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  1. javascript to php for coding buffs
  2. Just a little complicated selection query help needed
  3. Nested Lists
  4. GD creating images - colours wrong!
  5. i am getting error "NO Database selected"
  6. Could someone help with stats script?
  7. Leading zeros in variables?
  8. Formatting results in PHP output
  9. how to redirect to the previous link
  10. Mp3 Directory Listing for playlist.m3u
  11. easyphp basic question
  12. Login Area
  13. Mail Form with HTML
  14. downloading php
  15. how to crop image using gd ??
  16. PHP/MySQL script taking way too long to load
  17. Reading a Var out of a File Before Output
  18. Submitting a form in an iframe
  19. dynamic where clause problems
  20. Login Area, Password Protected
  21. possible for the ezPDF class??
  22. Connecting to Mysql Using Pear DB
  23. transfer unique records from one mysql table to another
  24. weird alternating tr color problem
  25. Submission approval
  26. php script for finding ascii code for letter A-Z or a-z
  27. $_POST variables with hidden fields...
  28. Form Submission Cut-off Time??
  29. Variables in passthru do not work
  30. Help writing a PHP script that allows me to fetch data from a MySQL
  31. Help writing a script that allows me to fetch data from a database
  32. What does $n mean in bottom of my PHP script?
  33. Using PHP To Take Data from a file
  34. Simple Mysql array question
  35. Can GD do anything with a bitmap (.bmp)?
  36. Syntax Checking, I don't have a test server avalible (I am at school now)
  37. $http_get_var help (I think)
  38. correct way to split a string (need number before &) eg: 12&image.png
  39. how to create a meta description for a web page content using php?
  40. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  41. Rating System
  42. send email to DB
  43. Help needed setting comma seperated values as variables
  44. Batch add records to database
  45. Echo Session Variable for Drop Down Lists
  46. Echo function not working with Javascript text area
  47. explode problem
  48. How do I convert session variables to local variables?
  49. PHP wont set a cookie "Headers Already Sent.." ?
  50. number_format stops calculating?
  51. can any point out a way of doing this (insert title name into mysql)
  52. registration: call to member function on a non-object
  53. get all files in a folder and list them
  54. Renaming an uploaded file before you move it
  55. Extract variable from URL
  56. My Layout HELP!
  57. Convert a BMP image to a JPEG image with PHP?
  58. Lists files in dir on page, but needs to sort
  59. Intellisense-like site scraping - Converting "a href"'s to something else?
  60. How to attach a file in mail( ) function
  61. handling onclick window.open
  62. validate for javascript and php from my website
  63. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resour...
  64. Include/require order
  65. GD Image Problems - Transparent Background
  66. Help - how do i.....
  67. Non Programmer Needs decision help
  68. Contact form is being sent- blank!
  69. PHP del not working
  70. Pulling back unique values from XML
  71. security problem after logout
  72. Subversion + Apache. Can someone help me install this?
  73. How do i save db field data to a file on the server?
  74. PHPDev: How do I access MySQL?
  75. Can I use PHP to display drop down list based on another drop down list?
  76. Include strange menu
  77. Update not working
  78. stripslashes() eats quotation marks?
  79. pagination problem
  80. Question: How do I display a list of an array in a template?
  81. RegExps and line-break
  82. gd
  83. ecryption and decryption class problem
  84. sending data from one page to another page in php
  85. Can't Get Session to Work!
  86. help plz
  87. How do you sort your MySQL results according to column name?
  88. Dates before 1970
  89. date/time help
  90. publish/unpublish a record using php
  91. extracting xml data to put in mysql table
  92. simple shopping cart
  93. How to alet user if MySQL data inserted is not unique.
  94. Function addForm going awry
  95. Having a problem with mysql_fetch_array()...
  96. First check the price, then check the title and see if contains..
  97. including a file from a seperate folder
  98. calculating age
  99. Displaying radio button values from session variables
  100. spam prevent
  101. Referring URL from redirects...
  102. Values Dissappear After Clicking Back Button
  103. Pre-Purchase Page
  104. How do I shebang (#!) scripts?
  105. word filter
  106. Login script doesn't insert row and calculate right + feedback on the scrip itself..
  107. New PHP/MySQL Script I Made...
  108. PHP and MySQL
  109. installing php soap extension on linux box
  110. retrieve all images from db
  111. dual login help
  112. how to get the value???
