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  1. User Login and Sessions with mySQL
  2. HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
  3. trouble updating table
  4. createimagefromjpeg
  5. How to return limited no. of records
  6. Optimising sql access in scripts
  7. PHP script to windows Ldap
  8. count up
  9. new line
  10. Funktion like glob() !
  11. PHP Login check
  12. How to truncate a string and add ellipses
  13. Version Matching
  14. Email form
  15. problems with for loop and while loop
  16. Login script
  17. * as wildcard in string
  18. How to re-direct using php (without using header('Location:)
  19. Printing
  20. unlink(file.zip) while >> downloading
  21. drop down, iframe and safari
  22. index
  23. trying to make mysql_query work
  24. php color test bar
  25. insert email address from table into link
  26. Setting permissions
  27. horizontal images
  28. displaying database contents on another url
  29. Creating a forum: adding links and images
  30. Alternative to submitting a form
  31. Read directory of remote folder?
  32. phpdev Problem
  33. Error while uploading file
  34. need guide on how to send emails
  35. Problem with Template i made
  36. Smarty Error
  37. echo not working correctly
  38. Turning PHP arrays into Java arrays
  39. cutenews
  40. php shuffle dilemma
  41. Javascript and PHP querying MYSql
  42. Online validation of php?
  43. trying to code some form of bin
  44. PHP+How do I prevent users from refreshing?
  45. login and the back button
  46. move_uploaded_file fails with SSL folders
  47. passwords and md5
  48. error if row dosen't exist
  49. $_POST, $_GET, or sessions????
  50. Slashes
  51. Need Help with writing info to a text file
  52. phpize for win32
  53. using the root before a link to locate from any subdirectory
  54. Searching for a file?
  55. Read a text file
  56. php redirect if ip address not known
  57. Site Navigation... ARG!
  58. Image buttons disappear on mouseover in IE...
  59. more array problem
  60. Write a banned IP to a .htaccess file
  61. Pass variables between Pages using PHP
  62. [HELP] Advanced Character Analising
  63. Same words on page turn bold?
  64. Comparing Username & Password to a .txt file
  65. latest posts to change content
  66. preventing multiple voting in polls
  67. $_GET question
  68. Query Strings; Safe?
  69. run query in .sql file
  70. [SOLVED] $_GET i need some help
  71. clicking submit vs. hitting return key in form
  72. input into a shopping cart
  73. Need help modifying random image script to pull from sub-directories as well...
  74. date / time
  75. session problem
  76. division of two sums
  77. complicated passing variables (using pictures)
  78. sending emails
  79. "GD" Image Generation
  80. help stopping user error.
  81. Mssql
  82. script using 400 requests per second...?wha...
