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  1. How many matches of x word in message?
  2. Problem with simple link
  3. PHP user function
  4. Sesion Varibles - Security
  5. Calling a JavaScript function via PHP
  6. Noob in need of help - write to text file
  7. Image resize and upload
  8. PHP Image Conversion Help..
  9. Including functions that may or may not be used
  10. sql Mathematical problem to php
  11. PHP Polling Install Question
  12. [Security]How to avoid spambots
  13. Trouble passing session data between 2 form pages
  14. Display delay
  15. Centering Title
  16. $_POST not getting data from HTML Form
  17. Extracting info from an array thats located in a array!
  18. Headers Output
  19. adding bold and italics for user of CMS system
  20. can't recieved mail
  21. Need to get cookie domain
  22. CHMODs
  23. OOT ASK webserver
  24. Screen Capture
  25. mail error
  26. regex for url & email ??
  27. Forums not Displaying Image (PLEASE HELP!)
  28. posting without a form?
  29. What's better? Using AJAX to include external file or PHP? or other?
  30. Having problems with arrays
  31. PHP FTP Upload Script Help
  32. Data not going into database
  33. Quick Question: TXT File or MySQL Database?
  34. Help with drop down results!
  35. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  36. diving logbook
  37. HELP PLEASE !!!! How do I set a variable from input box
  38. BLOBing an Excel File
  39. Include File Not Opening - *SOLVED*
  40. Display Results in Drop Down Box
  41. Using PHP to output a JS code for <script> tag
  42. shopping cart table
  43. encoding for sitmap
  44. AVI Streaming using PHP
  45. Unicode through php mail()
  46. Referencing one class within another
  47. Better way other than pregmatch? HTML Table Extraction
  48. Urgent cause to files larger than 2MB
  49. Job Rota
  50. Referral Links
  51. User ratio
  52. Addind To a variable at specified times.
  53. Preg Match/Regular expressions question.
  54. Upload and insert to database
  55. sort help
  56. fopen
  57. Creating a simple form that displays field output on same page?
  58. PHP/XML question
  59. Problem counting from table
  60. A question about encoding(md5)
  61. problem with absolute image path
  62. Installing phpmyadmin
  63. Help Me Determine a Bug in IE (getURL and Download.php)
  64. $_POST sumbit problems
  65. Explode to Extract Only Letters and Numbers
  66. Help!!!!
  67. Error
  68. Delete string after comma
  69. PHP/sql standalone solution
  70. Privare Messaging Code help
  71. Echo Current Directory
  72. how to filter the file extensions in the file upload type?
  73. Problem with my code...
  74. anyone can check my code.
  75. Any effective hit counter without cookie?
  76. submit form
  77. what can perl? and why to insead perl with php?
  78. Image verification
  79. built-in objects
  80. php echoed code in view source all on one line - why?
  81. Comparing 2 Arrays
  82. Why use a templating engine?
  83. ftp_put() successfull but with a problem
  84. Advanced Encryption satndard AES in PHP
  85. Simple Count Function
  86. Easy question with PHP output/sorting
  87. Forum, CMS, and Chat OH MY!
  88. Using min() to count an array size from a mySQL select -- how to do it?
  89. How to count frequencies of a word appearing in a paragraph?
  90. Lightbox Issues
  91. php coding assist
  92. Explode URL and Use Script
  93. Client Login Area
  94. Im PO'd please help?
  95. EMail Deletion
  96. accurate dynamic imagettftext "size"
  97. Converting the mime-type to file extension
  98. PHP Coloring?
  99. Lost my mysql upload table
  100. How do I use OR with a SELECT WHERE in php
  101. Pagination problem with listing directory result
  102. Help php return undefineded value in actionscript
  103. randomize array
  104. Unique Identification
  105. Session problem
  106. Helping Average Out Values
  107. How to display all the record that matches the condition instead of just 1?
  108. get first 5 elements of an array
  109. Spaces Added When Writing to File
  110. Is this secure? If not, are 'session variable variables' possible?
  111. How to force Refresh?
  112. PHP help for re-ordering questions in a test generator
  113. uploading large files in php
  114. Split result in different page if more than...
  115. Basic security question - URL tampering
  116. Javascript in php
  117. Having error in upload-procedure
  118. Load Images in an Image?
  119. inout filter
  120. how to implement different behaviours of a form?
