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  1. Leeching info
  2. new ssi on mouseover
  3. filemtime Questions
  4. create a file with contents
  5. how to create a .php file
  6. site METER
  7. Adding \n when finding </...>
  8. Using &lt; and &gt; in PHP
  9. Finding in a file, then editing part of the file.
  10. Credit card encryption
  11. Recording IP addresses with PHP??
  12. Guys please help with form creation
  13. undefined index : HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA
  14. making a voting poll on my page
  15. why get this error tep_cfg_select_option(array('true', 'false'),"true"
  16. PERL and PHP at the same time
  17. !is_numeric($value) isn't working properly
  18. AIM Profile
  19. readdir
  20. Problem when loading image as images.php?id=gurusguru
  21. Results per page problem with smarty - urgent please help
  22. Parse error in configuration.php(125) : eval()'d code on line 1
  23. possible to use functions with: mysql_query()?
  24. loops with queries and forms
  25. PHP Limiting Text Characters
  26. Using for(); in GD to achieve repeating windows
  27. Join FORM
  28. CURL function help
  29. Passing arrays to an XSLT stylesheet.
  30. help to code
  31. Grabbing Information
  32. php upload problem
  33. Passing arrays through hidden input fields
  34. Is it possible?
  35. Link information
  36. How to parse best of stats.ini to tables
  37. Quick question on printing out results from my_sql
  38. Checking for duplicate values
  39. Session id's? Need to use?
  40. starting out
  41. Order numerically
  42. odbc_fetch_into: if no results then...
  43. click a link to delete a file?
  44. an odd array problem
  45. Script Proccessing of a flash form!
  46. home page
  47. Code won't work in functions
  48. Why won't this work?
  49. dynamic pages and SEO
  50. page not showing up
  51. open source
  52. Appending PHP file with variables
  53. php and mysql linking and amending
  54. cannot connect through socket error
  55. session not passing from page to page
  56. site statistics - number of clicks
  57. Executing PHP code from a command line
  58. Dissappearing Cookie
  59. system call
  60. PHP Popup
  61. posting system
  62. Exiting a function, not the subsequent HTML
  63. Looping *'s
  64. Can't get rid of errors!
  65. regular expression for [quote] bbcode
  66. Turning Table Data into a Page View
  67. How Do You....?
  68. List/Radio Form Help
  69. Howto extract a webpage data using php and show on html ?
  70. Checking for letters
  71. having trouble trying to INSERT information into my table...
  72. having problems with quotes...
  73. Where do I find good PHP resumes?
  74. I'm stuck
  75. Issues with an Internet based study
  76. Passing values from a list box to a text box
  77. session and cookie problem
  78. MySQL Searching
  79. how to check if a link exists
  80. Howto extract a webpage data using php and show on html ?
  81. Comparing timestamps - Finding the oldest
  82. Image Grabber - Help
  83. Newb Writing Scripts...Debug This?
  84. Newbie to PHP...
  85. The while loop
  86. Checking a users capability
  87. How could I initialize a templating system?
  88. Making a quiz... Need help coding
  89. apache 2 ? Posting forms to absolute url very slow (or hanging)
  90. browse directory from browser..
  91. Counting query's and times
  92. The joy of MSAccess through ODBC
  93. special characters corrupting database. is this possible? from a file upload utility?
  94. Mail spam
  95. Get first letter from string..
  96. What's wrong with my code
  97. Dreamweaver MX and PHP mail?
  98. Replacing database
  99. Hit a snag.. how to set correct amount of session variables
  100. image gallery help
  101. drop down menu action help
  102. sorry cant think of a title :S
  103. substracting from arrays
  104. need help/tips on how I should code this...
  105. Porblem with "gluing" variables together in if statement..
  106. problems displaying 15 things at a time.
  107. php sort values help needed
  108. decryption
  109. php call fuction oncahnge
  110. php performance
  111. dynamic DHTML menus
  112. bot problems
  113. Making a new php file within a php file..
  114. php inside Javascripts
  115. Changing the volume of a remote computer using PHP
  116. Having problems with include..
  117. Getting a title of a page on an external site.
  118. PHP to generate MS Word -- print margin issue
  119. Couple problems..
  120. problems validating user....
  121. PHP Mail not sending more than 1 email
  122. PHP Mail
  123. sql error?
