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  1. Errors with main site // forum // useronline -- Help :(
  2. Form Post file upload not working for large files
  3. php issue
  4. Error uploading to database with ' character
  5. Using javascript in a php document
  6. exec and shell_exec
  7. Date display in php
  8. Strange error while connecting other server.... Plz help me
  9. Regex Help... Again :(
  10. easy regular expression help plz
  11. Array Help
  12. I'm brand new to the whole sessions thing/PHP and...
  13. Is this a server problem or a code problem?
  14. need help - duplicate search results problem.
  15. how to convert hex strings to ascii
  16. PHP/HTML calculation
  17. Problem with menu
  18. MYSQL data to an array
  19. Php driving me nutz!
  20. PHP Freaky Double Twist
  21. how to convert tiff to jpg with php?
  22. Displaying an Array problem
  23. php -post to another site
  24. One more try - simple 'registration' script
  25. removing all www.
  26. CAPTCHA help!
  27. Where can I get PHP/Pear extension?
  28. word wrap not working in mozilla
  29. php script validators
  30. calculate 1st Tuesday ea. January?
  31. posting RSS feeds from another site to yours
  32. grab last row only in ascending results [RESOLVED]
  33. Need to add error statement
  34. PHP Install
  35. Simple MySQL get problem
  36. 'Linking' two mysql tables
  37. The date 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  38. Serious need of MySQL and PHP Help..
  39. Friendly URL's without mod_rewrite?
  40. Header Help
  41. changing/overriding URLs
  42. wht's does => mean
  43. Completely new to PHP
  44. Automated mail generates unwanted backslashes
  45. Whats Wrong?
  46. session help
  47. What does this code snippet do?
  48. How do I resolve to a default index.php file on webserver.
  49. regex syntax help
  50. Complete directory search script help
  51. chmod issue
  52. adding images into email
  53. Progress bar for file uploading, even possible?
  54. textbox input to replace text in php/html file
  55. load xml issue
  56. SOLVED: using htaccess username in php script
  57. Variable echoeing out incorrectly
  58. Do you see any Security problems with my logic or with using php E-Mail functions
  59. Help Needed on PHP
  60. php strpos
  61. sending url using php
  62. Connecting to FTP
  63. PHP4, XML and CSV
  64. Newbie to PHP
  65. newbie question: how do i connect to my database?
  66. write to database and go to url problem
  67. PHP CHMOD. Allowing a Folder or File to Write Files
  68. do Include menu's re-load?
  69. form not working
  70. display info depending on IP
  71. where to start..
  72. Random link script
  73. Saving text file to users desktop
  74. Combining Form Variables
  75. Incrementing and decrementing URL variables
  76. PHP & PDF Question
  77. Deleting array index, how?
  78. RegExp issue preg_match_all
  79. ffmpeg - php?
  80. Compare two files for changes
  81. Need php coding help!
  82. Random URL That Expires
  83. pixel width of string
  84. Limit to three words, mouseover shows full
  85. Form Submission
  86. Cookie is not being set!
  87. replace large text with ...
  88. Referrers Script tiny problem
  89. simplexml as external class?
  90. One more PHP query to java array problem...
  91. Which PHP page is better?
  92. Running a script
  93. php binaries
  94. how to install pear on windows ?
  95. Uploading Images - General Question
  96. selecting mail-id after link click in php
  97. Link inside echo
  98. Display 3 Random Links
  99. adding a title tag fails
  100. Regular Expressions
  101. Network site, safely block bad code.
  102. Cookie only working in one directory.
  103. display images (unanswered)
  104. not a valid MySQL result resource [was: I'm new and need quick help]
  105. Removing font tags inside <!-- --> comments with PCRE
  106. MinSpare and Maxspare Apache PHP problem
  107. Cookies set by domain/bath in PHP, correct ?
  108. Save username in a cookie.
  109. strange upload problem
  110. Session expiring prematurely
  111. Regular Expression Questions, not problem - question.
  112. combining php and sql
  113. Headers already sent?
  114. preg_match("/[\w BUT NOT _ \d ]/") how?
  115. Flat File Pagination
  116. Best way to bring forward values
  117. random page generator - readdir()?
