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  1. Php-my sql login-link doubt
  2. Matching value in a query
  3. Retrieving From Database the first word of a sentence
  4. HTML editor for FILE MANAGER?
  5. newbie simple php query!
  6. cookies - valid for single browser window
  7. Music add - Help With A Script
  8. Little problem in PHP
  9. are includes pre-loaded?
  10. replacing text problem
  11. holding variables between pages
  12. help with image upload needed
  13. Email sending+b'day reminder scripts needed
  14. include a sql queries file?
  15. Hours & minutes
  16. My login isn't functioning
  17. help with a config updater function
  18. comments on profiles
  19. cannot update
  20. Help With Profile Editing in PHP Fusion
  21. Separate Loading of Classes on index.php
  22. display class + file_get_contents() trouble
  23. update profile not success
  24. Uploading Images and keeping track of them in a database
  25. help with a script!!!
  26. Edit Selection
  27. MMORPG script error...
  28. How to edit font color(red) ? please help :(
  29. SEO compatible php code??
  30. How is this written
  31. No text outputting in GD
  32. Need help with outputting table SQL-PHP
  33. Help needed with foreach/arrays for tagging
  34. Change image saturation - GD2 or ImageMagick
  35. how to overcome the pitfalls of php cookies?
  36. Help - Query a Server
  37. Script for online library management
  38. Looking for Calendar Script
  39. Help constructing query
  40. Email Validation always False
  41. Help making this unique db query
  42. php commas in queries
  43. Text on image and saving the new jpeg into a folder
  44. Javascript in PHP, parts missing
  45. PHP loops problem.
  46. any standard code to each page use cookies for using a PHP cookie in a page ?
  47. Http-Authenticate Problems
  48. Sending Attachements
  49. black thumbnails generated by gd...
  50. Need a little script
  51. PHP Tutorial
  52. fopen problem with str_replace
  53. FTP Upload
  54. Want Script to Search a table
  55. Validation Doubts in Change password code
  56. Problem with email form
  57. Comparing Arrays
  58. please help - php adding slashes before every single or double quote
  59. how to rename images and save them to different folder using PHP?
  60. Looking for a good SHOPPING CART script
  61. i've set up cookie using php. can i read it using .htaccess?
  62. Messing with links.
  63. Complex Loop / Insert MySQL
  64. PHP & AJAX request
  65. PHP and CHMOD problem
  66. php error checking
  67. sending mail to multiple users
  68. PHP DOM control
  69. Improving my header file using PHP
  70. Switching websites using PHP
  71. Simple user login program?
  72. please tell me how to remove these characters from a string?
  73. date problems
  74. Dynamic links help
  75. echo <tr> every 2nd time through loop
  76. Simple Php Help
  77. Passing Variables
  78. Help using an array to update a table.
  79. How can I disable php combobox's default option?
  80. remember box
  81. XAMPP Trouble
  82. Checkbox problems
  83. Count Specific Records In DB
  84. wtfruit - help
  85. Creating tracking script for high traffic site
  86. Page options
  87. phpMailer problem
  88. how to make random echos
  89. finding user latency
  90. PHP for Yahoo DTC_XML interface
  91. highlight_string(); by user input
  92. Getting Started with Ajax
  93. Pear Installation Window
  94. PHP form calculator scripts - help
  95. Trouble with Query Export to Excel
  96. Session shopping basket suddenly not working
  97. How to show local time to viewers
  98. looping parts of a function
  99. email with txt post and file joined
  100. Help with using forms to delete records from a database
  101. little problem
  102. Error in php.ini
  103. Mysql Error I cant figure out
  104. Help associating multiple array values with one array
  105. html filtering
  106. Help Running My Code
  107. Text on image with ImageCreate error
  108. Problem submitting lengthy text to a form. Help!
  109. RPG Bug Problem!!!
  110. question about cookies
  111. sending email arrays with php
  112. Variable writing over itself in table
  113. How to remove some string from array
  114. Retaining variable values when the page reloads
  115. PHP and Images
  116. No value inserted into database
  117. SQL join (?) query help
  118. Frameworks
  119. Need help OpenID implementaion
  120. PHP-mysql coding help needed,login problem,automatic email problem,display problem
  121. Data Integrity
  122. Automatic mysql update upon email being recieved
  123. Display problem
  124. bank script error
  125. Echo URL where PHP 'include' located
  126. echo span tag help
  127. Need Help with printing multiple rows
  128. PHP website search engine
  129. I m try to use AJAX and PHP in my system
  130. edit Chance on jack cars
  131. MySQL to Array Coding Help
  132. How to view bandwidth usage?
  133. Problem while using regular expression
  134. Session problem in PHP-Mysql login page please help.Below are errors
  135. PHP MySql & Javascript
  136. parse error -- please help!
