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  1. Seeking help with random file names
  2. Encode php line code url, please help
  3. Auto download/ checker scrip
  4. Newbe....Can not find an explanation for one line of code
  5. Auto generate page after images uploaded
  6. Wordpress - WooCommerce - Issues
  7. Need help with query to array
  8. How to change a weblink in php file?
  9. parse_url not working
  10. Creating pie chart by taking values from the database
  11. PayPal - How to get info about transaction? (when they press buy button and pay me)
  12. File permissions so people can't see my PHP script
  13. Help with Soundcloud script
  14. Drop-Down Get Return From Default
  15. mktime error
  16. HTTP-Status
  17. Resolved Using "null" for first value in array?
  18. World Map Generator
  19. readfile in php isn't downloading zip file
  20. Changing the filenames in a Zip File
  21. issues with host?
  22. Help Credit System.
  23. Remove keys from an array but keep values in order
  24. Form field to Upload a specific file, does not upload
  25. How can I delete files at end of $_SESSION?
  26. [Help] Needed in learning Smarty Template Engine
  27. what is $var = &$var
  28. PHProxy Idea/Change
  29. return values from textfield retrieved from database php
  30. Processing email address
  31. Losing $_POST values on refresh in a do/while loop. Store in array? How?
  32. if statement not working
  33. PHP SOAP Request Error
  34. Redirect
  35. allow either or both drop down to be selected and the other option remembered
  36. PHP/mySQL Zip Code Distance Locator
  37. coding a check in feature (like on fourth square)
  38. Image resizer
  39. PHP - how to get headers of an HTTPS page?
  40. No output after submit
  41. php issue
  42. help plz
  43. Matching multiple words in string
  44. undefined index index Notice persistent error
  45. images in my welcome emails
  46. PHP email form handler ...please
  47. Finding users in different tables
  48. Why does this always return true
  49. cURL "Couldn't Resolve Host"
  50. Problem with Photo Labels
  51. How to make Form Fields required in php form?
  52. Vbulletin CMS video problem
  53. Can there be that many includes?
  54. Facebook PHP Coding Issue
  55. Using htmlentities with Form
  56. Recursive MD5 hash generation
  57. POST and sql "LIKE" problems.
  58. store multiple phone models
  59. Cookies not registering with PHP
  60. Pingback PHP Problems
  61. Removing special characters accidentally?
  62. Gets first character
  63. php security
  64. I want to pass multiple items from cart to paypal
  65. php starting
  66. Get SQL recent row and get author value
  67. Help--Script not deleting emails from inbox
  68. error array help
  69. Login Problem
  70. How to takes product mulitple size problems in shopping cart
  71. charset
  72. new to php
  73. Help in recognizing last line's number of file
  74. Help In Updating Smarty V2.6.22 to 3.1.1
  75. Php output help
  76. Title above first instance of each state
  77. PHP Array Question
  78. Best platform for self-hosted video viewing on a website?
  79. Help With .htaccess Code!
  80. List and Delete Multiple Files
  81. Login Help
  82. include prob
  83. Fetch data from table depending on value of ID
  84. How can I update the display of a value while in a while loop
  85. Javascript works when called directly, but not when echoed to the browser.
  86. cant create new associative key during foreach loop
  87. Problem while editing file
  88. Paypal return url - display client's info
  89. combox not returning selected value
  90. Counting "program" Issues
  91. Send E-mail to selected people when inserting data to MYSQL
  92. Debating Password Requirements
  93. Does anyone know how to use OSClass?
  94. Better Side bars
  95. Facebook like button trouble
  96. Checkbox id in mysql query in php
  97. php variable that dont work
  98. help
  99. $_POST variable empty after submitting form
  100. time prob
  101. EU cookie law
  102. Variable Has Two Different Values
  103. Disable members sending messaging if they are not in their search age group
  104. Resolved Convert multidimentional array to html list
  105. Display Pc's local directory from web site
  106. PHP page works fine in computer(Chrome) but wont appear in iPhone Safari browser??
  107. Use of number_format
  108. Who can help with php coding of ldap queries?
  109. Help with manipulating values
  110. Memory not being freed
  111. ptc srcript password reset not working
  112. How to block admin panel in Google?
  113. Can Anyone Guess ?
  114. multiple conditions modify one or both values
  115. $_POST['select'] vs document.getElementById('select').options.text
  116. Using a variable in mysql output
  117. Resolved Need help to fix this syntax error !
  118. thumbnail func
  119. Stumped creating a delete records routine
  120. I am not understanding this php code, someone help me.
  121. What does 'Cannot unset string offsets' mean?
  122. Error while trying to create email account in Cpanel
  123. Bizarre sessions
  124. How can i retrieve random images without repeating.
  125. Generating XML document via PHP and MySQL Database
  126. Foreach $_POST
  127. sub-query
  128. IP Address
  129. How to find number of vertices of polygon
  130. Zippy player plays songs non stop
  131. Simple AJAX Search Suggest
  132. delete image from folder
  133. String variable not holding its value even with cookies setup
  134. how to check if there are duplicates in a table
  135. Wordpress (GoDaddy Possible Issue)
  136. How Can I echo password from mysql
  137. Parse Errors, Cannot solve and driving me mad!
  138. I want to insert a string into a form
  139. If Variable Is Empty
  140. problem with a single mutidimiensional array element
  141. imagecopymerge with .png give blank result?
