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  1. mt_rand returning negative number
  2. Random readdir php to XML
  3. How to sort multi layered array?
  4. Internal Default Method Parameters
  5. Php forum probs
  6. Any way to create .html file from a .php file with php command?
  7. Maintaining html styles in php mail form
  8. Problems with $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] in a Subdirectory.
  9. Form Php Script
  10. $_SESSION vars vs. "normal" vars ???
  11. client side PHP validation
  12. Multiple updates
  13. mysqli_real_escape_string adds \n\r
  14. Encode spanish characters in html and display
  15. PHP GD gif support enabled?
  16. having trouble installing scripts
  17. wap & php
  18. regex to truncate a string
  19. regex for CSV file
  20. Putting in captcha
  21. Recommend A Host for MySQL/PHP 5.x
  22. MySQL fetch row problem
  23. Storing links in mysql and displaying them with PHP
  24. problem with radio button
  25. Mail form - Cant spot my error
  26. How to efficiently handle form data with classes?
  27. inserting data in mysql db using php
  28. Trouble in using Select box
  29. Mysql Multiple Column Comparisons
  30. Most Users Online
  31. Php array into a javascript array
  32. Wrong parameter count for preg_replace()
  33. Help Please with quotes, single quotes and sql statments.
  34. Rounding a variable
  35. File Upload - Specify extensions
  36. how do I put this SQL in PHP
  37. Need to Stop Multiple 'Submits'
  38. Peculiar things happen when i use sessions and multiple checkboxes!
  39. Overflow (possibly) problem
  40. Whole Number
  41. php code to display data from any table
  42. internal hyperlinks
  43. problem of logic for paging in the PDF file.
  44. Error coming Up In Proxy Site
  45. Formatting HTML code in a PHP script
  46. getting a small error...any idea?
  47. Getting the name of a variable as string
  48. Problem when "back" is pressed. $_POST
  49. recommendations for text on images
  50. appending a session variable
  51. I have no idea on how to make this...
  52. PHP Quiz issues with $_GET
  53. character trimming function
  54. Include, or no?
  55. Double clicking a link
  56. Please Recommend A cms
  57. preg_match_all problem
  58. Font appearring incorrect
  59. File location syntax
  60. Picture Expire !
  61. Saving Modified Text Files?
  62. Deleting entries from a MySQL database
  63. Login/Register
  64. File Template W/ PHP
  65. A Site Search
  66. PHP?MySQL Search Engine links
  67. PHP/MySQL Form Input
  68. Retrieving a blob?
  69. PHP cookie problems
  70. preg_replace problem
  71. What special characters can you leave in a name?
  72. problem passing text with ' characters
  73. Cookie not working when new browser is opened
  74. Missing a link:To show field name rather than id
  75. template parse error?
  76. assigning images according to page type(s)
  77. Checking if any records exist in a table
  78. Help with this shell_exec script!!!
  79. uploading an image and inputting text then writing to a file with forms
  80. SQL Issues with my PHP
  81. PHP FTP -- spaces in directory name
  82. Selecting entries in database
  83. count duplicates / array script help
  84. What do I have to learn for this?
  85. TuCows API installation
  86. Wierd Parser Error
  87. Breaking Up a PHP String
  88. Problems passing variables between pages
  89. PHP cURL problem
  90. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  91. Session wont create!
  92. Information isn't being entered into database...
  93. Resize Image Dimensions and File Size
  94. Sending credit card information via $_POST and e-mail
  95. PHP page disappears when adding PHP code
  96. image upload script help
  97. issues updating MySQL (AKA miskle) with PHP (AKA foop)
  98. Php connect to mysql database
  99. adding link to images
  100. TIMESTAMP display format help
  101. how to structure a mysql DB and create a search engine for full site?
  102. $_POST problem in pagination
  103. fixed size image
  104. get cURL to use a proxy
  105. profile and user pages come up empty
  106. Which came first: PHP-chicken or the JS-egg?
  107. validate time format using ereg()
  108. Proceed data obtained by HTTP GET method
  109. Linking to Article
  110. OOP clarification
  111. PHP Array & mySQL data fetch related problem.
  112. PHP Date Format
  113. Full Website Backup
  114. Import email contacts
  115. Transform output value from database
  116. Browser refresh on new database entry
  117. Query
  118. Sablotron error on line 1: XML parser error 4: not well-formed (invalid token)
  119. Sort an array by multiple specifications
  120. Read Text File from Remote Location
  121. Connecting to an FTP Server
  122. Submit Script
  123. Storing php files for different databases in separate directories on same server
  124. Running a php script from html
  125. Validating upload file types.
  126. selecting or adding values dynamically to a drop down
  127. Nobody [nobody@domain.com] how to change this
  128. any other code for treeview???
