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  1. ereg not working correct as expected
  2. Weird Error
  3. My mail function.
  4. Viewing php in browser & other puzzles!
  5. If statement is getting processed and I don't know why.
  6. Get Messages from Hotmail
  7. PHP/Flash guidance, please
  8. Error I can't find!
  9. table form/saving
  10. Coding problem moving from php versions
  11. Query String Variables in PHP Image
  12. str use limiter
  13. Help with shorthand IF conditional please
  14. Help with preg_replace...
  15. Image Hosting and School Web Filter
  16. Domain parking system
  17. Recognizing .JPG files as PHP
  18. _POST in IE
  19. Preg_Match / Regex Trouble
  20. getting php "ghost" errors - anyone else seen this?
  21. Where can I get a free poll script?
  22. is this safe, couse no-script poped when i tested
  23. Forms
  24. preg_match, fopen errors
  25. Embedding Player
  26. Taking content from my blog (at blogger) and putting it on my site
  27. problem with set_magic_quotes_runtime(1)
  28. is_dir() probLem....
  29. Preg_match_all Help!
  30. Registration + News + Comments
  31. Hiding an area if session exists
  32. Header Problems
  33. Different Content based on ID number
  34. Advanced OOP Question
  35. Array as Data Memeber in OOP
  36. PHP error?
  37. Advice on Error Handler ...
  38. Formatting of Numbers - Need good reference material
  39. problem encoding utf-8
  40. hot searches
  41. using php/ javascript to repopulate listbox
  42. insert / access MSSQL users from PHP
  43. Uploading files and functions bug
  44. Having a set font for login text box
  45. Php Send Mail Not Sending
  46. Stop URL Editing
  47. Displaying users country flags
  48. How to display specific variables on a page?
  49. Adding Details to an item
  50. How to make uploaded video appear in front page?
  51. Forms
  52. PHP OOP Help
  53. Using ForEach help.
  54. Understanding Classes
  55. prblem in Comment - post
  56. Logout Is Screwed
  57. Admin Panel Gone Wrong
  58. Array of Objects
  59. Help where to start....
  60. An easier way to write this filter?
  61. Downloadable PHP function index
  62. Upload script, sometime work other's won't
  63. Need Help from experienced programmers
  64. resize any image and save results
  65. Problematic PHP / Mysql Insert
  66. Variable isn't getting properly echoed - odd
  67. possible use php in javascript ?
  68. Typing centered in text box
  69. Help me: I wanna develop an alarm script using PHP
  70. check email user(the part before the @)
  71. webscraper
  72. swap image
  73. Passing Images Thorugh Multiple pages
  74. How do I Parse the HTML?
  75. INNER JOIN issue with PHP MSSQL
  76. split name
  77. comparing tables help
  78. populating 3 listboxes
  79. User login system; retrieving user specific data.
  80. php dhtml vbscript problem
  81. BBCode help
  82. PHP/Mysql/IP block
  83. how to reset session variables in an iframe from javascript
  84. how to put a condition in a string and then check it later
  85. I am using zend debugger, is it possible to debug multiple pages.
  86. Making website content visible only to paying customers
  87. for() function with define()?
  88. Prevent duplicate entry
  89. more problems with mysql
  90. Is this possible
  91. \r and \n showing up after POSTing user submitted text
  92. Multiple form submit using single button
  93. php redirect
  94. Variable working in Firefox but not IE
  95. List dir and display txt file
  96. text wrapping for a chat
  97. while() help
  98. directory size
  99. Sending HTML Form w/ Attachments
  100. Increment string "a" so it says "b" ??
  101. User Login System
  102. stupid error
  103. Send SMS text messages from my website
  104. Password Encryption
  105. mailform question
  106. inc file
  107. problem creating table in an existing db
  108. breaking up query output in table
  109. the sum of a number in for()
  110. problem inserting into database by extracting from another
  111. **URGENT** Site not resetting!
  112. should this not work?
  113. actions
  114. Compare table rows
  115. syntax error help!
