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  1. Site recommendation script (on windows server) not sending mail
  2. Createing WAP/WML Pages with PHP
  3. Why wont this bloody form work???
  4. How to change the maximum upload size
  5. Noob question
  6. Default values to todays date
  7. Linking to Mapquest
  8. grab filenames from dir, display names from file
  9. Calling screen resolution
  10. Day??
  11. Browser wanting to download....
  12. Magically adding slashes?
  13. preg_replace on an included file.
  14. Form and results on same page
  15. fsockopen, how to have the browser use the http response header
  16. Date Comparisons
  17. 2 scripts
  18. Php-nuke
  19. 4.3.2 and unsetting a session var?
  20. Recovering checkboxes, radio buttons and selects
  21. Date Splitting Help!
  22. Opening a file on a remote server problem
  23. is it possable to make a web-based chat useing php?
  24. Image (drop)shadow on the fly
  25. user defined functions (how to?)
  26. Double Insert Values ?
  27. error message ???
  28. little script
  29. xhtml, sessions and redirection
  30. - Time Management -
  31. List files/directories by name?
  32. Enviroment pwd not my domain?
  33. Please help! newbie in trouble!
  34. images wont refresh
  35. Determine if input is a number
  36. Setting different cookies in the same script
  37. PHP To Array... Error Messages
  38. Simple Counter... How To Add A Suffix To The Number?
  39. Converting Line breaks in text boxes to < br / >
  40. uploading files
  41. Silent Redirection away from HTTPS
  42. file upload validation over and over again (after weeks)
  43. Fatal error: call to undefined function: dbmopen()?
  44. meaning of " ./ "?
  45. Writing a php tutorial
  46. using session_start w/o using sessions
  47. GET and POST
  48. Installing PHP on my local machine
  49. Querystring Bewilderment
  50. Email list
  51. linking two pages together....
  52. Poll Script
  53. is this safe?
  54. Why slashes?
  55. MySQL Error
  56. php script question
  57. Problem with phpdev - cannot connect to mysql
  58. mail() according to MySQL Table Row
  59. Send email according to time?
  60. PHPDev and IIS together?
  61. optimum method for search my web pages
  62. forum error
  63. Safe login method?
  64. Double Redirection Script - links
  65. Creating temporary image file
  66. phpdev not connect to database
  67. php on local computer
  68. Replacing quotations
  69. Error Function
  70. Sending Mail w/limits
  71. Checked Boxes w/PHP
  72. Placement of Fuctions
  73. Credit Card Transactions
  74. how secure is this?
  75. GD, PHP and MySQL
  76. does the stop button affect a request?
  77. preg_replace() regex
  78. Using PHP and Oracle
  79. a function like between in mysql for php?
  80. using DBF as a sourse for PHP database
  81. /me wants to learn PHP
  82. php
  83. Rearranging date using 'preg_replace'
  84. upload thumbnail
  85. HTTPS Check
  86. :-) into SMileys
  87. Best Way to learn PHP
  88. Want to output variable contents in htm file from php file, how?
  89. problems uploading files
  90. how to start script by CRON on different host?
  91. Run a PHP code that created in a PHP variable
  92. parse error
  93. writing a session code?
  94. Searching Harddrive from website
  95. preg_match not working
  96. refreshing auto processed page
  97. Session IDs
  98. Parsing PHP from MySQL cells...
  99. Referrer Script/Link?
  100. GMT Time only
  101. Help with cookie
  102. Changing variable name depending on variable...
  103. soblotron error - xsl/xml file in apache2/ dir
  104. php cookies
  105. Checking user's html input for errors
  106. updating a text file using php
  107. Login 4 Different Catagories.
  108. Numeric Division
  109. Submitting w/ a form using PHP
  110. Error handling: $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] is empty?
  111. Free mySQL/PHP host?
  112. Apache & PHP_AUTH_USER
  113. for loop killing my page
  114. Tagboard Script Question
  115. Test My New script!!
  116. using MD5 for password protection
  117. What's this code line mean?
  118. Variable length
  119. page refer through mail() ???