  129. Moving/Inserting blocks of data in MySQL?
  130. phpbb login script and sessions
  131. email to mysql
  132. mail() not being sent
  133. cookie problems
  134. SSI Tags In PHP Documents?
  135. value of variable in a variable
  136. Mail form anti-spam code
  137. preg_replace mixed pattern
  138. E-Bay system + noob question
  139. Need help debugging an insert form
  140. Trouble with a points system
  141. help on basic IF statements
  142. redirecting after submit problem?
  143. T_constant_encapsed_string
  144. Binary
  145. Clearing File Content
  146. PHP Forms, Using Image As Submit?
  147. Detect Folder Existence
  148. Help with changing GoDaddy's default sort order???
  149. how to set a link in treeview?
  150. using <span> in php output from database
  151. Dynamic Conversion of PHP Output to PDF Format
  152. Trouble with sessions
  153. Adding my php based rating system to html based pages.
  154. Seperating by commas (,)
  155. I'm having trouble writing this script (loops).
  156. Nvm - Mod Please Delete
  157. eval() troubles.
  158. Online Auction
  159. MVC: phppattern to Zend_Controller component
  160. browser based ftp login
  161. i think i need a str function
  162. register globals issue
  163. Need help with PHP callning storedProc
  164. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING
  165. Substring Problems with SQL Select in PHP
  166. Picture Resample (Thumbnails)
  167. how to delete records by using checkbox?????
  168. mysql_fetch_array ERROR
  169. page includes, can I include an image instead?
  170. Shopping Cart Sessions
  171. if/then mysql insert
  172. How do I customize this mess?
  173. Help needed with php mysql drop down menu??
  174. Modify HTTP_REFERER
  175. Zend Development Environment
  176. possibly conditional statements. wordpress.
  177. Constantly Running Script?
  178. page 1,2,3,4
  179. Hexa Code in PHP
  180. Php include in .shtml files?
  181. checkboxs into radio buttons problem
  182. Looking for Online Registration Software! HELP
  183. Need help on a very small if statement
  184. Looking to learn PHP
  185. .PDF files take time to load
  186. Leaving Bread Crumbs
  187. session timeout
  188. Why is this PHP code making my entire site die?
  189. making web counter - need some help
  190. Create a text file from php and change the extension for download
  191. new to PHP, seeking guidance/advice
  192. Avoid download of files if user isn't logged in
  193. Can You Do This With PHP?
  194. ? on textarea for a forum posting
  195. Blocking External Links
  196. PHP Dynamic urls
  197. Text in PHP problem - goes on next line.
  198. PHP Parse error on form handling - New to PHP
  199. Question regarding frames,php, and javascript
  200. How can I limit the number of characters in a variable?
  201. date arithmetic/comparison anomaly???
  202. Convert uploaded excel file to <Talble>
  203. PHP 5.0.5 is not working fine
  204. global variable problem
  205. POST BACK - no refresh
  206. how to show all records from database???
  207. PHP Files Configuration
  208. New to WordPress and having huge headaches!
  209. Dynamically displaying smileys in a piece of text
  210. Running An External Program And Passing Arguments To It
  211. What color / number is this?
  212. CSV import to mySql issue
  213. Loading OCI8 Extentions ? Oracle Connectivity...
  214. 'Artist Registry' Script Suggestion
  215. Where is my infinite loop? (and other questions)
  216. MySQL and JavaScript
  217. Check if an array contains empty values
  218. File selctor in PHP
  219. How can I add multiple uploads
  220. Localhost Email.
  221. php mail problem
  222. session overlapping
  223. Output foreach in table down left column then right column
  224. Search query by filtering
  225. Script Modification Help
  226. showing all records in php mySQL
  227. php-mysql reports help
  228. is this correct? fetch_array
  229. Installing PHP on WinXP Professional without IIS installed
  230. Test for isset and value?
  231. Looking for a spreadsheet style php/mysql script
  232. What Is Wrong With This Code?
  233. Proper Syntax/ How to Question?
  234. Update Iframes using php?
  235. regular expressions
  236. Auto Submit images to my database??
  237. MySql Delete Comment
  238. Threaded View Code?
  239. List popular words in a string?
  240. Run Query One time only(per day?)
  241. simple PHP login question
  242. Guestbook has been hacked :(
  243. Passing form variables
  244. [Q] Help uploading a file on a new server
  245. Grabbing Smileys from a piece of text.
  246. drag drop effect from client to server
  247. Can anyone explain what is this?
  248. Form 2 Email Script Code Greatly Appreciated
  249. passing variables e.g news.php?headline=importantnews - how to display this entry
  250. Defining Count

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