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  1. How do I write to a certain part of a text file using PHP??
  2. php
  3. Password
  4. /tmp dir ( PHPDEV question )
  5. showing text captured with a text area input
  6. variable font size measurements for form fields ...
  7. extentions - how .php/.php3 different?
  8. Variables not place into string from included file..
  9. I want to create a multiple search with php and mysql.. plz help
  10. drop down menu populates other drop down menu
  11. Implanting Vars.
  12. Please helpl this newbie
  13. Image/file upload doing my nut
  14. only 5 at the time
  15. MySQL, show visitors
  16. append to top of file and reload
  17. Re-Formatting a Date
  18. odd even number
  19. basic idea behind using include function in news display
  20. Image resource
  21. Using a { and } in a function
  22. making a random and unique file name???
  23. Can I reset array keys?
  24. No Database Selected
  25. Need help with PHP includes
  26. Parse a url and convert to link.
  27. PHP books
  28. Variable for Pagename
  29. My first script! Yay!
  30. using cookies
  31. I need help with this form script...
  32. pconnect and connect, what's the diff?
  33. Configuring Apache to use my smtp.
  34. Im having problems with writing to files. Could anyone please check my script?
  35. Uploading larger files - getting progress-information during upload?
  36. Upgrading phpdev to php 4.3.1
  37. Get and Set Cookies
  38. Sending a confirmation email
  39. What's wrong with this script ?
  40. Check if a text file exists and if not create it
  41. self-extracting installer
  42. Futile!!!
  43. PHP/MySQL problem..anyone?
  44. Page Generation Time?
  45. E-mail date manipulation
  46. object type session variables?
  47. Session Question
  48. hmm phpbb code for ip search not working
  49. date format convert
  50. Can't Find File to Copy
  51. best content management & shopping cart softwares?
  52. postnuke rookie
  53. ImageCreateFromGif
  54. Parse Error in XHTML Doctype
  55. Grabbing remote page, links/imgs don't work..
  56. cant figure out how to add file:// for link validation
  57. Round numbers
  58. header location
  59. PCRE Error Message 'Compilation failed:' ???
  60. pg_connect()
  61. Reading Cookie Values
  62. variables n dropdown menus
  63. Undefined variable error
  64. referral page
  65. header already sent
  66. Magick for morons
  67. sessions and cookies???
  68. What's wrong with my code?
  69. Open and print contents of a file?
  70. Wallpapers Thumbnails
  71. phpmedit
  72. Using ASPELL or ISPELL
  73. Lottery script help
  74. Upgraded to GD 2.0: Now thumbnail pics are 16 colors??
  76. ereg_replace html???
  77. Hidden Form Fields
  78. Introductory PHP tutorials
  79. PHP help for a script I'm writing (I'm a beginner)!
  80. customized user's personal page using sessions?
  81. sms n php
  82. require question
  83. Basic Search
  84. I Need Help With Uploading A Image Script
  85. Htaccess And Php Parsing
  86. PHP Permissions
  87. Database vs Flat File Performance Question
  88. help with my server!
  89. Redirect without losing information
  90. Postnuke help?
  91. True and false or 1 and 0?
  92. Include page containing variables and functions: Is this possible?
  93. $_POST vs $HTTP_POST_VARS - which one is recommended? I forget...
  94. Sessions... why bother?
  95. Session cookies
  96. count function for site
  97. Array stuff
  98. Count the clicks
  99. hmmmmm
  100. Moved to PHP 4.2.3 and values disapeared from forms
  101. arh anyone know how to use the or fnction??? asap please
  102. gd image to watermark image?
  103. php installation
  104. to randomly select registries of a consultation to one bd
  105. need email submit forum for website
  106. Precise time comparison?
  107. login script
  108. Image creating
  109. PHP XML class needed
  110. Can you find an IP address with PHP?
  111. i still dont know regular expression pattern syntax!
  112. Image link generator
  113. insert line breaks
  114. Global variables, using external variables as defaults in functions, and existance
  115. Advanced directory listing?
  116. PHP Hosting
  117. Displaying the name of an array when you don't actually know what it is called...!
  118. What is wrong with this code
  119. Find the largest number between arrays
  120. alert popup?