  83. ***Solved*** Help with rounding decimal
  84. Determining file types on the server
  85. query help
  86. Passing form variables through multiple forms and then inserting them into a database
  87. Trying to display a complex query in php
  88. select count
  89. Show blog posts as links
  90. Visitor ip grabber
  91. 'Security' For a Tagboard
  92. Edit & Delete on Dynamic Row's
  93. Small game with PHP and MySQL
  94. Help with Getting Rid of Whitespace
  95. Programming Form Entry ID's
  96. Permissions Issue
  97. Good Tutorials Script
  98. Reading from file.txt
  99. Inserting Mysql query (image) into html table?
  100. PHP - download multiple text files by submitting an html form
  101. Simple email form
  102. Alphabet menu type deal (**lol**)
  103. Again, and again, Problems with dropdown menu
  104. A php noob looking for some help!
  105. register gloabals ON or OFF
  106. Echoing html + php function
  107. Problems with dates.
  108. Simple foreach, please help
  109. $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] and udm4 menu
  110. Extremely urgent help needed regarding direct file access
  111. Static pages
  112. PHP + auto redirect if user refreshes page?
  113. Output php code to colored HTML?
  114. questions about array
  115. get or post
  116. Text Area Help
  117. Double insert in MySQL
  118. Can php make perl form mail more secure?
  119. Ordering the index of array elements
  120. str_replace vs str_ireplace
  121. Regex help
  122. login
  123. sending a PHP array
  124. PHP not passing dynamic info to external shopping cart
  125. php sendmail script error
  126. visualizing IP address
  127. Delete anything not alphanumeric
  128. Creating ( Edit - Delete - Change Cat. ) in my Image Gallery
  129. Status Bar
  130. Pop3 and Fsockopen
  131. Help with Formmail Script
  132. Adding information to a variable
  133. Cookies with sessions
  134. search
  135. special characters in php mail()
  136. News publisher adding a slash before quotes...
  137. filectime help
  138. Possible to select a random table?
  139. .htaccess and logging in
  140. Desktop Pic Client Side
  141. Session question
  142. display results into tables
  143. count up script modification
  144. descending order
  145. Checking textboxes
  146. run php code from a text file being read
  147. PHP Script Help!
  148. problems with chmod()
  149. Newbie - Attempts to write to a db.
  150. Search array wont work
  151. Rewrite Problems
  152. Can one submit button perform 2 actions?
  153. Using php & mysql for ipbanning problem
  154. php, .htaccess, fopen, encryption
  155. $_FILES['fieldName']['tmp_name'] empty for certain file types
  156. installer help
  157. How do I email my array on one line?
  158. PHP Script for FAQ
  159. Easy Font Color question
  160. Login area and Protected Pages Directory
  161. Referring URL
  162. htmlentities second parameter
  163. form question please help
  164. Line break mess?
  165. pagination debug help
  166. include paths
  167. Includes Problem
  168. Chat using php
  169. php include and echo
  170. Problems with dropdown menu
  171. calling php from javascript
  172. Contact form... HELP
  173. Script for browsing WAP pages needed
  174. Sorting rows alphabetically.
  175. php query problem..
  176. time(); showing wrong time?
  177. Links to Anchors in a PHP page
  178. Using the split function
  179. Pspell acting funky
  180. Changing File Names
  181. Comparing dates
  182. PLEASE HELP! Problem with displaying a single row.
  183. Parsing strings as PHP
  184. imageTTFtext spacing
  185. problem with rows
  186. Maximum execution time
  187. Referrer bounce page
  188. Looking to learn PHP
  189. Use a already defined variable in a function
  190. PHP for content management?
  191. Creating anonymous threads?
  192. PHP 4.3.10 to 5.X
  193. anything wrong with this code
  194. trouble inserting words into date()
  195. Adding text to text file as uploading?
  196. simple CMS/e-commerce solution
  197. phpMyAdmin config
  198. Adding Coloums from Rows?
  199. XML data view
  200. How to store the result of a virtual() include in a variable
  201. Trouble passing variable through url
  202. variable assigning question...
  203. my personal login script
  204. Secure Online Area
  205. open_basedir restriction for upload script
  206. pop up
  207. md5
  208. nested echo?
  209. link management script for sidebar???
  210. just'a variable
  211. can't use single quotes in echo with htmlentities??
  212. headers and a bit of PHP code to display a page
  213. MySQL_query errors...
  214. mcrypt algorithm questions
  215. Problem setting id to a variable...
  216. Can't post data to MySQL DB using certain fields
  217. PHP-Nuke Theme Problems
  218. looking for game to host
  219. Save selected values when 'onchange' event happens
  220. PHP Newbie - Concise Conditional help
  221. PHP SESSIONS; Members Login Security
  222. $_POST variables are always empty
  223. POST through headers
  224. Submit button
  225. simple form question
  226. Viewing Database Info (# value) on radio buttons?
  227. small quiz problem - please help :o)
  228. Need help understanding source of file
  229. Simple image gallery
  230. Problem understanding where file is being generated
  231. plz help?
  232. redirecting to another page
  233. why can't I have 2 while(list...
  234. php, outputting sql result
  235. Need help creating links and pages
  236. Inserting emails into a database
  237. PHP, Include() and Tables Problem
  238. Directory listing - I need a step by step guide please.
  239. Script Problem
  240. changing url...
  241. Addslashes() all that is needed?
  242. comment page help
  243. remembering usernames
  244. What Product Display Script is this ? Does a Similar Pre-Paid Solution Exists ?
  245. Check for cookie to see if logged in
  246. php number sequence - range?
  247. form post insert into mysql
  248. Is this the best (short/secure) way to validate users?
  249. Event calendar
  250. Is there a script for getting book price from online stores

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