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  1. replacing something. I need text that is entered into mysql to keep their returns....
  2. PHP and MySQL?
  3. calculate date variables??
  4. Convert ASP -> PHP?
  5. query
  6. php mail() ?!help!
  7. <img src=variable> ?
  8. converting to line break
  9. Reading an Access DB on a Unix system?
  10. Search Engine using PHP and MySQL
  11. quick php syntax questions
  12. newbie here
  13. UnRAR an uploaded file
  14. Online PHP Font Previewers?
  15. forcing download
  16. PHP Dev Problems
  17. Please Help Me!!!!!
  18. Global Login
  19. <a name""> redirect via php
  20. Reading javascript vars in php? possible?
  21. binary upload to mysql without turning register_globals off
  22. Directory/File count with shell_exec
  23. Input Button do PHP Function
  24. linking to the next page
  25. Using my FTP Server to comunicate with my HTTP server through Php?
  26. Get Line Count
  27. Creating Files and Changing permissions
  28. making a shopping cart using php and MSQL
  29. GD question
  30. PHP & MS Access - is it possible?
  31. Logon script for secure website
  32. Cookies keep dying when browser is closed
  33. PHP and MySQL Help
  34. Something must be wrong with the server
  35. php image gallery script...
  36. creating smilies within a discussion board i'm creating
  37. AAAAARGH! Still in trouble with links...
  38. ways to better performance for class
  39. Why my posts have a black dot on the envelope icon?
  40. Template engines
  41. Can't link to next page...
  42. POST to HTTP(S)
  43. Attaching MULTIPLE files to an email, using php
  44. Simple form problem
  45. anything wrong with this simple text grabber?
  46. Input is gone after check
  47. Newbie going crazy. HEEEEEEELP!!
  48. Paging mordred's search script results (no Mysql)
  49. PhPTriad and htaxx
  50. Line Breaks in Code
  51. how to redirect a page.
  52. Random Article
  53. Getting rid of \ from form submissions containing quotes
  54. Getting Data?
  55. best web server
  56. Md5 Encryption...
  57. Getting users details
  58. Equivalent to Mobile.Net
  59. Simple question about adding a field with data
  60. mail() function problem or smtp server problem
  61. changing images?
  62. how do you get to the root of your site using php?
  63. E-mail system
  64. I'm going CRAZY!!! Please help me out!
  65. dynamic number of input tags
  66. returning the user's browser
  67. Help with the php4.2 installation on redhat 7.2 with apache2
  68. prog_replace() help
  69. I need a Mail form and an uploader
  70. HTTP Upload - multiple files
  71. simple q
  72. how to filter an array
  73. Parsing a Multiline Text Box
  74. Strange question
  75. free PHP e-books!
  76. /cgi-bin/ and shebang #!
  77. Code to display current file name
  78. PHP Code Flush (Help Me)
  79. PHP error problem
  80. Where to start in big league??
  81. username and password
  82. Confarmation Problem
  83. code to show folder contents on web page
  84. can it be done?
  85. v-webmail
  86. Getting someones IP address
  87. How do I...
  88. file_name and file_type
  89. generic download script
  90. Search engine evolution: avoid partial match
  91. Make a forum
  92. Problem setting up php on apache in Win2k
  93. Apply trim only to words not to numbers
  94. Default IE6 Privacy Level = Teh Fail
  95. Desesperate with words filter... help!!!
  96. eregi_replace problem with regex
  97. Deciphering Querystring in PHP
  98. Dont copy over file on server
  99. how to write to an html file with a form
  100. Checking file type...
  101. Problem with uploading files
  102. Can't read last row of a text db
  103. Need help writing script. (Newbie)
  104. Errors...WHY?
  105. phbb problem
  106. Fail to send mail
  107. Php Code Help
  108. do-while and variables
  109. Which domain is used?!
  110. Email from server
  111. What is PHP....
  112. refresh page
  113. i need a PHP Script that will...
  114. Why?
  115. Found easier alternative to MySQL !!!
  116. Searching a flat text database
  117. Phpbb
  118. how to hold back response until scripts have been processed
  119. Array and variable
  120. just a novice
  121. Using .php
  122. I downloaded phpdev5 and like it....
  123. fwrite script
  124. php login using session not working.
