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  1. How do I write code that keeps a log and updating info? PLEASEEEE HELP
  2. Child Menu Name Changes when parent Menu Changes
  3. Complete obliteration of errors
  4. passing values from javascript to php
  5. Split one long row into columns ?
  6. Parsing XML in MYSQL using php, Date issue
  7. how to loop the exploded variables
  8. array functions
  9. error massage
  10. static scope problems ??
  11. imagecreatefromjpeg failing on new server...
  12. PHP http url call and response
  13. simple upload scripts problem
  14. Order by problem
  15. Session handling - Login in PHP
  16. What is wrong with this code
  17. Looking for php expert to help me with project
  18. Unable to upload and post the form
  19. How to handle on the fly PDF's
  20. Understanding Encryption and Security
  21. dealing with null values from database
  22. passing values between pages
  23. Wierd variable problem.
  24. 2 variables with the same string doesn't match.
  25. How to convert uk date to mysql date format
  26. mysqli_ ..type functions ??
  27. array didn't work
  28. problems deleting from database
  29. Advice on adding multi language support
  30. Form field values passed through custom hyperlink
  31. PHP Upload MySQL server has gone away
  32. GET problem
  33. Shipping Function?
  34. problems with $_POST
  35. Remove specific data from a persistent session?
  36. How to parse hierarchical data!
  37. Effecient string cleanup with blacklist
  38. domain q: www.foo.com/bar, $x='bar'; how to do this?
  39. problems with onchange
  40. anyone has an example of pagination?
  41. Problem with Includes and Constants
  42. how to parse template file ??
  43. Create Code 128 Barcodes
  44. Anyone has an example of mysql query using OOP?
  45. file downloading: filename manipulation
  46. PHP server on computer
  47. Cannot login after register globals was switched offf
  48. "limit_words" in script not working correctly
  49. Form Entry and Redirection!
  50. Help with an open directory script
  51. making variable that is numeric negative
  52. script similar to phpMyDirectory
  53. mysql query
  54. Finding unique values in multidimensional arrays
  55. Array help
  56. get duplicate values from an array and reuse
  57. PHP GD Loops
  58. Anyone knows how to query according to the date..
  59. During production the generated HTML by the PHP was not displayed.
  60. in oop -- how can i call a function within itself
  61. Getting file sizes
  62. File corrupt when downloaded from php
  63. The old rss question...
  64. Date Manual
  65. How to pass a var from a file to a Javascript function via PHP?
  66. Validating my form
  67. Uploading & Forms
  68. having problems with sort();
  69. PHP Funtion and Form
  70. Building my table.
  71. Counting preg match results
  72. How do I reconfigure PHP with ssl?
  73. The Controller in MVC
  74. Working out days elapsed
  75. problem using || and &&
  76. can someone point me in the right direction?
  77. Site Navigation with Selected Feature...Need Help
  78. Simple Shopping Cart
  79. web app????
  80. User Info not posting to database
  81. Using DOM XML functions
  82. how can i open .txt file using header in php
  83. Images from DB
  84. PHP returns invalid XML because of '&'
  85. Retrieving cookies with php same as in java
  86. Stats coding problem...
  87. how can i send emails to others by using php
  88. How can i download (open) .txt file? using php
  89. how to get rid off the sign of "%20" from a string
  90. PHP "bots"
  91. Imagemagick - Best print quality from a TIF to JPG conversion.
  92. PHP writing program
  93. need help entering data in to db
  94. Major Issue Outputting Information for Updating...
  95. How to Setup PHP 5 with Apache
  96. Isn't GD included in PHP 5.0 ?
  97. Advice on multiple uploads into mysql
  98. 301 redirect
  99. Page and Form Not Playing Well Together
  100. How do I turn this into a link?
  101. PHP Mail Form Incorrect
  102. Get UTC Time
  103. array help
  104. add up all mysql rows and then echo it out in php..
  105. Adding last uploaded coppermine images to site?
  106. Data from mySQL not showing fully in a textbox
  107. Physical location of cookies created by setCookie() function, and expiry
  108. Generate Numbers
  109. Storing html in Database
  110. nl2br
  111. Trying to grab a GET
  112. Select Multiple choices from fields
  113. Me and the mail() function - one has to loose
  114. setcookie not setting cookie...
  115. str_replace not working properly
  116. Scripts Not Working Since Host Change
  117. Include with passed variables?
  118. A variable error with document_root
  119. Need quick help with ip ban
  120. Instantiating a class
  121. Imagemagick Help
  122. Interesting question
  123. Running PHP files
  124. sessions in URL
  125. is there a way to scramble $_GET params
  126. more concise way of avoiding unpredefined error messages...?
