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  1. in Drupal, where can I find RSS horoscop files?
  2. preg_match_all error
  3. multi dimensional array sort
  4. insert to database table from drop down
  5. help. please... booking system.
  6. PHP4 or 5
  7. Incrementing a variable's name
  8. outputting unique rows only from mysql db
  9. Paging an Array (Not From MySQL)
  10. Working with DropDown Menus in PHP
  11. My Progress bar used to load on the same page before, but not anymore :S confused.
  12. Doesn't Work!
  13. Fairly easy regular expression help
  14. index.php?action=XXXXX ..
  15. Remember Array Contents
  16. Forcing Browser to download a txt file
  17. Very Cool Script - I Can't Figure it Out!
  18. "Default" column set to "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP", but not updating
  19. Numeric Arrays
  20. Couple of Questions
  21. anyone can relate my problem? change bgcolor of menu when click
  22. Add/Delete Items
  23. unique generated values not matching ??
  24. time conversion
  25. array question
  26. mod_rewrite woes
  27. how can I make my webpage get the newest page?
  28. Forum Downloads
  29. Variable Scope
  30. Help Needed with Exporting to a .CSV file
  31. Determine if User is on Page
  32. how to get values from database table to build an html image and.
  33. Add link ID into an Array
  34. Help with Array
  35. How to store multiple totals using $_SESSIONS
  36. Check for http:// in a string
  37. Includes Question
  38. date and timestamps
  39. String Handling (strstr'ing)
  40. Way to Upload Entire Folder?
  41. how to gzip one or more page
  42. Resizing images without saving
  43. displaying products in multiple pages
  44. How to run Cronjob on command prompt?
  45. posting updated date
  46. Hai i want a small help regarding this
  47. Using time code for server time
  48. Handling empty datetimes
  49. parse error, unexpected '<'
  50. calling a variable from a variable in a function
  51. htmlentities & email
  52. While loops
  53. Splitting a string into a bulleted list...
  54. Can you include $_POST variables in setcookie()?
  55. Resize large image
  56. How to Download online File without Saveto / Openwith window?
  57. Php client tutorial?
  58. Reload form element without loosing form info
  59. Update datetime error
  60. PHP Sessions Problem
  61. small string problem
  62. Upload Progress
  63. . and .. from directory
  64. Enterprise class, modular and scalable application
  65. how to change current url for link
  66. Update?
  67. 3 Items per row or less IF truble
  68. Save File
  69. SQL Injection question
  70. Format String
  71. Auto redirecting problem
  72. Basic php file question
  73. german web user required to IP detection test code
  74. Searching mysql through a form
  75. Problem with recursion
  76. Remove Product Quantity's
  77. session troubles
  78. imagecreatefromjpeg() using far too much memory for what is needed
  79. copy function
  80. Problem wth Code
  81. about the url
  82. Operation on hierchical datas
  83. Script problem
  84. Splitting a string
  85. GD Image Library and gif issues.
  86. Mysql/php issues
  87. Link Extractor
  88. { } problems. FCKeditor, please help
  89. echo <TITLE>this</TITLE>
  90. Time
  91. I have some questions for a PHP Pro
  92. Extracting data from flat file
  93. Creating embeddable flash plus surrounding php
  94. Display Shopping Basket Items
  95. Doesn't Work - Why?
  96. Display Data without While Loop
  97. Shopping Cart - Not Working
  98. (solved) Getting a HTTP 500 error page when there is a php error on a page
  99. Searching a string, then running a function once a result is found?
  100. Poll Script that will list Previous Polls
  101. rating system
  102. setting cookie on 2 locations
  103. Checking user inputted data for malice
  104. Using $_GET in links
  105. How to call function?
  106. Array
  107. odd and even numbers
  108. Easy "regular expression" question/solution...
  109. questions on ob_start() and folder permission.
  110. MP3 File Bitrate
  111. This is Not a HELP Request But INFO Some times simple is better
  112. MP3 Preview
  113. GD: Watermark not working.
  114. Advanced & OO PHP Book Recommendations
  115. Need help with showing multiple posts in a blog
  116. Relative paths
  117. Delayed Save Window
  118. Line-by-line text parsing (how do I skip lines?)
  119. Config File Include anf Functions
  120. Quantity Rating
  121. Create Table With Default Values
  123. writing to a txt file using the pipe symbol?
