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  1. can one insert a PHP constant into a MySQL query
  2. uncheck checkbox value saved
  3. Someone to help me?
  4. PHP Cookies
  5. [question] website builder
  6. Displaying dates
  7. if Statement or verable
  8. Mail headers for Linux hosting
  9. Neat / directries with php?
  10. email and dynamic message
  11. odf reader
  12. passing variable in redirect
  13. search data cleared after find
  14. SESSIONs and Arrays
  15. implode only displays first word
  16. force default method syntax?
  17. problem with making a text bold
  18. members area
  19. Page limiting
  20. accessing DOM of open file with PHP
  21. Linking databases on different servers
  22. How to get number of files in a directory
  23. Clickable Links
  24. get result of stored procedure
  25. Keeping text in a chatbox on refresh
  26. PHP Problem
  27. upload photos
  28. echo servers SMTP settings?
  29. Code to Sell and Send Ringtones
  30. PHP / MySql ... DVD learning tutorials?
  31. PHP Validation Error...
  32. How do I filter by birthday month only through a MySQL query?
  33. Quoted-Printable
  34. Advice on a good $_GET tutorial for creating pages
  35. php form
  36. Shopping Cart Help!!!
  37. mysql_fetch_array or mysql_fetch_row
  38. Splitting a variable?
  39. How to increment a variable name acording to a loop?
  40. HELP-- wml + php
  41. php includes / css @imports
  42. help debugging query
  43. Recursive List Sorted By Latest Date Modified
  44. Change formatting after X mysql results
  45. regexp help
  46. PECL Help
  47. All-play-all fixture script
  48. easy function problem.. please help!
  49. Table/Text Insertion
  50. Form Validation?
  51. Who's online from forum to a diffrent page
  52. preg_match Question
  53. how does this work?..
  54. Count help
  55. swap image on date
  56. Arrays in a switch
  57. Escaped or not?
  58. IPB Help
  59. Form Processor
  60. ftp warning
  61. PHP Developers community
  62. mail form
  63. do you have a forum PHP files
  64. how do I add together all elements in an array?
  65. String Help
  66. MySQL Limiting/Results on page
  67. GD Imagen Text
  68. PHP CURL - Need Help!
  69. Need some help plzz!
  70. Integer vs Decimal
  71. sendmail_from win32
  72. rss reader in php?
  73. asp to php conversion - form handling
  74. Passing value to php
  75. foreach statement not working
  76. Special char '' causes problem
  77. If statement simple question
  78. send/retrieve checkbox from DB
  79. Concatenate
  80. Unexpected T_STRING
  81. How to disable a hyperlink or a textbox or a command button?
  82. error on my forum
  83. problem with search again. please help
  84. Form Spam: What happened, what to do?
  85. need coding for user to create password
  86. Need help on replacing <br><br> & then a single <br>...
  87. dynamic page titles?
  88. Sitemap Help
  89. php to call javascript function
  90. Private Messaging in my Chat...
  91. Chat works great in Firefox but not IE?
  92. Categories
  93. mysql update query not going through
  94. If textbox containes default value dont display
  95. Can PHP let me get above public_html?
  96. Custom php5.ini on shared web hosting
  97. connecting frame breaker
  98. random event problem
  99. Problem with header("location:file.php")
  100. I need a temporary variable
  101. find the no of days?
  102. gd lib
  103. How to add two variables together!
  104. how can we delete specific record from text file
  105. Email Server Script
  106. how to improve on buffering time
  107. Login Problem
  108. Update and recalculate checkout page
  109. Easy to use event calendar
  110. mail form
  111. What is the Zend Framework?
  112. Writing files in a non public directory
  113. deleting from array
  114. how to display even and odd records of array from text file
  115. yearly Planning Calendar for more than one year
  116. Set timezone without modifying code
  117. (RESOLVED) Reply emails not being sent
  118. mktime and date...probably simple help
  119. Could you help....
  120. please help. searching for a keyword in a string.
  121. destroy session user clicks X
  122. Php/apache
  123. Dynamic data listings
  124. checkbox name attribute
  125. AOL Email again
  126. copy directories between servers
  127. Passing array using checkboxes
  128. Decimals
  129. check if string is in txt file
  130. didn't know what other topic to put this under
  131. php on IIS for all served websites
  132. PHP and MySQL
  133. Resolved - Can not make CSS effect page width
  134. Displaying form lists with selective database information
  135. hell of php urls
  136. don't see ANY php codes in web pages . . . why is this?
