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  1. detecting chmod on a file
  2. creating a function
  3. Highlight Search Results
  4. sessions/cookie question
  5. form question
  6. Contact form - add checkbox
  7. Help with php including code based on url...
  8. mail() problem
  9. Adding advanced flash code & JavaScript to a PHP variable
  10. passing value while including file
  11. how send mail by connect PHP to ms outlook
  12. Paging did not work. please help.
  13. Cannot use object of type stdClass as array
  14. $_POST vs $_GET ?
  15. Shoppingcart checkout file error
  16. Help with Update script
  17. preg_match_all pattern question #2
  18. Dynamic textbox creation like on trackvia
  19. download hit recording..??
  20. Tree/category view database using PHP
  21. htaccess passwords
  22. php image resize thumbnails
  23. index.php
  24. Sorting Iterators?
  25. efficient mySQL selects using PHP
  26. auto selecting a SELECT with PHP
  27. Setting Up A Configuration file
  28. How to detect IP
  29. setup mail questions thanks
  30. mysqldump
  31. php mail problems
  32. array question
  33. Executing linux shell script on the webserver
  34. Update a Record using Dreamweaver
  35. Perl or PHP; What script language,
  36. Regular Expressions help
  37. Session hijacking
  38. preg_match_all pattern question
  39. How to include file from different server
  40. Things PHP is best for, and things it's not so good at
  41. PHP Date: Yesterday, 2 days ago... etc
  42. Auto drop down box
  43. Random Signature, is it possible?
  44. Help with serperating data
  45. Page Numbering Help!
  46. creating subdomains
  47. MySQL display duplicate entries
  48. Division by Zero Using Floating point. Why?
  49. i am trying to use the unset() function..but it's doesnt work..
  50. update db with each item in a loop
  51. looping
  52. iam getting the error
  53. Quick question looking for quick answer...
  54. Days of week are not populating correctly
  55. Grabbing a random list of items, one per line?
  56. Darn Thing! Wont Work! Proxy
  57. Newbie Help! Redirect After Submit on Form with validation
  58. Calling one include's function in another include.
  59. Variable in href in table
  60. form To E-mail Help
  61. Include function
  62. Recommend some functions
  63. create array from while loop
  64. insert drop down box into a table?
  65. Need help, data cannot display
  66. counting results from a mysql database
  67. Help with This code
  68. Deleting rows from multiple tables
  69. Moodle and PHP, MySQL
  70. Cookies with PHP/JS
  71. Regex Problem
  72. Executing PHP in wikimedia...Plz help....
  73. adding Image of the month
  74. Hacking a login script
  75. create a php file like this forum does
  76. Shopping Cart Update Problem
  77. Really easy question about collecting info from user
  78. emailing results from php page using cron job
  79. Which PHP shopping supports specials and product discounts?
  80. help, sending email from php script
  81. Error in SQL SYNTAX!! Need help please..
  82. Photo manipulation
  83. Destroying GET variables at reload
  84. Help with preg_replace and HTML comments
  85. help with paging
  86. Searching date from and to...
  87. E-mail Form Not working
  88. Can anyone help me with a points system?
  89. customizing look of content in foreach tags...
  90. 2 folder up ?
  91. While loop not working
  92. $_GLOBALS array and array_walk
  93. PHP and textarea form element
  94. Superfluous lines using fsockopen/fread
  95. & symbol in address line is screwing up the script
  96. php format date
  97. unexpected}
  98. session_register not working with multiple forms
  99. No error, but don't post to file ?!?!?!
  100. Read dir and sub-dir and return it to combo box (selection box, dropdown box)
  101. Preg help
  102. Passing 2 $_post in the sameform action ?!?!
  103. php photo album
  104. FCKeditor file not loading (it exists)
  105. Sorting an array that is a little messed up?
  106. Syntax Help
  107. search in file and retur as post
  108. Email Script...
  109. Hard to say in one line !!
  110. Creating / Using Arrays with Forms
  111. Login
  112. is this php code safe ?
  113. move-uploaded-file problem
  114. preg_match help
  115. shopping cart remove item - compare
  116. automation to run reports
  117. Need help with coding excel for php and mysql use???
  118. Link help
  119. how to read tags from an xml file
  120. Moving a image across by month
  121. How can I use .htaccess to force orphan pages to load with a different url?
  122. First Item in Array
  123. compare two tables or a better way?
  124. how many minutes
  125. how to perform this ??
