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  1. Auto Resizing Pages?
  2. Best Way To Use PHP To Find Absolute Path Of Img Src?
  3. HELP! upload multiple files.
  4. Problem with Search Function
  5. PHP Help
  6. include problems
  7. superglobals vs registered globals
  8. i need a script look here for deatails
  9. PHP Forum?
  10. Text placed in between Astericks's formatting
  11. Getting # of errors from a dynamically generated table
  12. can someone make me something?
  13. Can some help me make a mail system for a pet game?
  14. 1 item intangible service shopping cart
  15. PHP forms overlapping
  16. mail() function and security
  17. Source code reader?
  18. How to count records from a table in php
  19. is this function correct?
  20. Generating A Variable From Other Variables
  21. Show Last Upload - Script Needed
  22. ftp_put() problems
  23. Checking POP mail in PHP?
  24. XSLT for a dynamicaly generated xml php page
  25. Passing a variable from HTML listbox
  26. PHP Parse Error
  27. IF Statement for Radio button
  28. Run PHP on stand alone system
  29. How to implement Paypal Option in my shopping cart
  30. how to count items in a shopping cart
  31. php email form handler
  32. google.com search button
  33. Attach Text as a Text File Using Mail() ?
  34. Shared memory with PHP and C
  35. Function Problem
  36. Parsing XML with PHP
  37. Submit form not redirecting
  38. Php form output to email
  39. Function parameters passed by pointer or copied ?
  40. Making a style switcher automatically...
  41. *Simple* Mail Script
  42. Split
  43. Alternative to ob_start();
  44. Planning a personal PHP website
  45. Display info in textfield from previous page...
  46. if field not present, replace it
  47. php mail() function with "Received: (from apache@localhost)" regarded as spam
  48. Login System Problem
  49. how can i get localpath with php?
  50. asp to php
  51. php urlencode different from Googles urlencoding?
  52. php compiler for windows
  53. PHP Encryption Techniques???
  54. beginners help with opening MySQL
  55. mysql connection error
  56. array_intersect
  57. Adding blocks of text with <<< TEST
  58. Making a PHP CGI script for autoresponder and CC Mail
  59. Pre-populating a text area and line breaks
  60. Which CMS?
  61. Deleting a file in PHP help!
  62. Undefined Inex Error???
  63. PHP + Access (Offline) ?
  64. get file size?
  65. Sending Form To Email
  66. file upload through flash button
  67. array question
  68. Triming the end of a filename??
  69. how to use php backup and restore mysql
  70. Error Catching?
  71. Updating Database Tables
  72. PHP Upload and Display
  73. line breaks
  74. What's the best way to debug PHP code?
  75. Magic quotes?
  76. Any "Smarty" guy, please help me deal with this smarty problem
  77. Unusual Error: Cannot use assign-op operators with overloaded objects nor string...
  78. mysql_fetch_array VS mysql_fetch_assoc
  79. Gathering data from a dynamically generated table
  80. functions / global / $_SESSION
  81. Sessions and Security ?
  82. Showing status of file upload
  83. Style in PHP
  84. How to secure the site
  85. Search feature in Shopping cart
  86. Back Button On Shopping Cart
  87. Array length
  88. how to check username?
  89. list of files in a directory put into an array and remove underscores
  90. [solved sort of] php contact form problem
  91. Updates with empty values
  92. Interesting Question on MATCH () AGAINST
  93. Not showing the day ?
  94. Stripping user input
  95. How To Determine Whether substring in string A = substring in string B?
  96. Help with hiding img tag
  97. Phpmail Question?
  98. Interger command
  99. checkbox values & foreach
  100. Need help with checkboxes
  101. php src for iframe nav??
  102. Once again.. Array problems...
  103. exec() problem with shoutcast
  104. Odd database query error
  105. include problem.
  106. Noob needs help!
  107. Large Data Field Display Problem
  108. how to send same message to more than one person using php
  109. %20 I need spaces {resolved}
  110. How to upload my Personal Website?
  111. does this have something to do with sessions (posted code with errors)
  112. Toggle $_REQUEST
  113. Paging Logic help!!!
  114. Excluding Expired Dates SOLVED
  115. Posting information back to previous page
  116. Gallery Help
  117. php include :\
  118. Need help with URL encoding
  119. using & inside GET variable
  120. Simple Problem - Warning: Page has Expired...?
  121. pagination/alternating color rows
  122. best way to log out
  123. Should I Use Pear with PHP?
  124. new game has problem
  125. cURL & XML
  126. include URL using windows PHP
  127. Search Works, Issues with ID
  128. Opening Files and Directories
  129. Depending on the URL
  130. $_POST my butt
  131. sending email with php on IIS
  132. WYSIWYG Web Editor
  133. whats wrong with this? can't use / \ " ' (need fix?)
