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  1. email system
  2. Resolved need help understanding line
  3. key & value dissappears
  4. How to make a thumbnail link to a larger image??
  5. Accessing variable in other php docs
  6. adding Tax to the Total in cart
  7. Filtering
  8. how to protect footer copyright from removal?
  9. Check/Validate SSL certificate of external website
  10. Help with PHP PDO
  11. login script not working
  12. Retrieve external div with PHP curl
  13. File contents - honour spaces
  14. Whats more effencient or best way?
  15. safe_mode
  16. Simple WP Plugin Tweak
  17. How to sum Wordpress and Facebook comments
  18. Paginated Data using PHP & MySQL
  19. Assigning value to auto increment variable
  20. Adding Category For PHP Forum Creation?
  21. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in activate.php on line 5
  22. Getting an array into an array
  23. Forcing Function to Return instead of Echo?
  24. A different kind of 'comment' script needed
  25. Some help with user registration pls!!
  26. SmartyValidate filling form values after submission
  27. [closed] Get Users Browser Details
  28. PhpMySQL update tables
  29. 2 state rollover image script
  30. MySQL Query - Counting shouts via user_id
  31. Using mysql_prep() with an array
  32. Possible Site Search Options
  33. Trying to get a specific value from db, for the current page
  34. Login to secured directory with facebook
  35. parsing xml dom from php error
  36. Resolved array_search() for values over a certain number?
  37. Joomla Virtuemart help
  38. Last Modified Date
  39. AJAX calling seemingly random and nonexistent version of a PHP page.
  40. PHP Contact Form not sending Email
  41. Read More in exerpt WordPress
  42. Resolved Creating Cookie Arrays Dynamically
  43. PHP won't work with Firefox
  44. Issues with an index.php
  45. Active Domain Authentication With Webform
  46. Javascript variable placed in php heredoc doesn't work
  47. Strange problem
  48. How to insert multiple checkbox values into one mysql table (field) using php
  49. show the value of (.innerHTML) on the email
  50. disable the "SUBMIT" button until a couple of buttons are pressed first
  51. What are these developed in..
  52. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF
  53. What are the risks of moving a server to enable SSH?
  54. Activation not working
  55. File upload with member login
  56. Swapping Items In A Table
  57. Problem inserting NULL
  58. Resolved changing master value phpinfo
  59. Two languages for one form...
  60. How to find the form in wordpress files...
  61. Hide mt_rand
  62. How to hide elements/outup from users
  63. rename not working, other options?
  64. Help with contact form
  65. how to show image in brower with php
  66. Resolved $_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] with PHP_SELF and GET variable?
  67. Stuck on additional price function
  68. if female is chosen they are to be redirected.... however its not redirecting.
  69. Directory problem
  70. quick question
  71. What is this: base64_decode
  72. cannot get rid of h1 page title
  73. Events Calendar Code not working.
  74. PHP - How to sort the results of this code?
  75. Please help me with some issues with PHP (data extraction)
  76. Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
  77. Picup App Integration
  78. Need help with Picup App Integration
  79. PHP Form to Not Require a Field?
  80. Form With Subdomain and Posting 2 Results?
  81. warning error message.
  82. Unable to select option in dropdownlist.
  83. PHP Mail Problem
  84. IF statement auto submit
  85. problem of showing only the filled in results sent to email
  86. Need Little Help Working File Upload Script
  87. Resolved Undefined index with passing variables in URL
  88. hire php programmer, developer, website designer, php expert, website developments
  89. Wordpress Custom Field Suite
  90. Resolved Get variable for URL
  91. PHP-Multiple Submit Buttons on Page Problem
  92. Rename folders on execute ?
  93. PHP mail transition from Apache to Windows server
  94. Using PHP to check if content exists
  95. Resources in programming a API
  96. PHP Photo Changer
  97. Error - Warning: mysql_fetch_array():
  98. Explain the email function with file attachments concept
  99. URL website.com/v=something
  100. Need Help Adjusting My Columns
  101. Keep getting invalid login when i try to login
  102. Link with two functions?
  103. keys and value for specific _Post
  104. variable doesn't pass
  105. Resolved Date Script going crazy
  106. PHP Random Include Issue
  107. require and constants
  108. How to detect proxies
  109. PDO select
  110. showing wordpress custom fields in php
  111. form to email problem
  112. Increase session lifetime
  113. Giving users own directory
  114. Embed web application into website (spoof?)
  115. Somebody please help
  116. Need a PHP help for my assignment (urgent)
  117. PHP Calling System
  118. Newsletter Script
  119. Trouble with email script
  120. push to session variable overwrites
  121. $this ->
  122. $_SERVER["REDIRECT_STATUS"] to get all headers
  123. A hard for me problem on HTML pattern processing
  124. keeping session active with CURL to navigate to next page w/o getting logged out
  125. Basic User Form with Back End System
  126. How to create csv using importXML (Xpath)
  127. Showing ads only to 20% percent of visitors. Or different ads to another 80% visitors
  128. get file name and image and writes to a file
  129. variable not looping to push to Javascript
  130. syntax error
  131. Magento: Removing <p> tags from the payment_html variable
  132. Check if account is activated
  133. how can we create caluculator in pure php..
