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  1. Making html files be php files
  2. In need of a script
  3. Form Validation
  4. Code Check
  5. Using a variable in an include
  6. which php variable will it be?
  7. remove an extra characters from php
  8. retreiving selected value from dropdown list ?
  9. funky template question
  10. Php Login
  11. timestamp substr
  12. Scripts break when register_globals = Off, need debugging tool recommendations
  13. Sending POST data to a PHP script
  14. Clean Up
  15. hide files when using dirlist.php
  16. Global variables problem in PHP4.2.3+
  17. php & page properties
  18. installing php on my home pc
  19. PHP search engine
  20. From Excel to mySQL: need advice
  21. "header("Refresh:" working in firefox but not IE
  22. fopen() problem, and possible others.
  23. Contact Form - what is going on here?
  24. Day without leading zero in strftime()
  25. login help
  26. What Is Going On??? mysql_connect problem
  27. include php from mysql
  28. Dont add twice
  29. top 10
  30. Passing Variable Through page (Not URL!)
  31. Displaying only one
  32. Need Help - Where to Start...
  33. Simulating Users
  34. Session variables and IE
  35. Please help with dirlist.php file
  36. Not using $_GET properly
  37. reset submit on form
  38. Creating an array from a while loop
  39. array_multisort and numbers
  40. search stats
  41. encryption
  42. PHP Switch I think...
  43. how to allow linebreaks in mailform
  44. PHP and Access
  45. permission denied on uploaded files
  46. PHP arrays and HTML form elements
  47. Maven for PHP projects
  48. How to move select data between tables using 2 checkboxes
  49. Submitting values across pages?
  50. Display date and time in xxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx
  51. passing objects between pages
  52. Splitting an array into separate variables
  53. Help with some code
  54. Parse Error
  55. login code
  56. Cannot modify header information ...
  57. Advantages of php
  58. Strange Characters in MySQL (…) how to escape?
  59. Unknown column '' in 'where clause'
  60. array_push problem ?
  61. "Like... uhh, I have a question...." :)
  62. Doing math without eval()
  63. Help with session and multipage forms...
  64. Custom MySQL Functions Problem
  65. Fill in textbox from PHP Variable
  66. URL messages
  67. Dynamic table names
  68. blank page when run phpinfo.php
  69. Need help with regular expression
  70. SIMPLE Date difference in days
  71. processing data from multiple forms
  72. Creating a PHP Message Board
  73. Meta Tag Function
  74. Array Index Question (PHP-Nuke related)
  75. Form Update after Search
  76. list/menu..QUESTION
  77. Double Insert query help
  78. ffmpeg
  79. Help creating a simple form
  80. Table creation from DB, array?
  81. A problem i can't really explain.
  82. connecting to a access database on my pc
  83. Capacity problem in game-site
  84. PHP error in Nuke (help)
  85. "r+" in fwrite
  86. 2 select lists, one doesn't write to db
  87. Apache error when trying to connect to ldap server with SSL
  88. htaccess is sending bots to bogus pages?
  89. Problem with global array???
  90. exec(); halt
  91. path problem ?
  92. AJAX: Does Javascript Receive Data From PHP Echo In the Middle of Code?
  93. random number help pls...
  94. Development Help URGENTLY needed
  95. getting images to show up from database
  96. MySQL Next/Back/Newest sorting?
  97. problems setting cookies
  98. Referer not being returned on same domain?
  99. Things with gd image library.
  100. How to create a page + add html code using fwrite
  101. PHP upload problems
  102. using google's search engine in a php site
  103. Upload using FTP
  104. Deletion of file using PHP
  105. Array problem?
  106. How do I create clickable thumbnail images ?
  107. select form options - write to database?
  108. Numbers only
  109. How safe are sessions
  110. form on Yahoo server
  111. reverse md5() function..is it possible??
  112. eregi_replace() problem? URGENT
  113. var_dump() question.
