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  1. Resource Id #4 error
  2. Problems with login with multiple users
  3. Website not working in internet explorer (sometimes)
  4. Please help me in PHP... Thanks in Advance for those who helped me...
  5. Get day/month/year from date string?
  6. Problems using Woocommerce hooks
  7. im getting an error when im submitting 'content' to my database.. need help here..
  8. Pagemap Imagewall phpinclude
  9. How to show the Status of the values in database similar to Booking Tickets in online
  10. MCRYPT Php Extention
  11. highlighting search results with variations
  12. Php, html request not working
  13. Get last folder in directory
  14. Need help on scraping data off a webpage using preg.match and cURL
  15. Landing page for guests using codigniter and facebook authentication
  16. Resolved problem using striptags on textarea
  17. Retrieving data from DB based on Dropdown items
  18. cookie
  19. Help with Output colors for Forms
  20. Function string to hyperlink problem
  21. Split Apart Data Being Received - Newbie Help
  22. Get mysql result.
  23. Resize Image
  24. Simple Parse Error }, Help to Find It.
  25. Optimize Script
  26. 3D Array?
  27. How to get index of array?
  28. Please help with with Regex Pattern
  29. Help for cookie
  30. need help inserting checkbox to DB
  31. Local time / GMT display from data field
  32. Simple Newbie Sessions and insert Problem
  33. Mysql to Pdo conversion?
  34. email form not sending - no errors
  35. Am I using the factory pattern correctly?
  36. SMS functionality to PHP website
  37. not found php file on server
  38. include text file
  39. mysql_result error
  40. Help Required Immediately - URGENT
  41. Move_uploaded_file Error
  42. Large Files
  43. Line Graph in php
  44. do query based on a var
  45. Help with php script
  46. MD5 problem
  47. Mail Form Variables
  48. Resolved [PHP\MySql] Transfer data between two tables..
  49. Format date
  50. simulating a submit button
  51. CURL POSTING multipart/form-data problem
  52. Fetching values from MySql Database
  53. php correction on my webpage
  54. Incrementation not incrementing correctly
  55. Resolved build array with only used inputs
  56. PHP does not allow all POST variables
  57. Limit pageination links
  58. Resolved Strange PDO quote behavior (sqlite, deflate)
  59. Weird error, I can't figure it out...
  60. Php file being accessed as a cron job, not by http request
  61. Inserting date and time of the user's PC
  62. Can't get captcha code to validate, Help please
  63. could this cms develop with php
  64. How do I automatically input a password when connecting vpn
  65. [Help] Regarding a search code
  66. Contact Form Success Message on contact form not in new window?
  67. Resolved Sorting a relational set
  68. Need help with this!
  69. Dynamic Checkboxes
  70. Clean and keep line breaks
  71. working out if an image is portrait or landscape is causing trouble
  72. str_replace with exceptions? Not sure how to solve.
  73. Completely lost
  74. Can "//" be used inside a heredoc to comment out javascript?
  75. handleSize func not working
  76. Left join not displaying correctly on repeat region
  77. another problem
  78. PHP hyperlink in mysql search result title
  79. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/*****/public_html/index.php on....
  80. Multiple Upload process question
  81. fatal error: allowed memory prob
  82. Undefined Index mysql query
  83. Need help to get the Alert message after redirect
  84. best way to get installed directory
  85. need curl help [php]
  86. Resolved divide miles, speed time formating
  87. User profiling.
  88. Undefined object properties
  89. Help with captcha refresh button
  90. Table repeat region adding extra <tr>
  91. Admin page redirect
  92. Echo Javascript If statements
  93. Another question on the registry pattern?
  94. Managing Broken Includes / Requires
  95. Add Mentor Mentee of Lecturer And Student
  96. Array after a json decode
  97. Need to update PHP 'Client API library version' of MySql by RPM package
  98. Help:Changing img src:PHP and JavaScript
  99. Calculate distance by Lat-Lon
  100. Resolved Email in spam
  101. thumbnail script is producing poor quality thumbs please help
  102. Login system + paypal payment system (after paying user gets add to mysql to login)
  103. Factory design pattern?
  104. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'
  105. How to remember selected values in all dropdowns?
  106. Change upon submit page shoots to the top
  107. Login enable using IP check
  108. Clearing _GET and _POST
  109. Help. Update statement not working
  110. $_POST a 2D array?
