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  1. Loop with text field not responding... HELP!!
  2. SOLVED : sprintf and while loop
  3. session_start() and header() in same document.
  4. Changing the case of all the files in a directory
  5. Problem retrieving image from blob
  6. Comic System
  7. Proper syntax for $_SESSION ?
  8. displaying details
  9. ajax problem
  10. Displaying a mysql databases specific field values using php
  11. sorting directory files Help with ignoring certain folders
  12. $_POST and the Break Tags
  13. if an array contains a variable
  14. Mass Mailer stoped working
  15. Form validations - after everything is OK, taking a var to a new page...
  16. mail function and smtp problems
  17. Problem Hiding HTML code in conditionals using PHP
  18. Creating table rows based on query result
  19. import_request_variables safe or not?
  20. keeping value in dropdown on failed validation
  21. My php site was hacked.
  22. $_SESSIONS & mysql_real_escape_string()
  23. Forms: To force user choose an option in dropdown menu
  24. Undefined index
  25. Simple PHP text editor that onced work is not working now? *confused*
  26. Comment Code
  27. $_post
  28. Curl help
  29. Explain how this if (isset ($_POST['Submit'])) works
  30. Confusion on header() placement
  31. have page expire to slow spammers
  32. Unexpected T_ELSE
  33. mysql_num_rows
  34. strpos issue
  35. Nav Bar Issues?
  36. multi input form
  37. Present in order
  38. Problem with my search engine
  39. function question: returning values from dynamically generated/assigned variables
  40. Special Characters and MySQL database
  41. Cannot pull info from MySQL - Resource ID #4 - ???
  42. Forcing function timeout
  43. Send email with attachemnts using normal php code.
  44. PHP Laeyrs Menu
  45. Upload fonts to a directory and have them automatically used and randomly selected.
  46. mysql_fetch_array error
  47. Way to generate random temporary link?
  48. Soap
  49. php upgrade corrupts e-mail 'From' line
  50. Using session info in a function.
  51. "Urgent...deadline tomorrow!"
  52. read/send/manage E-mail on server
  53. Image Create
  54. Deny Access
  55. Under same domain but different server
  56. matching validation not working (partially)
  57. Pop up message box
  58. DENYACESS to url works in Mozilla not IE...Help!
  59. Why can't I write to files?
  60. Wordpress Blog (Java insertion)
  61. File Upload, Set Defalut File Name, Hide Form
  62. pulling code from mysql
  63. regular expression patterns
  64. Works AWSOME IN IE but sucks in Firefox?
  65. need help in code ?
  66. email script PLEASE HELP!
  67. echoing a mysql array.
  68. selective session timeout
  69. Can this be done in PHP please ?
  70. Simultaneous authentication
  71. deleting news posts
  72. Extracting IPTC Tags
  73. substr with array
  74. SQL Where clause
  75. Splitting parts out of a css file
  76. Why doesn't my PHP function work like it should?
  77. Replace Between Delimiters
  78. problem with sending emails
  79. Admin Panel help?
  80. How can i make my images appear
  81. Trying PHP Framework
  82. Help - View Categories
  83. Forum Help?
  84. Gmail Online Status Indicator?
  85. Parsing any <br> or & output to validate
  86. Cannot connect to MySQL
  87. PHP Navigation
  88. What is the best PHP Editor around?
  89. How is the layout of your backends?
  90. fopen
  91. problems with || in if statement
  92. Create online registration?
  93. Office Automation
  94. Having Problem to Print pages Using PHP
  95. generating titles
  96. thank you text after submit
  97. email formating problems caused when adding Input Type
  98. Call to underfined function that is there
  99. Another session question
  100. Trying to Determine Source of a 'Title' Tag
  101. Insane mail() problem causes 500 error
  102. Image Submit Button (IE Problem?)
  103. www.Mafia-Legends.com Needs Pro PHP Coders
  104. Template Issue??
  105. help pls
  106. Sending POST data without using a form
  107. comparing two variables
  108. Can I trust php Date() function?
  109. File Created Time
  110. Encryption Problem
  111. Very Hard Question. PHP + MySQL...
  112. how do i check if user is logged on?
  113. Newsletter Subscribe on Homepage
  114. array() problem sending mass email with swiftmailing
  115. dates
  116. Help with inserting values
  117. Image Generation Problem
  118. comparing form to database
  119. Sessions
  120. Message boards? or Forums?
  121. Removing whitespaces
  122. PHP Help...What is wrong with this?
  123. random numbers
  124. URL Masking in PHP
  125. What is the Referral IP for an HTTP request that is sent from PHP script?
  126. readfile() only sending 2MB of data?