  121. Get A File's Name
  122. Form Help
  123. http://www.domain.com/?page=home&lang=eng
  124. Creating New Pages With PHP
  125. Faking IP?
  126. email/name in the "from" field?
  127. redirection (ed2k:// protocol)
  128. GD and GIF
  129. How would I make an image pre-processor?
  130. An @ before a function
  131. cant figure out how to delete "\." from a string.
  132. emails in php
  133. What does the HOST refer to in the header section of a request?
  134. Anyone Know How I COuld Get This To Display Randomly???
  135. Screen Resolution
  136. how would i set a cookie with their username on it???
  137. Input data into a word document
  138. Strange login problem
  139. Headers and Footers
  140. [Tutorial] Making A Hit Counter With PHP
  141. Newbie question
  142. Arg whats Wrong With Meh Code???
  143. Hiding download link
  144. include url under Windows
  145. Access Database...um...access
  146. Ever see this error message on phpdev?
  147. Md5
  148. expat Cutting off characters after > ?
  149. on-site text/file editing.
  150. Imput text
  151. Using PHP include and meta tags
  152. Session and Register Global off in PHP 4.3.0
  153. Can I IP Ban?
  154. url redirect based on time & day of week
  155. dynamically accessing querystring variables
  156. On sessions...
  157. return a sequence of records from a function
  158. My monitored file download script
  159. Getting mime-type from file (or its .ext)
  160. mysql_connect()
  161. outputting emails in html
  162. function to addslashes to each input from a form help
  163. PHP Calculators
  164. can't create a session
  165. close current window?
  166. I am having serious problems with variables. Please Help!
  167. possible URL redirect?
  168. anyway to recover passwords made by crypt()???
  169. msn/aim help
  170. use explode bu take last variable?
  171. What is this error???
  172. PHP Image Upload
  173. Im having problems with my php code. Can ne1 tell me whats wrong?
  174. Displaying PHP Code
  175. Form method
  176. Accessing a script from within it's domain!
  177. Printing Html
  178. Read contents of a file until a string...
  179. Quiz application
  180. password protect
  181. Shopping Cart
  182. What's wrong with this piece of code?
  183. image gallery with u/l possibility
  184. I realize this is illegal, but... a plea for Dynamic JS help
  185. toplist script
  186. using javascript in PHP
  187. Regex to replace \" with " and replace " with ' (code cleaning after bad programmer)
  188. My random number script....
  189. forum pager
  190. referral page
  191. Need help with <form> processing in PHP
  192. com_load_typelib - leaving processes running
  193. PHP Random Number, Changed Weekly?
  194. Bad gateway error?
  195. safe_mode_exec_dir is it possible to have 2?
  196. Image upload... good code example
  197. Date in PHP
  198. world clock script?
  199. PHP and XML
  200. Best class distro site?
  201. Detect regional settings
  202. single side logon...
  203. Generating a random number within a range...
  204. Where can I test PHP code?
  205. transaction deadlock when using "autocommit"
  206. Combo Box
  207. Why is it doing this twice?
  208. Server time-out
  209. Game Programming
  210. problem using Header in php script.
  211. Apache aliases and calling php page
  212. Getting the first character from a word
  213. switch is missreading zeros
  214. dreamweaver?
  215. Help, no php support.
  216. forum
  217. expat, Getting contents of a tag
  218. session_register or $_SESSION
  219. form processing
  220. "Error: No Database Selected"
  221. @ with function names?
  222. php coding problem - dun understand error
  223. Form submission via email problem
  224. Server not found
  225. Stock Managment
  226. text box background color?
  227. Problems passing files from a form
  228. Validating form inputs are integers
  229. PHP and Mysql search engine
  230. changeing image.....
  231. PHP Image Manipulating?
  232. Sign up scripts?
  233. Understanding preg_match
  234. What is wrong with this piece of code?
  235. phpdev where can I get it?
  236. session include file
  237. Please, please help w/ login form
  238. XML Parser
  239. Linking question:
  240. Automatic script execution
  241. PHP, Apache and Windows
  242. session control
  243. is there a script to set wallpaper
  244. Warnings under IIS??
  245. restrict script access?
  246. grabbing a variable from the URL
  247. What is php
  248. included file sending headers??
  249. creating, downloading then deleting a file
  250. Access DB using PHP on RH Linux 7

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