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  1. PHP Nightmare........
  2. newbie - returning a string
  3. INSERT INTO statement (php + access)
  4. Help! Firefox header REFRESH not working :(
  5. fopen Creating Whitespace
  6. MySQL tutorial?
  7. Help with a php sig.
  8. Hello need help with 1 line of code
  9. Database Design
  10. printing from mySQL database to html?
  11. Having Problem with phpbb if statement
  12. mysql_pconnect()
  13. Trouble Requiring Fields to be Complete
  14. help with writing to file
  15. PHP updating its own page
  16. php expandable menu
  17. odd var situation
  18. subtract times..
  19. include security issue
  20. Send attachments with php's mail() function?
  21. Hashing
  22. formatting phone number
  23. how to extract domain from email ?
  24. Connecting to an Access Database not located on local server
  25. Query inside Query???
  26. directory indexer - limit to a filetype
  27. Updating multiple records problem: empty varible
  28. just started php need help with submit form
  29. How to embedd player using php
  30. Getting both image display and intended from address in email?
  31. i'm having problems with erigie...
  32. Checking if directory exists & the permissions?
  33. execution run time error
  34. Set Register Globals ON on a mac
  35. how to sum days to date() ?
  36. cURL and Fsockopen are not POSTing
  37. stylesheet changing... or not
  38. strip/add slashes
  39. PHP preg_match Question
  40. Parse Error
  41. Putting this array into a text file
  42. Can anyone give me the low-down on session handling?
  43. PHP SQL Query For Search - HELP
  44. IP limiting question
  45. $db["prefix"] versus $prefix
  46. php help
  47. changing page names and GET method
  48. String (regular expression) help
  49. Install on Windows 2003 Server
  50. Makin my script work for as much as it likes,without worrin about max excecution time
  51. Login Check with PHP / MYSQL
  52. Advanced Return References
  53. PHP Reorder Script
  54. Php- Gtk
  55. Need syntax help...
  56. auto-bumping script
  57. simple question about the eval() function
  58. mailform - email address validation problem
  59. Zend optimizer
  60. mySiteOnCD
  61. Displaying Option name not value using POST
  62. regex for underscore
  63. Find text in a file
  64. Reading in file as binary data
  65. make eregi_ reconize special chars
  66. Super newbie question on for loops
  67. Best way to start developing PHP?
  68. getting fopen HTTP scrapes to print to screen successively
  69. hiding PHP
  70. Any scripters out there...
  71. PHP and time
  72. php alter table
  73. PHP Transfer
  74. externally retrieving data from php generated list
  75. One link is eluding my regex for hyperlinks
  76. Form / Form Input Help, Inserting images into a form
  77. functions?
  78. Problems Updateing MySQL Database from file
  79. Script Running Slowly
  80. Help with PHP Deleting
  81. I need help with PHP and XML
  82. PHP Array
  83. accessing 2 databases
  84. download more than one file at a time
  85. How to retrieve text/line from same page
  86. Image "Getter"
  87. Using an include - beginner question!
  88. Help converting string to array
  89. Using phpbb login/logout links on other pages.
  90. Array of random, unique integers
  91. Page Browsing with MySQL - Effeciency
  92. [OOP] Trying to build generic query classes
  93. Converting Microsoft Word special character prior to submitting to the MySQL
  94. unsetting variables within functions
  95. PHP Script Question
  96. Calandar
  97. Clicking of an image sends you to your e-mail.
  98. array_search, not working...
  99. Why aren't my whitespace being trimmed?
  100. Form issue
  101. value format
  102. "blah.php?=" type of links in PHP
  103. JPEG Thumbnails not showing
  104. splitting up arrays
  105. PHP mail() headers
  106. Anyone know where to find this type of script?
  107. Php template prevention
  108. Install Problem
  109. Adding MySQL Values together?
  110. Linking Includes
  111. The PHP WTF
  112. PHP Image Resizing
  113. <title>PHP query here?</title>
  114. Stumped... foreach returning correct value in file but problems?
  115. Breaking Up Strings
  116. Help with maths game scoring
  117. syntax error in upload script
  118. split string at last '/'
  119. Fatal error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency?
  120. T_variable
  121. How To Find Time Conflicts
  122. send mail problem
  123. Editting Multiple Files..
  124. User database integration/Single login
  125. registration server communication?
