  49. pass value problem
  50. syntax error, unexpected T_IF
  51. How to search multiple items in a multidimentional array ?
  52. Dynamically Populated Table Rows
  53. multi page form with sessions
  54. PHP MySql Select Box Help
  55. Help with modifying an IE6 Popup Script
  56. Is there a way to get a portion out of URL?
  57. if $_GET option is wrong
  58. PHP Not displaying Database
  59. how to send Contact form data to email as well as phone
  60. Login Problem
  61. Help in a simple coding !
  62. Undefined variable
  63. PHP application opens in FireFox & Chrome but unable to open in IE
  64. Extracting date from datetime record ?
  65. extract() should be deprecated!!
  66. No Framework vs Framework
  67. How do I access non local server database ?
  68. Please help - Random redirect problem
  69. make sure user fills out every field in form
  70. Page fails to echo username variable
  71. separate array positions and insert
  72. Unique SESSION Content
  73. alternitive of sending header with ?page=x
  74. This should work, wondering why not
  75. How to solve unexpected $end
  76. Check if current time has passed
  77. Convert D.O.B from SQL DB to age printed on page
  78. Please help me howto: PayPal
  79. Array to variable strings
  80. php.ini settings
  81. how to enable short_open_tag without touching php.ini
  82. Resolved Image question
  83. Resolved Just count the instances in a file
  84. Resolved syntax to change header
  85. Radio Buttons (IF/THEN)
  86. Problem in uplaoding big sizes
  87. Form validation
  88. How to add Javascript document.write inline with PHP
  89. How to use Sessions in Pages After login
  90. After user authentication, is session started 1st, or is mysql_fetch_assoc used 1st?
  91. What questions do you ask to progammers when interviewing them?
  92. search engin problem
  93. Syntax For Applying Style to output of echo statement?
  94. in_array help
  95. How to fix ‘Function eregi() is deprecated’ in PHP 5.3.0?
  96. User status
  97. another eval_decode text
  98. Basic PHP Form help - blank fields
  99. Image displaying
  100. Get most recent image from a directory
  101. Insert multiple foreach with one SQL insert statement
  102. Help me pleeeeease! My head is sore from banging it into the wall! lol
  103. t encapsed error
  104. Cookie Poisoning - help
  105. How to change sidebar image on Tumblr?
  106. How to underline a certain word in a GD string?
  107. Link $result for another page.
  108. Need help understanding facebook graph API
  109. Why am I getting this error?
  110. Inserting multiple row in database in php
  111. simple php chat?
  112. Unexpected T_IF. Can't look at it for another second.
  113. Ping PHP with Sever IP & Port
  114. How to make automatic payments through paypal?
  115. array help
  116. A Dumb PHP Question
  117. anyone recommend a nice php polling script?
