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  1. add employee to the system
  2. Use PHP to show page identified by URL parameters?
  3. find encryption type
  4. Problem in getting the value in select option using ajax, php and mysql
  5. Need help in changing website URL
  6. Trying to count and replace stings in string - please help.
  7. Currency script installation
  8. Display data beside select option after option selected
  9. changing from mysql to PDO
  10. Using PayPal "Buy Now" Button With Database?
  11. Mailing list unsubscribe as linked text?
  12. Header Redirect [Simple]
  13. Time functions help
  14. CRUD on single page
  15. Site Translation
  16. How can I adjust my emailer script ?
  17. What Language - Payroll Website??
  18. php mysql error for the right syntax to use near
  19. Wordpress redirect all of subfolder to root
  20. how to output query to html template place-holders??
  21. Php won't insert to db
  22. Help installing pecl
  23. need help with calendar script
  24. how to clear a php page after browse by user?
  25. Custom submit button help
  26. Signup Script with Verification
  27. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  28. Resolved How to get this week date range?
  29. Security in PHP
  30. Need help with editing a text file [PHP]
  31. Tidy up if statement
  32. Setting a cookie?
  33. function call
  34. how to post a form with captcha
  35. How would I do this?
  36. Need help in getting the select option value after click the submit button
  37. Trying to display array "without" displaying the "keys"
  38. [imagettfbbox] Align text to center
  39. Creating a one-line email form
  40. cookie checking
  41. Regulating Photo Content
  42. Resolved Assign Variable Help
  43. Form
  44. Multi User/Destintions Login help
  45. why does echo htmlentities('>') need to be entered twice
  46. PHP function to subtract 2 from variables
  47. Encrypt PHP Source Code
  48. Call to undefined function fixbug()
  49. Problem in basic Php file uploading
  50. error >> parameter 1 to be resource
  51. Inserting Data in DB Tabels using php
  52. Resolved I don't know what I'm doing wrong? (Extremely basic coding question)
  53. Online Template Editing
  54. Calculating time difference in 0-23 format
  55. retrieving data from sql database
  56. how to echo code whose visibility is hidden and it does not take it,s space
  57. PHP file lost - turns into a .tmp file
  58. Using While loop In a While loop ?
  59. help with generating this dynamic table
  60. Trying to displaying element of array...
  61. PHP pagination
  62. Resolved Function does not return value !
  63. Passing Variable in a Class
  64. Fpdf
  65. Single Form - One Button - Submit to Multiple Databases
  66. Why does my arrary escape single quotes?
  67. sqlsrv_num_rows
  68. syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE
  69. Help needed to round a number in an if else statement
  70. Editing specific line in a PHP file
  71. form error checking function
  72. unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ','or ';' on line 22
  73. PHP/MYSQL logic and query problem!
  74. Resolved Quirky... one file redirects, one doesn't; essentially the same.
  75. Resolved Turn a function into a class
  76. Help!!!
  77. row counting problem
  78. What is the best way of making a "translateable" site?
  79. Removing Duplicates from Multidimensional Array
  80. Do brackets need to be escaped?
  81. Arranging images into a fixed space
  82. php page and mysql part duex
  83. function error
  84. Can I convert pdf documents into word just using adobe?
  85. php page and mysql database
  86. Php form
  87. Updating File Using PHP
  88. PHP cellphone connection
  89. Upload/Download Files From MYSQL with PHP
  90. Confused with Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  91. right syntax to call a function inside a string?
  92. PDO named placeholder question
  93. strstr
  94. Admin Confusion
  95. Not sure what type of loop to use
  96. Resolved bit pattern to maintain the privileges
  97. including specific data from another file
  98. displaying database records in unordered list format
  99. Re-Thinking File Includes
  100. mysql_real_escape_string strips chinese characters!
  101. Resolved Part of error string appearing above header
  102. errors in sending email from php script
  103. MySQL server version for the right syntax error
  104. Can't read cookie with $_COOKIE
  105. cron
  106. Resolved Help creating "No Results" error message?
  107. Changing the themes of the website
  108. PHP :How to write multiple textboxes and forms in PHP?
  109. after uploading to server (the redirect to another page doesn't work
  110. Requesting If A Page Was Posted
  111. Call a function when script is stopped or an error occurs
  112. Getting $userid and insert in mysql table
  113. Variables not working
  114. treat string as decimal number
  115. Download CSV file not working on server
  116. PHP Redirection Page
  117. Showing content from MySQL
  118. PHP Move_Uploaded_File problem
  119. CFS wordpress plugin - how do I output text from textarea?
  120. PHP Multiple Checkbox[Duplicate Values inserted]
  121. 2 problems with php mailer :