  137. adding form values into array
  138. How to insert things into a MySQL database with an ' in?
  139. need some help .. sombody?
  140. Opening files outside the webserver folder
  141. Logger Hanging Site
  142. Dynamic Header Images for 8 Differnt Categories
  143. Am I losing my mind? (PHP strings)
  144. newbie needa help in php paging
  145. Figuring out a files extension?
  146. Auto fill dropdown list error
  147. MYSQL error
  148. So simple yet so tricky
  149. session id in a long life cookie
  150. Limit MYSQL query to not show duplicates
  151. Best Practice for this situation?
  152. RegEx problem..
  153. UK PHP Conference
  154. Mod rewrite rule! giving me a 500 internal server error!
  155. better mailing script throught smtp and bounce
  156. handling class and function
  157. Transfer site...goes boom
  158. Convert into datetime MySQL format.
  159. Array Sorting (multidimensional)
  160. locked out of admincp
  161. URL parsing to get variables name
  162. Trigger events without Crontab
  163. Reading more than 1 file with file_get_contents
  164. Help - my PHP script is writing chinese characters into my index
  165. how to include javascripts in php page
  166. Sample scripts required for searching,updation,change password
  167. Fake pages?
  168. Need simple horizontal looper
  169. How to query a query?
  170. Form Validation - help
  171. Sending php variables to mysql database
  172. Registration Database
  173. GD: Removing blank area surrounding image
  174. url re-write
  175. PHP and DOM
  176. Simple PHP script needed
  177. Contact Form on flash site
  178. Online Payment
  179. preventing bogus info from being submitted
  180. File Size Uploads > 2MB
  181. Uploading and displaying images in different pages
  182. Problem with PHP code
  183. PHP - Displaying images - Need Help
  184. PHP inserts another value into the database!
  185. Urgently required sample scripts of search form,update form and change password form
  186. Undefined offset error in php code.
  187. "You have an error in your SQL syntax" but can't find it!
  188. addslashes, mysql_real_escape... add 3 slashes "\\\"
  189. table name filtered while uploading database
  190. complicated auto-installer type script advice/help
  191. Force Download
  192. Extracting data
  193. Login and Session Problems (Have looked for solution in other threads)
  194. PHP trouble
  195. Purchase page (rpg game) not working
  196. Managing employees entering-leaving info
  197. Syntax problems...
  198. Why isn't it looping properly?
  199. top search
  200. auto send message with include pics
  201. Sorting a variable
  202. formatting textarea text to/from MySQL?
  203. SELECTing and UPDATEing all records
  204. Using PHP Includes
  205. Advanced Poll Question
  206. Todays time and date + and - five days with PHP
  207. .TXT Search Engine
  208. Transfering IBstore points to vBux for a vB forum?
  209. using mysql queries with functions
  210. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home
  211. i need help finding my parse error: syntax error.
  212. str_replace
  213. php check if valid php file
  214. Problem with submitting data through Query.
  215. best place(website) to practice Mysql database design ?
  216. Swift mailing problem
  217. php include and require
  218. HTML| Leading to PHP page, HELP!
  219. set cookie with PHP get to oother webpage with js
  220. Help writing this function
  221. PHP, mySQL, and TIMEZONES OMFG.
  222. delete folders and files using php??
  223. Including images in html emails
  224. Video length put into a variable?
  225. PHP sessid
  226. strpos issue
  227. ssl and session variables
  228. trouble parsing html
  229. getimagesize of Images In A Zip File
  230. Increment Dates
  231. Switch statement help.
  232. Unique Query Withdrawl?
  233. ssl and includes
  234. header(location) ?target
  235. New to PHP. I have some problems in my code.
  236. Headers for the mail() function
  237. MySQL data output to tables both rows and columns
  238. function to perform when cell data not found
  239. Directory Structure
  240. Stripping non SGML from a string
  241. Splitting a string with a regular expression
  242. PHP Folder Permissions
  243. php with ms access on intranet? can it be done flawlessly?
  244. Query two tables and Update field
  245. Get remote image and store it in mysql BLOB
  246. Creating database sessions
  247. IP verification code?
  248. Can I trust $_SESSION ?
  249. Why control for unset variable on forms?
  250. fixed poll on every new topic

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