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  1. What is wrong with this member script
  2. questions about session
  3. form post to text files without overwriting
  4. Alternating Row Colors
  5. mail server config
  6. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: xslt_create()
  7. Forms
  8. Regex :(
  9. if statements (dropdown)
  10. Search site
  11. HELP! PHP Switch()
  12. how do I call two action in a form
  13. Sessions
  14. if Query = yes problem
  15. Script Question
  16. Need some help on this
  17. Array problem
  18. $_SESSION array vars becoming "m"
  19. Auto image change
  20. creating fixed length files with php
  21. Converting MS Access to mySQL
  22. HTML tags in mysql
  23. looking for reliable developers - PHP, Database, HTML, Javascript, ASP.NET
  24. Limit the numberof character of the returning record
  25. writing a guest book
  26. Dynamic variable names?
  27. Session Question
  28. How to find if a table exists ? (MySQL)
  29. PHP and Images
  30. jpcache: worthwhile?
  31. blocking address of a file
  32. Help with code (simple)
  33. creating htacess password with php
  34. preventing access to sub-pages
  35. Updating content using flat text files
  36. Repeated table with text & images
  37. having problems with loops
  38. Email this Picture Link?
  39. Need help on simplifying script.. Again!
  40. One confirmation email, two different forms
  41. complex query?
  42. tree menu
  43. Need help with if, else
  44. Free Upload Script
  45. Object and Class
  46. how does "page.php/11/" work?
  47. IDs in URLS
  48. simple, quick question......
  49. Making a Linktracker
  50. Problems uploading files on server farm
  51. Please help, I'm driving mad !
  52. extract not working
  53. Your thoughts on include()
  54. break out of the referrer address the host and the search string?
  55. Please help, e-mail getting clipped as spam
  56. php
  57. Please check there are no problems with this script
  58. mail() function not working...
  59. submit form authentication letter casing
  60. much help needed please
  61. Error is not being shown, why
  62. Login Script Error
  63. importing xml into mysql
  64. parsing strings
  65. Timestamps
  66. Problem with an array in a function
  67. Day
  68. Shopping Cart
  69. Passing attachment text from webserver to PHP executor
  70. paysystems gateway module for oscommerce reoccuring billing issue
  71. To load image conditionally
  72. referencing root directories
  73. "include" different every day of the week
  74. php scripting
  75. PHP Help w/weird e-mail forms
  76. PHP Project Idea Needed...
  77. Problems with using a loop
  78. Sytnax Highlighting
  79. check to see if present
  80. Specific User Login Redirect
  81. Displaying differing variables using a set table layout
  82. PHP & JS problem
  83. A little bit of advice...
  84. Opening MS Office Applications from PHP
  85. having problems passing variables from one page to another
  86. Trouble with unset and array
  87. need help with my Guestbook Script
  88. Basic isset() Question
  89. includes displaying html source code
  90. Cookie question & authentication
  91. Transient SID invalidates my XHTML
  92. code inspection
  93. How to install PHP with apache 1
  94. error message
  95. Question about PHPEdit v0.8.0.25
  96. Point me to some good documentation
  97. Search Query
  98. Date and time difference
  99. best db design for unknown # of paragraphs
  100. need help troubleshooting php error
  101. Interesting problem w/PHP and pressing return key in a form
  102. str_word_count and colons
  103. PHP Coder Needed :: $200-300
  104. php navigation
  105. Are Session Expirations possible in PHP?
  106. php Editor
  107. Submitting form to third party's website
  108. Matching double line breaks
  109. Switch statement
  110. Forms reset on history back ... maybe session related
  111. Function to strip tags?
  112. Adding periods to the end
  113. view results of different php files
  114. Problem with <p> in flash
  115. sorting results...
  116. multiply variable
  117. Help with cutting down script size
  118. Replcing line breaks with <p></p>?
  119. integrating two example scripts to email attachment help please
  120. quoting and html forms with php
  121. Remove directory recursively
  122. retrieving data from a drop down box for modifying
  123. Ordering On Two Fields?
  124. Warning: mail(): "sendmail_from" not set in php.ini
  125. Scripting Question
  126. PHP and Cookies
  127. verifying mail() attachments to specific file formats
  128. set_error_handler question
  129. mail() issue
  130. login script problem
  131. header problem?
