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  1. combining variables
  2. triple database combobox / chained selector
  3. Saving current time in variable
  4. Multidimensional arrays
  5. Shell
  6. session_start .... now pages randomly not loading??
  7. Dynamically populating one dropdown menu, from value selected in another dropdown
  8. Help Creating Chart
  9. show existing data from mysql problem!
  10. Can't find error--help
  11. Can someone please check this script to make sure it's alright?
  12. Cannot Send Session Cookie Error
  13. connecting to mysql database
  14. passing values from html <input> to php mail()
  15. How to separate records retreived into different pages
  16. Please help with characters
  17. Form submit via link - values not saved...
  18. String Line returns
  19. What does this mean?
  20. save entire form to session? [RESOLVED]
  21. Use PHP to take data out of a spreadsheet
  22. Array Help
  23. INSERT INTO Statement error....???[Resolved}
  24. Write data from DB to txt file
  25. PHP+matching items in Mysql
  26. Tricky Situation
  27. Dynamic Word document generation
  28. referrer
  29. Uploading in Internet Explorer
  30. session variable is lost
  31. Finding IP address
  32. Function help
  33. Errors with a delete file script
  34. Phpzor (NOT SOLVED)
  35. Passing variables between js and php
  36. Write to text file/spreadsheet
  37. mysql_query on 2 db ...
  38. Lots of coding....shoutcast, php, assign something to IP..
  39. Help with preg_replace
  40. more strange phpdev results
  41. generating a html page for each image in a gallery
  42. click tracking...sorta
  43. how to add two YYYY-MM-DD format dates properly????
  44. session variables with cookies switched off
  45. Getting the unix time from a date?
  46. searching help
  47. Aaah! I'm trying to design a CMS and can't get it to connect to database!
  48. image GD functions, truecolor and palette color count
  49. BBcode tags with optional parameters!
  50. Timed event in PHP?
  51. php://input example
  52. New and never PHP'd
  53. PHP Viewable as Rendered Page in Dreamweaver?
  54. random numbers
  55. PHP - Getting Ranked Users from DB
  56. Cause 403 error using PHP
  57. Getting Function Arguments
  58. Check if file was uploaded without move
  59. "Remember my prefrence" cookie.
  60. File writing problem
  61. Pointers, Strings, Resources, OH MY!
  62. Php help searching string
  63. odbc connect script for mysql
  64. Please explain this behavior of unserialize
  65. Upload file, problem with the sign
  66. A Tree From a Database
  67. How To Use IF OR -Is it possible?
  68. Desktop
  69. Parse Error
  70. Error?
  71. Simple Question- Retrieve Last DB Insert ID
  72. sessions & Firefox
  73. PHP Help greatfully appreciated :) (challenging)
  74. adding days to a drop down
  75. PHP script installation
  76. Firefox disregarding header content type
  77. PHPDEV Problem[Resolved]
  78. newbie display help
  79. Another Problem
  80. 5 unique random number in an array
  81. Date Drop Down Menu?
  82. mail() without sendmail?
  83. ban IP adress
  84. Getting value from alternate website
  85. Replace Record In .dbf
  86. " ' and ? issues ...
  87. Sorting arrays by value
  88. Signup
  89. script modify
  90. Firebird Help
  91. select records in between dates
  92. XML doc in the body of a HTTP POST
  93. Uptime
  94. Mcrypt not decrypting the first eight characters
  95. EMail not run on Server
  96. mysql: AUTO_INCREMENT
  97. A mysql_fetch_array error :(
  98. A question of CMS Proformance
  99. php.ini gurus - session setup?
