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  1. affiliate record program-script
  2. T_OLD_FUNCTION expected???
  3. returning a variable in a function
  4. How to find a file?
  5. Please Check My Image Uploads
  6. What's the Difference Between &new and new?
  7. troubleshooting and stepping through a script
  8. how to use http://www.mySite.com/test/ as the base domain (base href)
  9. Uploading pictures directly to email
  10. preg_match this AND that
  11. php email to all in database
  12. help! submitting form with multiple rows
  13. Php Noob Question
  14. Temporary files not being created
  15. Help with Adding a countdown timer
  16. php help
  17. regexp help, detecting scripts and dangerous tags
  18. [discussion]how to make a secure member area
  19. php sessions.
  20. Turning off Content-length
  21. passing information through links
  22. Still Need Help...: Adding user to a group on signup?
  23. Generating random codes
  24. include help
  25. correct syntax for comparing 4 variables in 1 if
  26. Alert System :D
  27. running a bash file through php script ?
  28. Please help parsing xml with php
  29. When and who accessed a php file.
  30. Drop Down Menus?
  31. Help with Adding a countdown timer
  32. This has been annoying me for a week now!!
  33. Anyone Know Any Good Tutorials
  34. How to make a progress bar?
  35. photo gallery
  36. what is wrong with this script
  37. thumb nail problem
  38. Making MySQL Results a link to another page
  39. Array out of an array?
  40. gd trouble
  41. Batch file handling...
  42. is there a good Open Source PHP Support Forum for our site??
  43. PHP Not getting TEMP files
  44. [Resolved] Got it working, however, what if i had more than one part?
  45. Uploading files and directory permissions
  46. select from multiple tables.
  47. Active Image Building on Website?
  48. Unix Timestamps
  49. Insert date in mysql?
  50. how to extract parts of a string based on regexp (preg_extract?)
  51. Array and Cookies
  52. Reg ex help
  53. IF statement help
  54. strpos help
  55. Session Checker, or verifying a logged in member
  56. How does Parent Class Read a Child class's Constant?
  57. Need help with script for shipping rules
  58. Curl?
  59. PHP and TBL
  60. How to Go Back to Same Page After GET Validation?
  61. MPTT moving data around
  62. Weired php error!!
  63. download.php
  64. Rewrite Help
  65. php not working in html
  66. array[][] - array input question.
  67. help with this function please!
  68. Select for DB and make a txt file?
  69. passing values thru to cgi script
  70. copying and determining the size of an array
  71. Formatting mysql timestamp?
  72. Creating secure login without DB support.
  73. Hi, how to use php to write this diff query
  74. BBCode stripping
  75. Hi, how to use php to get the version of GD library
  76. help with php - flash mx
  77. Output while executing
  78. SEF (search engine friendly) URLS on localhost/php
  79. PHP question?
  80. how to reflect value of a text box of one form to another (sessions)
  81. Best path finder functions
  82. Which Php Setup BEst for WinXP
  83. Problem in php Instalation In WinXP
  84. log file info to specific user[]
  85. Cannot figure out why my php script is doing something 2x
  86. Variable->string? what is it?
  87. capture ii8n (chinese etc) data in html forms
  88. SMTP Server
  89. error page problems
  90. Defining Array Amounts
  91. Where Variables can and can't go
  92. Editing a configuration file from form.
  93. mysql doesnt update every column
  94. Automation
  95. comparing elemnts in an array
  96. cookie problems...
  97. ctladdr=apache
  98. inserting multiple entries
  99. A link to call specific CSS
  100. multidimensional array not working
  101. PHP Hex Map Generation Help
  102. header erorr
  103. Removing white space from within a string?
  104. login feature for both admin and users
  105. HTML/Plaintext emails using mail()
  106. form returns email to user?? but how??
  107. simple field type problem
  108. Anybody familiar with php my link directory?
  109. Spam and Mail Form
  110. help with glob/GLOB_BRACE
  111. errors from a loop. Should be simple.
  112. tracking ads click
  113. Voting Polls
  114. making into a loop.
  115. Validation causing empty fields -RESOLVED
  116. How to Periodically Perform Operation on Database?
  117. viewing different details from a mysql table in the same results view
  118. Hot site needs PHP help
  119. php image gallery- how?