  118. How can I make a Multi-Step Contact Form?
  119. Paypal intergration
  120. problem with storing session[user_name] to a table
  121. Float/Decimal to Interger
  122. Help with php plugin.
  123. PHp / PHPBB
  124. Php online quiz help ??
  125. Sending mail
  126. i must say wtf
  127. php restart function inside function
  128. Help for installing Customer support desk to my website
  129. Frames and PHP
  130. Beginner Issue with Escaping Quotes
  131. Eval base 64 decode problem
  132. Issue in count date from date range
  133. Dynamically Display Uploaded Images
  134. Resolved PHP global file handling?
  135. Help with auto import in WP commerce
  136. Which one to choose?
  137. Random link from a folder?
  138. Noob question
  139. Problem feeding PHP into framework
  140. what other features would make my first forum build great
  141. Image protection PHP + Flash combination?
  142. image upload, random file name
  143. dilemma. 2 databases
  144. Phpr0bid Image / Cache Problem
  145. Resolved Can someone help me with correct syntax to increment view count in sql.
  146. File Upload in PHP!
  147. Output problem
  148. Four tabs in the first line of a file that won't go away
  149. need help to to add link in image slide
  150. Simple Delivery Charges Script
  151. Retain Chosen Select Form Option
  152. about space in php
  153. Progress bar on file upload in PHP!
  154. Trouble with passing date to database using post method
  155. PHP date functions
  156. Very Simple Mail Function Question
  157. Wordpress : $query->have_pages ?
  158. Using PHP IF/THEN Statements
  159. Insurance quote form
  160. formating text to read like code
  161. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in C:\wamp\www\cena\mudar_password_aluno.ph
  162. PhpPr0bid 6.1.0 listing image don't show up
  163. How do I "safely" allow html code to be posted ?
  164. Problem with URLs containg special Chars
  165. Displaying uploaded image in PHP!
  166. Problem passing PHP variables across pages
  167. Sum HTML Column using php
  168. PHP class tutorial
  169. Renaming an image in PHP
  170. problem when calling php file from action
  171. Problem with registration script.
  172. simple calculator output problum
  173. Table rows within PHP itereation not rendering properly
  174. redirect specific incoming links using PHP?
  175. Confused about Javascript and PHP interaction
  176. trouble parsing xml using SimpleXMLElement
  177. Please help: function to prevent numbers and @ signs in text field
  178. how to handle T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error
  179. How to get the right charset/encoding?
  180. Excluding folders with certain files
  181. php database calls
  182. Link to php v4x manual?
  183. How to consume a web service using php code
  184. PHP Not used so much anymore?
  185. Login help?
  186. decimal point round up
  187. Passing variable between PHP and HTML/Javascript
  188. please advice
  189. PHP include
  190. Help validating email address inputs
  191. displaying test for 15 minutes every day from 3.45am till 4am
  192. Curl - saving complete webpage into a variable
  193. Not finding my class sfValidatorString
  194. Download count
  195. Simple regex problem - please help.
  196. Change $num value based on page_title
  197. Socket work then stop working?
  198. Barclaycard ePDQ Responses problem
  199. Parse Error in the "return header" line
  200. Date conversion Problem
  201. How to download data to excel file?
  202. Problem Sending email in php
  203. Help me on Cron job homepage static
  204. Very Basic Function Question.
  205. Sorting FQL Mutliquery Results
  206. If Statement Gone Wrong But Looks Right?
  207. login script / memberspace
  208. How do you read in a multidimensional array?
  209. Iframe OR email client
  210. Should i learn php for game development?
  211. Adding numbers to each row
  212. Php online elections
  213. Superglobals being changed indirectly?
  214. wordpress problem: exporting site and installing on new address
  215. Problem with search script
  216. Image through proxy
  217. Conversion of Turkish characters
  218. Help me on commenting on a post in the same page
  219. Blocking access or "die" action, when id in url is equal to X...
  220. is this a copyright breach if i sell something with some free software in?
  221. How could I make links friendly?
  222. could not output resize image
  223. Issue calling and sorting data from phpmyadmin
  224. Why will this file upload not work?
  225. Blog/Recent Post Integration into Existing Website
  226. how to echo multiple rows
  227. Testing PDF viewer in browser
  228. Posting Values from Array
  229. keep PDF form open after submit
  230. I need more help
  231. Help me on making a link to every user profile
  232. Forgot password in login form!
  233. mysql_query in custom function
  234. My website's menu/list codes in PHP appear to be broken
  235. else if racking my brain
  236. Urgent help needed to locate the content source of site
  237. Unlink() - permission denied/no such file or directory error.
  238. Printing list of Client Hello cipher suites in PHP?
  239. View data from mysql in text field php
  240. Undefined variable
  241. Function call crashing PHP
  242. Storing an array in a SQL column
  243. Need some help with code
  244. editing a certain row
  245. Need info on error
  246. Referencing Image File Using Databases in PHP
  247. Resolved Cron Job Problem
  248. text file columns to arrays?
  249. Injecting a variable
  250. query looping data twice

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