  100. Strange problem with frames and login script
  101. Whitespace on login
  102. help image and gd
  103. Session Problems
  104. Paragraph breaks in a textarea for blog
  105. Music Streaming
  106. javascript and phpdev4
  107. traversing tables
  108. help: mt_rand strange behaviour
  109. Generating Tigra DHTML navigation menu items syntax from DB
  110. associative arrays
  111. preg_replace() Help
  112. multiple select box
  113. fgetcsv string delimiter issues
  114. Is this a stupid way to do this... (iframe substitute)
  115. Dynamic PDF creation
  116. emailing chunk of HTML from mySQL database
  117. cant get in the files array
  118. image compression and mime-type from WordML
  119. Encryption for sending Credit Card Numbers via Email
  120. Not Displaying Query results.
  121. Helpy, my (FS) site, www.mexico31.com is stuck
  122. Helpy, my (FS) site, www.mexico31.com is stuck
  123. Renaming upload files
  124. Converying old dates
  125. Array help!
  126. Php Parse Error Problem
  127. Problem with login info verify
  128. Converting Strings to Numbers
  129. shoutbox iframe,,
  130. Dropdown menu with multiple email, anyone?
  131. can anyone help to explain srand
  132. Style Code In Guestbook
  133. E-Shop Help
  134. rename()
  135. How to separate pages using php?
  136. mySQL and PHP question
  137. php form action
  138. Upload photo module not runs online
  139. isset() with javascript
  140. Session Using Cookies?
  141. SQL error
  142. Query problem
  143. egold automation
  144. [SOLVED] Advanced Poll modding question.
  145. Vaule / Question might be really easy
  146. single quote in GET variable -- help! [solved, please delete!]
  147. Alternative to remote FTP
  148. after set style is done.... looking to set LANG
  149. Here's a tricky one...
  150. Include problem
  151. Re-use chunks of code?
  152. number and letter generator
  153. Align left in PHP
  154. Reg RPC
  155. is_file() or file_exists() - URL
  156. read more link
  157. questions about good php database design
  158. Possible to fopen() URLs asynchronously?
  159. Extracting comments from a JPG
  160. word limit
  161. php error
  162. Upload script won't exceed 2MB.
  163. echo an image
  164. Fixed
  165. Php Help-Getting files
  166. Very noobish problem...
  167. How would i add a edit feature to my script?
  168. exec causes a CGI Error
  169. Arcade!!!
  170. Convert date without a timestamp
  171. Error: session extension does not consider global variables as a source of data
  172. adding an arcade to a forum...
  173. Adding a title field to a very simple PHP script
  174. mysql display [help!!!]
  175. getenv(HTTP_REFERER)
  176. confused, preg_replace...
  177. drop down from data base
  178. problem with doing two queries inside of the same if statement
  179. Email sender.
  180. phpdev question
  181. Php Help-Upload
  182. PHP Gallery HELP
  183. Read Data
  184. How to send attachment Through EMAIL
  185. Reading data from Text Files and store in variables?
  186. php include
  187. Calling a Javascript function in PHP
  188. PHP template won't redirect bogus pages to error 404
  189. How can I create a login using a .txt or .csv file?
  190. insert data
  191. populating select boxes on the basis of the choices
  192. FCKEditor for CMS
  193. How to Read Data from Excel file, and store in variables
  194. How To Make Directory
  195. click counter
  196. Plz Help me
  197. Online Payments way?
  198. Storing Images in DB
  199. Troubles installing PHP.
  200. count function doubling
  201. Include problem.
  202. array question
  203. imagefilledrectange coordinates
  204. Authentication issue
  205. One case not working in my if thens - please help
  206. Read ID3 information in different directory
  207. popup - $referrer losing focus
  208. how to make a layout database?
  209. dynamic
  210. How can I avoid an iframe to be called directly?
  211. Resize breaks image when included.
  212. chmod()?
  213. Limiting number of entries displayed
  214. about mail() function
  215. cookie does not last for long...
  216. Replace certain parts of page based on form input
  217. echo Auto Execute
  218. graphing survey results
  219. display number with leading zeros
  220. something is wrong :(
  221. Form Layout
  222. phpbb style
  223. PHP "print" not generating output
  224. currency conversion in a string
  225. i need your serious help on using php to do ssl
  226. Pear php: getting next id in mysql db
  227. Adnet service : out.php proble :(
  228. removing a record from a result set - SESSIONS?
  229. php file uploader
  230. Problem w/ HTML form
  231. PHP, Localhost and Apache 2.0
  232. RegEx help
  233. Question about mysql_query format
  234. PHP Syntax Highlighting
  235. Language Translation
  236. Generate page by image
  237. session/header problem...
  238. creating an image
  239. Urgent: Site takes higher loading time.....
  240. Script Problem
  241. PHP redirect script PLZ HELP ME
  242. Pagination in Php ?
  243. Php Send Mail
  244. ANy one help me plzzzzzzzz
  245. Parse Error on line that doesnt exsist
  246. problem with selecting database
  247. "File Tree" using Select Box(s)
  248. Using $_GET to pass on values.
  249. Deny access to page from external links
  250. determine if directory content is file or folder?

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