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  1. sorting
  2. csv form problem
  3. need help with some errors
  4. Preserving <select> option value after submitting the form
  5. delete a file from a directory through PHP
  6. plz_need_an_alternative_that_is_simple
  7. Going thru a tutorial and running into some problems
  8. Why won't my strtoupper code work?
  9. Little query problem
  10. PHP Mail form with validation?
  11. Displaying last entry
  12. Forum Design Related...
  13. Stripping slashes
  14. Using a Form to Filter which record to edit
  15. is_dir function problem -- not identifing directories.
  16. Site email being picked as spam
  17. List files in a directory
  18. Internet Explorer email language not changing
  19. Php Host
  20. Join tables problem
  21. HELP!!! Generate New Session_id()
  22. Need Search Function....
  23. Editing the Email response from a php form - HELP!
  24. Help
  25. i need a script
  26. Problem with code
  27. hmmm i dont get this....
  28. php NOVICE - Wanna change my link names
  29. Function efficiency - Return by reference vs value
  30. Time Triggered Emailing
  31. Help Please:Could someone tell me whats wrong with this script?
  32. Why isn't this adding to the array?
  33. closing window on submit?
  34. Passwords to view certain pages
  35. Time & Date question
  36. Need help understanding threaded comments code
  37. reliable way to detect referring page?
  38. couldn't get any values...
  39. data stred as string, even thought it should be an int....:(
  40. have a problem with reg script look here to tell me whats wrong
  41. Extracting from a string
  42. ftp upload function to work on all servers
  43. Which Weblog(PHP) is the best?
  44. Automated Email_Order Confirmation
  45. How do I use https:// as opposed to http://
  46. Validation System
  47. Just have to encase href's in quotes, probably simple
  48. Referrel Script Needed
  49. Trying to use Cookies with Include()
  50. php equivalient recordset.movefirst
  51. Upload script issues (code included)
  52. PHP MyAdmin - Re-install?
  53. Processing POP email with PHP
  54. specifying path relative to root
  55. annoying error, not getting data in
  56. Does PHP Use "+=" to Append/Concat String?
  57. getting values of checkboxes
  58. getting indentity of new records
  59. HELP importing excel into PHPmyAdmin (already searched)
  60. Can PHP make a popup window?
  61. List Files
  62. Parsing 'dynamic' template tags
  63. How to concate two strings
  64. save php file in utf-8 with session_start() in it
  65. arrays
  66. nested foreach loops
  67. Comparing text changes
  68. Dynamic Pages
  69. updating all rows in mysql database?
  70. TimeStamp
  71. string function help
  72. Possible PHP4 Compatibility Issue
  73. regex help
  74. regester and login script
  75. how to edit .tpl
  76. Upload Code - Need Small Change
  77. register_globals off makes my update script not working
  78. password script, 2 passwords.
  79. save form data to text file
  80. [Solved] Recommend A Friend
  81. Probably easy question on php Arrays
  82. Extreme Frustration!
  83. Password Protect with PHP?
  84. Saving Images on the fly?
  85. banner system reccomendation
  86. how to ROUND up?
  87. Help me please, lol
  88. Modify Images on the fly?
  89. Using Javascript to hide PHP form data
  90. Message Box using a php function
  91. Refresh adds new rows to the DB
  92. variable name?
  93. preview prior to submit
  94. Need Help! PHPedit Cannot Find The PEAR Path.
  95. Tar.php and Winzip package
  96. weird problem on my script.
  97. Need help understanding arrays
  98. Array problem
  99. SOS; Create Select Menu
  100. login forum
  101. How do I get an 'If' statement to check if a field is empty?
  102. long loading time...
  103. Too many connections
  104. Random Image Issue
  105. IMAP functions
  106. MYSQL/PHP Profile System
  107. Check boxes, delete from sql.
  108. $headers with mail()
  109. PHP, While loop, Checkboxes are checked or not???
  110. Upload images
  111. Grabbing certain content from source then inserting
  112. Phenomenal Newbie...
  113. Detecting User Capabilities
  114. Another problem with code...
  115. refreshing content globally on user event
  116. php 5 on apache 1.3
  117. Adding More To An Array
  118. Help getting pagination to work
  119. problem with SELECT
  120. lost data when entering secure server
  121. the heck?
  122. htaccess and PHP
  123. how to make something like this?