  132. upload error
  133. Multi-Dimensional Array Sort Possible?
  134. How to change time
  135. My request script is not working
  136. upload file script = website A... file destination = website B... how?
  137. Help presenting errors on recommend script
  138. losing session object when using header("Location:
  139. sleep(), exec() functions & MySQL
  140. schedule email via cron and PHP?
  141. Fastest way for a string replace in document
  142. Looking For Team To Create a Forum
  143. Please Help with Error!
  144. Finding out the days between 2 timestamps
  145. PHP Age Script
  146. difference between start date and time, ending date and time
  147. Automatic link adding script..
  148. create variables from checkboxes and radio buttons for sending simple email output
  149. Selecting & Sorting - ideas/discussion
  150. can PHP be a solution?
  151. Counting all the words from a file...
  152. Creating a directory...
  153. another PHP error with connection to a database
  154. It should just be a simple redirection
  155. Formmail Help!
  156. removing /s
  157. Auto deletion of data in my database
  158. Foreign Characters!
  159. text - cut off at the nearest space
  160. Print Between tags?
  161. newbie to php...help appreciated
  162. PHP and Access
  163. resizing an image
  164. infomation already sent
  165. auto submit a form
  166. PHP and web hosting w/ cgi-bin
  167. xhtml and php
  168. Imagemagick issues
  169. php in php?
  170. Header Security Question
  171. Paging Problem
  172. problem with users being logged in
  173. Ip check script, help!
  174. Strings
  175. Uploading files - undefined index
  176. deletes files from PHP
  177. help with php
  178. Secure sessions
  179. file uploading - permission error
  180. error
  181. Showing table rows?
  182. Undefined Index accessiong $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]
  183. 'Unknown Modifier' with preg_replace
  184. Formatting Strings using strlen() and str_replace()
  185. Deleting Rows in SQL Table from PHP Link
  186. date > O
  187. unsort by rand
  188. PHP Project site?
  189. how to catch the errors and warnings of PHP to build a log file
  190. redirect to page using PHP
  191. quick question about my code
  192. Highlight invalid characters in string
  193. show errors
  194. Troubles with layers in Object Oriented design
  195. variables array
  196. Why are Sessions Working?
  197. Why doesn't this retrveive and display info?
  198. Shopping cart on my site?
  199. Install Question
  200. Login Script
  201. Teaching a new PHP class. What do you think???
  202. Case Sensitivity
  203. HTML Strings
  204. Browser UA match for safari
  205. dynamically creating .zip file on a windows server
  206. file() new line problem?
  207. Search and replace in strings?
  208. PHP Pager Script Error??
  209. regular expresions?
  210. Grouping results under category headings
  211. .xls to html/php?
  212. Authenticate
  213. reload page if query successful
  214. Site navigation using tree structure in database
  215. php error
  216. New to PHP
  217. values in a listbox
  218. Test to see if directory exists on different server
  219. How to autogenerate a sequential number?
  220. Problems with 2 forms
  221. Problems when using the xml declaration in a php file
  222. Cookies: Are they unsecure?
  223. assigning a variable with a database value
  224. Can this be done
  225. Auto-embed watermark script ??
  226. Installing extensions
  227. PEAR DB Login Script
  228. Newline to BR (not using nl2br())
  229. Setting the mime type on an external file
  230. Formatting data returned
  231. Check to see if files exist in a folder on a different server
  232. Can someone give me a good Ban IP script?
  233. CSS positioning
  234. Escaping special characters in XML
  235. making your site secure...
  236. exit() ending all html script after it
  237. PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name when accessing object via session
  238. Where to go next?
  239. losing session object when using window.location.href
  240. Best Login Script
  241. Is This How You Validate XML?
  242. Obtaining and displaying info on main site page.
  243. [php error] parse error | fatal error
  244. Displaying information from other sites
  245. Problem with popen
  246. Parse Error on T_Variable.
  247. php mysql
  248. Is there a scipt that logs IP adresses of visitors in a .TXT File?
  249. Code for PHP form to email webmaster directly after submission
  250. EXIF Thumbnails

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