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  1. "faking" a form
  2. header(Status: ... ) shows nothing.
  3. Php help
  4. PHP Regular Expressions
  5. mail attachment, mime, content typing
  6. Using PHP to read SITEMETER's "Who's online" - Possible??
  7. Updating with blank fields
  8. session persistence
  9. in_array help
  10. phpbb admin
  11. using sessions to log in/logout
  12. Some newbie "best practices" questions
  13. Confused about proper application of sessions.
  14. email attachments / psuedo-upload
  15. Adding links under user info
  16. PHPDEV: how would I install PEAR?
  17. Cookies
  18. A php music player
  19. Organizing Selected data
  20. phpbb
  21. how to create a subfolder then create a file in the subfolder
  22. How to allow users to select different stylesheets?
  23. Sort Multi-Dimensional Array
  24. Script Requets
  25. Changing text color in php?
  26. Bypassing browser autoplay for download.
  27. Happy New Year
  28. Does this PHP function really work
  29. anything wrong with this script
  30. What wrong with my PHP code?
  31. readdir poblem
  32. PHP url/ link questions
  33. Help with "Include" script
  34. Echo title in <title> tag
  35. creating text files using php
  36. Dispayed data as link?
  37. htaccess login inside php code?
  38. Debugging Code: How do I get PHP to output the errors?
  39. File downloads that hide the URL using PHP
  40. Php forum
  41. w+and w
  42. PHP Function and Arrary question
  43. php date is strange
  44. anyway to get the higheset id in mysql
  45. imap_fetchstructure() not working on localhost
  46. Yahoo style directory
  47. DHTML SoThink Menu Maker with PHP
  48. One more thing with regex
  49. stripping characters from a filename
  50. emails.....sending them from a server that doesn't allow smtp
  51. Show database entriesfor today
  52. Stringing together checkbox results
  53. Standard IMAP/POP3 server?
  54. Installing phpbb with phpdev
  55. logon to admin page
  56. using php to chmod
  57. session id showing in links
  58. Regex nightmare...first timer!
  59. Looking for PHP email script
  60. searching a text file
  61. PHP Exploit - Notice
  62. Problem with foreach
  63. passing values of form to popup window
  64. Picture width and height
  65. Reduce number to 2 decimal places
  66. Regular expression
  67. explode and spacing issue
  68. displaying links in a table
  69. reading ismap tags & POST data
  70. ImageHosting
  71. what this means
  72. Weird HTML Format. "=" at end of lines that overflow?
  73. session problem
  74. Making URLs Dynamically
  75. Can't get on www.******.net/admin.php
  76. Javascript variable to PHP variable
  77. guestbook headaches
  78. Using header to submit form
  79. chmod problem
  80. PGP encryption
  81. Force Download Header
  82. Form Processing and such
  83. form question
  84. Photo sharing type sites -- possible with php?
  85. how can i make configuration using form
  86. php and javascript array combination problem
  87. mail() not receiving variables
  88. $REQUEST_URI Works on one server, not the other...
  89. Testing PHP on a personal computer.
  90. File reading Help
  91. auto select from database
  92. Adding bulk uploader to my site
  93. spider detection?
  94. Download and Redirection
  95. A way of doing GetCatInfo(5)[category_name]
  96. mail function
  97. Replace "&" with "and"
  98. desperate still can't match info
  99. strange form post problem
  100. how do i get PHP4 to print passed array variables?
  101. Help!
  102. PHP help with fclose():, fread():, & fclose();
  103. coding problem
  104. PHP and Directories
  105. Guestbook repost when refresh
  106. Displaying Info, but need limit...
  107. Help!
  108. Chat Script Help
  109. Filter after login page?
  110. using "for" inside of a string
  111. String search and replace
  112. special chars problem
  113. template system question
  114. PHP Script needed
  115. Installing php5 and mysql 4.1 on IIS
  116. Formatting text for strings contained in variables...
  117. Using $_POST instead of $_GET
  118. This will not work...Password matching, login
  119. using template in php
  120. strange validation problem
  121. php validation code not working right....
  122. Need database query help...
  123. adding value to existing value in db?
  124. how to write this preg_match
  125. Auction Logic?
  126. dropdown problems
  127. PHPnuke won't work
  128. preg_match problem or rather regular expression problem
  129. webpage sections...
