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  1. Please Help me to get this contact form to work
  2. How To Post A Message On The User Wall Using Facebook Graph API
  3. PHP warnings
  4. Trying to display results as keywords
  5. Dynamic nav and content
  6. Calculation of hours between 2 dates
  7. Fetch Results
  8. Conversion from PHP
  9. mod_rewrite
  10. Problem in saving data from while loop and select option
  11. Cant find error fix in my Script
  12. Upload permissions/ownership?
  13. PHP Code Help with making drop down list.
  14. Hi need help here on this coding I got it down to one error
  15. Files being renamed when i upload them
  16. header.php url alias?
  17. The most common PHP error and warning messages
  18. Resolved Link and Spacing please
  19. Can I Bcc the person who fills out my form?
  20. Retrieve all <img> tag from a file
  21. Problem in coding of combination of php, javascript and ajax
  22. I need help with this coding please keep getting errors
  23. Display ReCaptcha error on same page as form
  24. Facebook Graph API
  25. Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  26. Creating a PHP Forum
  27. Was Wondering
  28. Weird Session
  29. How modify php file to show user avatar in the last posts forum panel?
  30. Posts Disappearing After Enter Problem
  31. Problem contact form will not send email
  32. select last inserted data from primary and foreign key
  33. PHP get data script query
  34. the :: operator...best times to use it?
  35. 2 random outputs as a result of another Random Output (PHP and MySQL)
  36. Problem using mailchimp api
  37. Problem with tooltip. how can i fix this bug?
  38. PHP: time expire help
  39. retrieving data into a two-dimensional array
  40. 'Contact Me' page help!
  41. Paypal continue shopping brings user to beginning of form
  42. help! post form won't submit...
  43. php array/jquery ajax method/append row
  44. Output a 'virtual db'
  45. Bypassing Random User Script
  46. PHP Update Problem
  47. header location did not work
  48. firstchild node
  49. HELP!Contact form - PHP script
  50. auto generate did not work
  51. PHP image galley hw help
  52. if/else and colspan!?
  53. EOD html code but....
  54. PHP Login script error
  55. What are the % and -> referencing in php?
  56. Login security, Crypt, blowfish, sha512, PBKDF2. What to use?
  57. Creating php array from mysql array where value is 1
  58. Submit Form to Email
  59. Problem with user id
  60. IP duplicates table, plus a "dupe" check for admins
  61. Php mysql result error
  62. PHP Foreach result in new <tr>
  63. Resolved php-undefined-variable
  64. Anagram Word Finder
  65. Accessing a .csv file on another server
  66. Validate email
  67. Less than 5 but greater than 1.
  68. Adding Multilple Product IDs Using Submit Button
  69. multiple conditions
  70. The best way to do an average?
  71. My first function isnt working ...
  72. Meta tag problem HELP!
  73. Session isn't initializing
  74. Fixing a JSON string
  75. can you have $_GET['$variable'] ?
  76. PHP include question
  77. Resolved Best way to use session for login
  78. php contact form but need to adapt so SMTP authentication occurs
  79. Any PHP freelancers?
  80. PHP Timestamp Issue
  81. Learning PHP
  82. Using variables outside of a function.
  83. PDO convert blank/null to empty string
  84. How to pass array using redirect in codeigniter?
  85. Help needed please its urgent
  86. Calculating Bandwidth Usage
  87. How can I add selected items from a dropdown list to a shopping cart
  88. Resolved how to show only 45% of image starting from left??
  89. /n or /r not working.
  90. if/else problem with mysql data.
  91. PHP show live output/updating ?
  92. Single sign-on
  93. updating from checkboxes
  94. Adding info from drop-down box to shopping cart
  95. Parse Error Syntax Error
  96. php scripts not finishing
  97. Charset error
  98. getimagesize() - Filename too long
  99. get the data from select option
  100. Problem in If condition
  101. Resolved CakePHP database caching?
  102. Dynamic Form Advice
  103. Multiple entries in a mySQL database & Submitting multiple forms at once
  104. PEAR packages
  105. Need Help Getting Checkbox ID and Name
  106. matching and replacing using regex
  107. Declare variables like ASP?
  108. Wordpress custom template?!
  109. Resolved Using system function to run a bash script.
  110. A Bit of a problem figuring how to SORT Array
  111. watermark and resize script
  112. php add input data to mysql
  113. hide php files on my website
  114. Resolved javascript verification within php if-statement
  115. Creating checkboxes Data From MySQL Database
  116. Removing text after colon per line
  117. Move my switch outside foreach loop?
  118. Wordwrap for str_split()?
  119. PHP Code to view source
  120. Resolved cron job database backup
  121. Licence key for php pear "Services_Google" class ?
  122. Need to refresh to view my login
  123. Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header()
  124. Parse error
  125. Getting initial <option> using PHP
  126. PHP line error
  127. adding data to mysql database
  128. Looping for a genealogy.
  129. Can't use mysql_fetch_assoc in an content type image/png?
  130. Resolved Sessions Not Working On Logout
  131. Sanitize and modify filenames
  132. Creating a simple login page
  133. modify comments wordpress
  134. how to save data to MYSQL using a link instead of a form?