  114. How can I strip and replace text with this...?
  115. includes
  116. download restriction
  117. problem setting up timed redirect
  118. Pear DB, OO design.
  119. mail() function problems
  120. problem with headers
  121. question about query string
  122. executing php from a linux script
  123. A question about arrays
  124. listening for POST url from another server
  125. file inactivity
  126. PHP 5.04 > Email form delivers mail but without comment
  127. Session and wait time for download
  128. Variables : writing to DB issues
  129. Is it possible?
  130. problem with stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
  131. Need help with Code.
  132. Radio Buttons
  133. Removing numbers after a period
  134. validating form input
  135. Age Calculation Using PHP
  136. PHP image and upload class/script
  137. Previous and Next when the first id isn't 1
  138. Need Help With Code
  139. Breaking up long directory list in managable chunks
  140. URL Redirection
  141. Can I explode a string by every character...?
  142. Possible to tell which form fields have been changed?
  143. how do i use the first and last element of an array
  144. Simple Upload Image >> Need Help :)
  145. 2 quick PHP questions,,,
  146. Combining Two Images With GD
  147. passing function refrence to array in value : possible ? not
  148. using php sessions
  149. customising download dialoge box
  150. returning values
  151. upload picture - debug
  152. PHP Enviroment
  153. Problem with php and my sql Images
  154. Converting a string to a char
  155. Editing variables in a separate php file
  156. Adding a Script to many dynamic pages
  157. PHP - Multipage Order form then to Paypal
  158. PHP - Script for RSS from mySQL
  159. Subtract Two Times
  160. Simple Form and MS Access Help
  161. news script question
  162. Changing Permissions
  163. setting scope
  164. Help Fatal Error !!
  165. HELP PLZ -- Vbulletin Header.
  166. simple accessing link parameter values
  167. Error?
  168. Dynamically Named Variables By Reference
  169. Create Images With PHP
  170. Help: Grabbing linked images
  171. Could not load, phpMyadmin
  172. not echoing title like I think it should
  173. echoing message on certain dates...
  174. how can i always get the first row from my table in mydatabase
  175. Emailing Long Links
  176. treemenu processing problem
  177. How to do 301 redirect with exceptions
  178. php hits code....
  179. pure mini poll,,,
  180. newbie needs help please
  181. verify email
  182. I'm a newbie trying to install PHP on my server
  183. redirecting with multiple domains
  184. Sessions
  185. Retrieve System Info using PHP
  186. Text-Based RPG
  187. Contact Form Not Working
  188. 2 weird errors
  189. php / mysql date time field help
  190. Replace empty MySQL field variable
  191. good webmail client
  192. PHP Login Redirect - Multiple Users
  193. Blog posting
  194. how to include files from another domain name.
  195. PHP MySQL Insert Error, Plz Help
  196. Session Info Issue
  197. Testing PHP offline
  198. Php-Java-Bridge: Java_require Cannot Find the Path of the Jar?
  199. Bots and php generated text.
  200. quick problem
  201. Form to File scripts
  202. mass email
  203. How to make php search for text on a site
  204. Cannot recognize php code in html???
  205. Get screensize from javascript to php...
  206. error in my form to email code
  207. Giving Access to Files Outside the Web root
  208. can't figure out this code
  209. Can php-java-bridge be Used with DBG and Eclipse and Trustudio?
  210. Code Review, Is there a cleaner way to do this
  211. Using PHP To Create A Sub-Directory..
  212. PHP / MySQL Display
  213. PHP Link
  214. help needed for forms and php
  215. Update query requires confirmaton before executing. HOW?
  216. Please help with guestbook script
  217. php4 to php5 - problems with code!
  218. Can I put this PHP thing on my site?
  219. What is wrong with my upload script? help plz!!!
  220. PHP writing XML [IMPORTANT]
  221. DB if / else not displaying as i hoped
  222. noob can't get it to work right... little help..?
  223. Looping through listbox
  224. Connection security both ways
  225. problem with image submit button passing value to php script
  226. Detecting a page size without saving
  227. Parsing XML
  228. Validation Issue: (ZIP Code) Parse error, unexpected '&'
  229. preg_replace to find email addresses
  230. Randomizing Items on a List
  231. Can I use php to create this attendance register
  232. PHP array question
  233. Saving a html_template_it output in a var
  234. Update command problems
  235. Problem with PHP installation
  236. Game Stats Logger
  237. send a location header which will change location in parent window from a frame
  238. Delete query not working
  239. Problem w/ db connections...
  240. Passing the message
  241. why don't I know how to do this?
  242. checking if value exists in SQL DB
  243. Any info on Instant download and delivery apps
  244. Help with Warning cannot modify header location
  245. PHP Image Problem
  246. Image map PHP session ID?
  247. PHP to search mySQL database by keywords
  248. Session Vs DB Query
  249. how to find out browser type in php?
  250. date() function

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