  118. Can't use createimagefromjpeg for Canon Powershot A80
  119. user authentication
  120. PHP beginner question (quick one)
  121. CFM - PHP question
  122. PHP equivalent to <jsp:param>
  123. Securing php forum
  124. I need help using phpBB Fetch All
  125. PHP's mail function not sending mail...
  126. problem php mail function [SOLVED]
  127. PHP to BBCode minor troubles
  128. Retrieving Style info with PHP 5 DOM
  129. DOM Manipulation in PHP 5
  130. hit counter tutorial?
  131. php 5.2
  132. Showing only the first part of an article
  133. Sessions :: register_globals went from ON to OFF
  134. I Need Help!!
  135. pay per download?
  136. Form injection: Is it THAT bad?
  137. What's the best method to learn!
  138. file upload problem
  139. function auto-execution
  140. Uploading Images
  141. image upload form
  142. Check Availability button
  143. php and javascript problem with google maps api
  144. Next query in Mysql
  145. Upload feedback
  146. need help with simple email form
  147. Need help ordering data from mysql database.
  148. Problems combining JS, PHP and working with variables
  149. jhead.exe - does anyone use it ?
  150. Develop a commercial product for PHP5 or PHP4?
  151. Suggestions on setting up security / login system for a site
  152. consult on two db
  153. big ugly confused question.. PLEASE HELP!
  154. Running an executable under php ?
  155. preg_match help
  156. PHP Order form issues
  157. Interactive Map of UK
  158. Where's The Error?
  159. Which ini setting determines if ini_set() is usable?
  160. delete session and cookie
  161. Guessing Game Help
  162. Slooooow script processing, any help appreciated
  163. Executing the query?
  164. special chars in filename help
  165. Sessions
  166. Help about making a script
  167. Automatically Converting Date and Time by Timezone
  168. PHP 5 Dom Manipulation
  169. [Resolved] Finding Flash Video Size with PHP
  170. php checkboxes forms
  171. outside document root
  172. Is there a limit to History.go()?
  173. Base64Encode in php
  174. Timing out if no output to screen
  175. XML vs Database with PHP
  176. error with login auth
  177. print phpsessid id
  178. How to show php variable in Select Box
  179. Inserting undertermined amt of values from a dynamic form
  180. php arrays with same value
  181. URL Encode problem.
  182. execute run statement?
  183. makeing links clickable with PHP
  184. sorting an array with natcasesort()
  185. Timing Visits
  186. Need advise on how to handle this
  187. need uploading script, please.
  188. Reading a directory question
  189. Image Solution, Multiple Images, Resize, Create HTML from it...
  190. How to prevent exit from text field?
  191. Please help - how do I check my image file ?
  192. PHP's FTP functions vs. HTTP POST upload
  193. php and checkboxes
  194. CheckBox Value
  195. php dynamic form generator help
  196. Multiple table inserts from CSV file
  197. fopen php with RELATIVE path
  198. Can't get counter code working !!!
  199. getimagesize()
  200. Synchronize Multiple db's ??
  201. including php files with params
  202. php login problem
  203. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in
  204. cron & timeouts
  205. code help please small problem
  206. problem with php sessions
  207. Form Validation - Validate link
  208. Do i need to use PHP??
  209. session variable trouble
  210. newbie confused - help require passing a variable from parent php page to child page
  211. A small problem with xml and php.
  212. Putting MySQL Result Data into Array, not printing
  213. How to build a view merge all and order by creation date?
  214. Display data
  215. No such file or directory: line 1: ?php
  216. Easy editing
  217. Form GET variable type
  218. WAP Chat script error, please help!
  219. DOMDocument Problem
  220. trim a string from every space
  221. templates??
  222. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: session_start() in /srv/www/htdocs/index.php
  223. simple searching script
  224. preview before submiting comment ?
  225. Break Default ERROR
  226. Back to last page viewed that is not is_page()...?
  227. How to make a position index?
  228. Histrogram Class
  229. xml parsing issue
  230. Image saving
  231. Php check browser
  232. functions within functions
  233. PHP: Resize Pic
  234. everything south of a point in the UK
  235. How to Make 'Next 5' Link on list page.
  236. selecting images from mysql db
  237. sessions
  238. passing values to query databases
  239. PHP Error Help
  240. urlencode this string?
  241. Users not updating
  242. Pulling information off websites?
  243. imagettfbbox = undefined function?
  244. Your Thoughts
  245. GD not work in WinXP- Apache
  246. Help with online order form i am making
  247. PHP file upload issue
  248. Joining DB's
  249. PHP FlatFile
  250. PHP dynamic rollover

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