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  1. php vs wordpress, which one is more suitable?
  2. Split text
  3. If (!define) not working Codeigniter
  4. ereg depreciated???
  5. Displaying information when image is clicked
  6. problem with PHP 5.4 in getting reliable date conversion
  7. DB Forge Codeigniter Create Database Not Working
  8. No direct linking code?
  9. PHP conditional based on whether content exists
  10. Best method of filtering MySQL results
  11. Resolved Using PHP to Create an Ordered List
  12. PHP Script to detect Month and Time of Day
  13. How from input html pass data in php page
  14. fwrite not writing contents of a string to a text file
  15. Need help deleting line from txt log
  16. More php error---please help
  17. Help with readfile code
  18. Show Random Images PHP Code
  19. Help with UTF-8
  20. display results based on filename/title
  21. mark read/unread message in php
  22. Simple Like/Dislike script?
  23. How to get number of bytes sent by server in response to a specific request?
  24. Two small problems about a simple submit form
  25. Zip on the fly
  26. My login script is not working correctly
  27. updating multiple array daya with selection and checkbox values
  28. Php error
  29. mail problem
  30. Why num_rows giving two different result?
  31. _SERVER variables different among servers; any way to sync?
  32. Determine if Path Changed
  33. please help... :(
  34. Should I Exit?
  35. Whats it called with a form
  36. Simple email.php file not working
  37. How to grant permissions to a Facebook App to publish on a page via PHP SDK?
  38. Problem with image getting from server file??
  39. XML parsing with XPath
  40. fix this script can anyone this?
  41. How to control the power on/off of virtual machine in vsphere ?
  42. Making a variable name with partial use of another variable
  43. Matching user input from form fields to array from data in text files
  44. Set cookie
  45. new thread from yesterday page won't display results
  46. Escaping decimals in a URL variable
  47. Creating a single variable for multiple MySQL returns of the same data
  48. Unable to log "Parse Errors"
  49. Pass parameter to PhP then use if statemetn
  50. Unregistering WP Menus from Responsive Themes functions.php file
  51. Resolved User count in database
  52. Two Versions of Query?
  53. PHP only using 1 row, when there are 2
  54. Handling Empty Parameter in Query String
  55. reading a directory
  56. Doing a simple SQL query in php so i can run as a cron
  57. Clients Download Page? Help!
  58. Need help writing a php code for incentivized cpa tracking
  59. Help in ereg_replace
  60. SimpleXML with Namespaces
  61. $_GET isn't capturing all values
  62. What can Google crawl?
  63. Updating an array key value
  64. Sorting Data on Page without using URL
  65. Finding out child variable name
  66. applying errors to inputs
  67. OOP PHP and MySQL need help in multiple select statement
  68. Submitting Form changes Query String in URL
  69. Populate textbox after selecting dropdown list
  70. external login
  71. foreach with session variables containing an array
  72. Sorting without JavaScript
  73. Resolved Alternative to sleep
  74. custom function problems...
  75. Problem with MySQLi insert syntax
  76. Resolved Get image from query
  77. Can't get foreach working
  78. Session not detecting when it exists
  79. Getting Error Message To Display Near Top Of Page
  80. Query String questions
  81. Help with sql statement in php code
  82. image beacon for email tracking
  83. What is RESTful?
  84. Directories and Pages and Slashes
  85. option question
  86. array display by var dump
  87. Need Help Fixing "Deprecated" Problem
  88. How to solve refresh page problem?
  89. is it possible to make own htpasswd code
  90. How to enqueue this js script to the footer? (Wordpress)
  91. Error without a log entry
  92. Sorting and URL
  93. Query from database not working
  94. How to build an HTML Meta String
  95. how can you make mailFormat.Html in this code
  96. Better Code: If all 3 variables set
  97. I have looked everywhere and still I can't correctly code "preg_replace"
  98. cron jobs
  99. Displaying results from database
  100. Query the database with results on time
  101. How to upload a file into a server using code in another server using php?
  102. Php Function Help
  103. How do i get a domain without HTTP:// using $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
  104. Query from 2 database tables PHP
  105. Query for a Drop List don't echo out !
  106. Where to handle Filtering & Sorting Choices?
  107. Need help with XML and PHP.
  108. php exam
  109. Email form not working
  110. Problem with Regex Variables
  111. Selecting current user's username from phpmyadmin database!
  112. How Do I Call Value Stored In A Key Used In Redis With Phpredis
  113. Resolved Var on $_POST
  114. WordPress plugin .php editing
  115. How to ignore sending just 1 field if blank
  116. Translating JavaScript to PHP
  117. mysql_num_rows finding a match
  118. Resolved Checking Request Method
  119. SEO friendly url form submit
  120. can a form have two actions?
