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  1. Counting folders and files within them?
  2. display and insertion of Image
  3. Date Insertion
  4. PHP not printing decimal
  5. gethostbyname() execution time
  6. limiting items on a pages
  7. session login
  8. phpBB template path?
  9. No redirect with header()
  10. formmail
  11. random array element selection
  12. Arrays
  13. Directory Quota problem
  14. Displaying text files on my site... what format to use/how to do it
  15. file copy function?
  16. Wakeup function when will !isset($_SESSION['__SESSSION_GLOBAL_OBJ'] be set?
  17. Hit Counter
  18. Mysql confusion..
  19. fopen Q
  20. How would i do this?
  21. Repeated narrowing mysql selections
  22. cross script variables
  23. Automatic Function Call
  24. Simple RegEx Problem
  25. Simple Question, Do-While?
  26. file(); error! :(
  27. Password Generator
  28. Problem with multipart mime email header sent with php
  29. Trying to run socket server with chat
  30. Problem with URL redirection
  31. PHP and DB2 ODBC
  32. all email fields in an array??
  33. View only the main page script?
  34. PHP Help with forms?
  35. Moderated commenting on single page?
  36. Serializing Objects: After unserializing the first time it fails to unserialize
  37. get last 4 digits
  38. php program to predict day of future birthday
  39. Ideas what to do?
  40. shoutbox source
  41. Weird Bug
  42. T_ Variable Error
  43. need help
  44. linking text
  45. Javascript Date - PHP Submission
  46. generating an xml file via php
  47. Scheduler using PHP
  48. Replacing Functions
  49. text changing
  50. Getting first two characters of a string
  51. can session variables be passed between two different servers?
  52. Finding the next date in a flat file database
  53. show ip
  54. Embedding an image in PHP code
  55. PHP Refresh Automatically
  56. Articles Script
  57. Error message only sometimes!
  58. can anyone provide a site to download xml_tree
  59. quotes problem
  60. Auto email send using PHP
  61. Switch/Case Simplifying
  62. Variables without $
  63. PDA/Cell Phone PHP Programming
  64. Site info script question
  65. php, squiz developer needed!!!!
  66. Echo something when a form is submitted?
  67. Little sql problem
  68. parsing- can you lend some knowledge
  69. Different type of selection option
  70. Why isn't this killing the cookie?
  71. unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  72. Help with RegEx and php
  73. int to char
  74. Loading html page in php
  75. Figure out Referring Url then redirect
  76. array problems
  77. A Flat File news System?
  78. Login Need Help
  79. help with phpmailer class
  80. Image Rating Suggestions
  81. Ftp_get Binary And Ascii
  82. modifying a mail() array, help!
  83. find next page script
  84. I need help quick please. (Deadline)
  85. PHP Classifieds script for my site?
  86. Undefined index:
  87. Advanced Form
  88. [php] secret link
  89. php timer
  90. Sesion query and possibly a problem
  91. WORDPRESS HELP! (PHP & a little CSS)
  92. script timing out
  93. is it possible to use php to calculate bandwidth
  94. Whats wrong with my code?
  95. Image Hosting Script Problem
  96. copying folder
  97. php xml parsing
  98. PHP script for a complete site?
  99. please advise
  100. PHP Input Box
  101. Automatically make a new page when they submit. So others can reply?
  102. force email -> download page
  103. problems with fileupload
  104. Login in script help
  105. Need SIMPLE QUICK Help
  106. Extremely Curious to Know
  107. How to know if a browser is Javascript enable in php
  108. working with strings
  109. Can someone please look at this PHP code and tell me why my loop isn't working...
  110. Dynamic website in Chinese
  111. returing a value from the database
  112. How to pass a variable between PHP pages (for password protected site)...?
  113. help counting folders
  114. php image conversion/upload
  115. What are these called...
  116. strtotime() not subtracting negative numbers?
  117. I'm looking for a program that gives out free websites.
  118. Mental block for PHP
  119. PHP form help
  120. Error
  121. Capital Letter
  122. Automatic Site Login
  123. Help needed in mailing the form values
  124. Getting data from mysql Database and...
  125. firefox/php making too many calls?
  126. php in flash mx
  127. Searching text file withing a message board
  128. what's wrong with this fopen command? just blank page
  129. when is a pdf not a pdf?