  134. Project: XpressBoard (Forum Software) Help Wanted
  135. how to get a .swf file from a array with sequentially
  136. Having problem in Displaying output
  137. Database info in popup
  138. Getting PHP/SQL search to work
  139. javascript tree and php
  140. Manipulating URLS
  141. Mail Script Error
  142. Need help configuring php script
  143. Still need help w/ Searching
  144. problem inserting data into a table...
  145. Searching for a daily menu script
  146. Form Validation Question
  147. filemtime Running Incredibly Slow
  148. Link to pop-up window not working right
  149. Sorting html with php with regular expressions.
  150. Why is this bold?
  151. Is It Possible To Use PHP To Generate Javascript Code? Many Thanks.
  152. Need a simple, single example!
  153. Dropdown-list question
  154. Inserting paragraph breaks in dynamic content
  155. Selecting text from another page?
  156. Include page help
  157. include php tags NOT working! asap help please
  158. A little help needed!! PHP/Cookies/SQL
  159. utf8 characters
  160. verisign - payflow
  161. Include in Include giving problems
  162. Arrays and other functions
  163. natsort() issue - arranges incorrectly
  164. Maintaining line breaks in MySQL?
  165. PHPTraK - Can someone help me work it out?
  166. using php with flash
  167. How can I submit a form using CURL to a site protected with digital certificate?
  168. wots wrong here?
  169. ImageMagick trouble
  170. MID TO MMF PHP Class
  171. Upload Script
  172. Login Script??
  173. Server side language
  174. strtotime problem
  175. .inc
  176. could not load swf..
  177. difference between include and Reuqire_once
  178. Is there any Thumbnail Class in PHP
  179. ...nothing happens... at all
  180. more array problems with this rubbish book!
  181. session - redirect url cannot load!
  182. Stuck on an INSERT..
  183. insert values with a combo box
  184. Find position (index value) of array key
  185. PHP Images Functions Part 2
  186. Array Problem.. AGAIN!
  187. creating an array from database data
  188. str_replace = ("-", "", (array))
  189. PHP/MYSQL update function?
  190. Arrays
  191. I want to look for censored words
  192. passing multiple get variables
  193. what does the \n do in my code?
  194. Connecting to MSSQL on Windows
  195. How to Stop MySQL Errors?
  196. $_GET['variable']gets corrpupted
  197. Timezones
  198. doing a tutorial - cant see the problem.
  199. Project: giraFFe (new card gaming engine, help wanted)
  200. convert PDF to graphic (gif, jpg, etc) or html
  201. do I got the wrong idea??
  202. Formail Script
  203. <TEXTAREA> to Rows ?
  204. Echo Problem
  205. Exploding a String Question
  206. 'Sort by' problem
  207. Table sorting 2
  208. Php photo album that figures out pic dimensions
  209. simple question with time() manipulation
  210. Differen includes
  211. menuarguments
  212. First If Is Always True
  213. regular expressions for form validation
  214. Checking files contents - little help
  215. Trying to show buddies in profile page
  216. PHP Form Validation (Discussion)
  217. securing script to not include from certain subdir's
  218. Delete All Contents of Directory BUT DON'T Delete the directory.
  219. A Strange problem- Need solution
  220. Upload file problem
  221. question about sessions?
  222. Where should I put phpbb2 in web hosting directory?
  223. echo "Hello World"; problem! problem! problem!
  224. Please i need html help!
  225. not sure where to post this one
  226. Uploading in PHP
  227. help with select statement?
  228. some swf files upload, some not
  229. Download through a PHP script
  230. Tables in PHP (+MySQL)
  231. Includes for beginners
  232. Variable function call
  233. opening pdf with acrobat....
  234. enabling barcodes in linux
  235. Page names.
  236. output control function here?
  237. Wrapping text using imagettftext
  238. Database output sorting
  239. Using PHP Validation with JavaScript
  240. Can't find the bug in my script..any ideas?
  241. Dynamic Tables and PHP?
  242. Adding an alt attribute to an image link through php
  243. sending mail
  244. Function help!
  245. Session problem on this site, need some help please.
  246. Sending Email in PHP trouble
  247. displaying pictures from database using php
  248. where do i program php?
  249. I would like to use Pspell...
  250. eregi sentence parse error?

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