  121. Insert data from multidimensional array in database
  122. include has stopped showing and ideas
  123. A problem in OOP
  124. PHP upload problem.
  125. Insert PHP Grid Data into Mysql Table
  126. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by - quesiton
  127. Update MYSQL Database user profile
  128. mysqli insert query not inserting
  129. Working with Passkit API
  130. Depracated Functions Plus Novice. Help please!
  131. updating multiple columns to database depending on checkbox selection
  132. Help me in Creating a MySQL Database using PHP
  133. Problem with language selector
  134. Making A Forum Category System
  135. Hierarchical data from MySQL
  136. Problem with output the contents when generating XML
  137. Applying javascript processing (string.split function) to database row in PHP
  138. Other Web Editors
  139. mysql_* versus mysqli_*
  140. Undefined index on Shopping Cart
  141. I can't understand why this works
  142. Suggestions for Calendar/Scheduling tool
  143. How to use ceph admin api using curl and php?
  144. help with code
  145. Is possible to grab value from webpage?
  146. Converting Date Format with PHP
  147. PHP calculation help
  148. Select HTML Row and get cells Values.
  149. inserting the data if the column name matches with it
  150. value from simplexml?
  151. Adding form links into a php form **RESOLVED**
  152. Installing Bootstrap theme in Symfony 2 project
  153. if - else with isset for variable confirmation and/or replacement
  154. Physical Memory Puzzle
  155. Help Welcomed! Notification for newly submitted forms?
  156. variable being set the second time round
  157. php script restarts randomly with same POST data
  158. Search Application Issues
  159. My code always gets total 0 on the text file.
  160. Counting together two products
  161. Last known value of a variable?
  162. Parsing Data From Html Using Xpath
  163. Will this strip a specific code tag from the fwrite to host file?
  164. I hate this...
  165. Looking for calendar contest code-and general question
  166. \n not working on wamp php 5.4.16
  167. Help with PHP shopping cart calculation
  168. Having issues allowing users to update database with PHP
  169. secure sql update help
  170. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare connecttodatabase()
  171. check value from 2 tables and compare
  172. Foreach error won't stop script
  173. Check field for correct format
  174. how to change the day date in 00 hours?
  175. Retrieving and echo'ing image from DB issues
  176. Creating a searchable data table
  177. converting string to octal number?
  178. Merging a small php code in register.php file
  179. Resolved Display multiple fields that are blank
  180. If/Else clauses in wordpress site
  181. Complicated (for a noob ie. me) php mysql query
  182. PHP Separate Input Then Joined Address for Online Form
  183. having a little issue with using functions
  184. Browsers: under the hood?
  185. Replace variable URL with regular expressions
  186. includes out side of two functions
  187. Calling two seperate JavaScripts at the same time, with one call.
  188. Question about $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
  189. SQL SELECT query help
  190. is this change correct 'eregi_replace' to 'preg_replace'.
  191. Syntax Error
  192. need help with parsing the contains
  193. PHP Protect Page Multiple Passwords
  194. html/php probably really simple
  195. Including $_GET params in file_get_contents() function
  196. send mail from if else statement
  197. Facebook App Development Launguages
  198. PHP Login Not Working
  199. Paypal cart: 2 for 1 sale
  200. Help with update form
  201. Returning NULL on no query results
  202. How to write to CSV file correctly ?
  203. Random number picture
  204. include php script to call from an html file
  205. Create variable value from database column where another column equals...
  206. include_once with a file from th e primary domain on the subdomain
  207. Help with creating Tipping Comp.
  208. Where to place Array
  209. Dropbox API using PHP (via dropPHP) download error
  210. line break headache
  211. Hello everyone! I want to ask you a question about PHP Code.
  212. Export to pdf is giving error, not getting exported
  213. how to get list of array using DOMDocument?
  214. need help with login
  215. Most Appropriate Design Pattern
  216. facial recognition using PHP
  217. Connecting Register/Login form to database
  218. Multiple xml response nodes using nusoap
  219. PHP Form submission to Word Document
  220. Comment on a facebook page post from website
  221. PHP Code Help
  222. Style data output from text file
  223. Can I use Dropzone.js to send files directly to Facebook instead of going via PHP?
  224. More insert into two tables
  225. A Free Adless Captcha For My Website
  226. PHP Script Novice Needing REAL Help
  227. Which way around is more "correct"?
  228. PHP OOP grabbing results from database
  229. unable to to return part of date string using 'mdHi'
  230. was POST sent from 'my' page or a robot ?
  231. Output arrays from php to xml
  232. PHP help Resize an image
  233. Import Information Into PDF Documents - Please help
  234. Custom homepage.php - Need To Pull Custom Fields "Thumbnails"
  235. $username variable not passed in link
  236. need help search images in folder and subfolder
  237. Passing a variable to a page (using' get')... not working right.
  238. PHP Twitter Oauth Embed
  239. Alternatives to the Captcha
  240. Intergrating Wordpress page into website
  241. Live server time error
  242. Count users in database
  243. create thank you in php
  244. how to do similar string matching ??
  245. Simple PHP OOP Contact Form
  246. Calculating prevous date
  247. Update User Details not working
  248. how to get external variable into function scope.
  249. Loading XML into database with PHP
  250. quetsion on stat function

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