  120. preg_replace question
  121. Why wont this work
  122. Tournament Brackets!
  123. I posted this in javascripting but it could be PHP too... so i guess i'll post it.
  124. categories & subcategories
  125. Uploading files?
  126. sessions, permission denied and shared memory allocation
  127. Having major session issues
  128. CodingForums search advice and others
  129. streaming in a nuke site
  130. Dates, yesterday and tomorrow...
  131. Extracting contents of .zip file.
  132. Help with Auto form processing (almost there...)
  133. Problems installing Pear
  134. Session not being destroyed (IE only) ... NS works fine
  135. Just installed php. Now sessions won't work.
  136. My html template
  137. bbcode: trying to create a [list] function
  138. aligning text using imagettftext() under php4.3.2/GDLIB2/FreeType2
  139. Help with Random Style Colors
  140. Sending HTML email??
  141. This is how to force text file download
  142. Cool Image Upload Script - Needs Help
  143. php counterhosting scripts??
  144. Class Tutorials
  145. win32: using SMTP servers that require authentication
  146. Can someone explain in plain English what these mean?? -> =>
  147. calling variables from external files.
  148. Need To Grab Mysql Users
  149. PHP Object Design
  150. Storing IP Addresses
  151. Using php to create .pdf versions of database results.
  152. http referer variable
  153. $PHP_AUTH_USER issue
  154. php.ini -----> sessions
  155. is there a way to send 3 emails per minute to avoid 200/hour limit?
  156. Error Reporting
  157. Converting XML document (Object) to a String
  158. Sessions giving me a headache, plz help...
  159. CURL with SSL
  160. image upload form
  161. PHP's @ function
  162. date compare
  163. Replacing stuff in a string
  164. still in problems with sessions!!
  165. mysql_fetch_row() warning
  166. getting value in fk_t_directories
  167. Php Gtk
  168. Auto Page Creation
  169. A PHP Search Engine
  170. Writing Form submissions to a .txt
  171. Eregi_replace OR preg_replace ? Regex question
  172. Declaring Variables w/Loop from Form
  173. Add ASP with PHP
  174. Sessions not being destroyed?
  175. invalid arguments error
  176. another way of getting IP
  177. PHP mail function not emailing me
  178. logo in e-mail
  179. SSL and PHP
  180. text field problem when populating with PHP
  181. Cutting down bandwidth with PHP??
  182. How can I get the domain name of the site that my script is running in?
  183. How can I find out if my PHP code is stolen?!
  184. getting values
  185. IP lookup or HTTP referer
  186. help needed to load a php script
  187. two domains
  188. location problem
  189. ASP / PHP Parameters in form
  190. Recurring Payment Service?
  191. header, sessions
  192. Copy file to remote directory
  193. Showing location
  194. Problems adding info into database
  195. $_POST under Windows
  196. Counting impressions
  197. Socket Server connection lost
  198. rewriting mysql statement for flat file db
  199. Checking form feilds
  200. PHP Reference Sheet?
  201. directories
  202. PhP control panels for game servers
  203. Switching Style Sheets with php
  204. PhP and apache
  205. Seperating code an layout (general question)
  206. How usefull are php debuggers?
  207. Sending POST-Variables with header()
  208. Uploading files !
  209. HTTP_USER_AGENT and sessions
  210. How should I create the admin account in my authorization system?
  211. News Script
  212. IMAP??how to receive a mail?
  213. Please, need help with REGEX
  214. Masking name of pages
  215. Setting and then checking for cookie
  216. Conceptual design
  217. Could anyone recommend an Editor/IDE for PHP?
  218. PHP ratings script
  219. Undefined variable: $PHP_SELF ?????
  220. safe_mode restrictions and http upload
  221. i want to assign var from javascript to php
  222. Free scripts
  223. Array Help
  224. Ideas for a Software Dev project
  225. Mail failure - no receiver addresses
  226. tweaking my poll
  227. Need A Free User Online Script!
  228. Database Backup?
  229. Not sure if I can use phpBB with my host/account?
  230. Good "Tell a friend" php script?
  231. Nav problem
  232. How can i give counter service from my home page for another
  233. Loading Page
  234. True email validation
  235. URL Script Needed!
  236. Split a string like 8m45s in mins and secs
  237. Page Source in Variable
  238. Save images in BLOB or as File?
  239. Dynamic HTML Pages Using PHP?
  240. Help with counter script
  241. Wierd Parse Error :S
  242. Access denied
  243. How to protect scripts?
  244. Regular Expressions, urls in text
  245. how can i create a forum?
  246. How to include a file into a class
  247. :: php problems - please help a n00b ::
  248. WHOIS searcher
  249. ambiguity in time field
  250. Building a mail system

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