  124. Executing 404 Function On Page Entry
  125. click counter
  126. Header Not Redirecting
  127. &amp;amp;
  128. News Submission System
  129. eMail Form not working
  130. Manage Linux Users/Passwords with PHP?
  131. Can I make an "HTACCESS" with PHP
  132. error complaining about a non-existent piece of script
  133. PHP to create a form behaviour
  134. Dropdown box to show all files in a directory
  135. Looking for a way to strip some data from a string before I display it
  136. failed to open stream
  137. Using PHP to create a custom CMS
  138. php receive and parse email.
  139. How to pull data from table then put it in a file to be downloaded
  140. Problem with writing to file.
  141. redirect php form, to sent page
  142. Help Help Help Pleeease!!
  143. Insert into datetime
  144. XML wont parse???
  145. How to create a scrip that will...
  146. upload mp3 file only
  147. Weather script will not execute because of "allow_url_fopen" off setting?
  148. How to get array from XML with attribute?
  149. Checking EMpty Text box
  150. Printing "only" the pic?
  151. How to write a text file and outout the pdf at the same time?
  152. Seeking alternatives for Cron Jobs
  153. Writing a form database to both CSV and TXT in one autoresponder script
  154. Time limitation
  155. Convert the Javascript function to a PHP code
  156. php and mssql
  157. store date and time form sent?
  158. Problem with code...
  159. Software suggestion
  160. PDFlib - Merge multiple PDF files
  161. Security Issues with sessions
  162. SQL php debug.
  163. php/mysql problem
  164. including a php file which itself has includes?
  165. dunno what kinda of script this is i have seen in very few places
  166. Best place for tutorials on PHP...
  167. swiss bank
  168. Header info - convert to javascript
  169. a script that logs ip adress of user
  170. Best way to get POST variables from radio buttons.
  171. Some help needed for Autoresponder PHP script.
  172. Is there any one here who knows page optimization ???
  173. Variable in Include File
  174. Detect Javascript?
  175. Extracting PHP code from the rest of my document to highlight!
  176. Detecting all files in dir and printing all contents?
  177. create dynamic form and store it in database!please help!!!
  178. Changing all files' extensions
  179. no idea what to do
  180. PHP Extension Argument
  181. Why PHP/XML? Why Not PHP/MySQL?
  182. File Uploader Script
  183. PHP help, updating data on button click
  184. Full User Area Script Needed
  185. syntax problem
  186. HELP - Getting TOTAL from total in Rows
  187. Stop Characters Being Escaped?
  188. Where Wrong
  189. checking which page you came from
  190. replace a letter in a variable
  191. Could someone explain this to me please?
  192. Any one has experience in pdf generation
  193. how to specify the expire time of session
  194. Is it possible to do this?
  195. break; command hangs page
  196. How to determine if a number is ...
  197. can some one help me with a image map?
  198. Displaying month in title of page
  199. Auto Resizing Pages?
  200. Best Way To Use PHP To Find Absolute Path Of Img Src?
  201. HELP! upload multiple files.
  202. Problem with Search Function
  203. PHP Help
  204. include problems
  205. superglobals vs registered globals
  206. i need a script look here for deatails
  207. PHP Forum?
  208. Text placed in between Astericks's formatting
  209. Getting # of errors from a dynamically generated table
  210. can someone make me something?
  211. Can some help me make a mail system for a pet game?
  212. 1 item intangible service shopping cart
  213. PHP forms overlapping
  214. mail() function and security
  215. Source code reader?
  216. How to count records from a table in php
  217. is this function correct?
  218. Generating A Variable From Other Variables
  219. Show Last Upload - Script Needed
  220. ftp_put() problems
  221. Checking POP mail in PHP?
  222. XSLT for a dynamicaly generated xml php page
  223. Passing a variable from HTML listbox
  224. PHP Parse Error
  225. IF Statement for Radio button
  226. Run PHP on stand alone system
  227. How to implement Paypal Option in my shopping cart
  228. how to count items in a shopping cart
  229. php email form handler
  230. google.com search button
  231. Attach Text as a Text File Using Mail() ?
  232. Shared memory with PHP and C
  233. Function Problem
  234. Parsing XML with PHP
  235. Submit form not redirecting
  236. Php form output to email
  237. Function parameters passed by pointer or copied ?
  238. Making a style switcher automatically...
  239. *Simple* Mail Script
  240. Split
  241. Alternative to ob_start();
  242. Planning a personal PHP website
  243. Display info in textfield from previous page...
  244. if field not present, replace it
  245. php mail() function with "Received: (from apache@localhost)" regarded as spam
  246. Login System Problem
  247. how can i get localpath with php?
  248. asp to php
  249. php urlencode different from Googles urlencoding?
  250. php compiler for windows

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