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  1. defining an index?
  2. Site Template
  3. Transfer edited records from one MySQL table to another
  5. $_SESSION in a $_POST
  6. Show results in an order
  7. 3 questions about my dropdowns
  8. str_replace
  9. Query returning blank
  10. Passing variable info to a new php script.
  11. Where Can I Find A Search Engine Script Like This One?
  12. delayed search feature: intercation with PHP and what?
  13. Easiest way to use multipule types of databases
  14. PHPSESSID in link
  15. Display text/image at certain times reading from a mysql DB
  16. Edit Config.php, from Module/ListView.php??
  17. Odd error - to me...
  18. taking the url and putting it into query
  19. can't connect to mysql
  20. Ftp uploads, and site issues
  21. Zend Question
  22. css in db
  23. stopword removal-> code help, not working...why I am still confused..
  24. Flush() Is not Flushing!
  25. how to open pop-up without using javascript?
  26. Only print a certain field and store in a variable.
  27. $GET question
  28. ORACLE database BACKUP using php.......
  29. Trouble with sessions and include();
  30. x since last
  31. simple INSERT question and variables..
  32. really simple MySQL fulltext search(need help)!
  33. Need help with implementing a function
  34. timestamp/datetime with PHPv4.3.1
  35. The name keeps sliding accross in my comments with php on my site?
  36. Auto escaping quotes in post variables
  37. Timestamp
  38. How to find out if mysql is installed?
  39. Getting the value of an array within an array element
  40. Incrementing a value in a MySQL table
  41. Block email domains on registration
  42. Word Wrapping For An Array
  43. [PHP/MYSQL] change passwd form
  44. Working with Dates
  45. Quick Suggestion please
  46. Help with loops
  47. Clear history of visited links on web pages using cookies
  48. Encoder for PHP
  49. I need an explanation of one line of code
  50. grouping by year
  51. Restricting image size
  52. Alternate user identification
  53. PHP/MySQL problem
  54. using PEAR (problem)
  55. radio buttons with php
  56. radio buttons with php
  57. Consequences of using two DBs
  58. POST variables not passing into update query
  59. script to search and replace a variable name in a directory
  60. Writing text with GD
  61. exif_read_data returns undefinded function in php v 4.3.3
  62. Login PHP & MySQL to check 3 values - Help
  63. Strange error
  64. submit no longer works in IE
  65. Pass Session variable between separate domains
  66. having trouble with XAMPP
  67. Need help with installing php an MySQL
  68. Making one option selected in a drop down
  69. stripping out \r\n ??
  70. update source code in text area
  71. stop php cross-linking - help please
  72. Script----> Template
  73. Drop down menu problem
  74. Form problem under PHP5
  75. Flow control issue with rename()
  76. Variable Problem
  77. selecting into an array
  78. Can create static page using php
  79. iFrames and a text generator.
  80. Array sorting
  81. Resize image-how to get lenght of image
  82. Prediction League
  83. Photoblog not uploading images
  84. Page not showing new DB update!!
  85. Loadong dll extension in IIS5 ?
  86. Uploading files to SFTP server??
  87. Passing custom variables to my autoresponder
  88. mixing data from 2 different tables
  89. register_globals help
  90. 3gp converter???
  91. To test a string contains a charecter or not
  92. email form server help (revised)
  93. email form server help
  94. How can I replace my two-spaces indentation to tab indentation?
  95. help needed for PHP E-commerce project
  96. Hi frnds plz help
  97. Online form by mail problem (Fixed)
  98. how to use records in grid
  99. IP address not working in MAC server
  100. Convering PHP code to Curl
  101. using the mail() function
  102. Copy function yields a stream error
  103. PHP Help
  104. Please help problem with path!
  105. How Do I do this simple task?
  106. new mysqli / mysqli_connect function question
  107. Multidimensional MySQL query :)
  108. Switch / Array Help
  109. help with form and arrays
  110. plz help me out
  111. conditional script execution
  112. Help Me Please,to repair this Error... It uses MagpieRSS.. thnx
  113. Problem with a $_POST variable
  114. Evaluate PHP subscription script
  115. how best to deal with dates.
  116. Product Views
  117. Limit pages from Nav out put
  118. Unicode issues
  119. Pages
  120. when pressed form input should be updated to mysql db..
