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  1. Listing product categories from WP e-Commerce PHP string
  2. png 24 copy/re-color fuzzy edges
  3. PHP Echoed in Ajax
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  9. Need Help with if than statements
  10. Using PHP IF and SQL
  11. Problem with !==
  12. my own captcha
  13. Code Organization: PHP Calcs Before HTML?
  14. Some PHP-Regex Questions
  15. submit php form for ammending, with auto reply
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  17. Code to enable edit option for every row
  18. date Format code help while posting info in to mysql
  19. Why fetch_assoc() or fetch_row() giving error always
  20. Change PHPBB login form code
  21. array question
  22. Using a salt value
  23. I want a project
  24. Only post code if MySQL row data exists?
  25. foreach loop issue
  26. Resolved Birthdays in Current Month vb 4.2
  27. Rss feed filter SimplePie
  28. Interact With Facebook & Twitter
  29. Resolved referer array
  30. Need Ticket Number generating and updating script using mysql & php
  31. Subtracting Time from a Time - Help
  32. Checkbox values to database
  33. HELP Display different times for hours.
  34. Adding ucwords() To The Following Code?
  35. Update every user with loop?
  36. Reference in 'glob'
  37. storing a session http_referer
  38. please help me to count the number of folders with in directories
  39. How to use gmp functions in PHP code properly
  40. Simplify array to string
  41. Scraping
  42. Making and editing complex arrays
  43. Help! How do you install this php script?
  44. Resolved getting post and session in a file
  45. Need advice
  46. get user login time history in php
  47. Updating calendar
  48. Help with concatenating php mail function message variable
  49. search bar without f3ing or control+f
  50. Can I change the name of the sender for a PHP generated email?
  51. Sending mail after updating in php
  52. Re: Help on how to set column widths in php
  53. 3 nested str_replace statements, more efficient method?
  54. Resolved explode issue
  55. How can I turn this into a Panel-like system?
  56. I have an issue need a little hand shouldnt be to hard.
  57. Resolved Help with a link generator
  58. Resolved New to PHP language
  59. Pm system
  60. how to delete a certain number of item from a numbered quantity
  61. Modify Text files
  62. GoodReads.com API
  63. Joomla blank white static pages - offering a tip :)
  64. Refine search results
  65. Dynamic Navigation with Active Class
  66. Registry pattern?
  67. Please delete
  68. Scraping
  69. Array value.
  70. Why doesn't Wordpress allow my PHP code?
  71. Value is POSTED definitly but isset() says NO....
  72. Best way to allow users to reset a password.
  73. Display MySQL Data in html table
  74. Replacement programmer wanted...PHP or new route?
  75. I would like some direction to complete this script please.
  76. PHP download script confusion
  77. Posting on my forum which updates my main page
  78. Non object error
  79. login code making it login in my forums
  80. Delete certain line in txt file
  81. very newbie class Q?
  82. limit image views on table field value
  83. Counter Problem Solving Task
  84. Help placing {'s
  85. saving mysql with php help
  86. PHP mail function - not functioning
  87. Resolved how do i combine an array then insert in another array
  88. DataLife engine need simple help
  89. $_GET echo language in Javascript file
  90. Simple Help Reg page connected to mssql DB
  91. (HELP) Dynamically run PHP content
  92. Needing help with a php code
  93. Need help building Dynamic URL
  94. Nested Functions
  95. Determining if a timestamp exists in a range of timestamps, and if so, where exactly?
  96. Folders being prepended to my URL?!
  97. url types :)
  98. Preg_replace: rename URL to custom title
  99. Dynamically creating Tables
  100. I dont know but help to make a login authentication thingy
  101. why only one function is performed
  102. PHP and Tables. How do I..
  103. Using PUT METHOD for listing items on Sears
  104. PHP mail form help
  105. Is PHP what im looking for?
  106. real-time in mmog such as ogame...?
  107. Php cases, there must be a faster way
  108. PHP/XML Template Meta Tag Issue
  109. Send to friend - address bar link
  110. Static methods and properties in OOP?
  111. Query using 2 tables
  112. PHP session_id change on page refresh
  113. Reverse Array? MyArray=75[?]
  114. How to _POST a variable?
  115. I'm at a loss with parse error problem, can someone help please?
  116. Featured Post on Custom Blogging System
  117. Could use some help on a project
  118. PHP & Wordpress
  119. im new to php and i cant get my chat catagories page to work
  120. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IS_EQUAL, expecting ',' or ')'
  121. Resolved mail() function
  122. CMS, framework or to program from scratch? My user-contributed concert site.
  123. Processing POST variable in PHP REST service
  124. Linking to Back previous page
  125. Including not working
  126. Properties assigning them to $this?
  127. PHP email form help please..finish with action script
  128. Help needed with PHP Code
  129. String Length - Encoding Dependent
  130. Guideline on PHP web application Security
  131. SIMPLE QUESTION: Make function that has <pre>print_r(..
  132. select multiple columns as one not null
  133. help with getting certain content through url
  134. service status page, driven by a txt file - help
  135. loop within a function
  136. DirectoryIterator help?
  137. What's wrong with my script ?
  138. Problems displaying a variable containing javascript
  139. Form Is Submitted And Page Redirects To Another Page
  140. cURL & MySQL based file storage.