  122. PHP and Javascript: Javascript just runs once....
  123. selecting random id number from mysql query
  124. Mail () and multi box submission
  125. Wordpress - only show images for relevant page
  126. Resolved Would appreciate help with a redirect, please.
  127. Secure your website in PHP
  128. View this value inside this array (or double array)?
  129. Do not allow form submit if email doesn't equal specific domain
  130. Stripping everything after the last space
  131. Pagination problem
  132. Combining Javascript and PHP?
  133. Show Results By Date
  134. Subtraction operator not working!!
  135. uploading multiple images at once
  136. PHP Mysql reports
  137. sending email from php script
  138. A Question about hashing algorithms
  139. Resolved Design Patterns Experiment
  140. Put pictures into a text
  141. Registration does not work! 2 UNIQUE keys!
  142. Reply/Delete Buttons in 2 Places...
  143. Styling printed PHP output?
  144. PHP / AJAX Dynamic Star Rating Help
  145. Obtain averages from dynamic form
  146. MySQL, with no MySQLi or PDO..
  147. need php testimonials/ 5 stars rating script
  148. using string representation of variable
  149. Populating checkboxlist from the database
  150. PHP Sessions (Regenerating session ID on every request)
  151. Resource id #2?
  152. Need help with a custom Wordpress form
  153. Malicious Malware Detected but not Found
  154. table border does not behave (DirectPHP in Joomla)
  155. What is wrong with this statement?
  156. HTML website, need help creating PHP mail function
  157. problem in registration form coding not getting solution please solve it urgently
  158. caculate date
  159. Http-post
  160. 1 function only?
  161. deafult image if GET variable is not present
  162. involves math...
  163. Random question test using only PHP
  164. inserting a value into database depending on id
  165. Account System?
  166. Using ONLY php to create a login system while keeping all data safe?...
  167. Using / instead of ? to get data from URL
  168. Building an expert system/decision based system in PHP
  169. Need a little help with PDO bindParam
  170. Why doesn't if($appointments) work?
  171. ban a user for 10 minutes
  172. Weighting MT_RAND() results based on date.
  173. dates to month array help
  174. Serial Port RS232
  175. Is Netbeans the best we have?
  176. Trying to Reduce Image Size and Preserve Transparency
  177. Php pdo
  178. Sort by most values thats duplicated
  179. Help with Google Search Site Box
  180. Get just the filename from this string
  181. How to setup Invitation E-newletter for an event
  182. Sort by date
  183. Disable button on click for payment processor
  184. Resolved A question about building a members-only accessed page
  185. trying to set MAX height & MAX width of image
  186. Help with login using stored procedure w/2 in 4 out
  187. formatting mysql data into array
  188. Storing images in database or not?
  189. query inside function to make sure code doesnt already exist
  190. AJAX Chat PHP
  191. Create new event in meetup using API
  192. Help in error Warning: Division by zero in index.php
  193. Fatal error: Call to undefined function pageNavigator()
  194. Shared Host CURL Problem
  195. Generate static websites from templates - how?
  196. Resolved Adding results from array together
  197. Help with regular expression
  198. [Database store in array] Help make the order change, from the front to be the end
  199. Resolved Generate until an Unique Version is made
  200. Update WHERE clause jquery
  201. Get variable from other Function
  202. Resolved Please Tell Me What This Advice Means?
  203. Recommend a good open source login system?
  204. Delete a file using unlink does not work
  205. Simple include not working :(
  206. Anyway to block a country?
  207. Game Trading Application
  208. prohibits code like function foo($_GET, $_POST) {}
  209. Download without showing the URL
  210. Paypal IPN help
  211. Limit number of upload
  212. Having trouble writing to database for a mailing list
  213. function like a class
  214. not printing properly with mysqli_escape
  215. Calling a .jar file help
  216. Variables keep printing out while i define them
  217. MySQLReal_Escape_String and Strip_tags protection
  218. 406 not acceptable error - but only when logged in at work
  219. Submit several text inputs as 1 textarea
  220. PHP echo's "0" even though I have multiple tables in database. What am I doing wrong?
  221. PHP - Functions question
  222. Wanting to make a crowd-sourced movie reviews website
  223. checking for datatype and mandetory fields while uploading csv to database
  224. Captcha on Registration Page, Odd Results
  225. Using cURL to get a Live auth cookie
  226. Multiple Form Buttons causing errors
  227. PHP register script
  228. need help with PHP
  229. Retrieving array of HEX Codes in PHP Loop
  230. Deleting rows in MySQL databse using checkbox NOT working! Help!
  231. include function not working
  232. How to delete an image in a folder and its details in database?
  233. tagging project
  234. HELP! Showing images fom folder
  235. Trying to get this PHP upload code to rename the file.
  236. My secret passage.
  237. Weird PHP If Condition
  238. help in .php language
  239. What is the correct way to set a boolean variable to true
  240. nth character in string
  241. Preg_Replace to rewrite urls
  242. Edit form help
  243. Resolved PHP not inserting into database.
  244. Session won't destroy on contact page
  245. memory_usage per declared variable?
  246. lots of Undefined index
  247. Resolved Mysql_fetch_array error
  248. PHP find and download
  249. Using cURL to get content and save it as a variable
  250. PHP Page or not?

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