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  1. New to php, need help with contact form please
  2. Loop not Looping!
  3. How to grab the youtube username of currently logged user on youtube.
  4. php get user input for iframe id
  5. php
  6. Please help, a PHP MySQL syntax error
  7. Variable tells me it is not defined
  8. How do I use variables inside a heredoc to tell php to send a string to the browser?
  9. Broken code, strange problems debugging
  10. node/firstchild help!
  11. Asymmetric Encryption Method for Data Stored in DB
  12. CanI Display, Title, Meta and Page ID's Using Database?
  13. Array displays with weird duplicates
  14. Feed Processing Issue.
  15. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  16. Can someone help with me figure out this error
  17. Putting variables in a heredoc, when the heredoc is in a for loop?
  18. Error in code.help..
  19. Cookies in index or in new file
  20. help me with this code??
  21. Dynamic Playlist in Clipbucket using flowplayer
  22. Shop: Enter amount of Credits and calculate price
  23. Why does this always returns false
  24. running total problem
  25. str_replace() problem
  26. How can i add this java script code to php code??
  27. Simple php mail script needed to fit in with juery file.
  28. Pushing to javascript array in php loop
  29. Allow robots to access a page, but not visitors
  30. difference between .htaccess and router
  31. Cake Php User Management Plugin Eagle
  32. need help :Wordpress PHP Error Code
  33. header( "Content-type: image/png" ); not working
  34. use php instead of javascript
  35. Confusion combining two forms, POST and move_uploaded_file
  36. Whats the difference between these functions?
  37. getting substring name
  38. Resolved Using a comma instead of concatenation?
  39. Resolved $e obj?
  40. Resolved Public, protected, and private?
  41. Resolved EOT Heredoc Parse Error
  42. Searching an array - function
  43. Resolved Simple Variable Questions
  44. How do i make my search engine search with wiki,youtube, and ebay?
  45. Resolved urlencode() with href
  46. Multi-upload
  47. Positioning within HTML?
  48. trying to create a email validating checker
  49. Image path is good, images won't load
  50. php array from posted form data
  51. I want to count database results and list them
  52. Looking to create an auto update table
  53. PHP coding for beginners
  54. Resolved Filter_sanitize_email?
  55. What if user disables cookie ?
  56. Resolved How confident are you in the security of your PHP?
  57. Resolved Does this code look okay?
  58. Taking a break!
  59. count image views and update db
  60. require_once(url) not requiring class/file
  61. [an error occurred while processing this directive] - only happens on large form
  62. Need to activate my Contact form by Correct code PLZ!
  63. can anyone help me with this php code??please
  64. PHP Contact form file
  65. Resolved Detect a Variable In a Url
  66. Resolved In_Array Always True?
  67. Resolved Counting an array
  68. Resolved File Upload Syntax Error?
  69. Php form and redirect...
  70. Randomly generated quests
  71. Fatal error: Smarty error: [in evaluated template line 15]: syntax error: unexpected
  72. How to edit href of SWF while/after uploading it to server?
  73. Fatal error: Smarty Error - unexpected {elseif}
  74. php - Mysql Quering two tables
  75. This is a bug in PHP, right?
  76. A problem where all but one MySQL column echo's out
  77. SUM of values stored in a function?
  78. multy upload withput flash?
  79. How to do this for() function in PHP?
  80. Best way to develop in team
  81. Resolved php image upload and resize
  82. css class inside php echo
  83. 500 Error Upon Contact Form Submission
  84. PHP Image Uploading
  85. PHP Include
  86. anyone know much about hacking?
  87. Looping through all combinations
  88. Feedback on my authentication scheme
  89. Looking for somone to help me get started...
  90. rewrite func
  91. Help with a php calc
  92. Replacing a password in a db.
  93. WordPress PHP Issue
  94. need help for my keno games
  95. Update SQL Query Not Working
  96. Can't find body tag in any of the files.
  97. Adding A Line Break <br> And Denying Other HTML Code
  98. login issue
  99. time ago not showing for all files
  100. how to add string to
  101. Make ob_flush() work on Windows
  102. select ids
  103. Comparing $_POST and MySQL Results - Case Insensitive
  104. reading time from a file
  105. converting deprecated function with eregi()
