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  1. SHA1 algorithm - uniqueness of output
  2. tiny regex question
  3. Mime-type not displaying correctly
  4. image galery script - source dir problem
  5. Scraping data array
  6. Trying to get a better handle on arrays
  7. Fitting variables into URL
  8. Sessions vs. MySQL
  9. including a class file in another class
  10. CMS feature to know what to display
  11. Character difference between mysql and web page
  12. right click print on firefox question
  13. Data to XML
  14. overloading constructors - PHP5 OOP
  15. List Array on new Lines How???
  16. Using DOM functions to access XML nodes
  17. image gallery for individual users on website ?? Need help
  18. displaying users image
  19. How to prevent that certain info shows up on the 'result' page?
  20. How to set username & Password dynamically in apache settings for Linux server in php
  21. MySQL error
  22. Warning: fopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed:
  23. Trying to str_replace a string
  24. kinda of odd idea
  25. Shortening this!? & How do I...
  26. RegEx Help - preg_match()
  27. CURL posting issue
  28. passing form data
  29. MySQL Database to manage all copyright notices help
  30. PHP.neoform Framework 1.20
  31. how to create and advertising website
  32. Blocking refreshes
  33. can anyone tell me whats wrong with this code.
  34. Dynamic <title></title> depending on page
  35. Escape Quote Problem
  36. how to do this
  37. How to change the web view path in eclipse PD
  38. how to read previous page url
  39. Newsletter read status
  40. how to make sure that forms are being submitted only from your site
  41. if("phrase or number" == array())
  42. avg() and round()
  43. urlencode giving error with @
  44. I'm sure that the file exists but I get a warning
  45. Run PHP via Cron Jobs
  46. question pertaining to amazon web service & simplexml
  47. Form not submitting file data in POST array
  48. Cannot modify header information
  49. 301 redirect
  50. Wierd error from foreach
  51. Using a FORM to send data to MySQL and to redirect and POST.
  52. Building a simple PHP shopping cart - [ARTICLE]
  53. Need some help please :)
  54. Preg_match help I'm way off
  55. Did you ever setup CVS or similar for PHP dev project
  56. how to make this kind of list
  57. include file
  58. Query results
  59. image resizing
  60. differences b/w 2 strings
  61. How to Sum Data
  62. date processing
  63. updateing db or inserting if data doesn't exist
  64. check that string has a abc character
  65. problem using fckeditor
  66. How can we create Webfolder on Desktop?
  67. Values I get from form text fields are considered numbers or strings in php when I us
  68. A PHP question
  69. working with RecursiveDirectoryIterator in PHP4
  70. Dynamic binding - This behaviour is correct right?
  71. dyanmically generate form box?
  72. working with explode()
  73. Using a cookie in a fuction
  74. Problems With Dates
  75. multi-level array recursive function
  76. How I make/convert a string (eg $x='346765' to $y=346765) to a number ...
  77. Pagination results
  78. getting trouble with class and function
  79. Can some one give me a somewhat detailed explanation about uploads and php with examp
  80. Time Mathmatics - need help
  81. Ok Guys and Gals I Need a little PHP help
  82. Image Host - Someone uploaded a php file though
  83. Covert/Save this page as PDF
  84. Displaying DATE from database?
  85. expression check problem
  86. Problems with Array
  87. .htaccess with PHP
  88. How to call variable within function?
  89. php virtual hosts
  90. PHP Encryption
  91. image upload script errors
  92. Sorting Multidimensional Array by Values
  93. Configure subversion for my project
  94. XML as Data base in a Flash + Project
  95. How to get User's IP address from Intranet
  96. Grabbing a screencap from videos
  97. If Statment Question
  98. Download uploaded!!!
  99. Switch - when 2 possibillities are chosen?
  100. MS Alternatives to PHP...
  101. Losing Permissions?
  102. customs mod rewriting
  103. how to replace certain tag from first and last ??
  104. Easy question for php programmers, I just want to display form data after submitting.
  105. php problem
  106. building dynamic menu problem ??
  107. Error handling force download.. :(
  108. Grab a hash code
  109. Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_start
  110. My CMS - How is my structure?
  111. How to limit search with 10 rows per page
  112. Array Help
  113. The page isn't redirecting properly - PHP Error. Won't display php pages
  114. Error Message "The requested URL /cgi-bin/php.cgip.ini/catalog/index.php was ...
  115. sha1 error
  116. What does "->" indicate in a PHP script?
  117. datetime problem?
  118. what is exactly mime type for .PHP file?
  119. Need Help on a php image gallery
  120. ORA-01704: string literal too long error using php
  121. javascript in php
  122. need very simple code simplette
  123. strpos() troubles
  124. when to OOP?
