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  1. login problem with IE when i not click on the remember me
  2. counting column
  3. working with images in Yellowduck Framework
  4. Advanced redirect
  5. SQL Duplicate entry
  6. ternary operator problem?
  7. mail form checkboxes
  8. store info into mysql with this script
  9. file function and utf-8
  10. PHP Submit
  11. PHP Library/Module able to capture entire parts of XML file?
  12. insert data from a db toanother db
  13. Mail Function
  14. h.264 Live Streaming
  15. To validate multiple emails mixed with some texts from address book
  16. Parsing Apostrophies Newb
  17. Form submit problem
  18. php file upload using progress bar
  19. Mind Block: Would validation come at the top or bottom of script?
  20. PHP MySQL search
  21. Http Request errors
  22. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  23. Saving and Loading Form Data with PHP
  24. Form problem, please help
  25. header and footer.php appear wrong.
  26. Generating N Distinct Random Integers From 1-M
  27. md5() and sha1() encryption and mysql_connect()
  28. Querying a table
  29. need help with php email form
  30. UPDATE MYSQL FIELD - what is the error in this short code?
  31. How can I use font type in imagecreate() ?
  32. Email/SMTP problem.
  33. mysql search not happening
  34. Database Query Problem, Please Help
  35. Image uploading script
  36. data will not show from db
  37. insert datas into 2 tables at the same time
  38. Username must be lowercase
  39. timestamp in my db from yyyy/mm/dd to dd/mm/yyyy
  40. Help with a PHP script
  41. calling https inside the frame
  42. Optimized my web sites to php files
  43. Add rows with mutiple controls on each button click
  44. Is there any way to unsett all session variables except one
  45. Getting the raw XML data from a RSS feed
  46. Simple if then login thing I am trying to make, need help.
  47. best way to submit form with multiple buttons
  48. come on guys , solve this multi session problem , hanging for long
  49. MOD_REWRITE question
  50. Adding to a function
  51. index page as php?
  52. is it possible to find HMS ?
  53. Form help
  54. Dynamic Dropdown Box Content From MySQL
  55. Session dissapears
  56. Splitting retrieved data over multiple pages
  57. php login
  58. Checking if files exists
  59. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  60. Locale through browser - charset detection?
  61. probably simple question
  62. PHP Security and SQL Injections
  63. mod_rewrite: how to pass a $_GET variable that is not in the dynamic url.
  64. Wordpress plugin styling help
  65. Iterating through every row of a table by the key (My SQL)...
  66. changing time zone
  67. retrieving data from a database
  68. Wrong parameter count for strlen() in
  69. Php images
  70. cant seem to update database
  71. How to loop through the script to make it work better?
  72. Uploading a file and email it
  73. can i run a PHP script within a javascript ?
  74. attack...pinging...overload on database.. hunging & chocking
  75. How to correctly split string for search
  76. Problem in email sending program
  77. Extract Random Records
  78. Adding session check causes errors
  79. Getting CURL to return unbuffered line data
  80. Emergency - Purchse button needed for cart
  81. Making a Login/news/comments
  82. In this login script why does he declare many variables as global.
  83. need mysql_real_escape_string advice...
  84. Is this the best way to delete mysql entrys?
  85. how to turn off webite so that no file is accessible
  86. where do we use lock table in sql
  87. Regular Expression Help?
  88. image editing in php
  89. Retrieve the first 100 chars in a string
  90. PHP/MySQL Input Return 0
  91. Is it possible to have session data if i have session id
  92. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in
  93. Getting Breaks from a Form
  94. users/dat
  95. cURL and submitting to form, then retrieving those results
  96. search full text - instead of any word
  97. Newbie PHPMAILER help
  98. billingual.static pages. help
  99. get rid of special chars
  100. Special Character Problem.
  101. need help making include section more secure
  102. URL encode
  103. Error, undefined something..
  104. How to Remove Carriage return and line feeds.
  105. E-mail Form with CSS and PHP
  106. help plz...
  107. Email headers differ when run via cron
  108. Passing value of LDAP Authentication thru a function
  109. Send Form Script?
  110. Including content after dynamic content
  111. May save an array one dim or multi-dim with its values to a database or session ?
  112. how to unset the all session variables
  113. Strange Unknown Error
  114. Restored last years program WORKED then, but not now??
  115. can we pass one session variable from one https page to another https page
  116. query with a loop or a While not EOF ??
