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  1. Preg_Replace to rewrite urls
  2. Edit form help
  3. Resolved PHP not inserting into database.
  4. Session won't destroy on contact page
  5. memory_usage per declared variable?
  6. lots of Undefined index
  7. Resolved Mysql_fetch_array error
  8. PHP find and download
  9. Using cURL to get content and save it as a variable
  10. PHP Page or not?
  11. Date problem
  12. Multiply an entire array by some value
  13. mail not sending
  14. Universal CMS
  15. Multilanguage problem
  16. I need someone to de-bug my online program
  17. upload_tmp_dir with Dreamhost and File Uploads in General
  18. How to run php script with Cron Jobs
  19. dynamically allow user to select newly added table
  20. GMT or UTC stamps I should use?
  21. read server side use client side
  22. php security
  23. PHP code help
  24. matching dates in loop
  25. PDO and MySQL's "IN ()"
  26. save page as a html file on server
  27. Dynamic Menu problems
  28. Best way to check if exists?
  29. limit form submits (php mail) for non members
  30. PHP Error! Help Please
  31. Injecting txt files into zip/rar
  32. need help in condition and logic to get the last row data
  33. PHP or Python Base Language
  34. if statment with && , ||. Need Help.
  35. displaying image from url in database help needed
  36. Need a PHP register/login form and a SQL database download link
  37. I need a good captcha
  38. Counting MySQL rows for different values
  39. Filename always empty
  40. Inserting multiple rows from HTML for to mySQL table
  41. Table to CSV
  42. Adding multiple forms values in to database
  43. Php session
  44. PHP Dictionary - error
  45. displaying images from the database
  46. Retrieve null records from table
  47. 1065. Query was empty
  48. Method for inserting form data into MySQL DB
  49. Generate Excel Sheet from mySql data using PHP
  50. Problem in syntax from mysql to php syntax
  51. Parsing a Outlook .msg using PHP
  52. HTML5 API drag and drop images
  53. Blank space on top
  54. Html dom
  55. protect user info hashing or something
  56. Stay logged in
  57. simpleXML is not getting initialized
  58. Help - PDO, SQLite, Images.
  59. Remove Child Node With PHP XML DOM
  60. Page IDs
  61. inserting image into database
  62. Logical error.
  63. How tocheck what "thousend" the var is?
  64. PHP Help Plz...????
  65. Do you use php to do this?
  66. Time out error
  67. is there a way..
  68. Captcha won't show
  69. SMTP headers message-ID
  70. static variable in a class
  71. WampServer displays PHP pages as blank?
  72. A little help
  73. Inserting to multiple tables simultaneously
  74. Contact form php mail not sending in Google Chrome
  75. .txt to php
  76. How to use ID as session in login?
  77. Need help with SQL statement in form processing script.
  78. I need help...
  79. Sessions + image gallery advise
  80. Getting Fatal error in php
  81. Passing post data through paypal IPN?
  82. Posting with formatting and selecting certain posts from a database
  83. How to show newest post last in custom forum
  84. General Object Oriented question
  85. Processing Friend Requests
  86. Rating and commenting form PHP
  87. Dropdown List selection from MySql DB
  88. fopen and soapclient
  89. Validations in forms are NOT working! (HELP)
  90. Emails from user provided email address
  91. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections
  92. Order by
  93. If Statement
  94. variables not passing
  95. Scrolling Records
  96. help with processing photos
  97. array problem
  98. Latest Submissions Table
  99. Identifying user in Websocket
  100. Dedicated Panel
  101. ternary operator
  102. Creating a web service
  103. XML help
  104. Google Plus API code
  105. Noob basic PHP Question
  106. mysqli_query and mysqli_fetch_all - more rows from mysqli_fetch_all
  107. Need help with a code
  108. Bot Blocking
  109. Shortest path in a weighted map
  110. If row contains certain value then = a number
  111. Can I pull variables from a row I just inserted?
  112. Calendar link always 1 month ahead
  113. Wrong parameter count for in_array
  114. Send Form Data to XML file
  115. if(isset($_POST["apt_time"] && $_POST["user_id"])){} doesn't work
  116. Unreachable return statement
  117. Changing layout existing php file
  118. problem with html5 ogg streaming and ffmpeg
  119. How to use if else statement to check variable total
  120. Took over for confusing site, need to 301 redirect
  121. PHP session array problem on return page
  122. php include but not show
  123. small php alter
  124. how to add unique classes to a div
  125. Question regarding moving data from columns into a seperate table (SQL query needed)
  126. Email PHP pipping
  127. Passing a variable from webpage to php-file.
  128. Can anyone see why the data is not being entered into the database ?
  129. PHP5 query string security issue?
  130. Integration- ORDERS Xcart to Warehouse to Ship QUESTION
  131. letters to word
  132. Scripting / API question related to Photo's and checkouts
  133. PHP Dom - Program to select, and code?
  134. Php session_start error help
  135. Code doesn't fault, but doesn't work either!
  136. Auto Save when user selects another value in drop down list
  137. date display
  138. Problem with log in script?
  139. making a comment area
  140. .rar file uploader help
  141. using CASE with php
  142. is in_array the right method?
