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  1. How to fetch a page source
  2. hey need help with my script
  3. Check If Data Is In Column/Table
  4. online submission help for newbie
  5. I get an error on this code...
  6. Help with arrays - Sorting and counting
  7. 500 error on my website
  8. Running Xampp on a diffrent Port
  9. storing form input as PHP session variables
  10. breadcrumb ideas
  11. php/music list
  12. Captcha how to???
  13. Unexpected T_IF
  14. PHP form thing
  15. Blocking 3rd party programs
  16. Unexpected T_else on line 52 please help!!
  17. negating regex
  18. Need help sorting highscore - rsort()
  19. php odbc to db2
  20. Can info be send to Dynamic Signatures?
  21. Problem with proxy script...
  22. php causing white space generation
  23. Members area
  24. static members and methods in PHP5
  25. call store procedure
  26. Best way to grab visitor's operating system info?
  27. Import .csv into phpMyAdmin Table Column
  28. Not echoing a variable if its value exists in a MySQL table
  29. Echoing the most recent records
  30. Echoing session variables
  31. My calendar script - free!
  32. Quick regex question...
  33. isset ()
  34. Create single variable from while loop
  35. Nesting foreach loops
  36. echo a link
  37. PHP and Chance (%)
  38. pagination ideas
  39. Array
  40. PHP and MySQL locally and a good editor!
  41. Cron Job help.
  42. Give an unknown variable a value
  43. Validating Form Data
  44. reward points question
  45. File Delete / Unlink
  46. Grabbing visitors OS, state, isp, city info
  47. storing the current date and time in mysql table
  48. Can someone help with jump frame??
  49. Arrays problem
  50. Formatting PHP output in HTML table
  51. Parse XML and include only special elements
  52. disabling html in form textarea
  53. how to get this in php
  54. Special item script
  55. combining variables
  56. Form problem
  57. Retrieving records - return all fields in row
  58. How to validate file uploads by mime type
  59. Best Practices - PHP Security
  60. Table height/width
  61. Parse and Insert Into Mysql
  62. Retrieving SHOUTcast Station Lists with PHP
  63. Keeping site config in the DB
  64. Newb PHP syntax question x2
  65. Convert number to 2 digits
  66. Connecting to mysql but not connecting
  67. Need help with import script
  68. Calendar using PHP?
  69. gather records from database, send by parts
  70. Xampp Trouble
  71. How to include RSS in php
  72. Learning PHP
  73. word to html
  74. which one to use and why ?
  75. recursive file saving/zipping
  76. multidimensional array question
  77. Need Help TroubleShooting
  78. Simple form processing script
  79. PHP & MySQL Blogware
  80. Sharing session data on different sites?
  81. Editing Time Display
  82. Upload to Imageshack.us off website?
  83. Can PHP read an HTML page?
  84. captcha problem
  85. Article ordering method
  86. Wordpress/PHP troubles
  87. Puzzler - Recent Failure Generating PDF via FPDF.php
  88. MySQL Database Help
  89. While Loop for student attendance
  90. dropdown box query sql database HELP!
  91. PHP Form/Database/Mail help
  92. Tick Box, select and update database.
  93. Inserting image into database problem ??
  94. CSS Styling A PHP Generated Table
  95. Can my submit form be used to edit also?
  96. Mmorpg Glitch
  97. foreach through a double array?
  98. Xampp Files, where do they go
  99. db rows into array
  100. ZIP & Postal Code matching Regex
  101. Keeping PHP code in MySQL DB
  102. The Best Apache, MySql and PHP downloads
  103. Limit File Downloads
  104. Using $_GET
  105. unexpected ;
  106. PHP File Write Error
  107. Info About Previous Month
  108. Retrieving form data error
  109. Need a contact me script
  110. Export MySQL to Excel modification
  111. Submit button not working [was: MySQL queery doesn't work with Windows]
  112. display the database
  113. time table
  114. A question using while function.
  115. forms and php security
  116. Creating delimiters...standard solution?
  117. gmdate add 1 hour?