  121. an array walk without php5
  122. Stopping a script when browser loading stops
  123. Passing form values to several pages
  124. Is this possible with PHP
  125. parsing error in nvform
  126. Advice needed.. Recalling an ID from an array.. sort of
  127. insert problem with quotes javascript into php file
  128. T_variable
  129. Notice: Use of undefined constant main - assumed 'main' in c:\xampp\htdocs\mysite
  130. username and password in diffrent languages
  131. Login Page From Scratch.
  132. Mod_Rewrite (Cleaner Search Queries)
  133. Looking for a MoD validation tool.
  134. Hoping to learn PHP, MySQL
  135. PHP Web Crawler
  136. Displaying data results by column
  137. Unexpected $end error - brackets look ok...
  138. How to bring my header Design on PHP/ SMF forum
  139. + Sign in query
  140. Image Resizing?
  141. assigning a variable to the result of an if else statement
  142. dependent dropdown help?
  143. mysql stored function return value
  144. problem with mysqli
  145. A slight problem...automatic redirect
  146. bulk mail() + attachment in a loop
  147. Form injection paranoia
  148. Image Validator
  149. How to rewrite & to & ?
  150. Huge session file
  151. mod_rewrite
  152. Problem sorting with URL's
  153. dependent dropdowns in dreamweaver?
  154. php include help
  155. PHP/MySQL Sorting Question
  156. Changing php code to use gif header insted of swf/fla
  157. JAIL CHROOT analog in windows apache?
  158. .txt file Random Quotes Need Code for multiple files
  159. Getting Source Code into Variable
  160. Checkbox issue
  161. Submitting & Fetching Records from the Database
  162. need a help related with formmail with attachment.
  163. HELP: Form Validation
  164. Variable for how many inserted cellsin mysql table.
  165. trying to create a site that will allow multiple users to add to a table.
  166. subdomain uploads
  167. IE Problems
  168. Generating a Report with a Loop
  169. Capture data
  170. Null Values are getting inserted into database
  171. Help with tables
  172. Help! Error in my register code!
  173. phpmyadmin login error......
  174. Trouble with preg_replace
  175. Extra Space is added in textbox while retrieving values
  176. php code help
  177. Checking if username exists... (im noob)
  178. Page Gen Time Problem
  179. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end on line 70
  180. connect value from dropdown list to value from search box
  181. PHP Mail IIS
  182. query= versus mysql query
  183. reverse charge SMS
  184. Help Setting up a Contact Form! Pleasee!
  185. Simple hyperlinking in a loop
  186. sort files newest to oldest
  187. Basic Input / value / variable problem...
  188. ?id Navigation
  189. Using !function_exists() but need function_remove() ??
  190. String Replacement Question
  191. CHMOD php files on localhost??
  192. Converting to and from character ascii values.
  193. please check my preg_replace statement
  194. tables
  195. building site with ?id=72 URL
  196. udm4 php
  197. [HELP] PHP Uload Quota.
  198. Big Numbers
  199. php links
  200. return function variables?
  201. "Page Loading" snippet - willing to pay
  202. PHP CSS current Navigation
  203. how to return boolean if a string is found within a string?
  204. Encrypting the MySQL connection password etc.
  205. site search in Mambo script
  206. GIF to JPEG conversion with PHP
  207. Editing form date the right way
  208. Error 405 Method not allowed?
  209. [RESOLVED]Form data not stored in DataBase
  210. Access DB rows
  211. Help with errors
  212. Drawing on JPEGs
  213. link HIT COUNTER (PHP)
  214. Need a little help splitting data into 2 columns
  215. About Url /?
  216. download dialog or right click?
  217. HELP: PHP/MS Access
  218. Switch via list?
  219. header not working
  220. Undefined Index?
  221. Anyone know how to make this .txt file into a random text loader?
  222. preg_replace() problem
  223. CVS for PHP
  224. CRON not working as expected...
  225. HELP: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  226. Current Navigation PHP and CSS
  227. grabbing image links from a string
  228. Forum just died
  229. Retrieve data that's between tags
  230. Printing the date
  231. COM info
  232. Zip issues, duplicate entries
  233. PHPglossar_0.8 php/MySQL newbie requires help please
  234. Using AuthentiX ASP code in PHP
  235. upload_max_filesize max size
  236. GET vs REQUEST
  237. Multiple Recipients of Form Data
  238. arrays in PHP
  239. Color change issues?
  240. Help with preg_replace?
  241. special characters in URL
  242. Can I print my web form
  243. arrays() help!
  244. Expire HTML page after specific time using PHP
  245. Create New Folder With PHP
  246. param settings, please help
  247. Sessions vs. GET question?????
  248. mysql_affected_rows() after INSERT query
  249. What do you think the script they use ?
  250. Anyways to check MySQL version with PHP code?

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