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  1. Mail Form Problem
  2. most downloaded top 10
  3. PHP Message Center
  4. Getting name of file
  5. Automatic form submission
  6. Error, help needed please
  7. Advice please on strip_tags(trim()) etc
  8. Not writting to file
  9. Calculating shopping cart total.
  10. using isset with both $_POST and $_GET
  11. Login and password protect help
  12. Forum with CPanel
  13. Members only pages
  14. Counter Setup
  15. for statment, un-expected results. Newbie ?
  16. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in
  17. Search for a string
  18. Dynamic Inclusion question
  19. Soap
  20. uploading image to server and data to database
  21. Need a bit of help with my bbcode parse function
  22. unique counter
  23. session help.
  24. almost there!?!?!?!?!?
  25. (Please help) Coding & php url/linking problem!
  26. Finding the width of an image
  27. File In Directory Counter Help
  28. IE vs Firefox: SOME images not showing in IE
  29. How can i automatically include new files placed in directory in another page
  30. Processing things in a while loop
  31. problem in inserting data in Database
  32. Backup and upload to other ftp server
  33. setcookie() not working
  34. Efficient Sorting.
  35. help: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in
  36. Looking for a PHP Coder
  37. XPlevels, put in array? What's the best solution?
  38. users & log-in system on websites
  39. apache unknown software exception!!
  40. Random image and link
  41. Calculation
  42. Basic PHP Question
  43. spam filter
  44. PHP Editors- any recomendations?
  45. Products selection...
  46. Updating from a unique id in php. Loop?
  47. Cron -> Php Script
  48. strtotime problem
  49. How do you prevent a site from being exposed?
  50. string length problem with strlen() ??
  51. Logging CPU usage
  52. Allow Members To View What They Submitted
  53. PHP vs mySQL
  54. How to include variables from other php files????
  55. Session data
  56. Header help
  57. Time out while sending email
  58. In process of making beguiner login php
  59. PHP Insert Record to MySQL - String ends up as numbers
  60. Edit Submission
  61. newbie ?: foreach statment further understanding
  62. number_format issues
  63. Edit all menus at once
  64. Session issue::Unexplained.
  65. setting php var from javascript
  66. Change All That Are Checked
  67. form access
  68. File Uploads with form Fields
  69. restyling a guestbook
  70. where to start?????
  71. can this be done?
  72. pagination
  73. php data validation
  74. A problem with my move
  75. Delete specific texts from file
  76. set alarm
  77. Missing globals in bbclone
  78. New, Have question about superglobals
  79. web based configuration of asterisk sip server
  80. PHP Bans
  81. Upgrading Firepages's phpdev423 to php5?
  82. PHP Script Error: Wrong parameter count for implode()
  83. What is the different between mysql_escape_string() and addslashes() ?
  84. Is this thumbnail function written correctly ?
  85. not sure what the error is referring to
  86. Creating a form that sends an attachment to email...
  87. Dynamic table size
  88. Rendering images with php
  89. *Urgent* Mail Form Problem...
  90. path problem
  91. Beginner Mistakes
  92. PHP SOAP and passing identically named nodes
  93. Converting timestamp to 3 numeric fields ?
  94. File upload causing slow script warning
  95. problem with db
  96. help with sub-folder loaction
  97. </html> Reconising As PHP Error
  98. marquee project
  99. Using a security function ??
  100. Total price of selected products...
  101. Username Automatically Added To Submission
  102. Deleting Old Database Entries
  103. overriding my hosting company's php.ini file
  104. Image resizing and creation
  105. mysql_query fetch results dependant on id
  106. Script to Unzip on Server?
  107. Looking up users with a trigger
  108. Need Help Making My First Algorithm
  109. php concatenate drop down menus
  110. Anyone seen this error before?
  111. PHP ruining HTML code
  112. User Authentication Additions
  113. Updating a record
  114. PHP Spider
  115. Login/Register/Logout Code
  116. PHP Spider
  117. any ideas on php pack("H*",...)?
  118. Error with RSS within PHP
  119. PHP database search
  120. how do i get an id from a mysql table and use it in a form
  121. Else..If Stumper.
  122. How to update X number of rows in a sql database from $_POST?
  123. Help with hit counter code - can't display number of hits
  124. Mysql images
  125. Url
  126. generate static pages instead of dynamic
  127. No Records To Display
  128. Two PHP Scripts With Forms On Same Page With Same Action Are Submitting Each Other
  129. How to get all folders from a folder?
  130. Converting your URL string
  131. getimagesize() vs imagesx() ???