  124. OnClick to run function
  125. Php Help With Retrieving Info From The Server?
  126. Log Amount of Clicks
  127. Permissions dilemma
  128. Date Woes
  129. PHP redirect after ajax form validation
  130. User Info.
  131. Passing php to external javascript
  132. passing variables to mysql
  133. DOMDocument::xmlStandalone defined to be TRUE by default?
  134. Deleting data from database depending on 'id'
  135. Problem when using templates with modules
  136. Click Link to Execute Code
  137. reading RSS from gamebattles-need help with script
  138. Simple PHP include
  139. Play MP3 File Through Link
  140. PHP Email : Send to Email in Recordset
  141. setting something to expire with PHP
  142. Finding Dates - strtotime + date confusion ... help ...
  143. Website template with classes
  144. Download on Access
  145. First cookie wins
  146. Download File
  147. Increment Number
  148. Download Image
  149. magic quotes off help
  150. Function not working - can someone please look at code and tell me what's wrong?
  151. Date problem...
  152. encoding: strings don't match
  153. SOAP Problem
  154. Display File Type of Upload File
  155. Why Doesn't This Work?
  156. php_printer.dll & functions help?
  157. Link Popularity
  158. Anti-Spam on a form?
  159. why I cant post or get the value of the select box that i choose when click button
  160. Store Upload File Path (Database)
  161. Authorisation bridge???
  162. Drawback of php
  163. file download issue
  164. php cron job
  165. php error showing
  166. NVM fixed it myself :P
  167. correcting the syntax
  168. php newsreader and feed aggregator
  169. RSS Xml output using php
  170. problem with get button
  171. Script for site like rapidshared.org
  172. Password Protected 'Login' for Comments
  173. session_start();
  174. interdependent select boxes
  175. SQL syntax error with PHP variables
  176. Failed to connect socket
  177. Is table empty?
  178. 3 combobox linked doubt php
  179. PHP and phpMyAdmin help needed
  180. problems with strtotime function
  181. help in search and replace
  182. Image safety.
  183. PHP - Unable to Load Dynamic Library. - Extension Problem (FFMPEG-PHP)
  184. Can't use function return value in write context
  185. Return RGB from Selected Area
  186. auth_digest_module garbled Apache 2.2.4/ php 5.2.4
  187. php issue displaying
  188. Get current week number?
  189. Debugging advice
  190. apache php?
  191. Uploading mp3s
  192. vixy.net clone script
  193. Problem with Contact Form - Please help!!
  194. any script that will show if user is online?
  195. Comparing a variable against an array and outputting data from a directly proportiona
  196. PHP and DCOM
  197. using the array_unique function
  198. Function works once but not again?
  199. how to replace an array of textboxes
  200. [RESOLVEd] Paginate a result
  201. PHP Facebook share template
  202. Comment box in php & mysql INSERT variables into a table?
  203. What's wrong with my php installation?
  204. Resize Function
  205. Searching E-mails
  206. Generate random IDs/strings in classes
  207. Simple Date Question (Changing Formats)
  208. Image manipulation practices
  209. Sessions Problem
  210. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument Error
  211. Switch Statement
  212. $_POST and array
  213. MDB2 Error: constraint violation
  214. logging into a subdomain from a top level domain
  215. Showing only a certain amount of characters from a value
  216. Using PHP to generate XML for RSS feed
  217. Generate SHA256 in php4
  218. URL Encoding
  219. A very silly query question...
  220. Require a perl file from within a php page
  221. Working with Submit Buttons and PHP
  222. call the first url and appear the second in a php/mysql site ?
  223. Paypal help please
  224. php redirect after headers
  225. PHP character encoding issues
  226. Saving with variables
  227. Sef selfRelToAbs question
  228. Searching for a Senior PHP coder with exp with screen scraping...
  229. Few questions about email sending in php
  230. Default view with php generated .docs
  231. How much work do I need to do to become good at regex in php?
  232. preg_replace help
  233. Sending EMail in php
  234. Working with Arrays
  235. Writing to XML
  236. Mail Form
  237. ? and " in GET url
  238. Ssl
  239. Basic Formmail PHP Help Needed!
  240. mysql time zone
  241. Map IP to unique creative identifier
  242. Date Output to Age Output from YYYY-MM-DD
  243. ASP Cookies with PHP
  244. select OPTION not SELECTED - Am I losing my mind?
  245. if true go to next line
  246. Email validation
  247. Best way to proceed with FTP operations?
  248. Radio box selection hell :(
  249. File not uploaded
  250. array to string help

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