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  1. email script
  2. form variables
  3. HELP - Includes not working !!
  4. php and html help plz!
  5. Let a PHP script work on your computer
  6. Post to https?
  7. mailing list to send in HTML
  8. Project at hand ZOPE vs PLONE vs PHP
  9. login .php needed
  10. Urgent - Please help
  11. installing php - which extensions?
  12. Age Determination Script Needed
  13. HELP: PHP with Informix
  14. Here we go again...
  15. moving to a record in MySQL
  16. GD output to file?
  17. session trouble
  18. SSI call on PHP page?
  19. When a header("Location: $url") doesn't work
  20. please help me....
  21. refreshing a page to add more form fields
  22. guinea p... errr beta testers required (php-gtk)
  23. help
  24. adding icons to users selections.
  25. PHP Magazine
  26. GD Lib on Win XP
  27. Saving POST entries to variables
  28. cant work out how to configure gallery
  29. PHP and WMI
  30. Simple Even / Odd Distinction
  31. Calculating in PHP (adding subtracting etc)
  32. Random Text Script
  33. user pre-authentication
  34. refered access only
  35. Getting info from Forms
  36. Data from an array problem
  37. Errors
  38. Help with a php insert
  39. POST question
  40. form validation
  41. Getting the path
  42. Newbie question..what is a function??
  43. XML parsing
  44. PtoP? What is that? Is it anything?
  45. Cookies
  46. Link logger
  47. PHP include - how to?
  48. Guru needed to solve this
  49. Form & Arrays not working for me
  50. PHP script to start the running of another php script.
  51. Send a mail with php?
  52. Empty a file?
  53. Php to Javascript?
  54. removing a line in a text file
  55. phpdev
  56. Writing to a text file
  57. Apache 2.0
  58. Keep count on Download script?
  59. script location
  60. WEIRD!!! PHP Clock 12 hours ahead?!
  61. Scope of arrays
  62. carrying sessions through subdomains
  63. employee checkout
  64. How Can I Get This Script To Work?
  65. got php host, now what
  66. help with for loop on data from form...
  67. system call exection
  68. PHP + Java help needed
  69. trying to add php to an html page
  70. While... loop troubles
  71. Checking Error Pages ahead...
  72. Will A PHP Guru Please Critique My Code?
  73. PHP 'Money Feature' Code
  74. session or cookie?
  75. PHP Form times out after 15 mins?
  76. how to pull scripts from another directory
  77. Form posting problem
  78. Difficult to explain.. help
  79. php forum/main page...
  80. Get URL of Previous Page
  81. help with phpnuke
  82. I want to learn php..
  83. Help with search engine
  84. form script
  85. preg_match help
  86. easyPHP
  87. i need help with learning php
  88. If...else problem
  89. array_unique broken?
  90. PHP version incompatibility
  91. Include help
  92. regex help
  93. counter + old counter
  94. variable pattern/modifier
  95. intro to php session control
  96. Screenshot of a webpage and saving it to a jpg/gif (possible impossible)
  97. Checking what the include is runing in befor runing script...
  98. mod_rewrite
  99. error generated... can't explain more
  100. str_replace woes
  101. can someone make me a forum
  102. File Filtering
  103. displaying a page via a php include with a var....
  104. problem adding existing contents of a file to a variable...
  105. what's wrong?
  106. phtml error
  107. includes not workin on localhost (IIS)
  108. global variables?
  109. http://localhost will not work..
  110. im new to php can someone help me
  111. What is the best script to query a domain name and get all the info about it?
  112. poll configuration
  113. PHP invisibility
  114. retrieve substring
  115. Matching a set of numbers using regular expressions
  116. Problem with if()
  117. Using the date command
  118. html emails
  119. allow users to modify files?
  120. PHP beginner
  121. Creating Directories
  122. Getting Resolutions
  123. php subs ?!
  124. Scheduling
  125. Searchable database...
  126. How do I embed newline into email?
  127. PHP Application designer
  128. PHP Forms
  129. session problem
  130. Open a new window
  131. Is PHP supported by NS 4.5?
  132. phpdev - pages without server?
  133. word counter...