  127. Random content
  128. trying to access variables inside a function scope
  129. Template Object Scope
  130. Using a superglobal as a default argument
  131. Timer for redirect.
  132. Headers are sent if I have php file in UTF format ????
  133. PHP MAil
  134. Need Help on geting a site to learn php/mysql or ebooks
  135. Shutting down computer with PHP
  136. Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  137. transferring a variable to another page.
  138. Gunzip code.
  139. Showing Mysql tables?
  140. Online Store/shopping Cart!!!
  141. Help With Making a Text-Based Game
  142. Script Issue
  143. PHP Upload Mime Types Upload Problem
  144. HTML / PHP integration
  145. help with form editing
  146. help geting username from database
  147. Getting a var in a URL
  148. GD thumbnail class help
  149. How can display all records using foreach and template
  150. Need help with this page
  151. Really Usefull EXE
  152. php/gd graph interaction help
  153. issues wirth Post Data
  154. language session
  155. Receiving Mail
  156. pull from form and save to db
  157. GD image did not display ....
  158. Basic regex problem
  159. timed quiz
  160. Showing top ten users?
  161. Generate list of months using while loop
  162. keeping people out if not loged in!..Help?
  163. Problems with php install
  164. CMS Lite.
  165. Where can I download this topsite lists
  166. Problem receiving variable from drop down box
  167. Calculating the number of days
  168. permission denied using fopen in php
  169. PHP Mail with a database
  170. Is this PHP ?
  171. Need to create Online application Help!!!
  172. Online application Help
  173. Need help with simple array loop
  174. regular expression
  175. code error help
  176. How can I load one php file using Javascript?
  177. form tag action='/aaa/aa/' instead of action='/aaa/aa.php' ??
  178. php upload just asking
  179. Good php download.php log ip address and stuff...
  180. help with php coding
  181. Help with arrays
  182. Why don't I get bounce messages?
  183. help with php login script
  184. Converting from Blacklist to whitlist
  185. how do i control css with php
  186. help creating a login select form
  187. Paypal script help
  188. Dropdown Box form validation
  189. While loop becomes for loop
  190. Sample code for a simple log in page
  191. Help with parsing XML with php
  192. Permissions
  193. php league table problem
  194. php league table problem
  195. Snoopy Acting Weird.
  196. hotmail/yahoo/gmail rejecting mail from pear mail queue
  197. PHP and mysql update oldest
  198. Session / form confusion
  199. !?Problem?!
  200. I need a 5 star rating system PLEEZ HELP
  201. PHP Database
  202. PHP/MySQL Weblogs - anyone know of any
  203. problem with array to merge to db filds together
  204. Too stupid to get Hello World working...
  205. session handling on window server
  206. index.php?inc=2 messing up my auth login ?
  207. Help With Sort Array
  208. Breadcrumb Trail
  209. need help with an error. (already fixed)
  210. Php Irc
  211. [php] comparation with database
  212. date["j"]
  213. SendMail defaulting to "anonymous"
  214. PHP Editor for Linux
  215. Importing from csv
  216. Reading shared object extensions
  217. Keep checkboxes checked in admin panel
  218. txt to html
  219. How to resend POST info?
  220. Deny Access
  221. Use HTML (CSS) to format the look of a PHP drop down?
  222. How to make expressions with ? and : ???
  223. Regex Help
  224. Background running
  225. article.php/article_title ... cannot get it to work
  226. php show image source
  227. Making db queries CaSe SenSitIvE
  228. php switcher + flash + IE = broken?
  229. Apologies first, Image uploading....
  230. Forced Download
  231. What is wrong with this if statement?
  232. Cannot do a fopen with a 'w' option in PHP
  233. Help setting up vScript
  234. How to attach a picture in PHP email
  235. How to cut decimal numbers? Like 2.5767 to 2.5 ?
  236. strtotime failure
  237. Uploading file problem PHP
  238. Three letter alphabet combination
  239. PHP + MySQL, not working
  240. PHP site design: index.php?p=something vs. other methods
  241. php/Apache sendmail latentcy
  242. Please help with this email code...
  243. php and flash
  244. Make date from numbers
  245. help!!! go php an example or template i can use? please?
  246. PACL - PHP 5 Class Library
  247. any good class to generate pdf
  248. Gotta love errors!
  249. Limit text
  250. php session question

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