  126. ( # Viewing )
  127. Stupid random mysql_result error. HELP
  128. PHP and Javascript
  129. Issues related to download
  130. $REQUEST_URI on 404 page
  131. pregmatch
  132. php Mysql question
  133. PHP/MySQL (Create News Syetem) tutorial
  134. PHP Login page with registration
  135. Send Mail Help
  136. Vdaemon troubles
  137. PHP Books
  138. how to assign the task
  139. is there a way to randomise CSS ?
  140. Reading from text file line by line
  141. Emails not deleted while using imap
  142. Globals Problem
  143. session problem
  144. Problem with Regular Expression
  145. Asymmetrical Encryption
  146. Stuck with logon script using cookies
  147. Same PHP file one dispays, one throws an error
  148. Header("Content-Type: image/png") neccassary?
  149. Filling variables from a PDF. (Major project)
  150. Problem With PHP Custom 404
  151. Problems displaying results from SQL in 2 columns
  152. problem with this script, cant figure it out can you?
  153. Showing the output of another page?
  154. mail function
  155. problem with tables in PHP and Mysql
  156. redirecting after a few seconds
  157. insert into DB multiple selections
  158. another mail function problem grr
  159. Error driving me nuts - Warning: mysql_result(): Unable to jump to row
  160. system call
  161. script install problem
  162. Write in a file then redirect
  163. htaccess rewrite
  164. Help retrieving Array values
  165. open_image_file no longer works
  166. Session problem
  167. Parse Error
  168. is this the best way to go about this kinda of program?
  169. Checkbox and cookies
  170. Mail sending problem
  171. I need a project
  172. help
  173. short code syntax
  174. Out of my depth on PHP formmail?
  175. i cant see an error , can u?
  176. qq() function in PHP?
  177. Can anyone recommend a good PHP tutorial?
  178. Googlebot Alerts
  179. Grabbing info from third party sites
  180. Zip Attachments
  181. entering text into field using mouse clicks
  182. Does DB have to be full text for this kind of search query?
  183. Problem didplaying MySQL data
  184. sending emails with attachments in php
  185. PHP Page Errors
  186. could someone please explain this sentence?
  187. mysql_connect in php, when to?
  188. foreach statement
  189. Search.. NOT IN HTML of Page
  190. Sequential MySQL with PHP/HTML fails when spaces are invloved
  191. Problem with this..
  192. spreadsheet
  193. How to get the URL?
  194. Write and Replace?
  195. datediff
  196. PHP XML Parser help!
  197. Sending mail - Multiple recipients
  198. Outputting p tags with regex
  199. Asp To Php ???
  200. Making a small page
  201. Need help with DreamWeaver buttons
  202. $$ variable
  203. Prevent caching of a page with PHP?
  204. Seating chart / workstation location
  205. Pointers?
  206. Duplicate entry error
  207. Image upload script. Problem with image size & Ext
  208. Getting A Price Range
  209. Install Question
  210. HTML form + php script + <not> Konqurer browser fails
  211. show image if user is logged in
  212. Converting Javascript to PHP
  213. Learning to start PHP and MySql Development
  214. Multiple Replaces
  215. replacing characters in a string
  216. Seeing whose viewing your site
  217. Email form
  218. removing an array entry in the middle of an array
  219. special string replacing...
  220. date question
  221. Displaying database data over X No. of pages (PHP help)
  222. sessions not persisting inside an iframe
  223. Sending mail through loop
  224. uploaded file not the correct mime-type?
  225. html form for php script needed
  226. directory structure
  227. form output with "save file as" .doc
  228. Small error I can't figure out
  229. Server to Server FTP using PHP?
  230. Total Noob Question
  231. Premade PHP Form Help
  232. Registered Globals
  233. posting to text files
  234. How to check whether a value equals 0?
  235. Enable HTTPS
  236. Session PHP Bug
  237. Storing MySQL result set in session
  238. Account creation with php and cpanel
  239. open_basedir variable
  240. Coding in & out of <php ?>
  241. System Analysis for Newsletter
  242. include a .php with a variable set in the URL
  243. Form
  244. Shoutbox code.
  245. Echo'ing to a single string
  246. Need some help with Forms
  247. Implementing error 404 element in php
  248. array_multisort only works once.
  249. PHP Equivilent to Javas break;
  250. simple write form data to SQL and run script question

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