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  1. Resolved <<<Admin's user edit page>>>
  2. question on PHP / OOP best practices when working with classes
  3. use column names as array index
  4. Checkbox to return values after form submission
  5. get changed ip address
  6. A script that uses email content to update a text file on server?
  7. ISSET for Arrays?
  8. calculate average awaiting time for service
  9. Problem inserting into a MySQL database
  10. Help following tutorial for phpbb
  11. POST outside of form
  12. how to populate select box without database
  13. __sleep and __wakeup with serialized object woes
  14. PHP Mysql Query
  15. Multiple Variable with 1 Query
  16. Deleting from an array based on ID?
  17. Image hosting and folder structure
  18. Dropdown For the Registration Form not to be refreshed on submit and if error present
  19. Wordpress Full Post vs Excerpt
  20. A question about an array
  21. contact form woes. help?
  22. preg_replace, i think?
  23. Resolved $_GET question
  24. Resolved Foreach >>> HELP <<<
  25. Using PHP Variables in HTML Href and src
  26. Form input to change mysql_query("SELECT * FROM") values
  27. implode an array and insert into mysql
  28. MIME Type of file with GUID
  29. upload script has stopped working
  30. Help with redirect
  31. php problem with if statements
  32. JYMSG API automatically sign off after some time.
  33. Help with column sorting PLEASE
  34. PHP Question
  35. Creating a contact form
  36. Problem with Radio Buttons
  37. Dynamic Next/Back pages
  38. Help With preg_replace
  39. Updating database record is not working
  40. PHP date
  41. page titles and meta tags
  42. Resolved Auto suggest >>> help needed
  43. Help needed to add email facility to shopping cart
  44. Resolved include vrs require_once
  45. running a second query
  46. Advice needed on 'including' PHP
  47. How can I set free geo targeting ads/banners?
  48. Automated Mail
  49. Conflicting Text Functions
  50. [Help please!] PHP while loop broke my 3 column
  51. Resolved Talk me off the ledge... (PHP privacy)
  52. Bizarre Issue with mod_rewrite or something else
  53. url encoding
  54. Fix allowed memory size error
  55. Linking in php code with space between words
  56. Caclulating % off 2 prices old and new
  57. A web client based dashboard for business intelligence reports
  58. Using Multiple Operators
  59. Feeling a noob with variables
  60. demo login question
  61. Help with contact form
  62. Calculating the % off a product
  63. Can someone guide me through my PHP project I am trying to make a Virtual shop
  64. Variables from table show all blank?
  65. Database help
  66. how to retrive cookie value in dropdown box
  67. cPanel Cron Job to backup my full account to external FTP - how to?
  68. Retrieving checkbox values from MYSQL
  69. automated score board, help please?
  70. Creating Safe Output
  71. How can I replace a value in a database using PHP?
  72. 3 question Dynamic Drop Down Menu
  73. Email not working in IPN [PHP]
  74. Calling yourself a PHP programmer
  75. Need a working PayPal IPN system!
  76. update multiple rows in php
  77. How can i login to this page using cURL
  78. Problem in Search Code
  79. foriegn key problem
  80. ftp download
  81. Need help with my PayPal IPN!! SYSTEM!!
  82. Resolved Search String for word in array, replace if found
  83. How to get Selected Value without Refresh
  84. easier way to tell what GET variable is set?
  85. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'
  86. Form Only Works Once!
  87. Mail () Not Sending Mail
  88. problem with echo
  89. How to alter the loop make the city on the right of the country?
  90. Resolved error>>> resource id#5
  91. ? how to total up "for each" results
  92. Server setting for cookies?
  93. If statement, checking from 4 different feilds
  94. Resolved PHP/MySQL Help
  95. While loop question...
  96. question on classes and preg_match
  97. Regex to completly remove/strip emotions from a string
  98. Document creation via online
  99. If statement gives true when it should be false
  100. getting url value in input box
  101. Help with some PHP
  102. $source and $target for a ftp upload to user
  103. xampp Failed to connect help
  104. creating subdomain dynamically
  105. Function to Validate Uploaded Photo
  106. convert string utf 8 format php
  107. not reloading
  108. Resolved Cleaning a LIKE wildcard var
  109. filesize + other details
  110. PHP login system/sessions help!
  111. Noob help
  112. add employee to the system
  113. Use PHP to show page identified by URL parameters?
  114. find encryption type
  115. Problem in getting the value in select option using ajax, php and mysql
  116. Need help in changing website URL
  117. Trying to count and replace stings in string - please help.
  118. Currency script installation
  119. Display data beside select option after option selected
  120. changing from mysql to PDO
  121. Using PayPal "Buy Now" Button With Database?
  122. Mailing list unsubscribe as linked text?
  123. Header Redirect [Simple]
  124. Time functions help
  125. CRUD on single page
  126. Site Translation
  127. How can I adjust my emailer script ?
  128. What Language - Payroll Website??
  129. php mysql error for the right syntax to use near
  130. Wordpress redirect all of subfolder to root
  131. how to output query to html template place-holders??