  141. is dir useage
  142. Form that requires accepting terms/conditions before purchase
  143. Functions to use before inserting to db
  144. Input type "button" not responding but "image" works.
  145. using pause
  146. SQL Create Table with access level?
  147. difference between validating / sanitizing...
  148. Retrieiving form data from array
  149. I'm logged in, but am not - How is this possible?
  150. Grabbing a method from an unrelated class (without extending)
  151. tiny question folks
  152. Time control in a PHP form
  153. restrict direct download of a file
  154. Help tidy up a bit of code - Issets
  155. String question
  156. Store MultiDimensional Array To Mysqk
  157. Multiple entries into one mysql column
  158. PHP REST development... with Zend?
  159. Dependency injection?
  160. Creating subdomain using php
  161. [Extension] Backvendor
  162. Connecting to a database via oop?
  163. regexp conditionally removing beginning of a line
  164. check box problem
  165. Cant work with CMSfs after php version upgrade
  166. $userfile_type and $userfile_name not working
  167. Getting data from database for a certain keyword
  168. stoping all quote input in textarea
  169. Expire something after X hours
  170. Changing uploaded image's name in script
  171. PHP Password decrypting
  172. Help Me with Inner Join
  173. Using proxy with curl
  174. Resolved Uploader file types not working.
  175. Pull information from SQL, find sum, then sort and display?
  176. Captcha Response Form Help
  177. If statement causes error in for loop
  178. Don't allow same values
  179. Echo hashed password?
  180. Fastest way to check for array value
  181. One Vote Per IP
  182. {Help} PHP Script Anti Flood DDOS
  183. cokie and rediredtion problem
  184. Mysql & phpMyAdmin - What am I doing wrong?
  185. Using a value to select table in PDO/DBH
  186. Force gallery to use PHP array?
  187. How to store Text+PHP in Database?
  188. Resolved Send form data input for admin viewing (Answered)
  189. hard drive folder
  190. pad month with leading 0 if month 1-9
  191. Fixing an if with no brackets
  192. Dealing with errors.
  193. help understanding query results
  194. How can i get data from a mysql database with ajax
  195. Wordpress and clickable image.
  196. OOP: Syncing data between classes
  197. array loop values
  198. Hold your horses coders, PHP.net is down!
  199. UPDATE set "name"
  200. Multi choice quiz in php
  201. How to structure PHP IRC bot plugin system
  202. Resolved Get msg number of msg created by imap_append?
  203. Help getting php to insert image names from a directory help!
  204. line breaks in an email
  205. Help making script for watermark
  206. Making this array sort by date
  207. The captcha is not getting enabled
  208. Resolved hard time setting cookie first thing
  209. DOMX get values in generic DIV inside names Div
  210. I give up. Please help me figure out why PHP is resetting my HTML/CSS formatting
  211. PHP variable not getting parsed in share code
  212. Header Location (redirect) problem
  213. Problem with CMSFS allowing pdf's
  214. post methos problem
  215. Echoing username by id
  216. Undefined Index Errors...
  217. Advice on php code improvements
  218. openssl key generation - php. how to get all the values?
  219. PHP Form, XML response
  220. I need help using the ! operator
  221. How to build a paypal with PHP.
  222. strpos not working for me.
  223. How to display image from a database
  224. Searching specific websites with keywords
  225. Probably an insanely easy question
  226. Image upload script won't work
  227. Best practice for an oop configuration file?
  228. Schedule matchups function problem
  229. Help writing a link
  230. "Warning - Cannot Modify Header Information" errors
  231. Help
  232. Help with shopping cart, PHP code
  233. Connect to Remote server
  234. sessions lost
  235. Redirecting domain to a perticular folder on a different server
  236. Explode .txt file into multidimensional array.
  237. a jquery function is stopping numbers from adding up in php
  238. WORDPRESS - Hiding image from discription
  239. While loop help needed
  240. Regex variant forms
  241. Resolved problem with table writing
  242. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{/functions.php on line 1
  243. Need help understanding and fixing a problem.
  244. Been Fighting with this ...Help!
  245. Need help please.
  246. Need assistance
  247. Curl login https problem
  248. Help Please
  249. rtrim() and ltrim()
  250. [HELP]Parse Error. X_X

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