  124. allowed memory size # exhausted
  125. not another e-commerce question
  126. adapting a script to my template (another IE VS NS thing)
  127. Problems with fopen
  128. REGEX and optional pattern...doesnt work
  129. Editor for HTTPD.conf ?
  130. Is this possible
  131. email client confusion
  132. looping arrays
  133. Date inserting
  134. Problems with strings...
  135. Shopping cart info
  136. PHP in Javascript (or the otherway)
  137. confused about custom session handling
  138. Looking for an alternative Download Installer of Apache, PHP & mySQL
  139. php learning, bought a book but....
  140. comparing datetime
  141. Testing on Localhost Machine always getting errors
  142. Create CSV file from a mySql table
  143. Creating Protocol for PHP
  144. What's wrong .. trouble with preg_replace
  145. Viewing the Apache Error Log
  146. Can you use PHP in an external CSS?
  147. Problem installing phpdev5beta
  148. I need people to be able to Upload Images to my website
  149. Active Countdown
  150. session problem
  151. recognizing a url in php form
  152. Problems with classes
  153. Insert Server Behavior
  154. How do you allow only numeric characters in a string? ++ more..
  155. Programmer's Block - Ripping out part of a string
  156. what does this error mean?
  157. Why isn't the if comparision working?
  158. List Box + php Mail
  159. Can someone explain this error to me
  160. Need Help With This Code
  161. Any way to get new variable value after outputting results?
  162. Handling 100s of emails - process times out.
  163. printing mailing label without blank line
  164. Display output from Unix shell script as it happens
  165. Looking for test data to populate database
  166. What is the difference between these statements?
  167. php/mySQL form help??
  168. Header and Location
  169. Getting the Where to work in PHP\MYSQL
  170. 2 Simple Questions Re: Replacing echo with database table unit
  171. having problems echoing $Row = mysql_fetch_array($Result); with a for loop
  172. Text Box within PHP Mailer
  173. Not being inserted into MySQL Database...
  174. Parse Error when sending to MySQL database
  175. Problem in deleting multiple rows
  176. will there be results in mysql_query?
  177. Linking to a foxpro database (using dbase)
  178. Why won't include() work inside arrays?
  179. Users Testimonials script needed please....
  180. PHP MyAdmin help please
  181. problem passing uploaded file from page 1 to page 2 in form
  182. is there a way for a function to exec by itself
  183. Submitted Numbers wont show.
  184. register script syntax error
  185. "require" with path syntax?
  186. Switch/Case ... Is this legal?
  187. Checkbox Checked
  188. Cannot redeclare class
  189. PHP and Image Magick
  190. adding mysql results
  191. error unsure
  192. foreach() printing out way to many lines...
  193. including PHP in .html pages
  194. Problem with this
  195. Copy one row from one table to another
  196. XHTML has a problem with include scripts?
  197. apache restricting server access
  198. if else parse error
  199. how do I reload the parent page
  200. Next operator
  201. preg_match & ereg_replace help
  202. Problems with Register Script
  203. Forums - Categories :S
  204. mail function
  205. .fdb fonts not working in swffont()
  206. apache problem
  207. how do I create a check box?
  208. Removing the last and first line of a variable..
  209. Removing all the underscores from a var...
  210. index question
  211. Case sensitive
  212. would session_start() be concidered the first line of code here...
  213. getting a directory path from the user
  214. ODBC buffering
  215. Drop down Menu
  216. Loading file name and file contents to variables from a URL
  217. quick question..
  218. how to chmod a directory, chmod() doesn't work
  219. Sending Mail In PHP, Error (Failed To Receive), what does that mean?
  220. php syntax
  221. want to print in pop up
  222. "Game Confirmation"
  223. Detecting word boundarys in a search
  224. In need of serious help(php and text areas)
  225. getting bandwidth and space used of a subdomain
  226. problems unloading a session
  227. Casino PHP
  228. E-Mail isnt be sent.
  229. Finding the Amount of Lines in a file...
  230. CuteNews PHP Script Error
  231. Profile added via online form
  232. 2 websites, 1 cookie?
  233. print(); problems please read...
  234. PHP file arrived looking like chicken scratch!
  235. Need a little help finding the right script(s)
  236. Opening & inserting text into a file
  237. phpmyadmin install problems..
  238. Posting via headers
  239. Database connection ...?
  240. call a variable from the url?
  241. problem with printing out results from mysql
  242. Login/Register Script
  243. problem with append mode when handling a file...
  244. conversion problem
  245. cannot install phpmyadmin
  246. New for php
  247. inserting sound files to DB
  248. $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] becomes %3C: why?
  249. keeping php sessions alive (+cookies?)
  250. 403 Forbidden Error

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