  127. This menu without javascsript?
  128. Storing php code in a mysql table
  129. PHP and Paths in CSS
  130. Special Characters Best Practice
  131. Stripslashes or Htmlspecialchars??
  132. PHP beginner needs guidance on database and html integration
  133. Connecting to External Database using Apache2
  134. ot 2 forms and want to merge them? Desperate for help:(
  135. Word Wrap
  136. Members
  137. foreach unde while?
  138. Please help, I am begging.
  139. resource goes missing after login
  140. Date Giving problem in PHP
  141. Invoke function from initiated class within a class
  142. How do I get PHP to work??
  143. Online Payment System
  144. Setting PHP user account
  145. Weather module for my website!
  146. MD5 or SHA1 Encription
  147. form bgcolor
  148. drop down menu
  149. Please assist - need small script converted from fopen to cURL
  150. mysql gone wrong again
  151. // Being Added To Columns
  152. mysql_query() gone wrong
  153. How to add email validation to existing code?
  154. login system working, but how to create custome profile pages for each user?
  155. when to use echo? (proper use of echo)?
  156. need help with codes for logging into database
  157. How to Make a "Find A Location Nearest You" system
  158. Loops inside loops don't work?
  159. Sending POST data without a form
  160. Using COUNT To Display Results
  161. Table iteration
  162. combine form fields
  163. Issues with lightbox
  164. 301 Redirect using PHP
  165. Help with GD
  166. urldecode problem
  167. checking for multiple entries in exploded array
  168. Multiple Table delete
  169. Unsetting Variables
  170. Maitaining single instance
  171. How do i use php to start a file download ?
  172. formatting time that was VARCHAR
  173. funny error
  174. Problem echoing a variable in OOP
  175. php include pics + html/folder from seperate folder.
  176. Undefined Constant?
  177. 404 page redirect
  178. timestamp/date help
  179. cronjob question
  180. Problem with WHERE statement
  181. Running total?
  182. login form using a function
  183. checkboxes (checked or not) and MySql - update multiple rows
  184. passing variable through javascript in PHP
  185. Need a quick code snippet.
  186. How to pass the value of the input box to other page when click the button
  187. How to develop a login system that I can configure for 3 or 5 login attempts?
  188. Facebook applications
  189. Email - Plain Text Table Simulation
  190. I give up on preg match...
  191. Extracing keys and values from associative arrays
  192. Select Option and Database Query
  193. PHP Links
  194. Major Problems with including retrieving data from two tables.
  195. Problem with IF STATEMENT
  196. Song length Duration
  197. Time Since Entry
  198. Php $_post Empty In Iis 6?
  199. My count stopped adding???
  200. Forums Help, XHTML Validation - Javascript
  201. Array problem
  202. Counting values in an array?
  203. How does code process?
  204. User passwords for login
  205. Jobs by Email
  206. php and forms
  207. Catching spam messages
  208. MySQL query problem again...
  209. SSL and forms
  210. updating (changing) mysql db with html table
  211. Forcing Downloads
  212. Export To CSV
  213. Regular expression for html tag <p> ???
  214. stored procedure problem with php
  215. Reading Log Files
  216. fail to open
  217. Find/Replace only *one* instance
  218. Need filesize stored..
  219. Using row id to rest of row.
  220. An Easier way to put a DropBox of a tables-field entrys
  221. Help understanding this function
  222. Simple Insert won't work
  223. SOAP Server issues when interfacing with nusoap and passing complex data types
  224. League Tables!
  225. For each value (Array within array)
  226. 1 page forum
  227. Form trouble
  228. require not working!!
  229. DNS Lookup
  230. Help! Split mysql into 2 columns (template tags)
  231. making a simple wysiwyg text box
  232. Notice: Undefined offset: 1
  233. retrieving a var from a webpage within include file
  234. Multiple Checkboxes
  235. PHP Forms
  236. Php @
  237. Problem with cURL/PHP
  238. double insert
  239. Cant understand what happen!!
  240. phpBB: Check session (logged in user?)
  241. Help me uploding a csv file.
  242. What php mysql functions are usefull
  243. need help with a form of defined access
  244. isset's don't work on images?
  245. Php Form Processing
  246. echo/print array to echoed iframe??
  247. Most Users Ever Online
  248. Every part of this form works perfect BUT THis... Wtf?
  249. Php Datetime
  250. Changing Table Data Display

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