  125. getting rid of spam
  126. text onto jpg error
  127. User Variable in Onclick
  128. question about using asp in a php file
  129. array Question
  130. Echo different messages based on random visitor
  131. I want advanced chat module for Drupal
  132. current week will be seen on the select box when page is load
  133. CMS - Styling Content & Security
  134. outsourcing PHP / actionscript projects?
  135. simplest way to match
  136. Apostrophe crashing PHP Form Script
  137. How to limit users to access my script
  138. HELP - Preg match error
  139. sql sum query
  140. function is always called first?
  141. Typing in ID showing Username
  142. caching of frequently referenced php classes/includes?
  143. how to deal with permission in terminal on Mac
  144. question about tracking
  145. simple preg_match question
  146. showing users data e.g profile but gtting errors
  147. Looking - Sync Package
  148. How to get the startdate and enddate of the week
  149. PHP Activation System???
  150. how to handle form action url with parameter?
  151. collecting values in array from tags ??
  152. find a html tag in string
  153. Contact importer of gmail, aol, hotmail
  154. changing php configuration settings
  155. POSTs only from one site
  156. need more then 1 email address to recieve
  157. MD5 encryption
  158. PHP4 OOP questions
  159. Strpos trouble
  160. I am having trouble figuring out what is wrong with my script.
  161. Creating Comment box and or Related songs
  162. .htaccess rewrite question
  163. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in
  164. In PHP how replace service@polis-land.com below with $email ?
  165. search criteria: if a field is any[eg beds] THIS IS CORRECT ?
  166. Conversion problem
  167. Multiple Selections with checkboxes
  168. how can I check the url?
  169. need include help
  170. loops
  171. Creating a directory
  172. php and msql not working 2gether
  173. Can I pass IMG attributes to a PHP page?
  174. Removing a value from an associative array
  175. Sum of Digits
  176. get a varibal value from url?
  177. Apache/php Error..
  178. XML does not display Weather
  179. Email Sending Script.
  180. Right-click Menu
  181. Problem with email on different mail servers
  182. What are some useful algorithms?
  183. Ranking System
  184. Signature from pda to php web form?
  185. Intergrating paypal
  186. can imagegrabscreen() actually capture pages with content loaded?
  187. Need "else if" Statement For PHP Script
  188. Alert when new data is entered.
  189. Set an inclue path?
  190. in Drupal, where can I find RSS horoscop files?
  191. preg_match_all error
  192. multi dimensional array sort
  193. insert to database table from drop down
  194. help. please... booking system.
  195. PHP4 or 5
  196. Incrementing a variable's name
  197. outputting unique rows only from mysql db
  198. Paging an Array (Not From MySQL)
  199. Working with DropDown Menus in PHP
  200. My Progress bar used to load on the same page before, but not anymore :S confused.
  201. Doesn't Work!
  202. Fairly easy regular expression help
  203. index.php?action=XXXXX ..
  204. Remember Array Contents
  205. Forcing Browser to download a txt file
  206. Very Cool Script - I Can't Figure it Out!
  207. "Default" column set to "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP", but not updating
  208. Numeric Arrays
  209. Couple of Questions
  210. anyone can relate my problem? change bgcolor of menu when click
  211. Add/Delete Items
  212. unique generated values not matching ??
  213. time conversion
  214. array question
  215. mod_rewrite woes
  216. how can I make my webpage get the newest page?
  217. Forum Downloads
  218. Variable Scope
  219. Help Needed with Exporting to a .CSV file
  220. Determine if User is on Page
  221. how to get values from database table to build an html image and.
  222. Add link ID into an Array
  223. Help with Array
  224. How to store multiple totals using $_SESSIONS
  225. Check for http:// in a string
  226. Includes Question
  227. date and timestamps
  228. String Handling (strstr'ing)
  229. Way to Upload Entire Folder?
  230. how to gzip one or more page
  231. Resizing images without saving
  232. displaying products in multiple pages
  233. How to run Cronjob on command prompt?
  234. posting updated date
  235. Hai i want a small help regarding this
  236. Using time code for server time
  237. Handling empty datetimes
  238. parse error, unexpected '<'
  239. calling a variable from a variable in a function
  240. htmlentities & email
  241. While loops
  242. Splitting a string into a bulleted list...
  243. Can you include $_POST variables in setcookie()?
  244. Resize large image
  245. How to Download online File without Saveto / Openwith window?
  246. Php client tutorial?
  247. Reload form element without loosing form info
  248. Update datetime error
  249. PHP Sessions Problem
  250. small string problem

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