  120. No Idea - Please Help
  121. Reading URL into a variable
  122. Variables in a Mail Form - Please Help
  123. IE Truncates URL string In Form Action?
  124. allow coding
  125. Breaking up a string in two parts
  126. Line Numbering?
  127. Split Words Across Multiple Lines
  128. Code advice???
  129. check size and type of a image?
  130. curious about fopen and file
  131. Chopping with limit / page
  132. Integrating Paypal
  133. listing problem
  134. Problem regarding Phpdev
  135. searching problem
  136. not successfully editing the db
  137. Impossible Elapsed Time
  138. Accessing Information from a mysql DB
  139. form always going through, form fields left blank.
  140. DB's with Microsoft Access
  141. help: php, auto calculating fields
  142. Need help with handling this mysql issue
  143. PHP to generate HTML as loaded from client side
  144. if preg_match problem...
  145. Friends bad idea: array database
  146. Script Problem
  147. URL Scanner
  148. redirect
  149. Small Question
  150. what these codes mean
  151. php/activex
  152. PhP Help
  153. Populating drop down lists
  154. Image Upload Problems.
  155. Mail Form - Please help
  156. Dynamic Content
  157. Help making a database for an online store
  158. Error in php site
  159. MySQL Problem: mysql_result()
  160. post then pop
  161. opendir( ) and permissions
  162. List/menu Post question
  163. Database match
  164. Php proxy script
  165. Uploading Pics
  166. Editing file
  167. Php Include problem and more
  168. update/delete from database problem
  169. passing submit variable to next page
  170. how to enable apache server and disable iis in windows XP
  171. Directory and/or Links Software
  172. I'm going crazy, please help!
  173. !isset
  174. the IF statement?
  175. How to forbid ini_set() in code?
  176. problem in connectting OLE/COM object in PHP
  177. PHP Visible through View Source Export
  178. Extreme Newbie Question
  179. Date/Time Format
  180. Need some Help
  181. How to redirect url after file download.
  182. regular expressions
  183. pages 2+ aren't working
  184. Stats Box Help
  185. MySQL > PHP Timestamp
  186. create database
  187. index-based internal search engine scripts?
  188. AUTO mailer
  189. $_POST error
  190. using LIKE with mulitple search options?
  191. XML-Based CMS
  192. Help passing a string in a form
  193. Specific incorporating problem - easy
  194. installing php in windows XP...please help...i am a beginner
  195. Selectively building an SQL query
  196. Make the options of preceding fields dependent on the previous options selected dyn.
  197. script for confirmation via email ( for registration)??
  198. PHP / MySQL Search Problem
  199. What are these for?
  200. Form Conversion
  201. next page link
  202. Parse Error ??
  203. fold out categories hierarchy from DB
  204. how to find our the extention of a domain name
  205. Can I put PHP code inside Javascript .js file?
  206. listing unique entires in database
  207. dynamic list box
  208. What is your prefered way to deal with users and their preferences?
  209. phpBB and a News server?
  210. phpBB
  211. Simple Query Gone Bad :(
  212. Advice on DB Abstraction Class - Conversion to MySQLi Functions (PHP5)
  213. Installing and setting up GD image library on my server
  214. Saving a PHP page as a static HTML page
  215. loading time problem!
  216. Can I use $_SESSION to Store Objects?
  217. Display sql results in html table
  218. Simple Image Upload - NOT WORKING
  219. include("withVariables.php?s=".help);
  220. adding options
  221. Include navigation formatting help
  222. Website not accessible for all visitors
  223. while help
  224. Need really help with this code
  225. renaming while uploading??
  226. Slight problem with PHP/MySQL
  227. Help with Rating Script
  228. Help Sorting Category
  229. PHP Shopping Cart Basics
  230. Checking for existing record in MYSQL
  231. Login with Remember Me feature not working
  232. php editing programs
  233. Checking for duplicate records in database
  234. PHP & mySQL loop and formatting *help*
  235. Logical problem..
  236. Mimick "View Source" with PHP on Dynamic Page
  237. protecting
  238. Sort by hyperlinks ?
  239. Target="_blank" HELP
  240. Finding Duplicate Numbers
  241. simple syntax error
  242. Select Box POSTing
  243. Screenshots of uploaded wmv/mpeg files
  244. SESSION and Wizard Form?
  245. unexpected $end
  246. form to text help
  247. soooo confused... some error
  248. line numbers
  249. Setting Register_Globals = On
  250. script wont echo this variable

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