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  1. Huge help needed
  2. convert first letter to upper case
  3. Is this script vulnerable to sql injections ?
  4. Is this script vulnerable to sql injections ?
  5. "preg_replace()" question
  6. Forum 'Latest Posts' Question..
  7. Forum 'Latest Posts' Question..
  8. MySQL and PHP -- nested while loops problem
  9. MySQL & PHP order problem
  10. Send form change of line
  11. File Uploads not Working
  12. 5 Diferent Random Affiliates Script
  13. What do you want to see in a PHP Forum
  14. A form or a subform for secondary dropdowns ?
  15. PHP - Sending an image from one HTML table to another
  16. PHP Contact Us Form - Need to add a feature
  17. FSO for PHP?
  18. Send Info To Email Not Working
  19. submit & remember info
  20. Php modify
  21. using array_unique with multi-dim. arrays
  22. Unset session vars
  23. Force Download
  24. determine textarea rows
  25. move data from table to another table
  26. Hey, need help
  27. 2 pages into 1
  28. Question about sessions
  29. Email issues
  30. Math weirdness in a PHP equation
  31. Why Can't I Open PHP Files on My New Mac?
  32. Changing variable formatting in PHP to work with JavaScript
  33. mysql select "AND" problem
  34. php - parsing from a form
  35. OS commerce implemenatation
  36. database update/edit and delete
  37. when to use "@" in PHP ?
  38. is this the best way??
  39. search function error
  40. MAIL on Win2003 server with IIS6
  41. Where we can get free PHP-mysql host ?
  42. help help help - PHP connect to Database
  43. Emailing Issues
  44. Let's count!
  45. How to make PHP show random links
  46. MySQL Syntaxt Question
  47. Help with Concept
  48. Insert
  49. Making a url work in a paging script
  50. query question
  51. references - right or wrong usage
  52. form validation ?
  53. debug
  54. How to make download links
  55. ftp_nlist
  56. What you like/dislike about CMSs
  57. If Statement question.
  58. Can anybody comment on this SWF library? (trying to port to Ruby)
  59. Aform mail sending me spam?!?
  60. IE and Firefox differences with PHP
  61. Loading session data from a file - variable trouble
  62. Images In mozilla and IE
  63. extracting URL on another web page
  64. checkbox problem
  65. Resetting numerical array keys
  66. PHP programs ?
  67. Fatal error: Call to undefined function money_format()
  68. int unsigned type mismatch
  69. [TUTORIAL] PHP/MySQL Login System
  70. Need ideas for a PHP site...
  71. How to protect single thread in phpBB
  72. Include_Once and Session Variables
  73. Help with first char
  74. Testing absolute paths on localhost
  75. Extracting info from array problem
  76. I Need Help With Php Code!!!
  77. isset and spaces??
  78. IS there a error in my code?
  79. Running a script from .htaccess
  80. PHP Hide text
  81. user Authentication prompt
  82. Need Help with PHP Form(s)
  83. Anti-javascript RegEx
  84. Am i putting this query together wrong?
  85. Resizing image function - can anyone get it to work?
  86. how validate special char like ,, ?
  87. A silly question about checkboxes
  88. best way to store the date/time?
  90. Uploaded images have incorrect permissions
  91. PHP/database as html page
  92. PHP Code Wont Allow Login
  93. Shared Internet allowing multiple logins
  94. timestamp & timer problem
  95. Problem having my upload create thumbs...
  96. Wildcard with a variable?
  97. unlink() problem???
  98. Option to enable "Site Maintenance" on the main page
  99. PHP pull down/drop down menu help.
  100. Pop up window using Header
  101. Update my mailform to PHP4 or 5
  102. Problem with a shipping calculation script
  103. writing to a database
  104. arrays
  105. create folder then move file ????
  106. Importing iTunes Library
  107. CURLOPT_PROXY - help
  108. PHP SQL Query Problem
  109. Trying to Adjust Query after page is loaded.
  110. For the love of god please...
  111. PHP Help
  112. Query Strings Question
  113. Carriage Return
  114. Need to make a script
  115. MSN - All PHP Coders to Read....
  116. Pagination code; help requested
  117. Getting weird errors from php.cgi
  118. Name generator
  119. Problems logging in on a page in a IFRAME
  120. Cleanest/Most Efficient Email Form
  121. preg_match for title
  122. <!=$var;?>
  123. headers_sent() + Not working!