  117. user.php?uid=2323
  118. Windows Server Sessions Problems - Any Suggestions?
  119. search criteria appear after search results appear, to the search form for new search
  120. webpage secure NOT accessed DIRECTLY/secure connection
  121. PHP & MySQL scalbility, multiple queries, 2 dimensional arrays ...
  122. Query Selecting from two tables
  123. Bank problems - .php code.
  124. Small problem at mafia script!
  125. recording the date of uploaded information
  126. Read folders and subfolder to remove unsafe files
  127. Query Help
  128. Adding a purchase button to my cart
  129. Smarty newbie dilemma: templates are bound to break unobtrusive Javascript code.
  130. sort strings by amount of words/letters in them
  131. Formmail script question?
  132. display selected amount
  133. Why does this happen?
  134. restrict access
  135. Simpliest way to get just 1 field from table
  136. opening file
  137. Using PHP header as a variable
  138. Parsing post entry for URL's
  139. Regular expression question
  140. need help selecting a PHP shopping cart...please assist.
  141. BLOB data not loading
  142. Where to Start?
  143. Finding out which condition triggers an IF
  144. Commenting script that requires a password
  145. I have a bunch of XML in a string... how to extract certain data within certain tags?
  146. if - help
  147. posting values to adress bar from form select
  148. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  149. List images, rows, cols, paginate, sort size.
  150. MySQL error 1064 HELP FAST
  151. Loop not outputting all data
  152. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare....
  153. Updating more than one data table with a form
  154. Using PHP to collect Data
  155. Select query that selects dates that are in the past
  156. $_SESSION array not displaying data
  157. want weekly records insted of daily
  158. Need quick PHP help
  159. plotting graphs using php
  160. PHP Reading
  161. POST problems
  162. Loop Troubles
  163. Free PHP User Manageement Script
  164. Bridge Database KBPublisher & TCExam
  165. $_POST not working dont now why
  166. any paypal guru's around here??
  167. Multiple Table Extraction & Display
  168. Incorrect Password
  169. formatting mysql result
  170. Adding more coding
  171. list directories without files in recursive function
  172. pulling random file from a directory
  173. stumped : PHP/MYSQL results in wrong return
  174. Weblog system - URL re-direct?
  175. how to accomplish this ?
  176. double cloak redirect?
  177. mcrypt help (involves MySQL also)
  178. programming plugins for FF
  179. securing web <forms> from attacks
  180. Is it possible to run cron job one one website from different website
  181. can i do this ?
  182. Understanding Foreach
  183. Nested Set - works in MySQL but not PHP
  184. PHP server on computer
  185. how to avoid collision of objects ??
  186. SEO database stuff
  187. Am I doing this right?
  188. can php do this?
  189. Arg, most things happen twice
  190. Strange file() issue
  191. Comparing and Displaying results
  192. Populate Dropdown With Images Folder
  193. Extract & Display From multiple tables
  194. Calendar function failing- Problem with empty mysql results
  195. Mail all users
  196. Using PHP inside a javascript function
  197. trouble printing pound () to page in php
  198. str_replace help
  199. php problem
  200. Sending a list of values via _GET
  201. First time with PHP..Contact Form
  202. after registration
  203. PHP Redirects
  204. Rotating a link and .gif
  205. imagecopymerge() Function assist - Looking to make (custom ID card site)
  206. Strange: IE (WORKS) Safari (WORKS) Firefox (DOESN'T) ???
  207. Tips for performance improvements
  208. Get User OS
  209. Pagination, Please Help
  210. Creating directory from input box on registration
  211. php redirect
  212. Character encoding issue
  213. question about select tag in php
  214. Display file as per its format
  215. facebook
  216. Secirity certificate error
  217. PHP interaction with WHM
  218. Hiding URL in address bar
  219. Beginner PHP OOP Questions
  220. active link
  221. Textareas in PHP
  222. Adding new entries to db field
  223. Proper/Best way to Store/Retrieve Text
  224. Check if a form field has been completed
  225. Array implode help
  226. social networking site
  227. database
  228. Javascript Problems because of PHP?
  229. installer?
  230. cannot get regex to match with simple .*
  231. Using RAND function for letters
  232. GBCF Contact Form Help
  233. New array item when clicking on link.
  234. Time Function To Generate Random Password
  235. only allowing jpg files to be uploaded?
  236. using phpBB3 auth
  237. Other Problems.
  238. Uploader not working
  239. Users Online
  240. php and css
  241. Uploading Script
  242. Can't make it work, loop MySQL rows
  243. Simple fpassthru with POST
  244. Sending POST data without a form
  245. News posting/editing interface
  246. authenticating a login page then directing to proper URL
  247. Need help with PHP stuff...
  248. Using fwrite, can you detect the when Excel is full ( 65536 )
  249. array output messing up table
  250. Function Inside Function?

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