  130. Image Gallery - Previous & next
  131. Using Ireport With PHP
  132. members area with an user manager
  133. header problem with template system
  134. I'm having a hard time understanding using HTML forms to update MySQL databases
  135. Chown uploaded files to my username insted of www?
  136. I have two questions, please help.
  137. Two dbs, two usernames, one lot of info
  138. Parsing XML with PHP?
  139. Parse Error
  140. pull only directories from $path
  141. PHP/XML referer script problem
  142. *Sort of solved* Storing arrays in session variables
  143. php/mysql/date problem?
  144. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE ??
  145. Storage of $_SESSION.
  146. variable not exploding
  147. Help with dates
  148. Most recent uploaded image
  149. foreach loop question
  150. Updated a contact form and not recieving my emails
  151. empty option
  152. credit card verification in php
  153. Help creating linked self populating drop down menus!!
  154. building first script to create tables in mysql
  155. Creating txt file listing variables used in php script/site
  156. Importing from a Word File
  157. Won't reveal id's records
  158. multiple delete checkbox problem
  159. Membership Sytem (Function Help!!!)
  160. odbc connection
  161. PHP Include - is this code secure?
  162. Set email form through php
  163. New project... need advice.
  164. Search script affecting other things....
  165. easy auto increment confusion
  166. Referencing variables from a function with an unknown ammount of arguments
  167. Fake the referrer?
  168. getimagesize() with mysql based images
  169. storing mysql connection data
  170. MySQL/PHP output problems.
  171. Using ob_start() and ob_flush()
  172. Using ob_start() and ob_flush() in PHP
  173. length of remote file?
  174. PHP & Lucene Integration. How?
  175. Need some help sorting out data from a DB...
  176. I will do this. thx.
  178. Moving record(s) from one table to another (PHP, MySQL)
  179. Named capture and replace
  180. pulling a file out of a zip
  181. I need a small modification for this script
  182. PHP >> Mingw32-g++.exe
  183. PHP Email client (retrieving info)
  184. php payment gateway script
  185. I just need to rip a web page
  186. regular expression
  187. unable to remove elements from multidimensional $_SESSION array
  188. basic php help
  189. dir listing isn't alphabetical?
  190. Help Needed: Update MYSQL with PHP/HTML Form
  191. Double$$
  192. chmod problem
  193. Passing PK to update page
  194. phpAuth question
  195. file extensions and the switch statement
  196. stuck at XML and PHP
  197. php file: works on one server, on the other it doesn't
  198. Select Multiple Entries from list box
  199. Search engine, select more then one row?
  200. Array of object
  201. Regex whitespace
  202. Date/Time before 1970
  203. regex help
  204. IF Statement & Array...
  205. echo problems
  206. PHP/XML to track Website info
  207. Login System
  208. setting up a while or for loop
  209. Problem with challenge - response login script
  210. protecting pdf output with sessions
  211. MySQL Dump Table Contents Problem
  212. what browser sends to a server and how can i check it?
  213. Count how many times check box is ticked
  214. Possible To Use More Than One Word As Index Of Array?
  215. php-html help
  216. Extract certain data from page?
  217. Redirect based on domain url
  218. fpdf Array
  219. PHP Begginner HElp
  220. fread question?
  221. printing < and > in php
  222. form display problem
  223. setting up a time schedule?
  224. User Signup
  225. Viewing images from mysql database with php
  226. PHP Form to Excel then send as email attachment
  227. PHP4 and XML: Small Problem
  228. Opening a file 'all at once' instead of line by line?
  229. php function in a button???
  230. failed to open stream: Permission denied
  231. submit works in FF not IE
  232. Free hosting.
  233. dynamic link - static menu
  234. I was given a php code to use for a website with no information on how to apply it.
  235. How i can find i tutorial to make my own serch engine on my site easily?
  236. aformmail and .csv
  237. testing for email injection?
  238. When the Left nav won't work
  239. Secure logging in via email link
  240. ftp_nb_continue() data connection error
  241. Tell a friend (with mail Bcc)
  242. instant recording of a member vote
  243. SQL -> Array
  244. Using output from an external site in my own
  245. howto backup mysql using php?
  246. PHP Counter to an XML file
  247. Yet another mail()/hotmail spam problem
  248. attach fdf to an email
  249. checking error after runnign sql statement
  250. add date with mktime problem

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