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  1. Hiding download link
  2. include url under Windows
  3. Access Database...um...access
  4. Ever see this error message on phpdev?
  5. Md5
  6. expat Cutting off characters after > ?
  7. on-site text/file editing.
  8. Imput text
  9. Using PHP include and meta tags
  10. Session and Register Global off in PHP 4.3.0
  11. Can I IP Ban?
  12. url redirect based on time & day of week
  13. dynamically accessing querystring variables
  14. On sessions...
  15. return a sequence of records from a function
  16. My monitored file download script
  17. Getting mime-type from file (or its .ext)
  18. mysql_connect()
  19. outputting emails in html
  20. function to addslashes to each input from a form help
  21. PHP Calculators
  22. can't create a session
  23. close current window?
  24. I am having serious problems with variables. Please Help!
  25. possible URL redirect?
  26. anyway to recover passwords made by crypt()???
  27. msn/aim help
  28. use explode bu take last variable?
  29. What is this error???
  30. PHP Image Upload
  31. Im having problems with my php code. Can ne1 tell me whats wrong?
  32. Displaying PHP Code
  33. Form method
  34. Accessing a script from within it's domain!
  35. Printing Html
  36. Read contents of a file until a string...
  37. Quiz application
  38. password protect
  39. Shopping Cart
  40. What's wrong with this piece of code?
  41. image gallery with u/l possibility
  42. I realize this is illegal, but... a plea for Dynamic JS help
  43. toplist script
  44. using javascript in PHP
  45. Regex to replace \" with " and replace " with ' (code cleaning after bad programmer)
  46. My random number script....
  47. forum pager
  48. referral page
  49. Need help with <form> processing in PHP
  50. com_load_typelib - leaving processes running
  51. PHP Random Number, Changed Weekly?
  52. Bad gateway error?
  53. safe_mode_exec_dir is it possible to have 2?
  54. Image upload... good code example
  55. Date in PHP
  56. world clock script?
  57. PHP and XML
  58. Best class distro site?
  59. Detect regional settings
  60. single side logon...
  61. Generating a random number within a range...
  62. Where can I test PHP code?
  63. transaction deadlock when using "autocommit"
  64. Combo Box
  65. Why is it doing this twice?
  66. Server time-out
  67. Game Programming
  68. problem using Header in php script.
  69. Apache aliases and calling php page
  70. Getting the first character from a word
  71. switch is missreading zeros
  72. dreamweaver?
  73. Help, no php support.
  74. forum
  75. expat, Getting contents of a tag
  76. session_register or $_SESSION
  77. form processing
  78. "Error: No Database Selected"
  79. @ with function names?
  80. php coding problem - dun understand error
  81. Form submission via email problem
  82. Server not found
  83. Stock Managment
  84. text box background color?
  85. Problems passing files from a form
  86. Validating form inputs are integers
  87. PHP and Mysql search engine
  88. changeing image.....
  89. PHP Image Manipulating?
  90. Sign up scripts?
  91. Understanding preg_match
  92. What is wrong with this piece of code?
  93. phpdev where can I get it?
  94. session include file
  95. Please, please help w/ login form
  96. XML Parser
  97. Linking question:
  98. Automatic script execution
  99. PHP, Apache and Windows
  100. session control
  101. is there a script to set wallpaper
  102. Warnings under IIS??
  103. restrict script access?
  104. grabbing a variable from the URL
  105. What is php
  106. included file sending headers??
  107. creating, downloading then deleting a file
  108. Access DB using PHP on RH Linux 7
  109. Wrong syntax?
  110. PEAR or ADOdb
  111. php upload not working
  112. Zipping Files with PHP. What class?
  113. Research that work with numbers but not on alphabetical strings - what's wrong?
  114. Query Strings - detecting and accessing
  115. PHP -> MySQL = how to count the most
  116. mysql_pconnect() difference with the "@"
  117. php quiz
  118. In need of help to start learning PHP...
  119. Problem with apache
  120. where is php.ini?
  121. Processing form data
  122. PHP server
  123. Multiple choice quiz
  124. writting .php to disk problem (\") - don't want slash
  125. Retrieving the other two records from a table based on the selection in a list box
  126. Pop - up window with a form submit
  127. read/write file with multy line strings
  128. php 'n' reg exp
  129. Sending links of pages
  130. To ASP or PHP...that is the question?!?!?!?
  131. restricting access to files in a certain directory
  132. Poll Question
  133. problem with image uploader/resizer
  134. how do I restrict file types that are shown?