  106. Should be a simple contact form, but...
  107. I am getting an error as "undefined index" in line 3 in below program
  108. Email Send Script
  109. PHP/MySQL editing (strange result)
  110. Resolved Using Fetch on the same query multiple times
  111. IE Won't display default error page
  112. Weird Code Error on Xampp
  113. Can i rename my HTML files to .php?
  114. Using PHP to post RSS Content?
  115. Vars
  116. PHP TEXT Rotate
  117. Select option
  118. show resulting output on another page and send url link to email
  119. Live Search without divs
  120. timeago... feature for uploaded file
  121. Does the doctrine/symfony entities generator add attribute from base class
  122. PHP Regular Expressions
  123. GA Event Tracking OnClick troubleshooting
  124. Need advice on hiring a developer or company
  125. Image Taken From iPhones etc uploading Issue
  126. isset issues learning PHP
  127. Problem with coding character. Export db with php
  128. Resolved Fresh Eyes Please
  129. Delete points from database
  130. Weird php if condition issues driving me mad
  131. Resolved multiple queries with prepared statements
  132. Resolved Date() doesn't display with numbers?
  133. email
  134. Database Security
  135. PHP crypt_blowfish issue
  136. Seeking help with random file names
  137. Encode php line code url, please help
  138. Auto download/ checker scrip
  139. Newbe....Can not find an explanation for one line of code
  140. Auto generate page after images uploaded
  141. Wordpress - WooCommerce - Issues
  142. Need help with query to array
  143. How to change a weblink in php file?
  144. parse_url not working
  145. Creating pie chart by taking values from the database
  146. PayPal - How to get info about transaction? (when they press buy button and pay me)
  147. File permissions so people can't see my PHP script
  148. Help with Soundcloud script
  149. Drop-Down Get Return From Default
  150. mktime error
  151. HTTP-Status
  152. Resolved Using "null" for first value in array?
  153. World Map Generator
  154. readfile in php isn't downloading zip file
  155. Changing the filenames in a Zip File
  156. issues with host?
  157. Help Credit System.
  158. Remove keys from an array but keep values in order
  159. Form field to Upload a specific file, does not upload
  160. How can I delete files at end of $_SESSION?
  161. [Help] Needed in learning Smarty Template Engine
  162. what is $var = &$var
  163. PHProxy Idea/Change
  164. return values from textfield retrieved from database php
  165. Processing email address
  166. Losing $_POST values on refresh in a do/while loop. Store in array? How?
  167. if statement not working
  168. PHP SOAP Request Error
  169. Redirect
  170. allow either or both drop down to be selected and the other option remembered
  171. PHP/mySQL Zip Code Distance Locator
  172. coding a check in feature (like on fourth square)
  173. Image resizer
  174. PHP - how to get headers of an HTTPS page?
  175. No output after submit
  176. php issue
  177. help plz
  178. Matching multiple words in string
  179. undefined index index Notice persistent error
  180. images in my welcome emails
  181. PHP email form handler ...please
  182. Finding users in different tables
  183. Why does this always return true
  184. cURL "Couldn't Resolve Host"
  185. Problem with Photo Labels
  186. How to make Form Fields required in php form?
  187. Vbulletin CMS video problem
  188. Can there be that many includes?
  189. Facebook PHP Coding Issue
  190. Using htmlentities with Form
  191. Recursive MD5 hash generation
  192. POST and sql "LIKE" problems.
  193. store multiple phone models
  194. Cookies not registering with PHP
  195. Pingback PHP Problems
  196. Removing special characters accidentally?
  197. Gets first character
  198. php security
  199. I want to pass multiple items from cart to paypal
  200. php starting
  201. Get SQL recent row and get author value
  202. Help--Script not deleting emails from inbox
  203. error array help
  204. Login Problem
  205. How to takes product mulitple size problems in shopping cart
  206. charset
  207. new to php
  208. Help in recognizing last line's number of file
  209. Help In Updating Smarty V2.6.22 to 3.1.1
  210. Php output help
  211. Title above first instance of each state
  212. PHP Array Question
  213. Best platform for self-hosted video viewing on a website?
  214. Help With .htaccess Code!
  215. List and Delete Multiple Files
  216. Login Help
  217. include prob
  218. Fetch data from table depending on value of ID
  219. How can I update the display of a value while in a while loop
  220. Javascript works when called directly, but not when echoed to the browser.
  221. cant create new associative key during foreach loop
  222. Problem while editing file
  223. Paypal return url - display client's info
  224. combox not returning selected value
  225. Counting "program" Issues
  226. Send E-mail to selected people when inserting data to MYSQL
  227. Debating Password Requirements
  228. Does anyone know how to use OSClass?
  229. Better Side bars
  230. Facebook like button trouble
  231. Checkbox id in mysql query in php
  232. php variable that dont work
  233. help
  234. $_POST variable empty after submitting form
  235. time prob
  236. EU cookie law
  237. Variable Has Two Different Values
  238. Disable members sending messaging if they are not in their search age group
  239. Resolved Convert multidimentional array to html list
  240. Display Pc's local directory from web site
  241. PHP page works fine in computer(Chrome) but wont appear in iPhone Safari browser??
  242. Use of number_format
  243. Who can help with php coding of ldap queries?
  244. Help with manipulating values
  245. Memory not being freed
  246. ptc srcript password reset not working
  247. How to block admin panel in Google?
  248. Can Anyone Guess ?
  249. multiple conditions modify one or both values
  250. $_POST['select'] vs document.getElementById('select').options.text

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