  134. Don't bother loading if variable requirements not met
  135. Looking for a very simple php / mysql based image gallery.
  136. error >>> Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  137. Checking if nickname exists in an array
  138. search the files
  139. Add counter to text in simplexml element
  140. Dynamic Links and Google
  141. Adding Two If Considitions (Doing Same Task!!)
  142. Sqlite Help and total_count
  143. Need help with Multi-dimensional Session Array
  144. display data from func
  145. switch between two includes on condition
  146. problem with php code
  147. parse error
  148. Resolved If inside multi array, return array
  149. smartyValidate
  150. Php help [read contents]
  151. passing looped variables to a javascript when page created
  152. Resolved Why is this conditional statement not evaluating like I expect it too?
  153. where/how to put closing div on loop
  154. Check if a date is in the past or future
  155. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' on line 796
  156. Folder Permissions
  157. Splitting a query result into seperate lists.
  158. Looking for opinion
  159. Creating Dynamic Graphs & Charts
  160. Looking for help trying to auto populate ul for image gallery
  161. Stop Multiple Entries on a Flat File
  162. learning to make tree
  163. newbie stuff
  164. Help with $row
  165. Duplicating a drop down based on the pervious drop down
  166. Problem Displaying Twitter in Text Format
  167. Need help understanding the dot "."
  168. Need header before if/looped results
  169. Why do my phpBB sessions reset?
  170. Resolved case sensitivity
  171. thumbnail func help
  172. curl multi, multiple links on webfeed?
  173. RSS problem with xml
  174. Dropdown navigation bar from database
  175. PHP & <iframe> help
  176. select - onchange submit form
  177. Stop <br> From Echoing In Text Field
  178. Incrementing a value on click.
  179. Dolphin 7 - HOW TO: Create a predefined Poll with a php function??
  180. passing string variables from one page to another in php
  181. Resolved Loosing $_Session and $_GET data in the middle of a form
  182. Uploading file without refreshing the page.
  183. Named Anchor to new PHP page Doesn't Work
  184. Difficulty of small project
  185. How is a heredoc commented out (for testing)?
  186. How to get Array key name?
  187. Formatting php mail
  188. POST Problem
  189. What's that? Did somebody try to hack my site?
  190. PHP form redirects before checking input
  191. Resolved Strip Certain BBcode from Post Regex
  192. die function Witch way?
  193. Opening a mysqli connection
  194. connecting to database
  195. send a sms text message via php mail
  196. Can a for loop be put in a heredoc?
  197. Getting the URL out of TD
  198. Download Script Error
  199. xCart - admin static pages missing all text?
  200. Contact form Send to recipent based on selection with a dropdown select box
  201. $_POST for arrays or any other method. Help needed!!
  202. Advice on "Current Bank Amount" needed - Counting..
  203. textarea that is ms word compatible
  204. Passing variable via hyperlink?
  205. remember Me
  206. Resolved Add class to an element if user has submitted form
  207. uploaded imags dont have extensions?
  208. about building a browser game..
  209. Links aren't working under 'echo'
  210. Select input from database not inserting right
  211. How to create empty 3 dimensional array & fill it with nested for loops?
  212. Logging downloads
  213. Help with contact form.
  214. HTML for a movie
  215. Update mysql database when dynamic checkboxes were altered in PHP
  216. WordPress - Menu / Script Display Issue
  217. Piping emails to a backend webmail system
  218. How to show download link after text input
  219. PHP - MySQL query to CSV export
  220. same comment on every status.Please help.
  221. same comment on every comment.Please help.
  222. preparing user input for insertion.
  223. Question! Site Directory Lists Help/Advice
  224. arrange array by value of a key
  225. Pictures not displaying
  226. Javascript works in heredoc, but not when heredoc is put in for loop
  227. Help with a PHP calendar script
  228. mime type error
  229. problem with login.
  230. retrieve information into table.
  231. Magento dashboard menus are not working
  232. Help, searching properties.
  233. Sending email id with php and mysql.
  234. HELP Decode My Script PHP
  235. New to php, need help with contact form please
  236. Loop not Looping!
  237. How to grab the youtube username of currently logged user on youtube.
  238. php get user input for iframe id
  239. php
  240. Please help, a PHP MySQL syntax error
  241. Variable tells me it is not defined
  242. How do I use variables inside a heredoc to tell php to send a string to the browser?
  243. Broken code, strange problems debugging
  244. node/firstchild help!
  245. Asymmetric Encryption Method for Data Stored in DB
  246. CanI Display, Title, Meta and Page ID's Using Database?
  247. Array displays with weird duplicates
  248. Feed Processing Issue.
  249. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  250. Can someone help with me figure out this error

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