  118. File Download Problem
  119. Prev - Next Image
  120. selecting a radio button with a session variable
  121. elegant string cut
  122. PHP Errors - Continue from MySql Forum
  123. Upload Pictures to Website?
  124. Resizing images other than jpg
  125. Accessing mySQL query results with php
  126. String manipulations
  127. PHP symlinks - not sure what's happening
  128. xml_set_external_entity_ref_handler() handler never called
  129. Need Coding Help With Web-based Rpg Game!
  130. error with php code inserting into mysql [was: MySql Connection Errors]
  131. PHP-GTK 2 Opinions
  132. SQL Syntax issue.
  133. how to count the number of times a link is visited
  134. ow to use Asymmetric Encryption (Public/Private Keys) for Storing Data in MySQL
  135. Display: Welcome John Smith / Logout
  136. General question about best PHP practices.
  137. connecting two tables
  138. Error Compiling with Forms
  139. Forms and PHP
  140. Adding Data Into A MySQL Table
  141. error code for image
  142. Help with negative problems
  143. cron job wont run imagecreatefrompng
  144. Xml in php
  145. Register problems
  146. largest numerical index in array?
  147. Make menu items visible different user groups
  148. echo function variable
  149. previous wek number
  150. text format in php
  151. MySQL Query (Fantastic?
  152. php error please help
  153. I'm Stuck... choosing a variable depending on the value of another variable
  154. Creating a <select> with table names
  155. GNUPG e-mail encryption
  156. how to shuffle elements in an array?
  157. PHP/MySQL Inserting Data
  158. Unexpected parse error in my login form
  159. Logged in / out message????
  160. +1? How!?!
  161. Showing Number Of Members Associated With Certain Table
  162. Email encrypt or encode?
  163. preg_match() maximum string length reached
  164. Managing My Email Table
  165. PHP with SQL issue
  166. file_get_contents
  167. <br> in a text area
  168. Edit MySQL Column & Update
  169. Could this code be used in php?
  170. creating a menu using php/mysql
  171. array/update while/foreach trouble
  172. php conditional referrer event
  173. php form question
  174. elseif issue
  175. Efficiency and speed question
  176. How would I go about this?
  177. extra backlashes on table output
  178. php cookies not working
  179. Using PHP to write an application...
  180. viewing content in different languages using php
  181. Can you give the explination of the below code
  182. Php-faq
  183. Sending A Fax With PHP
  184. automatically deleting rows
  185. flat-file login system: cant find what wrong
  186. Merge text in a textfile
  187. Can you check my short code snippet please?
  188. Dynamically creating a select control.
  189. GD Help
  190. Parse txt (or xml) - output to var & call later in page
  191. cookie help
  192. Add 50 each time someone enters a Username
  193. substr replace problem
  194. accesing a database using php
  195. PHP in the <embed> tag.....is it possible?
  196. change my php include path
  197. Unique Filename / Thumbnail Generation
  198. PHP & xHTML code validation
  199. New problem
  200. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or
  201. fprint - alternatives to printing at end of file
  202. help with error in code
  203. PHP and command promt
  204. PHP poll with image output
  205. Include .php file with javascript
  206. Unicode in forms & PHP
  207. displayign message from html form
  208. PHP Parser Error
  209. Not sure what is wrong...
  210. Keep values in HTML form with PHP
  211. to do list
  212. Edit Text Files & Reboot Linux Services
  213. Writing a Template System in PHP
  214. mail() : correct me where i am wrong??
  215. if (not US && not CA && not MX) {splat;}
  216. displaying a url as an echo
  217. displaying a value and calling a function
  218. What is this code for?
  219. Image size dependant on number
  220. MYSQL results two column + alph. grouping
  221. using php within javascript
  222. adding text to images
  223. graping meta description like a searchbot
  224. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument....
  225. Apache Server
  226. flat-file user systems
  227. MSN messenger status indicator?
  228. flat-file cms: make new posts go to the top?
  229. incrementing a value in mysql
  230. If Row Doesn't Exist
  231. help!
  232. Random numbers
  233. Theming
  234. Reading File
  235. Post to Log help
  236. help with auto expiring login for protected content
  237. encrypting passwords...
  238. previously visited page
  239. display an array of images using php
  240. SERVER SELF doesn't work
  241. PHP text based game engine
  242. Moodle help : Global Search not workinG :(
  243. Tool to search strings in a folder full of php files?
  244. Need some idea about CMS.
  245. Restricting direct access to an include page
  246. Save Select field input
  247. call
  248. how to make search engine friendly web pages
  249. New game.. One problem..Help?
  250. error

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