  132. problems creating a csv File.
  133. Mass File Upload.
  134. myclassname.inc.php
  135. Need help creating a script.
  136. uploading file????...
  137. Recover data
  138. Using thumbnails
  139. How do I strip out <br> from a field ?
  140. Fill out application - pay - submit application
  141. Randomly overright file script
  142. Search a database and display results in a table
  143. Date field - how to use the date
  144. Date Question
  145. Profile Guestbook for 4images
  146. quoting system
  147. Date&Time help! I need brute force stopper!
  148. Help required Randomization
  149. Only Allowed To Submit Once...
  150. How to replace "-" to space?
  151. If logged in, display different tag
  152. I Need Help Now!!
  153. Question to PHP/Programming professionals, is this possible?
  154. Help with my login script
  155. A little search engine help.
  156. passing/escaping javascript function parameters to update a textarea
  157. Im stuck with my code
  158. Complete NOOB here... PHP Passwords $
  159. new mysql error - working with php
  160. [Phpbb2]Whats wrong with my code?
  161. Error In My Syntax??!!
  162. Tree-forum questions
  163. Changing set on multiple rows
  164. [PHP/GD] How to write diagonal text on the same line?
  165. Website security
  166. Updating Text On A Page
  167. Redirect Instead Of Echo
  168. Change Colour Of 'Echo' Text....
  169. Coding problem
  170. Registration script - help!
  171. Dynamic creation of categories (MySQL/PHP)
  172. online test taking tool
  173. Divide User by Country
  174. php5 with mySql
  175. Displaying php array in javascript
  176. Code Generators
  177. Work-around for file_get_contents?
  178. Problem's geting started with PHP!
  179. Multiple Results of Same Data in Search Engine
  180. New File
  181. Loop is writing over itself
  182. PHP Application Issues
  183. PHP-based menu & possible eval() problem
  184. Play sound on new message, only ONCE
  185. Printing a Name in a Page from the URL?
  186. PHP theory question - is this method bad?
  187. LDAP To Display Address Book - Help?
  188. help with possible join? Don't know
  189. call centre database help
  190. include() and GET
  191. Error when uploading image in database
  192. help with php gui
  193. baffled by UPDATE
  194. PHP Array Help
  195. How do you create changing hyperlinks?
  196. Stop Submitting Blank Forms
  197. Time between posts
  198. E-Commerce...
  199. help wanted :) - PHP IP Detection
  200. Counting banners clicks
  201. username/password problem
  202. Having Problem In session - plz help
  203. How to check an existence of dom object
  204. Need help with preg_replace();
  205. DHTML in php CSLH
  206. Help with Query
  207. creating "select all" button using for loops
  208. Move and change name of uploaded file
  209. Sorting Multidimensional array
  210. PHP CLI command line on Win XP Pro calling external page with cURL
  211. Working mime-type of .rar file extension
  212. .htaccess problems
  213. Creating Table
  214. Form image verification
  215. how to work in new php
  216. Stuck on arrays, help pls :)
  217. DB info into a session
  218. Debugging
  219. PHP Directory
  220. system() Help
  221. Function isset() undefined?
  222. View Pages Help
  223. Date Drop down validation not working correctly
  224. My email problem..
  225. Reg. Prob
  226. Merging Images
  227. Php date suffix
  228. Help with mime mails
  229. problem with my coding
  230. public..etc defined on php4.2.2
  231. what's smarty? how i do this
  232. what´s wrong with this?
  233. $this->myFunction,Myclass::myFunction();
  234. how to do insert,delete,edit using ajax
  235. File uploader with progress.
  236. having problem to display a records columnwise continuously in the desiging page. i n
  237. settings in mySQL need to be in $settings[]
  238. check against database and table
  239. using sprintf with queries and the %s are making it hard
  240. how does one use username in a hdden form field?
  241. how to set page session
  242. did php change ...
  243. SPAM prevention for guestbook? HELP!
  244. edit text within a string
  245. Difference Between Variables and Defines
  246. Files stored by number, find the next number
  247. Passing Javascript values to PHP variables?
  248. how do i modify the Dynamic PHP Picture Viewer
  249. Image resize and memory issues
  250. drop down lists (PHP)

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