  130. curl/php ~ multiple pages...
  131. variable within a variable
  132. retaining form values
  133. Count Number of Different entries in db
  134. Destroying Sessions W/ Mozilla
  135. Winamp plugin
  136. php-help.net
  137. what's wrong with my email PHP
  138. Order by time, group by date?
  139. Skip to Second Line of Text File (fopen/fread)
  140. Is It important to Install an Apache server to be able to run php
  141. hmmm, length of an essay
  142. Help would be very welcome.
  143. Escaping \ properly in database insertation
  144. PayPal & PHP?
  145. problem adding + 1 to a var
  146. Clock And Auto-Detecting Frame Changing
  147. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  148. redirect in php
  149. Recommend CMS system
  150. database problem
  151. anything wrong with this script
  152. How can I read OSX system files with PHP
  153. Is transferring data from a .txt file to a .php file possible?
  154. Upload Script & Renaming File?
  155. Need Help With My php signature,
  156. can anybody offer a good validation of username and email
  157. PHP equivalent to javascript:history.back(-1)?
  158. Firefox image errors and PHP
  159. uses for PHP.....
  160. Delete Directorty
  161. Array question
  162. Help with PHP Date function
  163. Parsing File...
  164. dropdown
  165. list files not folders in webpage
  166. Downloads from a server
  167. [OOP] Quick Constructor Question
  168. creating forums without mySQL
  169. PHP mysql search problem
  170. Problem of extracting data
  171. sorting a multidimensional array
  172. redirection in php again
  173. sessions
  174. str_split type results with 4.3.9
  175. Help with Authorize.net AIM script
  176. dumb question about 'cron like' programming
  177. Need Help Please
  178. Remaining in index whilst changing content
  179. what is wrong with this script
  180. session problem
  181. addslashes and strip slashes
  182. redirection in php
  183. Script..
  184. mysqldump question
  185. anything wrong with this code
  186. time file was uploaded
  187. changing php into html
  188. return in function
  189. problem about admin session login
  190. What can PHP do for me?
  191. A weird problem between XHTML and PHP
  192. Expiration - Need a Simple Solution
  193. simple form question
  194. Referencing varaibles
  195. Can't find php binary on Linux Mdk 10.0
  196. cookie only sets if script executed in root?
  197. Newbie question
  198. email
  199. Simplify short script
  200. what's wrong with this?
  201. Having some problems getting the XMLDOM to work, does anyone have a test script?
  202. Not all results being inserted in database... PHP problem?
  203. iframe target problem
  204. Free Shopping Cart
  205. Is it possible to create several dynamic region in one html file?
  206. Removing ' from a name
  207. Download Problems
  208. Seeing if variable exists
  209. Help to change dropdown code in oscommerce
  210. If...elseif syntax, form passing variables (or not)
  211. is it possible
  212. More work with delimiters
  213. How to explode this line correctly?
  214. Problem with [code] tags...
  215. Interpreting CSS Tags As XML
  216. Newbie: Read tutorials. Now where to?
  217. Advice: verifying that I'm doing this correctly
  218. Email address, name and all that in a certain format ;)
  219. Having problems with a sorting script (w/MySQL)
  220. Passing variables using get
  221. problem calling one php script from another
  222. Problems with yahoo rss feeds - ???
  223. mysql question and others
  224. i am finding difficulty to do a preview function
  225. configure variables
  226. Fantasy Soccer
  227. Parsing PHP contained in a string.
  228. Problem submitting the form to itself
  229. any ideas on pm system
  230. Securing php.ini in webroot
  231. what is the difference between these two variables?
  232. problem of validating form using php
  233. any tips on php security issues
  234. randomising and centrelising some quotes
  235. creating files
  236. Interesting CMS Question
  237. Need Help On My Virtual Pet Site!!
  238. Combining variable names
  239. Don't know quite what to call this...
  240. Removing all rows from a table
  241. Removing all whitespace from string
  242. problem with crypted password
  243. Maximum execution time
  244. the paging problem make me crazy
  245. PHP: is there a way to find what page a variable was defined?
  246. PHP Newbie
  247. Help setting up phpnuke
  248. Benefits of PHP?
  249. problem with paging again
  250. unknown error - SIMPLE php script too!

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