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  1. variable problems in functions (SOLVED)
  2. Ajax Help Needed
  3. Pagination in guestbook like [1][2][4][5]...
  4. resizing image
  5. Password Recovery
  6. if statement (Solved)
  7. how to record the voice in php
  8. E-MAil
  9. sessions from www.domain to https://domain not working
  10. feedback form...whats wrong with this...not working
  11. Multi-Language Support
  12. Writing table Rows in SQP Script
  13. Adding Attributes to all XML nodes
  14. oop style question
  15. Anyone familiar the Xtemplate engine?
  16. Separate databases for separate clients
  17. How to deal with deleting users when they have associated content
  18. How do I do this..?
  19. looking for php free editor / debugger
  20. Stress Testing a Website -- PHP Script
  21. How to make a search system for date
  22. regex for complex PHP string parsing - odd or even repetition?
  23. CMS help
  24. php and javascript open in same window
  25. [SOLVED] php_self , if and html form
  26. Change Password
  27. problem in Spry validation
  28. Problem of <p> while sending emails
  29. (scandir) Folder Directory (Array) into formated dropbox
  30. RSS Date Problem
  31. preg_match(_all)
  32. Hi
  33. Coding for 404 images..
  34. Regex Help... Again :(
  35. vBulletin Options - HELP!
  36. Keep Formatting when adding to database
  37. Populating drop down with filenames from the server
  38. PHP/MySQL Multi-level Menu problems
  39. PHP MySQL "Resource ID #4" Problem
  40. Adding a (added $ days ago) script, need help
  41. Cant get image to work as submit button
  42. How to interact with two tables with mysql & PHP
  43. Help with writing to a file
  44. problem with sha1
  45. Is it possible to check if a protocol (ex.ymsr:) is registered on a client's browser?
  46. Adding form field in PHP
  47. CSS designer needs PHP help (form-to-DB)
  48. Need a custom PHP form to e-mail script, will pay!
  49. How to simplify code
  50. Regular Expressions
  51. Checking to see if a site is updated
  52. using anchor tag in php
  53. && vs and
  54. generate output
  55. PHP Beginner needs help with email form
  56. calling php from Javascript ---Problem Solved
  57. The safest way to block harmful code in strings.
  58. Consuming .net webservice with PHP
  59. PHP - Site Index Variable?
  60. variable variables and class property assignment
  61. Php forms for beginners - tutorial
  62. How to send this?
  63. Useless trivia
  64. encoding php for free?
  65. Creating a package system
  66. Code Igniter Shopping Cart
  67. Getting around the Firefox wmv streaming problem
  68. Construct Javascript array of objects
  69. how to use memory_get_usage() ??
  70. Apply CSS on PHP output?
  71. Ghost bug
  72. SQL Sintax Error
  73. preg_match help
  74. Fast/Best way to validate string?
  75. how to un-register a particular session variable from a session
  76. Problems with a simple guestbook
  77. List files without OPENDIR ?
  78. Away to Insert lower case only in your database
  79. trouble using md5 for a password check
  80. need help with php delivery system
  81. Return Multiple Results
  82. date concatenation problem
  83. Database error
  84. each()
  85. Checkbox array
  86. Custom Error Handling
  87. Image to Flash
  88. Execute php page from javascript
  89. Delete Image
  90. row count in mysql
  91. Dynamic Menu, (If's and Else's)
  92. Export (backup) Mysql table
  93. Simple XML-RPC Server - How?
  94. Site Map of an MVC Framework site
  95. Uploading .swf
  96. godaddy gdform.php file upload extra code required
  97. Picking up form .value help
  98. Paypal IPN
  99. Application Configuration
  100. SESSION Help
  101. ?? Unicode with PHP
  102. Paypal IPN
  103. Change Unix Timestap to readible
  104. Deleting Error
  105. Regex question
  106. $timeout = time()-1*60;
  107. session protecting webpages
  108. Hide/show a text box based on drop down list in php
  109. Not Exploding Correctly?
  110. echo stuff out from the database
  111. databse backup automatically
  112. Checking to see if a site is updated using sha1_file()
  113. pls help me.
  114. How did you learn PHP
  115. PHP with JavaScript
  116. Learning Array, How to Search
  117. Trying for a one time event
  118. File upload directory outside of web path - bad security?
  119. Case problems using PHP/XAMPP ?
  120. Changing global / Predefined variables in PHP
  121. simple procedural to class question
  122. mysql_real_escape_string quick question
  123. Help with "recipe" script that updates ingredients based on servings
  124. My Application - Structure(Logic) Help Needed
  125. Vulnerables in $_POST
  126. how to set timer start with zero
  127. ?? Puzzled... Page sometimes not loading...