  134. what's the difference between echo() and print ?
  135. which slash "/" should i use?
  136. Array Sort and Foreach
  137. Getting A string from the URL and assigning it to a variable?
  138. function in another function
  139. Question regarding ternary operator
  140. Test for Freetype module?
  141. shoutbox tutorials?
  142. phpdev session problem
  143. Registering POST/GET variable as session variable?
  144. php-affiliate software?
  145. serving page content depending on what pages the user visited in the past.
  146. Keep format of form input??
  147. Accented characters in mail sent by PHP
  148. php form help
  149. Header error
  150. Emailing session contents
  151. Help with pic uploads
  152. connect to database
  153. errorbot.php3?error=404
  154. Okay...let's try this for newbie php'ers!
  155. write the file name?
  156. replacing space with +
  157. is there a 'www' in the URL ?
  158. Is this OLD php and no longer used?
  159. PHP WYSIWYG editor
  160. php header not working
  161. Learning PHP
  162. File handling/string size
  163. cleaning text
  164. \ in front of "
  165. Passing User Variables
  166. I am thinking about using php
  167. secure pages in php
  168. Is my code right? Can I run PWS and APACHE...
  169. No data - no display table cell
  170. PHP and C++
  171. Outputting list from two functions !!
  172. Security problems using cookies to store login+password
  173. How does PHP handle session files cleanup?
  174. PHPBB2 Forum Error
  175. I need help with passing arrays of html forms to script in php
  176. Working out days in a month
  177. vBulletin 2.2.9 upgrade script doesn't work
  178. Cannot access ID's in URL ($_GET)
  179. Using virtual() to execute Perl scripts on a PHP page?
  180. php include question
  181. submitting variables Using Post Method
  182. Best way of passing multiple instances of inputs between pages.
  183. Refresh after download?
  184. GD Graphics Build on Windows
  185. How to open a download dialog?
  186. easy script
  187. generate list of clients machine files?
  188. Use php in an echo?
  189. Create table-insert error, SetTimeOut(); in php?
  190. Serving an image in PHP. How?
  191. Hide link !!
  192. How to use session_id to send my vars from page A to page B?
  193. passing varible from java script to php
  194. Simple php script
  195. session
  196. Compiling PHP
  197. Command to clear screen in PHP?
  198. Passing values both by POST and query string. Not possible?
  199. Angel Fire Help
  200. Can you give me a 'range' of times here?
  201. On my knee wth PHP
  202. Multiple users login
  203. Php Voting Polls
  204. page content does not show after code executes ...
  205. .htacces help
  206. How to determine if a PHP script is allowed to do something?!
  207. two submit buttons
  208. trying not to resort to "HELP PLEASE!!!!!"
  209. MS Outlook headers in URL of email for PHP (POSSIBLE?)
  210. deleting images
  211. Anyone made any games with PHP?
  212. redirection after inserting
  213. Beginner Needs Help!
  214. Need Help adding a image to a php script??
  215. eregi - numeric and alphabetic only
  216. results in 2 colors
  217. Simple script problem
  218. OOPs in php with sql?
  219. Displaying number of visitors.
  220. Passing control to another url?
  221. universal include code
  222. display a php file in an html <table>
  223. Redirect to current page (reload)?
  224. Hello! New here! 1 question..
  225. Form submission problem
  226. Populating an array problem !!
  227. .php & .html compatibility
  228. Connection Error
  229. Remember my ID on this computer
  230. How do U patch?
  231. A great PHP + Javascript example
  232. if statment
  233. how to remove extensions in url
  234. Need urgent help on sessions
  235. writing to / creating new files to write to
  236. ANY small php script.
  237. How can I add a link like this to my photo album?
  238. Need help getting script to work properly
  239. search engine
  240. Header Problem?
  241. Need Help With An If Statement for a Form
  242. calculating unix timestamp...
  243. Easy script problem
  244. Looping through form result for values !!
  245. root relative paths config
  246. Form to databas problem !!
  247. PHPSESSID problem(+ a few other)
  248. Newbie functions question
  249. saving large data as txt then retreiving them
  250. General PHP Script

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