  143. Facebook like box in an echo
  144. show only results with photo
  145. custom error page if $_get doesnt work
  146. urlencode problem
  147. Cannot redeclare hex2str
  148. Creating a database with PDO??
  149. error >date & decimal variables appear as zeros
  150. warning mysql_num_rows expects parameter 1 to be resource
  151. Need help in displaynig form inside for each
  152. User wants to change old pass to new!
  153. conversion to multi currency
  154. Problem with preg_match and delimiters
  155. Allowing users to upload files into a database.
  156. How to create a variable for a user_id for an unknown user?
  157. Anti SQLi Function
  158. Maintain Paragraphs
  159. instanceof
  160. how to echo a message in php
  161. System log (Admin feature)
  162. Contact form with 2nd email address
  163. Resolved calculating distance between co-ordinates problem.
  164. PHP, showing current Radio Presenter
  165. close / destroy simpleXMLElement
  166. echo text from db as <li>
  167. Posting Checkbox and refreshing page ...
  168. atribuite
  169. if picture not found use standard
  170. multiple order by query
  171. Create if not exists.
  172. PHP Schedule for my radio
  173. what is wrong in query
  174. Resolved extracting files from a ZIP archive
  175. Resolved Valuse not saving to DB
  176. How to query database from a select drop down form?
  177. Which software is best for php coding ?
  178. Something wrong with my login code?
  179. Left Join incorrect
  180. functions with mysqli
  181. How to update a single database row
  182. Resolved PHP Mailing Problem
  183. Problem with cookies
  184. Resolved Select Data from Huge Array.
  185. unable to upload certain images with this code!
  186. method post is not working properly
  187. Confused about the php dot "."
  188. why can't update the record in the csv file
  189. Help Returning Chosen State of Check Boxes and Dropdowns in Edit
  190. Error with my php code please help
  191. Htaccess
  192. Php running fine, but html doesn't show up after php code
  193. Saving a file with curl ??
  194. Written HTML or Variables (PHP)?
  195. How to update multiple mysql database tables
  196. A function using variable variables?
  197. Thought I had all my logins figured out, but not so.......
  198. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/shuttled/public_html/index.php on
  199. How do I use php code?
  200. Possibly a regex problem ?
  201. Resolved Single Checkbox
  202. function to call
  203. Changing some output from curl result
  204. How to update two different database tables
  205. Simple PHP decoder
  206. Stop Division by zero error
  207. Prepared Statement in Function
  208. My PHP code won't insert a data into MySQL
  209. Using Function to generate HTML
  210. PHP MySQL Query Help.
  211. Table in database!
  212. Permission Problem when accessing script form another website
  213. rsslib Problem with RSS reader
  214. POST data with php
  215. make delay to show string
  216. Design Pattern not coming
  217. doing math displaying + or -
  218. private im system
  219. How fix database md5 has problem
  220. Proxy magnet link
  221. How to upload PDF, Word document and ZIP or RAR files in PHP?
  222. Inserting Data into database by form submission
  223. How to bring opencart features into wordpress?
  224. session_cache_expire having no effect.
  225. .htaccess help - Auto create index for every subfolder
  226. How to write Join Query for 3 tables
  227. Sending user entered data as form in mail
  228. Add letter JO on the autoincrement data produce
  229. add user page <<error>> help needed
  230. URL stored in database keeps directing back to homepage
  231. Write Daily Image to Folder
  232. Integrating DISQUS in website!
  233. Problem getting data
  234. Syntax error with use of $_SESSION['user_id']
  235. How to calculate all possible combinations of multiple sets of letters
  236. Form submitting in Chrome but not the other browsers
  237. Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_connect() using MySQLi
  238. send mail to 3 thousands persons
  239. Errors on my site. Need help
  240. How to MANUALLY save image in database?
  241. Which redirection header to use?
  242. smarty cache access question
  243. Problem with php.ini configuration
  244. insert javascript into php
  245. mysql.trace_mode
  246. New variable for every "while" result
  247. Better way to populate fields
  248. Call javascript from php
  249. Link on PHP variable
  250. Help - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' ????

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