  116. Create cookie to expire at midnight
  117. Split string help
  118. eregi_replace
  119. How to skip over a function once performed?
  120. php sql query
  121. problems with mysql_query()
  122. uploading images, imagettftext, & imagecopymerge question
  123. Special Character issues [URGENT]
  124. Regex question
  125. highlighting text in html with regex
  126. RSS - change the way links are shown.
  127. help contructing regex pattern using lookaheads and lookbehinds
  128. PDF header issue...
  129. Problem retreiving DB from outside function
  130. Resource ID; Where wrong?
  131. Preg_match maybe..
  132. file field usage
  133. save source
  134. Country from IP
  135. php and oracle
  136. if or test
  137. mysql_fetch_assoc while loop issue
  138. posting to remote forms with curl help
  139. If 404
  140. for() problem
  141. header() problem
  142. Warning Msg on filectime
  143. To create a query string from selected checkboxes
  144. Categorize PHP variables?
  145. know if image was uploaded since last visit
  146. Using classes inside of other classes (AKA using a database class with other classes)
  147. mod_rewrite questions
  148. Registration form problem
  149. help
  150. HUGE problem on site, fopen stopped working for RSS feeds!
  151. Help with call print function from database
  152. PHP, IIS or which is best?
  153. adding HTML tags to CMS
  154. styling gone after mod_rewrite
  155. T_constant_encapsed_string
  156. Question Mark (?) not working in url
  157. Is there a function for this or a script that can do the same?
  158. Convert Javascript to PHP (js problem)
  159. help with output buffering on a mac
  160. Sessions across sub domains
  161. use include files properly
  162. mysql_fetch_array() not a valid MySQL
  163. Help with ancestor function
  164. viewing header information
  165. new line in javascript popup in php
  166. Session lost issue
  167. Populate an XML file with PHP
  168. Php Cron Comand
  169. Download Woes in IE6
  170. MySQL database backups (dumps)
  171. GD - how to output a PNG-8 image?
  172. SE's Reading Database-driven PHP Page
  173. passing Server vars from php to an included perl file
  174. Curl proxy
  175. Anyojne Willing To Help With My Contact Us Form?
  176. PHP and Flash
  177. Image Verification
  178. HELP - phpmailer with gmail
  179. auto reset a mysql field
  180. How can we Stop possible 'Denial of Service' attacks if users send a large data?
  181. Remove unused files from PHP project
  182. Extract the last part of a Url
  183. regardig javascrip under javascript
  184. Quick Syntax Question
  185. Cron job question
  186. Backslashes before apostrophes and quotes
  187. Duplicating Pages / Files
  188. Go back 2 history pages and refresh
  189. image resizing
  190. send info into same page
  191. Separating column data
  192. Explode() Troubles
  193. Application and Login on index.html
  194. Load PHP extension without installing
  195. HELP - phpMailer problem!
  196. multiple preg match
  197. File upload gallery
  198. PHP Link Placement
  199. Echoing Variables.
  200. Validate Code
  201. Dividing number into 4 columns
  202. Limiting # of tabular rows in a loop
  203. Need Help with a Web Script ?!!!
  204. PHP form countdown....
  205. strip content from a var
  206. Real-time chat
  207. How do I get Alternate Content?
  208. echo'ing the full month via a variable
  209. str_replace and nl2br
  210. Limiting a value
  211. Captcha Code Help
  212. Base64 URL
  213. PHP Question
  214. PHP / MySQL - Add up values of column
  215. using str_replace
  216. Sorting dates out of a string of text...
  217. Unsetting Sessions/Cookies
  218. Are both these queries ok?
  219. Using $GLOBALS is bad programming Practice!? Singleton Registry Better?, an Why?
  220. File Upload not working in development server
  221. Arranging query in a table
  222. Register_global set to Off - Need Help
  223. delaying a while loop
  224. Randomizer?
  225. I take it that this is the correct syntax to pass 2 get variables
  226. Including PHP File from URL
  227. How do I Make this Converter Better?
  228. PHP / MySQL Insert and File Upload
  229. Simple Change Password script problem
  230. image verification problem
  231. XTemplate
  232. Copppermine gallery problems.
  233. removing items from an array - mySQL/PHP
  234. file upload issue
  235. Select Box Help
  236. showing content on page if logged in
  237. strpos isn't working... or seems like it isn't.
  238. selecting URL subdirs
  239. figure out data range of a week
  240. The form (with v-code) at...can be get SPAMMED ?
  241. Working with special characters from MySQL
  242. how to remove BOM with php?
  243. Regular Expression matching
  244. Admin Section that knows you
  245. Multi Insert, stop NULL inserts
  246. Hours to Clock Format, Clock Format To Days
  247. Simple stupid question
  248. Sorting Array
  249. how to create a utf-8 or a unicode file with php?
  250. SHA1 algorithm - uniqueness of output

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