  126. Registering?
  127. Number of Rows in DB
  128. Web Traffic stats library
  129. I want PHP to work on .htm without changing the .htm
  130. PHp noob (ASK)
  131. Starting PHP Question
  132. Battleship type script
  133. Question about "BigLick Media Recommender"
  134. Invalid use of group function
  135. directory copy with chown
  136. managing hit points in a simple game
  137. writing file problem
  138. Textarea processing
  139. Build Grid info for insert from text field?
  140. Logging out trouble?
  141. Generating PDF's
  142. PHP Multiline string problem
  143. get URL using php
  144. submit form not sending attachments
  145. load array from textarea data (1 per line)
  146. use_trans_sid question
  147. which is the best GRAPHS library
  148. PHP is not working when using HTTPS
  149. PHP Variable problem
  150. SQL UNION clause
  151. DIV Box, Change image inside it when text clicked
  152. Need A Custom Top Site
  153. Format my Forms?
  154. Problem with onblur & function
  155. Rounding up 10
  156. Checking if a value appears in an array
  157. Using if for non-blank data
  158. File uploading error
  159. Content management system recommendation
  160. Probability
  161. real escape string
  162. Combination Search Page
  163. Getting \' in emails sent via php
  164. Screen Resolution and Typecasting
  165. unusual user management GUI...
  166. Password encryption.
  167. How can a $var in file.php be passed to file.cgi
  168. Login Right But Says Its Wrong
  169. GreenLight Hyper Market
  170. cookie - folder based
  171. PHP send page/information by email
  172. Taking query string data and then posting / sending to new page.
  173. submit form not sending attachments
  174. Function for Description field validation
  175. Simple if/else
  176. Trouble with xml_set_notation_decl_handler
  177. which one to use and why ??
  178. visual query builder
  179. Variable Posting Confusion
  180. replace dilemma
  181. Looking for GDImage script...anyone know about this?
  182. Showing the date and time?
  183. Email not delivering....
  184. help on using curl
  185. Parse Error : unexpected T variable in ...
  186. How to put a html block into a $var
  187. Downloading Search Results
  188. Using Gd library with pdf
  189. unique order id
  190. Choose which rows to display depending on date
  191. Redirect depending on year and month ??
  192. Displaying results from a many to many db relationship
  193. Select only first row from query
  194. Create a table in phpmyadmin
  195. Getting date diff in nice format (Yesterday, last month etc..)
  196. ratio of row1 and row 2
  197. Array to Table: Help me clean my code
  198. Explore Script with Images ?
  199. is_float
  200. rss feed
  201. navigate pages generated from the select query
  202. Arrays
  203. Converting Time in PHP
  204. Links for form Validation class ??
  205. Useful PHP websites that assist in coding plz!!
  206. How to Move Yahoo Website to PHP
  207. I just downloaded a script...could someone help debug it?
  208. SSL and non-SSL pages in same website
  209. upload image + create txt file same name
  210. using session variables in mysql queries
  211. Permissions with bitwise operations
  212. Am I missing something?
  213. Convert image upload script to mp3 upload
  214. Updating values in a db
  215. Database Driven Button (8 Per Page)
  216. Copy Array
  217. Missing argument warning, even though arg exists and is used
  218. Active user list
  219. Showing the admin panel when login.
  220. using includes w/ godaddy host
  221. Where is the error ?!?!?!
  222. Query Strings - Probably something obvious
  223. Add a count to &_POST
  224. failed to open stream: No route to host in...
  225. Addiing to page automatically
  226. embed on object
  227. Passing value trough a 3rd page?
  228. help adding html line to php code
  229. new column from variable
  230. WYSIWYG Question
  231. Accessing a CVS Server
  232. Session Timeout Help
  233. creating new columns with specific data
  234. Recursive Count Function
  235. Can you include variables in variable titles? [SOLVED]
  236. Switch Case
  237. Searching millions of files.
  238. I can't insert data from forms in the database...
  239. Multiple Category Article Publishing
  240. PHP and MySQL Log In Sessions
  241. Adding multiple items in shopping cart w/ one click
  242. The $_POST function and apostrophes.
  243. quickbooks
  244. shortcuts
  245. nested while loop problem
  246. Selecting Initial Value on a dynamic dropdown box
  247. conversion to time
  248. get_file_contents, rendered JS?
  249. help member area problem (login-session
  250. Page ID's - $_GET

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