  135. Issue in duplicate display data
  136. How to protect URL in PHP?
  137. auto generate stock number
  138. odd form data error
  139. choose PHP or javascript
  140. comparing an array to itself
  141. How do you define an empty array for objects?
  142. WORDPRESS => Menus Trouble
  143. Syntax error
  144. Unexpected Error T_String Syntax Error .. Help Correct Syntax
  145. PHP GD Library manipulate single pixels
  146. How do I view other controllers actions in my ZendFramework(2) Module ??
  147. Drop Down Box In Dynamic Table Row
  148. Create thumbnails from uploaded jpeg and pdf
  149. PHP dynamic form display
  150. php.ini is messing up my script
  151. Search engine
  152. add to mysql dynamically added input fields
  153. Uploading a file through HTTP Post and saving via .php script
  154. Saving a file uploaded through HTTp Post request
  155. how to run a loop in an ARRAY
  156. How to find duplicates
  157. How to Code Text Adds in PHP
  158. Error on API connect
  159. PHP date function question
  160. Paginate API XML Data
  161. One global instance of an object?
  162. Wordpress Category List Help
  163. Resolved Appending Vars
  164. Resolved Upload to higher in domain
  165. Timezone issue with php date
  166. Convert varchar to date row and the date itself
  167. How to reload data with Ajax
  168. Creating a socket
  169. Can't pass a variable onto another file
  170. how to attach a foot.php at the bottom of the page
  171. How to pass a url from an html page to a php page?
  172. Seeking a tool to indent the code
  173. global variable problem
  174. Question about extending classes
  175. coding not working
  176. htaccess problem
  177. Unknown column in field list
  178. Trying to count the rows in a database for today only
  179. NEED HELP where the orange line is this code is saying invalid argument? any help tha
  180. anyone any good at preg_match?
  181. Simple PHP works in FF but not IE
  182. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')'
  183. PHP mysql echo error
  184. ternary syntax wrong?
  185. Variables and Logging In
  186. Login does not work with IE
  187. SOAP-WSDL or XML, I'm confused :S
  188. Populate a table from php array
  189. Ajax onload question
  190. PHP SOAP API creating problem
  191. Hidden query string values.
  192. number_format inside <input type = "text">
  193. mysql_num_rows() ERRO
  194. Delete File ?
  195. Help reposting
  196. form filter
  197. How to cleanse "inputs" from forms......
  198. Tweaking a WordPress sidebar menu tab
  199. rework query?
  200. code for how to restrict refresh page for online exam in php
  201. Why does this PHP code block XML Sitemaps Generators?
  202. Form Question
  203. Php if Array contains.
  204. Coding at college
  205. Help have a error in line 17
  206. User Video Uploads With PHP!!
  207. PHP multiplication calculator?
  208. Resolved Ignore - empty
  209. Got a quick question.
  210. Multiple uploads with one input
  211. Wordpress, editing page content in sections
  212. PHP SQLite (Using variables in queries)
  213. Difference between class and a function
  214. Getting the sum of.
  215. Random php script , error
  216. Member accounts help
  217. PHP image gallery problem
  218. Get Current User Location?
  219. PHP Object-Oriented Opinion!
  220. Anybody knows good Zend Framework tutorial(site/pdf)?
  221. Download button
  222. Random PHP script
  223. Arrays and fsockopen, or anything.
  224. Trying to print "$_POST" array, only if value is not empty
  225. Whats wrong in this code..Please help fast
  226. Upgrading to PHP5?
  227. Resolved Multiplication table in PHP
  228. Anyone have an example of another use for "sessions and cookies"?
  229. HELP needed with file upload
  230. Resolved error with array loop
  231. Re-installing Updated Script
  232. How to display all data from a database table?
  233. PHP 5.3.9 mssql.
  234. Wanting to display the date in capital letters
  235. How solve "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in..."?
  236. Cannot connect mysql
  237. Can I edit php in Notepad++ ?
  238. add css code inside while loop <tr>
  239. phpinfo comparison
  240. Echo As 00:00:00
  241. Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in
  242. Problem in SELECT option with condition
  243. What exactly does trim() do?
  244. How to reload new data after submit
  245. Command Line Curl in PHP
  246. Server side validation
  247. Insert Current Date & Time In Field?
  248. Proper output from a MySQL query
  249. Creating A Flat File Click Counter
  250. Foreach jumping position

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