  111. How to GET # symbol in URL?
  112. Prevent user from abusing button clicking
  113. error in code :(
  114. How to pass a post or get method array into stream() function
  115. WHILE lOOP limit help
  116. Spacing With PHP!!
  117. Embed-able php photogallery that grabs a images in a dir.
  118. help with downloaded script possible database problem
  119. Login error
  120. Using my $_SESSION from one class on another
  121. 2 errrors when i reg on my own script
  122. Registration Form Drop Down List Dilemma!
  123. Resolved the php generated randomly not repeat the figures
  124. exporting from DB to CSV - encoding issues with arabic characters
  125. Listing product categories from WP e-Commerce PHP string
  126. png 24 copy/re-color fuzzy edges
  127. PHP Echoed in Ajax
  128. Header("Content-type: image/jpeg"); problem
  129. CSV Upload error.....
  130. Display and hide of form edits
  131. Joining brandname for dropdown list
  132. Need help with SSI paths in php
  133. Need Help with if than statements
  134. Using PHP IF and SQL
  135. Problem with !==
  136. my own captcha
  137. Code Organization: PHP Calcs Before HTML?
  138. Some PHP-Regex Questions
  139. submit php form for ammending, with auto reply
  140. Php code help......
  141. Code to enable edit option for every row
  142. date Format code help while posting info in to mysql
  143. Why fetch_assoc() or fetch_row() giving error always
  144. Change PHPBB login form code
  145. array question
  146. Using a salt value
  147. I want a project
  148. Only post code if MySQL row data exists?
  149. foreach loop issue
  150. Resolved Birthdays in Current Month vb 4.2
  151. Rss feed filter SimplePie
  152. Interact With Facebook & Twitter
  153. Resolved referer array
  154. Need Ticket Number generating and updating script using mysql & php
  155. Subtracting Time from a Time - Help
  156. Checkbox values to database
  157. HELP Display different times for hours.
  158. Adding ucwords() To The Following Code?
  159. Update every user with loop?
  160. Reference in 'glob'
  161. storing a session http_referer
  162. please help me to count the number of folders with in directories
  163. How to use gmp functions in PHP code properly
  164. Simplify array to string
  165. Scraping
  166. Making and editing complex arrays
  167. Help! How do you install this php script?
  168. Resolved getting post and session in a file
  169. Need advice
  170. get user login time history in php
  171. Updating calendar
  172. Help with concatenating php mail function message variable
  173. search bar without f3ing or control+f
  174. Can I change the name of the sender for a PHP generated email?
  175. Sending mail after updating in php
  176. Re: Help on how to set column widths in php
  177. 3 nested str_replace statements, more efficient method?
  178. Resolved explode issue
  179. How can I turn this into a Panel-like system?
  180. I have an issue need a little hand shouldnt be to hard.
  181. Resolved Help with a link generator
  182. Resolved New to PHP language
  183. Pm system
  184. how to delete a certain number of item from a numbered quantity
  185. Modify Text files
  186. GoodReads.com API
  187. Joomla blank white static pages - offering a tip :)
  188. Refine search results
  189. Dynamic Navigation with Active Class
  190. Registry pattern?
  191. Please delete
  192. Scraping
  193. Array value.
  194. Why doesn't Wordpress allow my PHP code?
  195. Value is POSTED definitly but isset() says NO....
  196. Best way to allow users to reset a password.
  197. Display MySQL Data in html table
  198. Replacement programmer wanted...PHP or new route?
  199. I would like some direction to complete this script please.
  200. PHP download script confusion
  201. Posting on my forum which updates my main page
  202. Non object error
  203. login code making it login in my forums
  204. Delete certain line in txt file
  205. very newbie class Q?
  206. limit image views on table field value
  207. Counter Problem Solving Task
  208. Help placing {'s
  209. saving mysql with php help
  210. PHP mail function - not functioning
  211. Resolved how do i combine an array then insert in another array
  212. DataLife engine need simple help
  213. $_GET echo language in Javascript file
  214. Simple Help Reg page connected to mssql DB
  215. (HELP) Dynamically run PHP content
  216. Needing help with a php code
  217. Need help building Dynamic URL
  218. Nested Functions
  219. Determining if a timestamp exists in a range of timestamps, and if so, where exactly?
  220. Folders being prepended to my URL?!
  221. url types :)
  222. Preg_replace: rename URL to custom title
  223. Dynamically creating Tables
  224. I dont know but help to make a login authentication thingy
  225. why only one function is performed
  226. PHP and Tables. How do I..
  227. Using PUT METHOD for listing items on Sears
  228. PHP mail form help
  229. Is PHP what im looking for?
  230. real-time in mmog such as ogame...?
  231. Php cases, there must be a faster way
  232. PHP/XML Template Meta Tag Issue
  233. Send to friend - address bar link
  234. Static methods and properties in OOP?
  235. Query using 2 tables
  236. PHP session_id change on page refresh
  237. Reverse Array? MyArray=75[?]
  238. How to _POST a variable?
  239. I'm at a loss with parse error problem, can someone help please?
  240. Featured Post on Custom Blogging System
  241. Could use some help on a project
  242. PHP & Wordpress
  243. im new to php and i cant get my chat catagories page to work
  244. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IS_EQUAL, expecting ',' or ')'
  245. Resolved mail() function
  246. CMS, framework or to program from scratch? My user-contributed concert site.
  247. Processing POST variable in PHP REST service
  248. Linking to Back previous page
  249. Including not working
  250. Properties assigning them to $this?

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