  142. show selected record in the field
  143. Resolved Get excerpt from txt file
  144. if, $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'], and IP range
  145. How do I Generate Multiple query results in a loop
  146. Simple Question, problem with condition?
  147. selecting user specific data from table
  148. phpbb3 template help
  149. Getting page information from database
  150. Warning: Mysql_fetch_array() Expects Parameter 1 To Be Resource,
  151. I need to create a 'warning'
  152. Randomize pages order
  153. Best way to strip "http://" in simple PHP code
  154. Wordpress - Different header on pages
  155. undefine index error
  156. serialization
  157. Scraping Data From WebPage
  158. need seperate column for prefixes in vbulletin 4.2
  159. post variables and include file
  160. Zero being interpreted as false, rather a number
  161. View total quantity from checkbox selected items in php & mysql.
  162. providing a 'invite friends' page which links to various email lists
  163. Weekly Stats report to member in php
  164. Showing all options from database
  165. using variables within html - form.
  166. Why my images dont appear.
  167. Handling Form
  168. combo box retrived the value from db problem
  169. multidimensional associative array to string and back
  170. Begin PHP OOP
  171. send mail including some fields
  172. Resolved Help - Get POST vales and drop into array based on prefix
  173. class or functions?
  174. image linking/resizing
  175. preorder tree traversal model (nested set) list issue
  176. Setting multiple sessions
  177. Function prob
  178. Something has gone horribly wrong
  179. 1 in class instance
  180. variables and 0
  181. PHP and SMTP
  182. Is this valid?
  183. Tree Structure
  184. Can't increment/decrement overloaded objects nor string offsets
  185. Wtf is wrong with php?!
  186. i need a guru :)
  187. PHP is *****ing about something odd
  188. Is this contact form secure?
  189. Lost contact form PHP
  190. Question: Creating String array and linking $variable to specific string
  191. Problem with taking in an id when uploading multiple images
  192. Can it be Done? Is it even Possible to Write a Script like this?
  193. Some help getting my coding to work....
  194. PHP echo confirmation & duplicate entry
  195. Theres nothing wrong with this, RIGHT?
  196. Session Variable Loop
  197. Trouble with class variable spointing to another class
  198. echo $id without _get
  199. Securing Include files
  200. Saving dynamic values into the database / Re-loading them later
  201. Alternating Row Colors
  202. Very simple, quick PHP question.
  203. New to PHP Question for WebSite Links
  204. how to best set up huge array?
  205. Need Help with Facebook API
  206. Counting specific keys in an Array
  207. Beginner Programmer
  208. IF visitor has come from this URL, show message 1...
  209. Execute php file while page is displayed
  210. do I need php to complete this mini project?
  211. regex help please expression not working
  212. PHP Development on Mac
  213. PHP display data from MySQL
  214. getting error message from scan
  215. Auto-Loading additional data on scroll
  216. Php Mail
  217. How to load different page each time
  218. Encoding issues with htmlentities and/or DOMElement::setAttribute()
  219. I'm just new. How to use "%" or "/"?
  220. Pdo api
  221. how to compute excess hour
  222. last line of the program
  223. How do you increment a value in an array?
  224. php image upload
  225. php acting weird in wordpress plugin
  226. How to grab data from encrypted URL?
  227. Trying to strip results from a Google search
  228. easy way to get print reports from php/mysql
  229. Is my php secure enough?
  230. How to send form results in 2 separate messages
  231. PHP coding help please!!!
  232. Issue with relative links
  233. WordPress site moved, media upload broken
  234. Paginating An Array
  235. PHP - Allow only one particular word or any number
  236. Total Per Day..
  237. php array get value and then loop with a condition
  238. GZip Script
  239. Limiting votes by users without an account
  240. Where to add PHP to WordPress header template
  241. PHP issue please help..
  242. There has got to be a problem with this!
  243. Sorting through multiple page requests
  244. In Arrays, to display or not to display an empty input field..
  245. PHP @Mentions
  246. how to limit history to 25
  247. Searching external website for element
  248. The sum of an array
  249. someone who can help?
  250. Session name rule

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