  121. Values stored in $_SESSION / security
  122. Regarding sprintf() with larger strings...
  123. PHP used in tandem with WML?
  124. Type Casting vs. ***val()
  125. making a php table gen
  126. less than, more than tags.
  127. cURL
  128. Calculate Color Proximity
  129. Relax Project Needs Help
  130. how i can protect directory ?
  131. I tried to install PHP on windows but had some problems
  132. loop is not working in php..........help me...
  133. date and time+ mysql
  134. Generator Help
  135. Making table name equal variable
  136. Streamlining code and variable passing...
  137. Drop down menu.
  138. Basic question about PHP
  139. Cronjob help
  140. Sending and Recieving XML via cURL
  141. "php page(doc)" DIM in one A4 PAGE PRINTER ?
  142. Invisible Yahoo ID Detect by PHP
  143. Help with nearly complete script!
  144. Regex Pattern Question
  145. Get an IP from a string
  146. How to do '# number of users online'
  147. FOREACH and INSERT Help
  148. Change a table name with PHP
  149. Regex question
  150. PHP "Draft" Script
  151. Getting PHP to interact with Telnet session
  152. File_Get_Contents Question
  153. view document file into html format
  154. Country - province - city - results
  155. Reading created files and transferring them to select list
  156. Formating month in date()
  157. Make someone register to your FORUM to view certain sections of your SITE?
  158. How to change ?news=main&title=my%20title to /news/my%20title
  159. Help installing PHPbb
  160. An Update form update more then one Table at at time
  161. Session is not working.........why?
  162. Members Only Pages
  163. Page search
  164. difference between == and ===
  165. Beginner question
  166. Force in_array to use strict comparison?
  167. Syntax Check
  168. what does one call this script and where to get downloads
  169. PHP Form help
  170. php login script
  171. why always error at the end?
  172. how to rename file at run time
  173. mortgage calculator
  174. breaking apart HTTP_REFERER
  175. Removing comments
  176. Advice Needed: Best Way To Compare Strings
  177. get "value" of file upload field
  178. Dynamic Table with Columns
  179. Echo-ing data from table
  180. Ascending Order?
  181. php form question
  182. display total records onto page
  183. How to separate content using tags or something?
  184. Feed from flash site?
  185. doubt in session.pls help me........
  186. PHP Login Dialog. Pls Help.
  187. Play sound when page updates
  188. deleting username when browser is closed.
  189. Running a PHP script on a different server
  190. Admin Panel fopen & fwrite
  191. search script help
  192. PHP sample codes on websites
  193. php date time
  194. Post Key ID into URL on login
  195. order topics by last updated
  196. ASP vs. PHP
  197. deleting a row
  198. why php preg_match for single quote doesn't work
  199. if Statement causing an error
  200. Regarding file seeking...
  201. Programmers block!
  202. which path for filemtime to check whole directory?
  203. sessions
  204. Decode PHP Base64
  205. logout script
  206. Getting rid of + and -
  207. Simple loop thing
  208. sign up with next button
  209. How do I get a MySQL database
  210. Flash to PHP works for me!
  211. data encryption in php
  212. Saving Image From Browser Shows As PHP File Or Other
  213. Data display problem
  214. Foreach Loop Help
  215. limited submission of a form
  216. phpbb fetch all help
  217. PHP logs into multiple sites (new windows)
  218. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (Help)
  219. Reading Contents
  220. video record
  221. Query Error Help
  222. POSTDATA message on reload.
  223. mail with attachments
  224. accessing global variables within a class
  225. php language script
  226. php Register Script
  227. limited daily submissions - help!
  228. php home page question
  229. Maximum display of characters
  230. Formatting time?
  231. submit form using image didnt work.. Help pls
  232. Handling many sub-domains
  233. help with query ?
  234. Scan a Page
  235. page preview
  236. Simple Quotation Problem
  237. validation
  238. I'm getting a T_String Error?
  239. stupid echo question
  240. how to get 5% out of any given number
  241. fwrite() - Content on New Lines
  242. PDF Generation and Google Maps
  243. Gouping user by id
  244. running an excutable file in php
  245. Multiple Choice Quiz
  246. For each using rows
  247. Nested repeat and horizontal loop, I think?
  248. thumbnails memory error
  249. Using parameters and query
  250. help with time cards..

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