  124. How do I know who has been visiting my server?
  125. Login help! (URGENT)
  126. update data from a form into mySQL in while loop
  127. Recommendations wanted for ecommerce solutions
  128. Newbie struggling, expertise needed !!
  129. How to code a secure PHP Contact Form
  130. Extract links from database to show
  131. PHP multi-select list and javascript problem
  132. apostrophe and mysql entry
  133. force Download?
  134. php user load time?
  135. Auto email header problem
  136. Session Issue
  137. file_get_contents() issue
  138. problem with php strpos()
  139. Multiple Form problem?
  140. Multiple Form problem?
  141. display notices???
  142. Update Script adds blank pages ...
  143. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 Error: Confused!
  144. Curl "remembering cookies"?
  145. Problem with r+ in fopen, rewriting over content.
  146. printing stats
  147. Addslashes / Stripslashes Problems
  148. Cannot get correct output, trouble with quotes (newbie)
  149. Simple CMS with PHP & CSS
  150. Error when requiring checkboxes
  151. Using PHP to send a page to the user's printer
  152. Passing a variable from one page to another
  153. phpBB : Critical Error
  154. poosible to run complete it before go to next?
  155. Simulate Key Presses
  156. Customer levels/prices
  157. chmod picture
  158. What am I doing wrong?
  159. New PHP user/need tutorials help.
  160. xml/rss reader help
  161. convert to lower case
  162. Current Date Comparision
  163. Help with proper while looping
  164. Selection not being made in drop down menu
  165. How to get the text within 'heisisis(text)asdsad'?
  166. php page redirecting incorrectly
  167. else statement problem
  168. Problem with the way my loops are set up..
  169. gif transparency problems
  170. mime_content_type() on Windows.
  171. comparing strings
  172. show previous day from today
  173. File Count Help
  174. getting rid of the .php extension
  175. included page anchors not linking
  176. Can anyone teach me how to code a Login system like myspace? Where you have to login
  177. Ranking by amount of hits
  178. Should I use a database or will a single php file be okay?
  179. Very easy problem, where=more then one
  180. PHP (and other languages) Editor
  181. Add Date to Uploaded File
  182. line break symbols
  183. stupid question.
  184. Auto destroying sessions and cookies
  185. Connection Reset When uploading.
  186. Processing multiple value check boxes from a post
  187. check if it's numers
  188. Using windows UNC names in mkdir
  189. Splitting pages
  190. Uploading pictures
  191. update query problem
  192. how to check if mysql_fetch_array is empty
  193. Open a command line process, wait, then close it after output?
  194. GZIP Help!
  195. Query not working
  196. Does not Equal
  197. Using PHP if to create permission system
  198. How to process variables before a form action?
  199. Problems getting page to validate
  200. Send mail using mail() with attachment
  201. multidimensional arrays
  202. SQL & PHP : Retrieve the last 10 records in table
  203. small question : date/time
  204. php form/email
  205. Running a password protected php script as a cron job.
  206. Store Checkboxes Values in the MySQL, php & MySQL
  207. form submit to enter in mySQL database
  208. How to return specific SQL results
  209. setting the display order on a html table
  210. max php
  211. Simple search box
  212. Difficulty Enabling SOAP in PHP5
  213. Display a part of a sentence in one line
  214. Menu Options - Selected
  215. Selling the Source Code
  216. unexpected $end
  217. upload file
  218. autoincrement PK
  219. PHP Hitcounter
  220. from A to B
  221. Security Alert!
  222. wrapped text in mysql
  223. how to retain values in my textboxes??....
  224. newb needing help! ^_^
  225. Timestamp
  226. find the file name of a remote site's index page
  227. Site Login . . .
  228. Problem with my image uploading script...
  229. Changing html index files to php?
  230. Adding 2 results into a code
  231. date formating problem
  232. writing to a file
  233. Best place to place PHP codes.
  234. compute time??? :(
  235. get values from checkboxes
  236. output sql to table
  237. Hiding the display of index.php from Dir Files Listing
  238. weird <> if statement
  239. SSI of a php nuke page
  240. index undefined?
  241. syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or. . .
  242. Using PHP to verify link placement in a given domain
  243. Server Not Displaying Errors - Unsolved Still
  244. Time format
  245. Populating page content from mysql db.
  246. $PHP_AUTH_USER problem in safe mode.
  247. Get number and multiply from string.
  248. Feedback form
  249. At embed, clould'nt see status bar
  250. validate date ?? how?? thanks

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