  132. Php won't insert to db
  133. Help installing pecl
  134. need help with calendar script
  135. how to clear a php page after browse by user?
  136. Custom submit button help
  137. Signup Script with Verification
  138. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  139. Resolved How to get this week date range?
  140. Security in PHP
  141. Need help with editing a text file [PHP]
  142. Tidy up if statement
  143. Setting a cookie?
  144. function call
  145. how to post a form with captcha
  146. How would I do this?
  147. Need help in getting the select option value after click the submit button
  148. Trying to display array "without" displaying the "keys"
  149. [imagettfbbox] Align text to center
  150. Creating a one-line email form
  151. cookie checking
  152. Regulating Photo Content
  153. Resolved Assign Variable Help
  154. Form
  155. Multi User/Destintions Login help
  156. why does echo htmlentities('>') need to be entered twice
  157. PHP function to subtract 2 from variables
  158. Encrypt PHP Source Code
  159. Call to undefined function fixbug()
  160. Problem in basic Php file uploading
  161. error >> parameter 1 to be resource
  162. Inserting Data in DB Tabels using php
  163. Resolved I don't know what I'm doing wrong? (Extremely basic coding question)
  164. Online Template Editing
  165. Calculating time difference in 0-23 format
  166. retrieving data from sql database
  167. how to echo code whose visibility is hidden and it does not take it,s space
  168. PHP file lost - turns into a .tmp file
  169. Using While loop In a While loop ?
  170. help with generating this dynamic table
  171. Trying to displaying element of array...
  172. PHP pagination
  173. Resolved Function does not return value !
  174. Passing Variable in a Class
  175. Fpdf
  176. Single Form - One Button - Submit to Multiple Databases
  177. Why does my arrary escape single quotes?
  178. sqlsrv_num_rows
  179. syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE
  180. Help needed to round a number in an if else statement
  181. Editing specific line in a PHP file
  182. form error checking function
  183. unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ','or ';' on line 22
  184. PHP/MYSQL logic and query problem!
  185. Resolved Quirky... one file redirects, one doesn't; essentially the same.
  186. Resolved Turn a function into a class
  187. Help!!!
  188. row counting problem
  189. What is the best way of making a "translateable" site?
  190. Removing Duplicates from Multidimensional Array
  191. Do brackets need to be escaped?
  192. Arranging images into a fixed space
  193. php page and mysql part duex
  194. function error
  195. Can I convert pdf documents into word just using adobe?
  196. php page and mysql database
  197. Php form
  198. Updating File Using PHP
  199. PHP cellphone connection
  200. Upload/Download Files From MYSQL with PHP
  201. Confused with Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  202. right syntax to call a function inside a string?
  203. PDO named placeholder question
  204. strstr
  205. Admin Confusion
  206. Not sure what type of loop to use
  207. Resolved bit pattern to maintain the privileges
  208. including specific data from another file
  209. displaying database records in unordered list format
  210. Re-Thinking File Includes
  211. mysql_real_escape_string strips chinese characters!
  212. Resolved Part of error string appearing above header
  213. errors in sending email from php script
  214. MySQL server version for the right syntax error
  215. Can't read cookie with $_COOKIE
  216. cron
  217. Resolved Help creating "No Results" error message?
  218. Changing the themes of the website
  219. PHP :How to write multiple textboxes and forms in PHP?
  220. after uploading to server (the redirect to another page doesn't work
  221. Requesting If A Page Was Posted
  222. Call a function when script is stopped or an error occurs
  223. Getting $userid and insert in mysql table
  224. Variables not working
  225. treat string as decimal number
  226. Download CSV file not working on server
  227. PHP Redirection Page
  228. Showing content from MySQL
  229. PHP Move_Uploaded_File problem
  230. CFS wordpress plugin - how do I output text from textarea?
  231. PHP Multiple Checkbox[Duplicate Values inserted]
  232. 2 problems with php mailer :
  233. PHP and Javascript: Javascript just runs once....
  234. selecting random id number from mysql query
  235. Mail () and multi box submission
  236. Wordpress - only show images for relevant page
  237. Resolved Would appreciate help with a redirect, please.
  238. Secure your website in PHP
  239. View this value inside this array (or double array)?
  240. Do not allow form submit if email doesn't equal specific domain
  241. Stripping everything after the last space
  242. Pagination problem
  243. Combining Javascript and PHP?
  244. Show Results By Date
  245. Subtraction operator not working!!
  246. uploading multiple images at once
  247. PHP Mysql reports
  248. sending email from php script
  249. A Question about hashing algorithms
  250. Resolved Design Patterns Experiment

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