  128. Java & Json in Php
  129. updating radiobutton data
  130. Making Form Fields Appear or Disappear,Based on the Value of other Fields
  131. CheckboxProblem
  132. Change Link Color If Message is Unread
  133. session data not being found
  134. session issue
  135. Search Script Bug.
  136. SQL injection
  137. question about select tag
  138. calling javascript file in php
  139. cookie with no time limit
  140. Excel Processing
  141. filtering or searching
  142. Problem with Spry Validation Select Box
  143. which one would run faster?
  144. used mysql_real_escape_string() but now when i echo the string i get \ in the text !
  145. Sending HTML email from php. where am i going wrong?
  146. Problem of loading data of different languages
  147. Form handler script doesn't work
  148. time functions in php
  149. Unwanted sumbmisson to the database
  150. Current Page Hyperlink disable
  151. selecting max from two columns
  152. Registration Script Snafu
  153. Simple form to Database...need security help
  154. Based on Today's Date, send to this page
  155. Passing Variable And Scope
  156. HTML Cache in Firefox
  157. Password recovery
  158. How to Expire session?
  159. How can i get the value from this form?
  160. Help With How To Get First Letter In Names and Check MySQL database.
  161. Upload - can't get it to work
  162. phpmyadmin
  163. vBulletin Sessions
  164. Datavase Connection Error
  165. max_execution time problem
  166. A little help please
  167. PHP session cookies that never expire ?
  168. How to get value from this form?
  169. Right way to make a query
  170. Weird problem with header("Location: ...")
  171. convert datestamp from one to another?
  172. Open Source PHP MySQL Directory Scripts
  173. Using constants
  174. Need help for something simple...
  175. php and proxy
  176. Payment Gateway Question
  177. Database error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  178. Limiting tabular rows
  179. simple Search Engine
  180. Allowing members to place no more than 2 Adsense like Ads on same page
  181. Has problem for update database
  182. "syntax error, unexpected $end " Please help :S ???
  183. Setting Selected attribute in HTML dropdown Forms
  184. Curl Single Sign-On?
  185. Why does die() stop HTML output?
  186. Checking to see if a site is updated
  187. export large database
  188. php just stopped accessing my database...?
  189. ajax'ed php code - echo puts up alert box?
  190. if statement question
  191. A little GoDaddy gdform help?
  192. refreshing image not page
  193. Float method
  194. Adding a string value between tags.
  195. [HELP] Custom function to make 3 items per row
  196. Its me again! Another PHP question :P
  197. Check for Unique Username
  198. how to pass argument to phpajax main function
  199. help with $_SESSION
  200. Need some help with videos..
  201. mysql_real_escape_string
  202. youtube
  203. Setting a var to global from another function not work?
  204. How do you convert a blank space to a character?
  205. Showing the number of files in a directory -- error with my code
  206. please help me on Dom XML
  207. While loop loading image
  208. string to UNIX TIME_STAMP
  209. Mod rewrite issue
  210. error function does not run for mysql
  211. Outputting HTML
  212. dividing a time value
  213. Making All calulations = integers
  214. read dir on another sub-domain under same domain
  215. Can anyone see anything wrong with this page
  216. $http_post_vars - ??
  217. Need some quick help with a very simple formmail.php ASAP!
  218. PHP Delete Function
  219. decimal point
  220. Optonal Values in Functions
  221. mysql_fetch_array - Question!
  222. RSS feed date not right, it says its like 12900 days old when we add info today!
  223. getting dates for previous days within a 7 day period
  224. 1 != 1
  225. Need help understanding && and ||
  226. what is question mark
  227. URL rewriting problem..
  228. PHP Script To Run Windows Commandline
  229. how to view data?
  230. style.css.php to just style.css?
  231. credit card payment redirection
  232. $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] wildcard question
  233. sending variable across pages
  234. php single quote and double quote
  235. upload works but can not delete file due to spaces.. i think
  236. help with my script
  237. is there a way to restrict voting to once a day?
  238. Performing web services without affecting page load...
  239. User Profiles
  240. becoming a referrer
  241. Emails from a form using PHP [New to PHP]
  242. Web Service in PHP Using NuSoap
  243. is this filtering secure ??
  244. How to stop an error showing - file()
  245. Opinions About PHP
  246. is there a way to check for next day?
  247. Array implosion question
  248. Upload file set name to var???
  249. Wierd logging Page Problem
  250. date formatting from mysql

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