  125. cookies only set for the folder it is in, not for the entire site
  126. Display users online
  127. Chmod
  128. send users ip address when they press submit button
  129. sorting flat-file db entries
  130. Trying to store browser info
  131. Updating web site on regular basis
  132. VB question
  133. Determine file type
  134. uploaded fine, now send via email
  135. windoze socket programming in PHP
  136. can php bring up a particular web page
  137. Using a dropdown menu
  138. Can someone clue me in so that this Perl Script can be done in PHP.
  139. Help with ip block
  140. file uploading into upload folder
  141. file uploading using php
  142. Include a file.
  143. Case Sensitive/REAL Alphabetizing
  144. To PHP or ASP - Tutorial
  145. Cookie error strikes again!
  146. Pow calculation and newer versions of PHP
  147. Can't find mistake.
  148. Learning PHP
  149. Creating a Download Popup
  150. Including a page from a different server using php
  151. PHP for editing/updating content in mySQL database
  152. For and While Question
  153. I can't even install module. Doh!
  154. how to do PHP pages
  155. is this only a helping forum?
  156. image loading
  157. $ don't display
  158. $_server['http_referer']
  159. if...
  160. Images and php
  161. doesn't want to execute.
  162. Getting File Size
  163. Creating a login system- use sessions or cookies?
  164. Saving variables for new windows to upload into database
  165. URLs and TEXT fields
  166. Email attachment using web form
  167. Setcookie Expires
  168. any php admin recommended?
  169. PHP and Sendmail
  170. array size question
  171. something about hidden form fields perhaps...
  172. Problem with $_POST vars
  173. Nothing shows up HELP!
  174. Grabbing HREF
  175. passing variables
  176. Source Variable
  177. Accessing my remote php files
  178. Multidimensional array sorting problem
  179. install 4.0.6 with installer 4.2.2
  180. or in php
  181. My Security Hole
  182. Still need guidance
  183. if I wanna count the number of slashes in a url ??
  184. Calling functions defined in included files.
  185. Iptc
  186. PHP help getting started
  187. PHP equivalent of response buffer true?
  188. extract() and globals
  189. EmailForm
  190. well....what am I doing wrong ?
  191. Project help wanted - opensource
  192. Session debug help
  193. script that tells stats
  194. setting cookies
  195. Passing Hidden Variables
  196. 1 Layout, $PutInBody, Folder.. Support
  197. e-mail redirection - HOW?
  198. IMAP access
  199. socket_read()
  200. while .... Please help
  201. Passing String with URL Problem?
  202. Recommend a Friend
  203. string trouble
  204. form question .. please help !
  205. How do I get the user's IP?
  206. Function / Constant returning path of current file...
  207. Free PHP testing
  208. last url visited
  209. PHP script
  210. What did i do to phpMyAdmin
  211. validation of video
  212. I don't want to show form after entring
  213. Help on Passing big arrays to another page.
  214. how to make "pic of the day" script?
  215. Need some help using JavaScript with PHP
  216. php and oracle
  217. Set up DB Now What? <Newbie Question
  218. Passing a file to the user
  219. Include, require, require_once
  220. phpMyAdmin Config File Question?
  221. What is the Best Way to Learn PHP/MySQL
  222. requesting a form processor
  223. Code for extracting files online?
  224. How often do you use OOP in PHP?
  225. Scritp that allows someone to upload data to a database and it posts immediatedly
  226. Email & Credit Card Validation functions
  227. Using function libraries with my PHP Script. How?
  228. Can't upload using Jack's FormMail.php
  229. Code to say that the email is in use, or code to say that certain fields are missing
  230. debug and test
  231. session_start keeps failing
  232. Ok, retrieving passwords, this is what i wanna do.
  233. Interesting thing I just learned about outputting text
  234. Check Boxes?
  235. News Managers
  236. Subimbedded statement for relative path
  237. Need Help With InvisionBoard...
  238. Referencing second dimension of 2d array
  239. Forgot password?
  240. ->
  241. a variable and a function and stuff
  242. Making functions
  243. Creating forums with database files and not servers
  244. mail codes
  245. code for "if check box is checked..."?
  246. PHP books
  247. Need member login functionality
  248. My e-mail system doesn't work help!
  249. Error with making login page...!
  250. Adding colum data from select results

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