  113. Check rows in a table (see if $title contains X but not X) and find a matching row...
  114. $_GET variables from a url string
  115. uploading problem during image uploading
  116. PHP Flood protection
  117. PHP 5.0 , MySQL 5.0 problem
  118. Line breaks don't work as expected
  119. Filtering words in search
  120. Passing a query variable from a URL
  121. Resources to Learn PHP
  122. Handling file-read failure
  123. chat invite
  124. How to do this?
  125. print table using php
  126. displaying a mysql records in marquee
  127. PHP help please... need a way to send POST variables
  128. reading an xml file from another domain and wrappers
  129. warning messages division by zero
  130. Help
  131. PHP in HTML-- need suggestions
  132. Splitting a string into 2 variables
  133. I want to learn PHP
  134. diaplying print preview directly to the user
  135. Including an include
  136. Hosting multiple wesites in same webspace
  137. watermark png no resize
  138. email list help
  139. how can i update my image and delete older one
  140. php variable array
  141. How to compare user form selection, with correct answer?
  142. Leaving Fields Blank Help...
  143. Help With A 'Request A Quote' Form...
  144. XML: Assign a variable to TransactionArray.Transaction.TransactionID where user ID =?
  146. html_header() still valid?
  147. General Question - PHP vs. JS
  148. mirror HTTP file transfer to client
  149. regex help
  150. PHP include no longer works?
  151. Login Script Help
  152. Display sql results in random order.
  153. Select one row of an array where item number is ..?
  154. 2 questions (one easy, one a little harder)
  155. application/extension detect
  156. Determine width/height of a media file?
  157. Using phpmail()
  158. Deleting 2 or more spaces with preg_replace() ?
  159. radio buttons in for statement
  160. Password function error
  161. Stopping Duplicates of a Username
  162. sleep command
  163. Combining Radio Buttons With a Select
  164. Including Perl in PHP
  165. Do sessions die if links contain http:// etc.. ??
  166. ping blog services
  167. Can't call a function from an included file
  168. How to select a transaction of an array and check it on regular basis
  169. Myspace: How did it happen?
  170. Keep selection of drop down from menu
  171. 2 Simple cURL questions
  172. Bad words filter for username registration
  173. Best way to learn php?
  174. Warning: mail() expects... Error
  175. Mail server for PHP
  176. Check smtp send error x better mailing script
  177. weird shell script issue
  178. concatinate
  179. how to enter a value using php ?
  180. Friend says Java's better than PHP
  181. fwrite - chmod
  182. PHP error (**nevermind, FOUND THE SILLY ERROR**)
  183. Flash/php
  184. Problems with PHP sunrise function
  185. caching results to .txt files
  186. PHP Style Switcher
  187. How to exclude some data from mysql_result()
  188. Uploading Files and 777 Permission Security
  189. Integrating Login Script into Website.
  190. Display comment tables in different colors
  191. php iframe security
  192. User Authentication
  193. insert variables to php page
  194. my deadline is day after tomorrow....
  195. Extracting Data from MSword
  196. echo or var
  197. Problem with alternate mail function using smtp
  198. Values Dissappear After Clicking Back and Forward Button
  199. Form Displays Echo before submitted
  200. Making a Profile site :)
  201. Display top 10 overall rated tutorials?
  202. If the user has permission to download the file_name or the file_pack, then go ahead.
  203. php in html..help me pls
  204. Scrubbing user form input
  205. PHP upload error
  206. error with ssl
  207. Captcha idea
  208. weird image upload (resize and crop) behavior
  209. (1stName+Surname) or Fullname
  210. Make the script use a database instead of text file
  211. Site Appears Incorrect with PHP Code (Simple problem)
  212. Securing pages with sessions
  213. php "connections" mysql database problem
  214. Take a still picture from web camera
  215. Is it ok for my constructors to destroy the object they are making?
  216. Beginner Help: Classes
  217. mysql_result error: invalid resource
  218. addin smpt to this script
  219. Custom news script/feed assistance?
  220. lock a record from editing
  221. Emulate $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'];
  222. Date and Time issues
  223. website users online script??
  224. Keeping Form Values After Error Message
  225. Help with simple PHP form
  226. Help with Functions/ Buggy Code
  227. Need help with loop
  228. Automatic server unzip question
  229. I have a simple form. What am I missing?
  230. capturing data from from a drop down of multiple attribute
  231. select list problem
  232. required fields
  233. Form Question - prevent people entering numbers?
  234. Is my script secure?
  235. PHP Drop down navigation help
  236. Unexpected end
  237. PHP Forum Code
  238. Inserting html tags into php
  239. [SOLVED] xAJAX and PHP
  240. Recommend a Learning Book - PHP/MYSQL
  241. Directory Listing Control
  242. PHP Web Hosting
  243. Building a PHP Web Crawler Tutorial
  244. Assistance Please
  245. getURL POPUP in actionscript
  246. Form to Database to Email with .csv attachment
  247. PHP_SELF and _GET variables
  248. Regular Expression - Link with image
  249. posting to the current page
  250. Blocking/Restricting hyperlinks from certain domains?

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