  137. IMAP body formatting
  138. IMAP from email not displaying
  139. How to add gd library
  140. exec
  141. Error posting to PayPal
  142. data is lost while reading from XML
  143. Password Function Issue
  144. Complications with Multiple Page forms?!?
  145. Distinduish tags in XML
  146. date("m/d/y :: H:i:s") - timezone?
  147. Counting newlines "\n" in s string
  148. passing a session to another domain?
  149. what does this code mean?
  150. Login Issues
  151. Displaying Database in special format
  152. regex including \n
  153. Update filed php loop
  154. duplicated sql input $trackingid
  155. Fetch the page address
  156. Dynamicly create new forms?
  157. Could I make this dynamic?
  158. external function calling
  159. select data into option box?
  160. storing the result of javascript function/statement in PHP variable
  161. quotations in php
  162. font after form submission
  163. Incorporating DHTML Popup Window into my PHP Script
  164. Simple GD Question
  165. Form not working on Safari?
  166. validate non-ASCII characters
  167. SESSIONS being destroyed after using header?
  168. Testers required
  169. why i cant compare the integer??
  170. Image Validation for registering a new user
  171. stream.php page does not stream videos that seem to be over 8mb
  172. How to use sessionstimeout()
  173. How to code using sessions in PHP
  174. Safe and Secure File Uploader function
  175. Need Some help with file functions
  176. loop inserting optional data?
  177. pagination question
  178. Sending an image as attachment with php mail
  179. Some Math Help Needed
  180. Using ROUND() on Array Elements
  181. Converting results into a link
  182. using php for a secure xml playlist
  183. script error
  184. Where do I put it?
  185. ignoring error warnings
  186. hosting PHP and PGSQL DB - any recommendations?
  187. file links in list
  188. How to compare Stored Dates with System Date (PHP-MYSQL)
  189. How to access an <option> number
  190. Image sizing problem
  191. If active = 'X' then error to user
  192. detect flash with PHP for users where javascript is disabled
  193. php parser not working with /a/b/ mod_rewrite URL
  194. redirect basec on browser
  195. Use Inline form validation instead of error pages.
  196. Capturing image name from html form and uploading image file to folder on server.
  197. Speeding up PHP RSS retrieval
  198. Trim question
  199. the min() function
  200. php getUrl function
  201. Echoing some HTML conditionally?
  202. Improve my PHP Site Heading
  203. Get title of page
  204. Breadcrumb hell
  205. jail script show users from all
  206. Simple variable doesn't work!
  207. A word in a string
  208. Can't figure out what's wrong
  209. PHP media player (different formats)
  210. Prev - Next Help
  211. Two randomized outputs
  212. Keeping Navigation Current with PHP
  213. GD imagecopyresampled(): not a valid image resource
  214. login timeout while editing document
  215. Minimalistic Forum
  216. image resizing
  217. call to mysql
  218. Need help.
  219. javascript and php
  220. getting data from mysql "correct and incorrect"
  221. How to display paragraphs correctly?
  222. Overiding hosting's PHP.ini
  223. call to verifaction
  224. Encoding problem
  225. How to Call javascript function from php code?
  226. Function to wrap data in a table
  227. Need Help with login page erro
  228. Help with a MySQL PHP script that should identify a title
  229. mail function not working
  230. maxium text inserted?
  231. Global Include
  232. How to Generate Random Numbers?
  233. Mysql Query not executing inside dynamic image
  234. Code Not Working Properly
  235. PHP code Problem
  236. Portal Trouble
  237. upload image
  238. I've come so far, but ready to give up..... HELP!
  239. Generating all the switch case
  240. Need to do a SELECT and then another SELECT from those results
  241. Outputing a form to a document image or acrobat type
  242. Select all rows where the dec row contains or ends with 0.
  243. PHP/Apache Session
  244. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  245. how to compare the date??
  246. php with 2 databases connection open
  247. Print Processor Type and RAM using php
  248. Some Questions from beginner in php and mysql
  249. sortable table
  250. newbie simple qry - Adding a record to a db via php

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