  135. login area [tutorials required]
  136. what are the scripts to sign up/log in/stay logged in?
  137. Help, I need a PHP Expert
  138. PHP's new IDE
  139. Checking if file exists - and saying so.
  140. Uploading dirs (multiple files) - browsin' the local filesystem
  141. How to non-display php code in browser?
  142. windows login
  143. Web Email Template
  144. Little problem with a script. (Getting info from a server with fopen) - Please help!
  145. Need Help!
  146. update functionality
  147. Assign value to a variable depending on time
  148. IP Logger
  149. PHP + Apache Oddness
  150. Creating Text Files
  151. 'Where' statement
  152. File
  153. PHP script dumps to browser!?
  154. please help! tricky file generation problem
  155. Quick & Simple variable scope question
  156. Strip Slashes?
  157. probability functions
  158. javascr. value -> php - mail() with SSL
  159. NOT NULLs and Nutter Butters
  160. Finding Page Name, not Script Name
  161. PHP sessions not working with IE6
  162. "\n" in blacknorm
  163. Sessions variables with register globals off
  164. changing the name of the file being uploaded
  165. private PHP forum - authentication not necessary
  166. header
  167. looking for really good PHP tutorial
  168. Application Framework / Content Management [New Program]
  169. multiple page, one file update?
  170. Retaining data on browser 'back'
  171. php-gtk problem
  172. Regular Expression text extraction
  173. help with responce type script?
  174. field length for newbie :)
  175. Host Rec. Request
  176. help with login script
  177. Need help with this free php software
  178. cookie error
  179. User-defined function library?
  180. Need Some Help
  181. change file name upon upload
  182. PHP and SSI+, Can't They All Just Get Along?
  183. PHP servers
  184. A Next Page Function ?
  185. subtracting from a number untill its equal to another number..
  186. E-Reg The Letter
  187. A Little GD problem with image re-sizing
  188. Regular Expressions
  189. Read XML with PHP
  190. php 4.1.2 cgi module, cant find the right version to download
  191. How to run PHP script from CronJob??
  192. php tags from a database.
  193. Regular Exp help
  194. PhP to static HTML?
  195. READFILE Question
  196. need help with the search engine.
  197. Can't execute backquotes in safe mode
  198. Read records from file and delete them?
  199. Last one: How do I have a variable increased by one whenever a page is visited.......
  200. Ok, here is a piece of code which relates to my last post about new posts on top.....
  201. posting a form to itself
  202. changing text color help plz
  203. How do I make a fwrite function place a message before the existing text?.....
  204. Problem with upload script
  205. PHP and Flash
  206. Front page + PHP?
  207. I need some help with text files please.......
  208. fatal error: dl() not supported
  209. Hidding Files and including them in php
  210. Referral URL not getting set
  211. Can mail() send an HMTL and a TEXT at the same time?
  212. I need a WildCard in this script, but i dont know how to do it.......
  213. Hey y'all, I have a problem that I cannot remove......
  214. Inserting a body file
  215. Equation question
  216. Setting HTML Code as a Variable
  217. Sending 500 emails
  218. Sending attachments in email
  219. help with option
  220. need help with variables ....
  221. problem with last modified on file list
  222. polls
  223. PHP sockets and Flash
  224. Sending faxes to paper fax machine.
  225. $months[$row['month']] ???
  226. "newsletter subscribe" forum
  227. Apache permissions
  228. Making PHP for search engine...
  229. help with the "page creation time"
  230. private message system script plz
  231. Class->date: Store as timestamp or date string?
  232. Interacting with a cold Fusion server?
  233. HELP: Passing value from DB in URL - spaces problem
  234. Getting Field Names
  235. include filesizes in PHP directory list
  236. email script
  237. form variables
  238. HELP - Includes not working !!
  239. php and html help plz!
  240. Let a PHP script work on your computer
  241. Post to https?
  242. mailing list to send in HTML
  243. Project at hand ZOPE vs PLONE vs PHP
  244. login .php needed
  245. Urgent - Please help
  246. installing php - which extensions?
  247. Age Determination Script Needed
  248. HELP: PHP with Informix
  249. Here we go again...
  250. moving to a record in MySQL

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